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2023 PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory

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PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory
Dear Community,

June 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of PARC’s National Prisoner Resource Directory. We are happy to share this valuable set
of resources with you.
We have added many new organizations, so many that for the first time in our history, we have expanded to a 28 page
directory! it is great to see new energy in the space of supporting those inside. There continue to be changes to the contact
information and offerings of many of the groups listed here, so be sure to check for updated information before writing. Here
are some tips for how to communicate with the organizations in this issue:
Expect delays. Be patient and give organizations time to reply. Many of the groups listed here are all-volunteer,
grassroots organizations that do this work as they are able.
Write clearly and include your full return address on both the envelope and any letters you write.
Keep a log of who you reach out to and dates when you reached out. Keep copies of all money orders or checks.
If you don’t hear back from an organization in over 3 months, try writing again, and let them know it is your second or
third contact.
Each year, as we track the progress of the movement to transform the criminal punishment system, we see steps forward and
backward. Across this country, there are over 1.2 million people incarcerated in state or federal prisons; the majority of whom
are incarcerated under oppressive and unjust sentences, and in tortuous and inhumane conditions. Those who write to us
share about unsafe sanitary conditions, inedible food, overcrowding, untreated mental health conditions, and failures to
accommodate those with disabilities. At the same time, we see glimmers of hope in changes that might provide people some
justice, such as the Racial Justice for All Act in California (AB 256), which makes certain anti-discrimination protections around
sentencing retroactive. This will allow those with discriminatory and unfair convictions, which have already become final, to
seek resentencing for a more just sentence under the law. We shall see if reform efforts such as these create real and
meaningful change for those currently living behind bars.
Our current focus is on maintaining and distributing this Directory. As an all-volunteer organization, we do our best to respond
to individual letters, but cannot always answer your specific questions or requests for advocacy. We are not a law office and
cannot provide any legal advice or referrals. We do not have an office with regular hours, so we are unable to provide
support over the phone. We do not keep a database of people who write to us; make note if you have written to us before.
We’d like to thank all of our partners across the country, including many books-to-prisoners organizations, for supporting the
cost of printing this edition and for sending out the Directory from their headquarters. Please share this Directory with others,
so that as many people as possible may benefit from the information. We continue to welcome information from you about
which organizations have updated information or have become inactive; we especially like to hear about new organizations
that provide direct services to people inside which can be considered for inclusion in our directory.
This year we honor the life of our friend, the freedom fighter and California hunger strike leader Paul Redd, who was released
only a short time before he passed. During his 44 years in prison - 30 of which in solitary confinement - and only 25 months on
the outside, Paul inspired countless people and reminded us of the incredible wisdom and strength of so many living behind
bars. He wrote, “Perseverance affords you the inner strength to outlast the past and present conditions. Perseverance affords
you the ability to withstand adversity and dig deep for the inner strength to carry on forward to accomplish your goals.”
Thank you for building this community with us.
In solidarity toward justice,

PARC is not a law office or legal referral service. We cannot give legal advice.
Please do not send original documents to us.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Nationwide Organizations and Resources ........................................... 2
Legal Resources...................................................................................3
LGBTQI-focused Organizations and Resources .................................. 5
Women’s Organizations and Resources ..............................................7
Innocence Projects. ..............................................................................8
Health Care Resources ...................................................................... 12
Rehabilitation Programs ..................................................................... 12
Free Books Projects ........................................................................... 13
Newsletters and Magazines ...............................................................15
Vendors and Publishers ..................................................................... 16
Educational Resources....................................................................... 17
Prison Writing/Arts Programs .............................................................18
Religious/Spiritual Resources.............................................................19
Regional Advocacy Organizations by state ........................................ 20
PARC Recommended Legal and Educational Books.........................26
Excerpt of UN Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners........... 28


AFSC Prison Watch Project
89 Market St, 6th Floor · Newark, NJ 07102
215-241-7000 ·
Publishes Survivors Manual: Surviving in Solitary, by Bonnie
Kerness (2012, 94 pages), free to prisoners and $3 for all others.
The book is a powerful collection of voices from solitary, as people
currently or formerly held in isolation vividly describe their conditions
and their daily lives. The collection also includes artwork and poetry.
Also available is a free 6-page brochure entitled LGBTQ+ Prisoner
Resource Guide (2017). Serves people nationwide.
All of Us or None
4400 Market St · Oakland, CA 94608
415-255-7036 x337 ·
Grassroots organizing project of Legal Services for Prisoners with
Children. All of Us or None fights for the full restoration of our civil
and human rights of formerly-and currently-incarcerated people and
families. They are fighting against the discrimination that people
face every day because of arrest or conviction history.
Amnesty International
311 W 43rd St 7th floor · New York, NY 10036
212-807-8400 ·
Compiles information regarding prison conditions such as the use of
prolonged solitary confinement and other abuses in prison for
advocacy purposes; also works on police accountability and ending
the death penalty. May not respond to individual letters.
Center for Constitutional Rights
666 Broadway 7th floor · New York, NY 10012
212-614-6464 ·
Non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the
creative use of law as a positive force for social change and
dedicated to advancing and protecting constitutional rights. CCR
recently litigated the Ashker v Governor challenge to solitary
confinement in CA. Publishes Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook with
National Lawyers Guild. See PARC RECOMMENDED BOOKS at
the end of this Directory for more info. Last updated in 2021. To
receive a paperbound copy, mail a request to the above address

2 of 28

and wait at least 2 months for return. Download chapter, or get an
order form to request a Handbook at
Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights Newsletter
PO Box 1911 · Santa Fe, NM 87504
Publishes a monthly newsletter with news about prisoners
nationwide and is free to prisoners who send an SASE. Additional
prisoner resource lists available. Back issues from 2009 are online.
Critical Resistance
P.O. Box 22780 · Oakland, CA 94609-2301
510-444-0484 ·
CR seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison
Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and
controlling people makes everyone safe. CR also publishes “The
Abolitionist," once a year, printed in both English and Spanish,
which is free to prisoners. Previous editions of The Abolitionist are
available online at:
Death Penalty Information Center
1701 K Street NW Suite 205 · Washington, DC 20006
202-289-2275 ·
DPIC focuses on disseminating studies and reports related to the
death penalty to the news media and general public covering
subjects such as race, innocence, politicization, costs of the death
penalty, and more. Most of their publications are freely
downloadable from their website, or available for a small fee in
printed format. Request a copy of their “Resource Order Form,” and
also a current list of their publications.
Families Against Mandatory Minimums
1100 H Street NW, Suite 1000 · Washington, DC 20005
202-822-6700 ·
Nonprofit organization fighting for fair and proportionate sentencing
laws that allow judicial discretion; improved prison conditions; and
an increase in compassionate release. May not respond to letters.
Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD)
PO Box 1160 · Washington, DC 20013
202-455-8076 (voice) 202-436-9278 (videophone) ·
All volunteer organization that provides advocacy services for deaf,
hard of hearing and deaf-blind inmates across the nation. HEARD’s
mission is to promote equal access to the justice and legal system
for deaf defendants, detainees, prisoners, and returned citizens.
HEARD created and maintains the only national database of deaf
and deaf-blind prisoners and is the only organization that focuses on
correcting and preventing wrongful conviction of deaf people. May
not respond quickly to letters. Nationwide.
How to Justice
11 South 12th St · Richmond, VA 23219 · 919-727-8368
How To Justice's goal is to provide easy-to-read answers to your
questions about your rights in prison, including conditions, medical
care, visitation, and rights to communication. Write with general
questions. Does not provide legal advice.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Just Detention International
3325 Wilshire Bl, Suite 340 Ms. Cynthia Totten, Esq., Bar #199266 ·
Los Angeles, CA 90010
213-384-1400 ·
JDI is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end
sexual abuse and exploitation in all forms of detention. It publishes a
Resource Guide listing service providers in all 50 states that can
help incarcerated survivors, as well as a Survivor Packet, which
includes Hope for Healing, with contact information for local rape
crisis centers and legal aid organizations; and a letter of hope from
another prisoner rape survivor. Prisoners may communicate
confidentially with JDI using legal mail at the above address. Serves
people nationally.
Lewisburg Prison Project
PO Box 128 · Lewisburg, PA 17837
570-523-1104 ·
The Lewisburg Prison Project (LPP) is affiliated with the PA
Institutional Law Project (PILP). Together, we provide informational
materials, advice, and representation on civil rights matters related
to the conditions of confinement (medical, mental health, excessive
force, etc.) of those incarcerated in Pennsylvania. We cannot
provide legal advice or representation to those with claims that
occur outside of Pennsylvania, and we do not assist with criminal
matters, habeas cases, sentencing, or parole issues. Also provides
informational materials and legal bulletins about prisoners' rights to
people incarcerated throughout the United States. Resources
available online, or write in for order form and to submit requests.
Legal advice only provided in Pennsylvania; other resources
National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
7130 Ruthland Rd. · Baltimore, MD 21244
(410) 265-1490 ·
Provides sentencing advocacy, capital case mitigation services,
parole release advocacy, institutional designation and transfer, and
release planning. Will research questions and provide advice
regarding the Bureau of Prisons, the administrative remedy process,
intensive confinement, RDAP, pre-release programming, home
confinement and related issues. Serves federal prisoners
Prisoner Visitation and Support
PO Box 58068 · Philadelphia, PA 19102
215-241-7117 ·
Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a volunteer visitation
program for federal and military prisoners across the U.S., with
special priority given to those on death row, in solitary confinement,
serving long sentences, or not receiving regular visits. PVS
volunteers visit once a month, with no religious or political agenda,
to provide a listening ear to those who need one. Limited visiting for
Spanish speaking prisoners. Serves federal and military prisoners
Root & Rebound
1610 Harrison St suite E-East · Oakland , CA 94612
510-279-4662 (re-entry hotline Fridays only) ·
Focused on reentry services for people released or preparing for

