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Starcasm, April 25, 2022.

Love After Lockup inmate Raydean dropped a major bombshell on producers and viewers at the end of Friday night’s episode when she revealed that her bunkie bae Kay isn’t just her girlfriend, she’s Raydean’s wife!

I did some research on Raydean and Kay, and I couldn’t find any official record of a marriage. However, marriage records can be quite difficult to track down online, so my inability to find anything should not be taken as proof that they aren’t.

Can someone get married while in prison in Texas? Yes. From a Prison Legal News article posted in February of 2016:

Prisoners in Texas will once again be allowed to marry someone on the outside under new rules formulated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC) in the wake of an outcry of public opinion following a September 1, 2013 ban on marriage by proxy adopted by the Texas legislature.

…Under the policy change, prison marriages must comply with prison visitation rules, be consistent with the prisoner’s visitation status and require no special amenities. The outside spouse is responsible for arranging all of the details, including securing the marriage license and finding and paying someone to perform the ceremony.

Only one of the wedding participants can be incarcerated. As you will find out below, it appears as though Kay was out for a short while prior to April of 2021.

Despite not being able to find official evidence that Raydean and Kay are married, there certainly is a lot of circumstantial evidence! Raydean indicates on her Facebook page that she has been “married since March 17, 2021.” That date lines up with the time period that Kay was likely not incarcerated.

Raydean also has numerous interactions with Kay’s father in which they refer to each other as dad and daughter. On February 19, Raydean shared a drawing that Kay’s dad did of her. “It was great to meet you in person,” Kay’s dad replied in the comments. “We’re family now!!!!”
“You damn straight we are,” Raydean replied.

In most of her photos and videos posted after being released late last year, Raydean is wearing multiple rings, including one with a large stone, on her left ring finger.

If you are curious as to whether or not Raydean and Rick are still together, the answer to that question looks to be a definitive “no.” Unless Rick and Raydean are being extremely deceptive on social media, they are no longer together.


So, when will Raydean and Kay be reunited on the outside, and potentially on a new season of Love After Lockup? Unfortunately for the lovebirds, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

As Raydean mentions on the show, Kay was being transferred from a county jail to a state prison during filming. According to jail records, Kay was sentenced to 8 years for robbery in February of 2019. The sentence was to be served concurrently with another 8-year sentence for a November, 2012 robbery conviction.

I assume that Kay was released at some point because she was charged in April of 2021 with possession with intent to deliver between 4 and 200 grams of a controlled substance. It’s unclear what the controlled substance was, but it was in “Penalty Group 1,” which is the group that carries the strongest penalties.

Kay was convicted of the felony drug charge in December of 2021 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Just as it was stated on Love After Lockup, Kay is currently being housed at the Linda Woodman State Jail in Gatesville, Texas.

According to the Texas Department of Corrections, Kay will be eligible for parole in January of 2023. Otherwise, her projected release date is listed as April 20, 2036.

Prior to her most recent convictions, Raydean has a list of charges that include aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon (2012), possession of a controlled substance (2015) and theft (2015). Above are examples of some of Kay’s mug shot photos.

It’s unclear how large of a role Kay will be playing on the remainder of the current season of Love After Lockup. Given how soon Raydean brought her up, plus the fact that she has already appeared via video, I’m thinking we will see quite a bit more of her. To find out, keep tuning in for new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

Hmm… Perhaps Raydean and Kay could sign up for the next season of Love During Lockup? Or maybe Rick will come around to the poly life and all three of them could appear on Seeking Sister Wife?

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