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The Real Minority Report Predictive Policing Algorithms Reflect Racial Bias Present in Corrupted Historic Databases

by Matt Clarke

In Steven Spielberg’s science fiction movie, Minority Report, police armed with nebulously sourced predictions of people who are supposedly going to commit murder before they can actually do so. Troublingly, only a few years after the film’s 2002 release, a real-world version of predictive policing was ...

The Clash Between Closed-Source Forensic Tools and the Confrontation Clause

by Anthony W. Accurso

Technology companies and prosecutors are working together to assert the right of the companies to protect their intellectual property in ways that deny criminal defendants their right to challenge the reliability of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings. This assertion of intellectual property rights is done in ...

Trial Penalty: The Harm in Coercive Prosecutorial Tactics and Plea Bargains

That warning ...

Reevaluating Capital Punishment and Psychosis: How Sane Must We Be to Qualify for Execution?

by Michael Fortino, Ph.D.

You have been assigned to be a juror in each of the following cases, and your responsibility is to decide which of these guilty suspects is sane enough to qualify for the death penalty and which may be suffering from a mental health impairment that will ...

Deliberately Convicting the Innocent: Exonerations Expose the Criminal Justice System’s Callous Indifference Toward Official Misconduct

Decades later, Morton’s attorneys would discover that district attorney Ken Anderson ...

Felony Murder: The Crotchet of American Murder Jurisprudence

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