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release in California and South Carolina only. Offers a 1,211 page
Reentry Guide for a $20 fee, and a FREE Reentry Toolkit which is a
condensed version of the Reentry Guide containing general legal
information about people’s rights in reentry. Also runs a free reentry
hotline on Friday's 9am-3pm that accepts calls from people who are
currently incarcerated. Root & Rebound often can help you prepare
to and transition home, plus navigate challenges due to having a
record. Supports with getting an ID, securing parole transfers,
verifying parole length, and understanding parole conditions.
California and South Carolina only.
Solitary Watch
PO Box 11374 · Washington, DC 20008
Solitary Watch works to expose and oppose the use of solitary
confinement in U.S. prisons and jails. It has temporarily suspended
its newsletter for incarcerated members. Solitary Watch also
welcomes submissions of writing of up to 1000 words by those
currently or formerly serving time in solitary. May not respond timely
to letters. Serves people nationally.
The Sentencing Project
1705 DeSales Street NW, 8th Floor · Washington, DC 20036
202-628-0871 ·
The Sentencing Project is a national policy research and advocacy
organization that works for a fair and effective criminal justice
system by promoting sentencing reform and alternatives to
incarceration. They produce reports on prison-related topics,
including prison populations nationally, state-by-state data, life
sentences, voting rights, and more. May not respond to letters.
Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 1463 · Baltimore, MD 21203
410-366-8343 ·
The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization
dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the
interrelated issues of health, nutrition, environment, ethics, and
world hunger. Publishes Vegan Journal magazine, as well as
Veganism in a Nutshell, Vegetarianism in a Nutshell, Heart Healthy
Eating, My Vegan Plate, and El Vegetarianismo en pocas
palabras brochures. Serves people nationwide.


Abolitionist Law Center
PO Box 8654 · Pittsburgh, PA 15221
The ALC is a public interest law firm inspired by the struggle of
political and politicized prisoners, and organized for the purpose of
abolishing class and race based mass incarceration in the United
States. To accomplish this goal, the ALC engages in litigation on
behalf of people whose human rights have been violated in prison,
produces educational programs to inform the general public about
the evils of mass incarceration, and works to develop a mass
movement against the American penal system by building alliances
and nurturing solidarity across social divisions. Only accepts very
select cases, primarily in Pennsylvania

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Columbia Legal Services
101 Yesler Way, Suite 300 Institutions Project · Seattle, WA 98104
206-382-3399 ·
The Institutions Project represents people confined in Washington's
jails, prisons, juvenile detention facilities, mental health facilities,
and facilities for people with developmental disabilities. This work
has focused on conditions of confinement, discrimination,
sentencing and placement, alternatives to institutionalization, and
access to courts, as well as issues related to rehabilitation, re-entry,
and reductions in recidivism. Washington state only.
Disability Rights Texas
2222 West Braker Lane · Austin, TX 78758
512-454-4816 voice/TDD ·
Advocacy for disabled people in Texas, including those in some
correctional facilities. Write for handout: Disability Discrimination in
Correctional Facilities, or Suing a Government Entity for an Injury.
Only serves people in Texas.
Equal Justice Initiative
122 Commerce St · Montgomery, AL 36104
334-269-1803 ·
Provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners
who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal system.
They litigate on behalf of condemned prisoners, juvenile offenders,
people wrongly convicted or charged with violent crimes, poor
people denied effective representation, and others whose trials are
marked by racial bias or prosecutorial misconduct. Mostly works
with people in Southern states.
Family Law Project
University of Wisconsin Law School · 975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706
608-262-2240 ·
Wisconsin Law students work under an experienced family law
attorney and clinical professor to represent incarcerated parents and
others in their family law matters including divorce, paternity actions,
child support, child placement, visitation, guardianship, etc. They
also provide pro se information and forms. Serves Wisconsin only.
Florida Justice Institute
P.O. Box 370747 · Miami, FL 33137
786-342-6910 ·
The Florida Justice Institute (FJI) is a public interest law firm that
conducts civil rights litigation and advocacy in the areas of
prisoners’ rights, housing discrimination, disability discrimination,
and other areas impacting the poor and disenfranchised. This
includes cases for persons currently or formerly incarcerated in a
Florida prison or jail involving mistreatment while incarcerated, or
involving the conditions of the facility. Does not assist with criminal
law cases or postconviction cases such as habeas corpus
petitions.Only serves people in Florida.
Florida Legal Services
PO Box 533986 · Orlando, FL 32853
407-801-4350 ·
The Florida Institutional Legal Services Project at Florida Legal
Services focuses on systemic reform litigation, community
lawyering, and policy advocacy to protect the rights of adults and

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youth who are incarcerated in prisons, jails, and juvenile justice
facilities throughout Florida. The FILS Project publishes the Florida
Manual for Incarcerated Parents (2008), which may be downloaded
from their website or obtained by writing to the above address. The
FILS Project also has reentry information packets available for
download that include a list of resources for each county in FL to
assist individuals who are returning to their communities from
institutions. Only serves people in Florida.
Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure
600 New Jersey Avenue NW Georgetown Law Office of Journal
Administration - ARCP · Washington, DC 20001-2075
202-662-9457 ·
As a comprehensive survey of all criminal procedure in the federal
courts. The ARCP is a single issue per year edition that provides
readers with objective, concise and accurate overview of criminal
procedure and recent case-law decisions in the United States
Supreme Court and each of the 12 Federal Circuit Courts. The $25
discounted rate is only honored for orders sent directly to
correctional facilities, $85 for standard retail rate. Also offers
complimentary copies of older editions to those who are
incarcerated that can provide proof of indigence. Ask a friend or
loved one to email for the discounted order form, and have them
mail it to you or write to the Office of Journal Administration-ARCP
for a copy to be mailed directly to you. Please make checks and
money orders payable to: Georgetown Law Journals-ARCP.
VISA/Mastercard payments are accepted via fax at 845-267-3478.
Refunds are not available for discount orders. Orders are shipped
USPS, so please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Tax must be
included if shipping to DC (5.75%), VA (5.0%), MD (6%), NY (7.0%),
TN (7% state & 2.25% local). Expect delays; Do not send money
order or check without an order form.
Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project
6 Everett Street Harvard Law School, Ste. 5107 · Cambridge, MA
02138 · 617-495-3127 ·
Law student clinic providing service to indigent incarcerated people,
including advocacy for those charged with violating prison
regulations, people appearing before Parole Board and disciplinary
hearings, and legal research assistance for those who are currently
incarcerated. Because this program is university-affiliated, it may not
be staffed during transitional periods in the academic schedule.
Collect calls accepted. Provides post-conviction administrative
advocacy, not direct pre-conviction litigation. Representation in
Massachusetts only; provides legal research for incarcerated folks
all over the country.
Legal Action Center
225 Varick St, 4th Floor · New York, NY 10014
212-243-1313 or Toll-free at 800-223-4044 ·
The Legal Action Center (LAC) uses legal and policy strategies to
fight discrimination, build health equity, and restore opportunity for
people with arrest and conviction records, substance use disorders,
and HIV or AIDS. They also help people fight for their right to
medication for addiction treatment (MAT) or medication for opioid
use disorder (MOUD) Primarily serves people in New York state, but
sends resources to incarcerated people throughout the US.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
National Office of the NLG - Prison Law Project
P.O. Box 1266 · New York, NY 10009
212-679-5100 ·
The National Office of the National Lawyers Guild in New York does
not provide lawyers or legal assistance; they offer free membership
for jailhouse lawyers, which includes the ability to vote on national
resultions and to receive the quarterly publication, Guild Notes. Also
publishes Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook with Center for
Constitutional Rights. See PARC RECOMMENDED BOOKS at the
end of this Directory for more info on how to order. If CCR does not
respond to your request for the Handbook in 2+ months, then
request from the National NLG. There is also an online form
available at to request a Handbook.
Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project
The Cast Iron Building 718 Arch St, Suite 304 South · Philadelphia,
PA 19106 · 215-925-2966 ·
PILP seeks to deliver civil legal services to the institutional
population in Pennsylvania, and was created and designed to meet
the needs of low income residents of PA prisons, jails, hospitals,
and state centers. PILP also publishes (or provides) free copies of
the a number of legal publications. Write for more info. Most
resources only for prisoners in Pennsylvania.
People’s Law Office
1180 N Milwaukee Ave · Chicago, IL 60642-4019
773-235-0070 ·
Fights for justice for people in Illinois who have been tortured or
physically abused, wrongfully arrested or convicted, unfairly
sentenced to death, or targeted as a result of their political beliefs or
organizing efforts on behalf of movements struggling for justice and
liberation. Serves Illinois only.
Prison Law Office
General Delivery · San Quentin, CA 94964
510-280-2621 ·
The Prison Law Office litigates and monitors California and Arizona
class action lawsuits regarding medical care, mental health care,
and disabled access for prisoners. Also has extensive set of legal
informational handouts. Write with your specific questions and they
will send you a packet if they have one that applies. Se habla
Español. Serves Californians and Arizonans only.
Prison Legal News
PO Box 1151 · Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-360-2523 ·
Prison Legal News (PLN) is a project of the Human Rights Defense
Center. It is a 72-page monthly journal covering prison related news,
summaries of recent case-law decisions affecting prisoners, and
analysis from across the country. A one-year subscription is $30 for
prisoners, $35 for individuals and $90 for lawyers and institutions.
Single copies of current or back issues are $5. PLN also sells many
books related to prison issues, including The Habeas Citebook:
Prosecutorial Misconduct, Prison Education Guide, The Disciplinary
Self-Help Litigation Manual, The Habeas Citebook: Ineffective
Assistance of Counsel, and Prisoners' Self Help Litigation Manual.
Write for a copy of the book list.

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Southern Center for Human Rights
60 Walton Street NW · Atlanta, GA 30303-2122
404-688-1202 ·
SCHR provides legal representation to people facing the death
penalty in Georgia and Alabama only, as well as in cases of
unconstitutional conditions of confinement. SCHR also provides free
access to a number of publications and handouts, including your
free speech rights in prison and Georgia parole handbook. Serves
people in Georgia and Alabama only.
The MacArthur Justice Center
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 375 E Chicago Ave · Chicago,
IL 60611 · 312-503-8576
The MacArthur Justice Center is a nonprofit law firm with locations
in Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington D.C. It
takes on cases regarding police misconduct, solitary confinement,
wrongful convictions, and class actions around prison conditions
and parole. Now also a law clinic at Northwestern law school. Write
to Chicago address for other locations. Serves nationwide. Expect
delay or form response.


Black and Pink
2406 Fowler Ave Suite 316 · Omaha, NE 68111
Black and Pink is a national prison abolitionist organization
dedicated to abolishing the criminal punishment system and
liberating LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS
who are affected by that system through advocacy, support, and
organizing. It has 13 volunteer-led chapters, including in
Albuquerque, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee,
Missoula, New York City, and Portland OR. Pairs people with pen
pals and sends newsletters; new pen pal website at Write for more info and for local
chapter information.

Black and Pink Minneapolis
2002 23rd Ave S c/o Boneshaker Books · Minneapolis, MN 55404
This project was formed to connect Midwest-based incarcerated
trans/gender non-conforming people with other trans/gender nonconforming and allied community member correspondents for
friendship. This project was initially launched to reach out to
transgender prisoners who are placed in lock down (administrative
segregation), and now accepts requests for correspondents from
LGBTQIA2S+ individuals mainly in MN, IA, ND, and SD.
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
18 Tremont, Suite 950 · Boston, MA 02108
617-426-1350 ·
Advocacy to fight discrimination based on gender identity and
expression, HIV status and sexual orientation. As part of this work,
GLAD takes very select legal representation on behalf of LGBTQ
prisoners. Has a victory in Sept. 2018 achieving transfer of a trans
woman to a women's prison in Maine. Also has a New England
centered resource guide. Mostly serves people in New England.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Hearts on a Wire
1315 Spruce St. William Way Center · Philadelphia, PA 19107
Hearts on a Wire is a grassroots organization working to address
the needs of incarcerated transgender people in Pennsylvania
prisons. They are a group of trans and gender variant people
building a movement for gender self-determination, racial and
economic justice, and an end to policing and imprisoning our
communities. Offers a free newsletter to incarcerated and detained
people. Write to be added to their mailing list. In your letter asking to
be added, please tell us something about your relationship to the
trans community. Serves transgender people in Pennsylvania only.
Lambda Legal
120 Wall St, 19th Floor · New York, NY 10005-3919
212-809-8585 ·
Lambda Legal carries out its legal work principally through test
cases selected for the likelihood of their success in establishing
positive legal precedents that will affect LGBT people and those
affected by HIV. Lambda Legal recently represented a trans
prisoner successfully in a lawsuit against the Texas prison system.
LGBT Books to Prisoners
1202 Williamson St #1 c/o Social Justice Center Incubator ·
Madison, WI 53703
Volunteer-run organization that sends books and other educational
materials, free of charge, to LGBT-identified people in prison across
the US (except those in TX). Will send books in Spanish (enviar
libros en Español). Sends one package of books per year. Prefers
requests by topic/genre, but can occasionally fulfill specific requests.
Serves all states except Texas.
National Center for Transgender Equality
1032 15th St NW Suite 199 · Washington, DC 20005
(202) 642-4542 ·
Advocates for change policies and society to increase
understanding and acceptance of transgender people. Its Racial
and Economic Justice Initiatice includes work on reforming
detention conditions for transgender people in correctional facilities
and in immigration detention. In 2019, NCTE published Failing To
Protect & Serve, an audit of the policies at the 25 largest police
departments and a model policy to help local advicates and law
enforcement. Operating remotely in January 2022 and will continue
to do so for an undetermined period of time. They are still active
during the pandemic but remote status may impact phone and
written responses. Will send resources nationwide.
Prisoner Correspondence Project
QPIRG Concordia c/o Concordia University 1455 de Maisonneuve
Ouest · Montréal, QC H3G 1M8
The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a solidarity project for gay,
lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit,
intersex, bisexual and queer prisoners in Canada and the United
States, linking them with people a part of these same communities
outside of prison through a direct-correspondence program Letters
to PCP in Canada cost $1.15 in US postage. Has pen pals who
speak/write French. Serves people nationally.

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Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
308 W. 46th St. · New York City, NY 10036
347-645-9339 ·
Part of the Center for Transformative Action. Assists folks coming
out of immigration detention in New York in securing structural,
health/wellness, educational, legal, and emotional support and
services. New York only.
Sinister Wisdom
2333 McIntosh Road · Dover, FL 33527
813- 502- 5549 ·
Publishes work by lesbians only - prose, poetry, essays, graphics,
and book reviews. Will send free to women. Nationwide to women's
prisons only.
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
147 West 24th Street, 5th Fl · New York, NY 10011
212-337-8550 x303 ·
Provides free legal services to released prisoners who are
transgender, intersex, gender nonconforming people who are lowincome, and/or people of color. They specialize in providing
assistance on name changes, identity documents, public benefits,
immigration, shelter and more. Operating remotely in January 2022
and will continue to do so for an undetermined period of time. They
are still active during the pandemic but remote status may impact
phone and writen responses. New York area only.
The Transformative Justice Law Project
203 N Lasalle, Suite 2100 · Chicago, IL 60601
312-558-1472 ·
TJLP is a collective of radical lawyers, social workers, activists, and
community organizers who are deeply committed to prison abolition,
transformative justice, and gender self-determination. They provide
free, zealous, life-affirming, and gender-affirming holistic criminal
legal services to low-income and street based transgender and
gender non-conforming people in Illinois (only) who are targeted by
the criminal legal system. Serves people in Illinois only.
Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex (TGI) Justice Project
370 Turk St #370 · San Francisco, CA 94102
415-554-8491 ·
The TGI Justice Project works primarily with transgender prisoners
and formerly incarcerated transgender people in California, and
sends out their “Stiletto Prison Newsletter” and their very informative
72-page “Still We Rise-Prison Resource Guide” to all TGI prisoners.
TGI also supports TGI prisoners being released to the San
Francisco Bay Area, and are part of a broader movement fighting for
racial and social justice. Some services nationwide but more
services for Californians. Expect delays in response to letters.
Transgender Law Center
PO Box 70976 Detention Project · Oakland, CA 94612-0976
510-587-9696 collect line for inmates & detainees: 510-380-8229 ·
Transgender Law Center’s Detention Project works to end the
abuses transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people
experience in institutional settings such as prisons and jails.
Resources include state DOC and BOP policies on trans rights;
guides for filing grievances and lawsuits; know-your-rights guides for

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
trans and LGBT people; medical information about transition-related
health care; reentry resources; and other information. Serves people
nationwide, but more specific information for Californians.
Tranzmission Prison Project
PO Box 1874 · Asheville, NC 28802
An LGBTQ+ focused abolition and advocacy group based out of
Asheville, NC. A volunteer-run, non-hierarchicial organization
providing free books, zines, resources and other means of support
to incarcerated queer individuals nationwide.


Aid to Inmate Mothers
PO Box 986 · Montgomery, AL 36101-0986
334-262-2245, 800-679-0246 ·
Provides services to Alabama’s incarcerated women with emphasis
on enhancing personal growth and strengthening the bonds
between inmate mothers and their children. Serves women in
Alabama only.
California Coalition for Women Prisoners
4400 Market St · Oakland, CA 94608
415-255-7036, ext. 4 ·
CCWP is a grassroots abolitionist organization, with members inside
and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence
imposed on women, transgender and non-binary people, and
communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). The
struggle for racial and gender justice iscentral to dismantling the PIC
and CCWP prioritizes the leadership of the people, families, and
communities most impacted in building this movement. CCWP visits
incarcerated people in CA women's prisons and produces a
newsletter “The Fire Inside,” free to incarcerated people. CCWP
offers a variety of advocacy programs as well. Primarily works with
individuals in California but mails the newsletter to people around
the country. L.A. Chapter – PO Box 291585, Los Angeles, CA
CCWP Writing Warriors
4400 Market St Californa Coalition for Women Prisoners · Oakland,
CA 94608 · 415-255-7036 ext. 314
Writing Warriors Advocacy through Correspondence project
establishes supportive relationships between volunteers in the
community and people incarcerated at the women's prisons in
California. It is different from a traditional pen pal program because
it is part of a collective undertaking which trains correspondents to
promote advocacy for incarcerated people. Writing Warriors
volunteers primarily communicate via GTL email but can also
correspond thru U.S. mail via the CCWP Oakland office address.
Only provides services to California prisons.
Chicago Books to Women in Prison
4511 N Hermitage Ave · Chicago, IL 60640
All-volunteer, not-for-profit organization that sends paperback books
(including Spanish books) free of charge to women and trans people
in prisons nationwide. They send three books in a package. Please

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provide at least six general options of genre or subject matter.
Currently serves state prisons in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois,
Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio, as well as all federal
prisons. The only jail they serve is Cook County Jail. Libros
en español también Twitter: Instagram:
Hour Children
36-11 12th St · Long Island City, NY 11106
718-433-4724 ·
Mission is to support incarcerated mothers and their children.
Provides resources and services outside and inside New York state
prisons only. Also provides services in Spanish (también ofrece
servicios en español). Only provides services to New York state
National Defense Center for Criminalized Survivors
Defense Center 540 Fairview Ave N Suite 208 · St Paul, MN 55104
215-763-1144 or 800-903-0111 ext. 3 ·
BWJP is the national non-profit leader at the intersection of genderbased violence and the law. BWJP is organized as a dynamic
collection of national policy and practice centers which provide
support, education, best practice, and innovation to advocates,
systems professionals, community leaders, and policy experts. The
National Defense Center for Criminalized Survivors (NDCCS),
formerly known as the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of
Battered Women, is one of BWJP’s seven National Centers.
NDCCS addresses the unique needs of victims and survivors of
gender-based violence who have been criminalized as a result of
their experiences of being abused. NDCCS does not provide direct
legal representation; it works with defense teams of survivors by
providing case-specific technical assistance, resources, and
support. NDCCS works nationwide.
Tulane University Women's Prison Project
6329 Freret Street · New Orleans, LA 70118
Law student clinic focused on incarcerated individuals who are also
survivors of abuse. Provides individual representation for pre-trial,
post-conviction, parole, and clemency proceedings where abuse
was a factor in the crime of conviction. Expect delays during the
summer. Should also be able to provide services in Russian, Italian,
and French. Serves survivors in Louisiana only, but will consult
nationwide with defense attorneys.
Women's Prison Book Project
3751 17 Ave S · Minneapolis, MN 55407
612-871-7110 ·
Provides women and transgender persons in prison with free
reading materials covering a wide range of topics. WPBP also has a
free resource guide for women and trans prisoners and a newsletter
which publishes prisoner articles. Partners with Black and Pink
Minneapolis' pen pal project (see LGBTQ resouce section). Ofrecen
materiales de lectura en Español. Only serves women and trans

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Women's Prison Association
110 Second Ave · New York, NY 10003
646-292-7742 ·
The Women's Prison Association (WPA) offers a range of services
aimed at helping women in the New York City area. Their direct
service network is organized in three broad areas; Residential and
Family Services; Reentry Services; and neighborhood based
services. Provides transitional planning and education in NY
women's prisons, as well as HIV counseling and testing. Serves
women in New York state only.


Alaska Innocence Project
P.O. Box 201656 · Anchorage, AK 99520
All cases for consideration by AKIP should be submitted by mail to
the address above with a brief factual summary of the case and a
list of the evidence which might be available to prove innocence. No
other documents should be submitted for initial review. AKIP does
not accept telephone or e-mail applications.
Arizona Justice Project
111 E Taylor St Suite 365 · Phoenix, AZ 85004
602-496-0286 ·
Accepts both DNA and non-DNA cases and represents indigent
Arizona prisoners whose claims of innocence have gone unheeded.
They also conduct post-conviction DNA testing in cases of forcible
rape, murder, and non-negligent homicide cases, shaken baby
syndrome and arson and other cases where the testing might
demonstrate actual innocence. Serves Arizona only.
California Innocence Project
California Western School of Law 225 Cedar St · San Diego, CA
92101 · 619-525-1485 ·
Accepts cases only where the conviction occurred in the following
Southern California counties: Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange,
Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa
Barbara, and Ventura (for all other CA counties, see the Northern
California Innocence Project). In addition to DNA cases, they also
review cases that may involve witness recantations, changes in
science, government misconduct, or ineffective assistance of
counsel – so long as there is evidence of innocence to support the
claim. Serves people convicted in Southern California counties only.
Center on Wrongful Convictions
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 375 E Chicago Ave · Chicago,
IL 60611-3069 ·312-503-2391
Accepts cases of actual innocence in the United States, both DNA
and non-DNA Cases. Will consider arson and shaken baby
syndrome cases. No sentence requirements. All requests must
come directly from the person seeking representation. Also has
Women’s Project monitoring potential cases of wrongfully convicted
women across the country.
Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 375 E Chicago Ave · Chicago,
IL 60611-3069 · 312-503-8576

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50 Hurt Plaza East Suite 350 · Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 373-4433 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in Georgia; DNA and non-DNA
cases; you must have at least five years left on your sentence to
serve in prison, or you must be on the Georgia Sex Offender
Registry. Serves Georgia Only.
Great North Innocence Project
229 19th Avenue South, Suite 285 · Minneapolis, MN 55455
612-624-4779 ·
Reviews wrongful convication cases where newly discovered
evidence is identified and can provide clear and convincing proof of
actual innocence. Actual innocence means the defendant played no
role in the commission sof the crime. Serves Minnesota, North
Dakota and South Dakota only.
Hawaii Innocence Project
2515 Dole Street, Suite 255 William S. Richardson School of Law,
Attn: Jennifer Brown · Honolulu, HI 96822
808-956-6547 ·
Legal non-profit clinic accepts applications from anyone who has
been convicted of a crime occurring in Hawai'i AND is factually
innocent of that crime. Applications can be downloaded from the
website or can be mailed to you. Serves Hawaii only. Expect delays
in the summer and due to covid.
Idaho Innocence Project
1910 University Dr c/o Biology Department, Boise State University ·
Boise, ID 83725-1515
208-426-4207 ·
Idaho prisoners with at least 5 years remaining on their sentence
must write a letter directly for assistance, clearly stating his or her
innocence. The project accepts only post-conviction cases from
prisoners who do not currently have legal counsel. They will
respond to the letter and let the prisoner know if any further
information is needed before making a decision about their case. Do
not send any legal documents or originals. Serves Idaho Only.
Illinois Innocence Project
One University Plaza University of Illinois Springfield · Springfield, IL
(217) 206-6569 ·
Reviews cases where the applicant claims to be actually innocent of
the crime(s) for which he or she is convicted. Must be substantial
new evidence to support a claim of innocence, such as DNA
evidence. Must have at least 8 years left on your sentence and not
already be represented. Cannot take on all applicants. Expect
delays, especially during summer. Serves Illinois only.
Innocence and Justice Clinic
Wake Forest University Law School: Attn: Innocence & Justice
Clinic 1834 Wake Forest Road · Winston-Salem, NC 27106
336-758-5430 ·
Cases accepted: Cases of actual innocence in North Carolina; DNA
and non-DNA cases; no sentence requirements. Serves North
Carolina only.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Innocence Matters
PO Box 1098 · Torrance, CA 90505
310-755-2518 ·
A very small number of post-conviction cases are accepted where
Innocence Matters assumes the role of the lead lawyer, but only if
the following criteria are met: Inmate is currently serving time for a
Los Angeles County case; is factually innocent; is indigent and is
willing to take and able to pass a polygraph; or if inmate has been
rejected by the California Innocence Project. Please understand that
we have a long waiting list and it will be many months before you
incredibly high volume of requests we receive, there is no guarantee
we will handle your case even if you are eligible for our services.
Innocence Project (national)
40 Worth St, Suite 701 · New York, NY 10013
212-364-5340 ·
The Innocence Project works to exonerate the wrongly convicted
through DNA testing and reforms to the criminal justice system to
prevent future injustices. They accept only cases in which DNA
testing can prove innocence. Write to request intake form. Accepts
applications nationwide EXCEPT from AZ, CA, IL, MI, OH, WI or
Puerto Rico.
Innocence Project at the UVA School of Law
University of Virginia School of Law 580 Massie Rd · Charlottesville,
VA 22903 · 434-924-3732
Evaluates cases of wrongful convictions if three criteria are met: (1)
the inmate must have been convicted of a crime in Virginia, (2) the
conviction must be final, and (3) the inmate is actually innocent of
the crime of which he or she was convicted. Decision is based on
the likelihood of being able to prove innocence, the availability of
legal remedies, and capacity. To be considered, send a letter
requesting their application packet. Serves Virginia only.
Innocence Project New Orleans
4051 Ulloa Street · New Orleans, LA 70119
504-943-1902 ·
Accepts cases of factual innocence; must be serving a life sentence
or a near-life sentence with at least 10 years left to be served; direct
appeal has been denied; cannot afford an attorney; is not serving a
sentence on another conviction. Serves Louisiana and South
Mississippi only.
Innocence Project of Florida
1100 E Park Avenue · Tallahassee, FL 32301
850-561-6767 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in Florida; DNA and Non-DNA
cases. No sentence requirements. Does not accept federal cases or
cases on direct appeal. Also provides transitional and aftercare
services to exonerees. Serves Florida only.
Innocence Project of Iowa
19 S. 7th St. · Estherville, IA 51334
Reviews and litigates cases of wrongful conviction in Iowa. It
partners with the Midwest Innocence Project and the Wrongful

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Conviction Division of the State Public Defender of Iowa in its review
and litigation of cases. Most likely to take cases that include: DNA
evidence; mistaken eyewitness identification; false confessions;
convictions due to police, prosecutorial, or judicial neglect or
misconduct; unreliable scientific methods, tests, or procedures; false
witness testimony; and egregious defense counsel neglect or
misconduct. Write for a questionnaire. Serves Iowa only.
Innocence Project of Texas
300 Burnett St, Suite 160 · Ft. Worth, TX 76102
The Innocence Project of Texas can only review cases that meet
the following tests: The prisoner is claiming actual innocence; the
conviction is a felony which took place in a Texas state court; and all
direct appeals have been completed. Does not accept requests for
assistance via email, phone, or fax. Serves Texas state prisoners
only (no federal).
Kentucky Innocence Project
Department of Public Advocacy 5 Mill Creek Park · Frankfort, KY
502-564-8006 ·
Prospective clients should meet the following criteria: a Kentucky
conviction & incarceration; a minimum ten-year sentence; a
minimum of three years until eligible to go before the parole board
or if parole has been deferred, a minimum of three years to the next
appearance before the parole board; new evidence of innocence
discovered since the conviction which can be investigated; and a
claim of actual innocence. Serves Kentucky only.
Korey Wise Innocence Project at Colorado Law
University of Colorado Law School Wolf Law Building, 404 UCB ·
Boulder, CO 80309-0404
303-492-2640 ·
The Korey Wise Innocence Project (fKWIP) will not take cases in
which the defendant already has a lawyer, or is entitled to a lawyer
at state expense. The KWIP will take a case only where there is a
genuine and provable claim of innocence. The KWIP gets involved
only when the traditional methods of appealing a conviction have
failed. Only Colorado cases will be accepted (state and federal).
Write for a copy of evaluation criteria.
Loyola Law School's Project for the Innocent
Alarcón Advocacy Center 919 Albany St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015 · 213-736-8141
Dedicated to the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted. If a true
claim of innocence is provable, clinic students will help draft a
habeas petition. Must have case for factual innocence, have
exhausted all their appeals, and are no longer represented by an
attorney. Serves California only. Expect delays in the summer.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
McKinney Wrongful Conviction Clinic
Wrongful Conviction Clinic, Indiana Univ McKinney School of Law
530 W New York St, Rm 111 · Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225
317-274-5551 ·
Students represent indigent clients seeking relief from wrongful
Indiana convictions in state post-conviction and/or federal habeas
corpus proceedings. State cases are accepted in cooperation with
the Office of the State Public Defender. Accepts cases of actual
innocence; DNA and Non-DNA Cases; will consider arson, Shaken
Baby Syndrome, and child abuse cases. Serves Indiana only.
Michigan Innocence Clinic
701 S. State Street University of Michigan Law School · Ann Arbor,
MI 48109-3091 · 734-763-9353
Accepts cases of actual innocence in Michigan; non-DNA cases
only; no sentence requirements. The prisoner must not be currently
represented by counsel and the crime and conviction must have
occurred in Michigan.
Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project
1413 K St. NW, Suite 1100 · Washington, DC 20005
202-888-1766 ·
Free investigative and legal assistance to innocent prisoners
convicted in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia who
have provable claims of innocence, either by DNA testing or by
other newly discovered evidence. The prisoner must not be
currently represented by another attorney in his or her criminal case,
or have the right to appointed counsel in the case. Write in for
questionnaire. District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia only.
Midwest Innocence Project
3619 Broadway Blvd., Suite 2 · Kansas City, MO 64111
816-221-2166 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in AR, IA, KS, MO, and NE;
applicants must have more than 10 years left to serve on their
sentence and Iowa applicants must have more than 7 years left to
serve on their sentence; cannot be currently represented by another
attorney except for Iowa applicants; must have exhausted all
appeals. Also reviews death penalty cases. Partners with the Iowa
State Public Defender Wrongful Conviction Division, if you write to
both organizations, expect only one response from the Midwest
Innocence Project. Serves Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and
Nebraska only.
Montana Innocence Project
PO Box 76067 · Missoula, MT 59807
406-243-6899 ·
Accepts DNA and non-DNA cases. Prisoners must have been
convicted of a felony crime in a Montana state or federal court; must
have completed trial, sentencing and direct appeals; must not
currently be represented by an attorney. Priority is given to cases
where convincing and corroborating evidence can establish actual
innocence. Serves Montana only.

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Accepts cases of actual innocence in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT
in which the prisoner has a claim of factual innocence; no time
requirement DNA and non-DNA cases; will consider arson and
shaken baby syndrome cases; may consider child abuse cases.
Serves New England states, except New York.
New Mexico Innocence and Justice Project
P.O. Box 36719 · Albuquerque, NM 87176-6719
NMIJP’s primary mission is to provide assistance and referrals to
people wrongfully convicted in our state. NMIJP is an independent
organization, and has no affiliation with any other project in New
Mexico. They will be opening to review and refer cases soon. In the
meantime, please direct questions or concerns to
Serves New Mexico only.
North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence
PO Box 52446 · Durham, NC 27717-2446
919-489-3268 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in North Carolina and South
Carolina; DNA and non-DNA cases; will consider arson and shaken
baby syndrome cases, and may consider child abuse cases;
typically limited to those in custody or with post-conviction
restrictions, but exceptions are made. Serves North Carolina and
South Carolina only.
North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission
Administrative Office of the Courts PO Box 2448 · Raleigh, NC
27602 · 919-890-1580 ·
The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission was created by
the North Carolina General Assembly in 2006 and is charged with
providing an independent and balanced truth-seeking forum for
credible post-conviction claims of innocence in North Carolina. The
Commission is separate from the appeals process. A person
exonerated by the Commission process is declared innocent and
cannot be re-tried again. Serves North Carolina only.
Northern California Innocence Project
500 El Camino Real Santa Clara Univ School of Law · Santa Clara,
CA 95053
408-554-4790 ·
Accepts actual innocence cases for people convicted in a Northern
or Central California county; DNA and non-DNA cases; no minimum
sentence requirements. The applicant must have been convicted in
state court of a serious felony. Will consider cases involving faulty
forensic science, police or prosecutor misconduct, ineffective
assistance of counsel, eyewitness misidentification, false testimony
and false confessions. Northern and Central California only.
Ohio Innocence Project
University of Cincinnati College of Law PO Box 210040 · Cincinnati,
OH 45221-0040
513-556-0752 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in Ohio; DNA and non-DNA
cases; no sentence requirements. Only serves prisoners in Ohio.

New England Innocence Project
1035 Cambridge St Ste 28A · Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 945-0762 ·
The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Ohio Public Defender Wrongful Conviction Project
250 East Broad St, Suite 1400 Attn: Project Director, Joe
Bodenhamer · Columbus , OH 43215
800-686-1573 ·
Cases accepted for review: Cases of actual innocence in Ohio; nonDNA cases only; arson cases; Shaken Baby Syndrome cases; child
sex abuse cases; all other claims of actual innocence. Ohio only.
Oklahoma Innocence Project
Oklahoma City University School of Law 800 N Harvey Ave ·
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
405-208-6161 ·
233 Broadway, Suite 2370 · New York, NY 10279
212-965-9335 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in New York; DNA and non-DNA
cases (specializes in non-DNA); no sentence requirements.
The Exoneration Project
311 North Aberdeen St Third Floor Suite E · Chicago, IL 60607
Legal clinic reviewing cases of innocence for people who have gone
to trial and were found guilty of crimes they did not commit. They
consider post-conviction cases from across the nation for individuals
wrongfully convicted of different types of crimes and with different
sentence lengths, including cases where a defendant has served
their complete sentence or pled guilty. They do not consider cases
of self-defense. In order to apply for representation, the defendant
must be innocent of the crime and the trial must be completed and
have resulted in a conviction. Expect delays in the summer. Will
consider cases nationwide.
The Last Resort Exoneration Project
One Newark Center Seton Hall University School of Law · Newark,
NJ 07102 · 973-642-8500
Free investigative and legal services to the convicted innocent of
New Jersey who have substantial claims of factual innocence and
are willing to cooperate with requests aimed at discovering the truth.
Serves New Jersey only.
Thurgood Marshall School of Law Innocence Project
Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Texas Southern
University 3100 Cleburne St · Houston, TX 77004
Handles claims of actual innocence typically involving DNA
evidence testing, mistaken identification, or that a crime never
actually occurred. Thurgood Marshall law students work directly on
the project and screen cases, obtain and review case histories,
investigate facts, interview involved persons, write case timelines
and summaries, perform case analyses, and prepare written case
evaluations and pleadings. Serves Texas only.
University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic
1420 N Charles St · Baltimore, MD 21201
410-837-6543 ·
The University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic seeks to
identify individuals who have been convicted in Maryland state

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courts of crimes they did not commit and to provide them with
assistance in the investigation of their claims. In appropriate cases,
representation will be provided in post-trial litigation efforts to secure
exonerations. Accepts cases of actual innocence in Maryland; DNA
and non-DNA cases. Serves Maryland only.
University of Miami Law Innocence Clinic
1311 Miller Drive · Coral Gables, FL 33146
The clinic handles cases involving innocent individuals incarcerated
for a minimum of 10 years who have new evidence ranging from
recanting witnesses to new witnesses discovered by students to
prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective assistance of counsel. The
clinic also accepts cases involving DNA evidence. Florida only.
Washington Innocence Project
PO Box 85869 · Seattle, WA 98145
206-636-9479 ·
In order to qualify for representation, a prisoner must: Be wrongly
convicted of crimes in Washington; be unable to afford counsel; no
longer have the right to appointed counsel; have completed the
direct appeals process; have at least three years of prison time
remaining to be served; have a claim of actual innocence that can
be proven through DNA testing or other newly discovered evidence;
and have no involvement in the crime whatsoever. Must have been
convicted in Washington state to qualify.
West Virginia Innocence Project
West Virginia University College of Law PO Box 6130 ·
Morgantown, WV 26506
304-293-7249 ·
Accepts cases of actual innocence in West Virginia; DNA and nonDNA cases; three or more years left to serve; will consider arson
and shaken baby syndrome cases. Serves West Virginia only.
Wisconsin Innocence Project
University of Wisconsin Madison Law School 975 Bascom Mall ·
Madison, WI 53706-1399
608-262-1002 ·
The Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) is a clinic at the University
of Wisconsin Law School. WIP reviews cases of actual innocence.
Must be incarcerated in Wisconsin, have at least seven years left of
your sentence, and have a significant chance that substantial new
evidence may be found to support a claim of innocence. This newly
discovered evidence (NDE) could be physical evidence that was not
previously subjected to forensic examination, such as DNA
testing. NDE may also include non-physical evidence, such as from
an eyewitness who was previously unknown or a recantation from a
victim, if such a recantation is supported by other new evidence.
Serves Wisconsin only.
WMU-Cooley Law School Innocence Project
300 South Capitol Ave WMU-Cooley Law School · Lansing, MI
48933 ·517-371-5140
Accepts cases of actual innocence in Michigan; DNA cases only;
must be in custody; no time requirement. Students assist assigned
attorneys with reviewing case files, screening applications,

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
investigating facts, conducting interviews, and analyzing cases.
Serves Michigan only.


AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania
1211 Chestnut St, Suite 600 · Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-587-9377 ·
Nonprofit public-interest law firm providing free legal assistance to
people living with HIV and AIDS, including PA prisoners. Also has
an office in New Jersey at 709 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., Voorhees
Township, NJ, 08043. English and Spanish spoken. Serves
Pennsylvania and New Jersey only.

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Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE)
P.O. Box 2310 · Washington, DC 20013-2310
202-789-2126 ·
CURE organizes prisoners, their families and other concerned
citizens to achieve reforms in the criminal-justice system, and has a
presence in 24 states. Write for complete listing or addresses of
state chapters. Serves people nationally.

Health Library (Stanford Health Care)
211 Quarry Road, ste 201 Hoover Pavilion · Palo Alto, CA 94303
800-295-5177 ·
Our medical librarians are here to help you find answers to your
health-related questions and connect you to support resources. We
provide scientifically based information to help you make informed
decisions about your health and health care. This is a free service
open to all. Examples of requests include a general overview of a
new diagnosis, treatment options and meditation and mindfulness
resources. Please note we cannot take a list of symptoms and offer
a diagnosis, nor do we offer advice or recommendations.

Compassion Prison Project
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite D #4201 · Los Angeles, CA 90045
Compassion Prison Project (CPP) creates trauma-informed prisons
and communities. We do this through trauma-awareness education
and programming. CPP’s Trauma-to-Transformation day-long
workshop kicks off a powerful 16-week compassion-based
curriculum entitled Trauma Talks. Adverse Childhood Experiences
(ACEs) are addressed and tools are given to support the healing
process. Both outside volunteer and in-prison peer-to-peer
facilitation reinforce our work. Write for information if you want to
receive an ACE information packet, support getting a program into
your facility or if you’d simply like to get on a waiting list for a nonromantic correspondent who can provide support and
encouragement. We believe in you.

National Hepatitis Corrections Network
1621 South Jackson Street, Suite 201 · Seattle, WA 98144
206-732-0311 ·
The NHCN serves as a hub of resources and information about
hepatitis C in prisons and jails, including publishing resources about
Hep C treatment in prison and producing educational materials for
incarcerated people about hepatitis. The NHCN is a program of the
Hepatitis Education Project (HEP), a nonprofit organization based in
Seattle, WA. Serves people nationally.

PO Box 1022 · Norman, OK 73070-1022
405-639-7262 ·
CURE-SORT (Sex Offenders Restored through Treatment) has
information, resources, contacts, and support to individuals,
families, treatment providers, and professionals who work with
issues of sexual abuse and its prevention. CURE-SORT is an issue
chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE).
Provides info nationally.

Prison Health News
4722 Baltimore Avenue · Philadelphia, PA 19143
215-326-9431 ·
Publishes a newsletter four times a year for people in prison about
health issues like COVID-19, hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, asthma,
depression, PTSD, exercise, nutrition and more. Prison Health
News strives to lift up the voices and expertise of currently and
formerly incarcerated people. On their website, articles on many
health topics are available for download. Write to them for a free
subscription. Serves people nationally.

Narcotics Anonymous
PO Box 9999 · Van Nuys, CA 91409
818-773-9999 ·
NA publishes a wide variety of materials concerning drug addiction
and recovery, some of which are expressly produced for persons
currently incarcerated, including Behind the Walls. Offers services in
many different languages. También ofrece literatura en español,
incluyendo Entre Rejas. Has many pamphlets and booklets
available for free download from the internet. Ask friends or family to
print and send to you directly. If you are looking for meeting
locations for parole plans, ask a friend or family member to look on
website for listings: Provides information
nationally. Expect delays due to covid.

5537 N. Broadway · Chicago, IL 60640
773-989-9400 ·
The Test Positive Aware Network. Publishes Positively Aware, a
bimonthly magazine covering HIV/AIDS treatment, research, policy
and lifestyle. Also offers articles on many HIV-related topics,
including HIV and aging, prevention, and treatments. Offers free
subscriptions to prisoners.

SYDA Foundation Prison Project
PO Box 99140 · Emeryville, CA 94662
323-219-5362 ·
Dedicated to disseminating the Siddha Yoga meditation teachings
and practices to incarcerated individuals. Sends its free monthly In
Search of the Self meditation course with a companion newsletter to
interested seekers. Write or call to get signed up. Serves people

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION

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The Insight Prison Project
PO Box 29 · San Quentin, CA 94964
415-459-9800 ·
IPP offers transformational restorative justice based programs for
incarcerated people, which are supported by crime survivors and
community volunteers. IPP currently conducts 13 weekly classes at
San Quentin State Prison, involving some 175 prisoners. IPP’s
Victim Offender Education Group (VOEG) is a nationally
recognized restorative justice program. IPP also offers our VOEG
program in 15 other prisons. IPP provides in-prison services in
California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Colorado. IPP does NOT
currently offer correspondence courses, books, pen pals, or legal

Athens Books to Prisoners
PO Box 45 · Rutland, OH 45775
Athens Books to Prisoners is a volunteer-run organization that
sends free books to prisoners in Ohio only.

The Osborne Association
809 Westchester Avenue · Bronx, NY 10455
718-707-2600 ·
Osborne offers a wide range of direct services to justice systeminvolved people and their children and families. Our programs and
services are evidence- and experience-based and designed to
reduce crime and reliance on incarceration, heal the damage and
trauma of crime and incarceration, and enhance opportunity for
those affected by crime and incarceration. Offers services to
incarcerated parents as well. Write for list of programs and services.
The Osborne Association has three locations: in the Bronx,
Brooklyn, and Newburgh. Only Servces People in New York.

Books Behind Bars - New Jersey
PO Box 2611 · Wildwood, NJ 08260
A grassroots, volunteer-run prison abolition project that provides
free books upon request to people incarcerated in New Jersey
prisons. Please include your name, ID number, facility name,
address, and the kind of books you want. Since all of our books are
donated, we can't guarantee exact titles (though we do our best).
New Jersey only.


Alabama Books to Prisons Project
4413 5th Avenue South · Birmingham, AL 35222
Run through the Burdock Book Collective, this program fulfills book
requests and manages a penpal program for people incarcerated in
Alabama prisons. LGBTQA friendly: "As queers and allies
ourselves, we aim to provide a space for personal expression and
communication free from homophobia and transphobia."
Appalachian Prison Book Project
PO Box 601 · Morgantown, WV 26507
The Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP) sends free books and
provides educational opportunities to people incarcerated in the
Appalachian region. We serve six states: Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio,
Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. You can request by topic
area or title, and we will do our best to find a good book for you.
Asheville Prison Books
67 N. Lexington c/o Downtown Books & News · Asheville, NC
28801 ·
Sends free reading material to folks incarcerated in North Carolina
and South Carolina, including county jails, detention centers,
state prisons, and federal facilities. They do not have a catalogue,
but try to match requests to books as best they can. Serves people
in North Carolina and South Carolina only.

Big House Books
PO Box 55586 · Jackson, MS 39296
A volunteer-run nonprofit sending books to inmates in Mississippi
correctional facilities since 2015. Big House Books doesn’t judge a
book by its cover. We believe in literacy for all – including those in
our correctional facilities. Mississippi only.

Books Behind Bars - Virginia
Friends of the Jerrson-Madison Library 1500 Gordon Ave ·
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Serves people incarcerated in Virginia only. Write with requests for
up to three books per month. They will do their best to fulfill all
requests, but cannot guarantee specific title availability.
Books Through Bars
4722 Baltimore Ave · Philadelphia, PA 19143
215-727-8170 ·
Free books across the Eastern Seaboard. Prisoners may request by
topic (not exact title or author), and provide several areas of interest
if possible. Sends to DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA & VA only.
Books to Prisoners (Seattle)
c/o Left Bank Books 92 Pike St, Box A · Seattle, WA 98101
206-527-3339 ·
Volunteer run, donation-based organization providing free reading
materials to incarcerated individuals. Request by subject or genre.
Does not ship to prisons that require all books sent be new. Write
directly to request (no requests by email or phone). Supported by
partners Portland Books to Prisoners, Boots to Prisoners Olympia,
and Books to Prisoners Spokane. Serves people nationwide. Long
turnaround time; cannot serve people in short-term facilities.
Connecticut Prison Book Connection
PO Box 946 · Rocky Hill, CT 06067-0946
CT Prison Book Connection is an all-volunteer run organization that
sends free books to prisoners in CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, ME, as well as
TX, CA, and any Federal facilities. All books are donated from
various sources. Individuals may request books by subject/genre.
Please request multiple topics of interest in order to get something
desired. Books in different languages are provided but are on a first
come first serve basis and are very limited in number.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
DC Books to Prisoners
PO Box 34190 · Washington, DC 20043
Request reading material by mail. lease request by prioritized
subject and not specific book title (we rely on donations), and list
prison restrictions if known. DC Books to Prisons responds to state
and federal prisoners in AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, DE, GA, HI, IA, ID, IN,
SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, and WY as well as federal prisoners
(only) in AZ and requests from DC residents in federal prisons in all
states. Please wait 5 months between requests.
Great Falls Books Through Bars
PO Box 391 · Greenfield, MA 01302
All volunteer group that distributes books to contribute to the
education, entertainment and support of incarcerated people. Will
read requests and find the closest matches they can among their
book collection.
Inside Books Project
PO Box 301029 · Austin, TX 78703
512-655-3121 ·
Sends free books and literature to prisoners in Texas only. Also
sends a very informative prisoner resource guide free to prisoners in
all states. Free or with donation of 2 loose first class stamps. Please
no SASE. Serves people in Texas prisons only.
Liberation Library
2040 N Milwaukee Ave c/o In These Times · Chicago, IL 60647
The only organization that provides books of their choosing to youth
in Illinois prisons. Volunteer-run. Write for a catalog of options.
Liberation Lit
PO Box 45071 · Kansas City, MO 64171
816-377-8682 ·
Abolitionist group of volunteers sending books to individuals
incarcerated in Missouri and Kansas only. Also runs a small pen pal
Lopez Books
PO Box 327 · Lopez Island, WA 98261
Books to prisoners program serving Washington and Alaska only.
Send with general requests by genre and/or topic.
Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners
3157 Gentilly Blvd. #141 · New Orleans, LA 70122
504-272-7323 ·
Sends books to people who are locked up in jails, prisons, and ICE
facilities in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas. Write in your book
requests by topic or genre, or have a friend print the optional order
form from our website and mail to you. Spanish resources available.
No law books.
Midwest Books to Prisoners
1321 N Milwaukee Ave, PMB #460 · Chicago, IL 60622

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All-volunteer collective that sends books, zines, and other reading
materials to incarcerated people free of charge. Also available are
printed legal resources and customized internet newsletter
subscriptions: tell us what you're looking for. We focus on
midwestern states but we answer all requests. We also send
materials in Spanish / también enviamos materiales en español.
Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project
PO Box 1324 · Bloomington, IN 47402
812-727-0155 ·
Midwest Pages to Prisoners provides free books and zines to
prisoners in these ten Midwest states only: AR, IA, IN, KS, MN, MO,
ND, NE, OK, & SD. In your letter, please tell us what type of reading
material you are interested in—sharing subjects and genres of
interest is most helpful.
Missouri Prison Books Program
6271 Delmar Books c/o Subterranean Books · St. Louis, MO 63130
All volunteer organization that sends free books on request to
incarcerated people in Missouri.
NYC Books Through Bars
c/o Bluestockings Bookstore 116 Suffolk Street · New York, NY
10002 ·
Has a large assortment of fiction and non-fiction, including political
and history books, and other educational books. Does not send
religious texts. Fills requests from all states except AL, FL, LA, MA,
MI, MS, NC, PA, OH & WI. Priority for New York prisoners.
Open Books & the Prison Book Project
c/o Open Books Bookstore 1040 N Guillemard St · Pensacola, FL
850-453-6774 ·
The Prison Book Project sends free books to indigent prisoners in
Florida prisons. Write with categories of books you would like.
Serves people in Florida only.
Pittsburgh Prison Book Project
PO Box 71357 · Pittsburgh, PA 15213
All-volunteer non-profit organization that sends free educational
books and quality reading material to people incarcerated in
Pennsyvlania. pFormerly Book 'Em. Request books by
subject/genre (they usually can't fill specific book requests by
title). Pennsylvania only.
Prison Book Program
c/o Lucy Parsons Bookstore 1306 Hancock St, Suite 100 · Quincy,
MA 02169 · 617-423-3298 ·
Free books and print resources to people in prisons and jails in all
50 states. Offers a free National Prisoner Resource List and a free
legal primer (We The People). Three book shipments per person
per year. Requests typically take 60-90 days to fill. Serves people
nationally, except facilities and state systems which do not permit
free books or only permit books from Amazon, Hamilton, etc.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Prison Books Collective Publishing and Distribution
PO Box 625 · Carrboro, NC 27510
919-443-9238 ·
The Prison Books Collective Publishing and Distribution is a booksto-prisoners nonprofit based in Durham, NC, that sends books to
prisoners in Alabama and North Carolina and maintains an
extensive zine catalog available across the US. PBC sends books to
incarcerated men in NC and incarcerated people of all genders in
AL, sending literature into federal, state, and county facilities.
(Women in NC should mail the NC Women's Prison Book Project.)
PBC sends zines across the nation; our catalog, available online or
by mail, includes radical essays, guides, games, and Words of Fire,
our literary magazine of art and writing by incarcerated people,
which is always accepting submissions.
Prison Library Project
915-C W. Foothill Blvd PMB 128 · Claremont, CA 91711
Our volunteer-led mission is to provide incarcerated individuals
across the country with free reading resources, emphasizing
educational and self-improvement literature.
Prisoners Literature Project
c/o Bound Together Books 1369 Haight St · San Francisco, CA
94117 · 510-749-4160 ·
All-volunteer grassroots organization that sends free books to
prisoners across the U.S. Please request types of books, not
specific titles. They do not carry Christian books or legal texts.
Please limit requests to once per year, and be patient while they try
to find books to match your requests. Inform them of any book
restrictions at your prison. PLP is one of PARC's partners - ask
them for your next copy of the PARC directory! Serves people
nationally except Texas (check out Inside Books Project instead!).
Read Between the Bars
PO Box 44014 c/o Daily Planet Publishing · Tucson, AZ 85733
Grassroots collective in Tucson sending free books since 2007.
Serves people in Arizona federal detention centers only.
RedBird Books-to-Prisoners
PO Box 10599 · Columbus, OH 43201
Dedicated to providing Ohio prisoners with free books and reading
materials. Send requests by subject with priority to individuals
incarcerated in Ohio.
Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners
PO Box 515 · Urbana, IL 61803
708-782-4608 (voicemail only) ·
UC Books to Prisoners is an Urbana, Illinois based project providing
books at no cost by mail to inmates in state and federal prisons, as
well as in two county jail libraries in Illinois. Serves people in Illinois

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Wisconsin Books to Prisoners is an all-volunteer, non-profit
organization that sends books free of charge to state and federal
prisoners in Wisconsin. Does not respond to email inquiries. Please
request by genre or subject category. Sends to Wisconsin only.


Anarchist Black Cross Los Angeles
P.O. Box 11223 · Whittier, CA 90603
The Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) is on the frontline in supporting
those imprisoned for struggling for freedom and liberty with a focus
on the overall support and defense of political prisoners and
prisoners of war. Write for information on political prisoners and for
addresses of other chapters in Bakersfield CA, Inland Empire CA,
Orange County, Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA, and New York City.
The Angolite
Louisiana State Penitentiary, 17544 Tunica Trace c/o Cashiers
Office · Angola, LA 70712
The Angolite is published and edited by prisoners at the Louisiana
State Penitentiary in Angola, LA. Write for order form with costs for
Grant Publications
PO Box 28812 · Greenfield, WI 53228-0812
(414) 543-5616
Magazine subscription services with years of experience servicing
inmates. Send SASE for more information. Order any five (5)
magazine subscriptions and get one (1) year magazine subscription
for free from specially marked list with (*). Serves people
The Militant
306 W. 37th Street, 13th floor · New York, NY 10018
The Militant is a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of
working people in English as well as several pages in Spanish every
week. The Militant covers key questions in u.S. and international
politics and the struggles of working people. Subscriptions for
people in prison are discounted at $6 for six months or $12 for the
year. Free subscriptions may be provided based on need. Write for
an order form.
News & Letters
P.O. Box 3345 · Oakland, CA 94608
312-431-8242 ·
News & Letters is a Marxist-Humanist newspaper published by the
News and Letters Committees, an organization of MarxistHumanists who stand for the abolition of capitalism, whether in its
private property or state property form. It is published bi-monthly,
and features articles by prisoners and others on the prison struggle.
Free to prisoners. Serves people nationally.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners Project
The Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson Street #1
Madison, WI 53703 · 608-257-6050
The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Prisoner Express
PO Box #6556 CTA / Durland Alternatives Library
Ithaca, NY 14851 · 607-255-6486 ·
Prisoner Express News is published every six months and sent free
of charge to incarcerated individuals throughout the United States.
They are also available for download online. PE also sends books
and educational packets as available. Prisoner Express has ongoing
programs in creative writing, chess, meditation, journaling and art.
Sends to people nationally.
San Quentin News
Main Street · San Quentin, CA 94964
San Quentin News is a 20-page monthly newsletter written, edited,
and produced by prisoners incarcerated at San Quentin State
Prison. The SQ News encourages prisoners, staff, or others outside
the institution to submit articles, poems, artwork and letters to the
editor for possible inclusion. To receive a mailed copy of the SQ
News, send $1.61 in postage. This process should be repeated
every month for each new edition.
Slingshot Magazine
PO Box 3051 · Berkeley, 94703
510-540-0751 ext. 3 (voicemail only) ·
Slingshot is a quarterly, independent, radical newspaper published
in the East Bay since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective.
Subscriptions are free to USA prisoners. Accepts submissions of
articles, artwork, calendar items, spots to add to the radical contact
list, suggestions for distribution, and thoughts about what they
should be doing next. Serves people nationally.
Turning the Tide: Journal of Inter-communal Solidarity
PO Box 1055 · Culver City, CA 90232
Published by Anti-Racist Action - Los Angeles/People Against
Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) since 1988. Issues released at least
quarterly; 5-6 issues some years. Free to prisoners; subscriptions
for non-prisoners are $12 for low income; $20 regular; $30
international/institutional; $50 sustainer. Payable to "Anti-Racist
Action" at above address. Back issues may be available.


Edward R. Hamilton Books
PO Box 15 · Falls Village, CT 06031-0015
Vendor of overstock and bargain books, some hardbound and
others paperbound (type of binding listed in catalogs). Sends out
FREE book catalogs, organized by the following subject areas: Arts
& Education; Fiction; Healthy Living; History; Home & Garden;
Biography; Cookbooks; Military History; Craft/Needlecrafts; Science
& Nature; New Arrivals; and Bargain Books. Serves people
East Bay Prisoner Support
PO Box 22449 · Oakland, CA 94609
Formed in 2007 as a prison abolitionist, anti-authoritarian collective.
Write to receive a catalog of anarchist, decolonial, queer liberation,

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anti-capitalist, black, brown and indigenous-oriented literature
(zines), sent free to prisoners in any state. También enviamos
literatura gratuita en español.
Forbidden Books Library, LLC
PO Box 534 RE: ORDER FORM · Schererville, IN 46375
Publishes and distributes "The Texas Write Writer's Survival
Guides" including THE TEXAS CITEBOOK which contains 1,400+
Texas caselaws on 100 legal topics and has a foreword by the
National Lawyers Guild. To receive an order form and more info
send SASE.
Freebird Publishers
221 Pearl St. Ste. 541 · North Dighton, MA 02764
774-406-8682 ·
Offers prisoner titles such as Cell Chef Cookbook, Life With A
Record, Start Thinking Outside Prison, Post-Conviction Relief
series, Habeas Corpus Manual, and many books, guides, photos,
and a wide variety of gifts, all made in the USA. Send a preaddressed stamped envelope for their packet of color brochures. To
see more best to order their 88-page color catalog send $5 and add
$5 more for shipping with tracking. Produces Inmate Shopper
(current issues always available), which is America's largest book of
resources for inmate services plus many other sections of reading
and entertainment. PARC recommends the Inmate Shopper
because it reviews and rates many businesses that service inmates.
Order online, by phone, by text, email or mail by sending a payment
for $26.99 (including shipping & tracking) to the address listed.
Accepts all facility checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, Venmo
at @freebirdpublishers, Cash App at $freebirdpublishers,
Haymarket Books
PO Box 180165 · Chicago, IL 60618
773-583-7884 ·
Haymarket Books is a nonprofit, radical book distributor and
publisher based in Chicago. They believe that activists need to take
ideas, history, and politics into the many struggles for social justice
today. The books they offer reflect their values and are mostly nonfiction. Write to request free books on themes around Black
liberation, radical history, women’s liberation, and poetry. Serves
people nationally.
Pathfinder Press
PO Box 162767 · Atlanta, GA 30321-2767
404-669-0600 (voice mail only) ·
Pathfinder Press is a publisher whic carries books on the works of
revolutionary and working class leaders, in many different
languages. Prisoners receive a 50% discount off the cover price,
with a flat rate of $2.75 for shipping and handling per order (one or
more titles). Write for a free catalog. Serves people internationally.
PM Press
PO Box 23912 · Oakland, CA 94623
PM Press carries counter-culture, anti-prison, and similar titles
including The Prison-Industrial Complex and the Global Economy,
Let Freedom Ring: A Collection of Documents from the Movements
to Free U.S. Political Prisoners, and more. Prisoners receive a 50%

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
discount. No longer offers printed catalog; must view website
(asking for outside help if needed) for listings of books. Check your
selection against the prison's contraband list as many political books
are banned. Serves nationally.
The Paperback Shop
4817 FM 646 B · Dickinson, TX 77539
281-534-3370 ·
A family operated used bookstore that has specialized in mailing
books to inmates for 25 years. Send an S.A.S.E for our information
and one page info/order form. This is a bookseller, not a free books
program. Please, read the information and instructions on the form
before sending a list of books wanted. They carry new and used
paperbacks, magazine subscriptions, calendars, and puzzles. They
do not have a catalog, but will work with you to send the books that
you want. Families & Friends can also order online. Nationwide
service, but depends on state regulations for receiving books in your


Adams State University Prison College Program
Prison College Program Office 208 Edgemont Bl, Suite 3000 ·
Alamosa, CO 81101
719-587-7671 or 1-800-548-6679 ·
Take courses and earn a degree through print-based
correspondence! ASU-PEP offers Associates's, Bachelor's, and
Masters's degrees. Courses through ASU-PEP are $264 per credit
hour and the MBA degree is $350 per credit hour. Print-based
courses offered as part of the Paralegal I & II, and advanced
Paralegal certificate programs have a tuition rate of $948 and are
offered in collaboration with the Center of Legal Studies (CLS).
Other courses offered through CLS follow the undergraduate tuition
rates. Please note tuition rates do not include the cost of books.
Write for course catalog and application information. Serves people
Ashland University Correctional Education
26 W. Main St · Ashland, OH 44805
419-207-6922 ·
Ashland University serves over 1,000 incarcerated students
annually with college curriculum. The programs are offered to adult
prisoners in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction,
and juvenile prisoners in the Ohio Department of Youth Services. A
recent emphasis has been placed on the development and delivery
of online courses for the correctional programs which do not require
live internet access. Serves Ohio only.
Bard Prison Initiative
PO Box 5000 · Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
845-758-7308 ·
The Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) creates the opportunity for
incarcerated men and women at Bayview, Eastern, Elmira, Green
Haven, and Woodbourne Correctional Facilities to earn a Bard
College degree while serving their sentences. BPI enrolls nearly 300
incarcerated men and women across a full spectrum of academic
disciplines, and offers over 60 courses each semester. To apply,

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one must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Admission to
BPI is highly competitive — typically there are ten applications for
each available spot. Many gain admission after more than one
application. The admissions process involves both a written exam
and a personal interview. Only serves individuals in select New York
State prisons.
Blackstone Career Institute
PO Box 3717 · Allentown, PA 18106-0717
800-826-9228 ·
Blackstone’s accredited Paralegal Certificate Program enables
students to learn about the law and the paralegal field by studying at
their own pace and at their facility. It can be completed in less than
a year and provides information that can be put into practice while
incarcerated and once released. No computers, proctors, or facility
instructors are required. Soft-covered books and materials are used
for ease of entry into most institutions. Their Paralegal certificate
program includes the 900 clock hours of coursework needed to sit
for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) exam and/or the
Professional Paralegal (PP) certification, or the Certified Legal
Assistant/Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP) exam. Write for enrollment
information. Currently serves all states.
College Guild
PO Box 696 · Brunswick, ME 04011
207-729-0043 ·
Grassroots education nonprofit providing free correspondence
courses to incarcerated people covering subjects in science, writing,
history, art, and culture. send name, ID number, and mailing
address with a request to be put on the waiting list.
Cornell Prison Education Program
300 Kennedy Hall c/o Cornell University · Ithaca, NY 14853
607-255-9091 ·
The Cornell Prison Education Program brings together Cornell
faculty and graduate students to teach a free college-level liberal
arts curriculum to a select group incarcerated at several correctional
facilities near Cornell University. New York State only.
Education Justice Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1001 S. Wright St. · Champaign, IL 61820
217-300-5150 ·
The Education Justice Project (EJP) is a comprehensive college-inprison program at Danville Correctional Center in central Illinois.
Students earn transferable University of Illinois credit. EJP publishes
two reentry guides, Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful
Reentry in Illinois and A New Path: A Guide to the Challenges and
Opportunities After Deportation. Mapping Your Future focuses on
Illinois resources, but much of the information it contains is useful to
people in other states. Hard copies are available for free from EJP
and it is available for download. A New Path is a guide for people
getting deported to Mexico and Central America. It is also available
for free and online. Both are published in Engligh and Spanish.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison
PO Box 862 · Ossining, NY 10562
914-941-0794 ·
Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison provides college
educations, life skills and re-entry support to incarcerated men and
women incarcerated in NY state correctional facilities. Hudson Link
also provides wraparound alumni services. Through Hudson Link,
degree-granting college programs are offered to prisoners at
Fishkill, Sing Sing, Greene, Shawangunk and Sullivan Correctional
Facilities for Men and Taconic Correctional Facility for Women, with
the following degrees offered: Associates Degree in Liberal Arts,
Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in Behavioral Science, and
Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management. Serves New York
state only.
Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
1938 Liacouras Walk, MB 299-06, Suite 301 Temple University ·
Philadelphia, PA 19122
215-204-5163 ·
Organization supporting education model that brings together
campus-based college students with incarcerated students for a
class held inside jail or prison. this is a training center for Inside-Out
education programs all across the country. it does not directly teach
students. Write to find out if there is an inside-out program in your
411 W Monroe St · Austin, TX 78704
Level provides free printed educational, job training and personal
development guides for people in prison anywhere in the US. Send
a letter to request content.
Mount Tamalpais College
PO Box 492 · San Quentin, CA 94964
415-455-8088 ·
Mount Tamalpais College is an independently accredited liberal arts
college inside San Quentin State Prison. We offer a 61-unit
Associate of Arts degree in liberal arts as well as a college
preparatory program in math and writing. We offer 20 college
courses each semester, allowing students to complete the
coursework necessary for transfer to any California State University
or University of California campus. The sole requirement for
participation is a high school diploma or GED. No student is
excluded based on age, length of sentence, commitment offense, or
time left to serve. We charge no fees or tuition and provide all the
necessary textbooks, course readers, and school supplies. We only
provide education to people based in San Quentin State Prison in
Ohio University Correctional Education
Grosvenor 018 1 Ohio University · Athens , OH 45701
800-444-2420 ·
Ohio University offers print-based courses to earn degree or simply
take courses. Offers Associates, Bachelors, and Legal Studies
Certificate courses. Write for a student inquiry packet and
application, or get family/friends to download from the internet and
mail directly to you. Offers courses nationally.

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Upper Iowa University
PO Box 1857 Self Paced Degree Program · Fayette, IA 52142
800-553-4150 ·
Upper Iowa University offers a Self-Paced Degree Program, with
courses in paper format that can be completed at a distance. The
Self-Paced paper format is structured around written assignments
and proctored exams. Offers associate degrees in business
administration, criminal justice, liberal arts, psychology, and social
science. Write for tuition costs ($990 per course 2021-22 academic
year) and course catalog. Write, do not call. Serves students


PEN Prison Writing Program
588 Broadway, Suite 303 · New York, NY 10012
212-334-1660 ·
The PEN prison writing program provide hundreds of imprisoned
writers across the country with free writing resources, skilled
mentors, and audiences for their work. Its program supports free
expression, and encourages the use of the written word as a
legitimate form of power. In additional to mentoring, PEN publishes
a national list of prison-based creative writing programs, sponsors
an annual writing contest, publishes the free book Handbook for
Writers In Prison, conducts workshops, and seeks to promote
prisoners' work publicly through literary publications and readings.
Serves writers nationally.
Prison Creative Arts Project
701 E. University Ave. 1801 East Quadrangle, LSA Residential
College · Ann Arbor, MI 48109
734.647.6771 ·
Brings those impacted by the justice system together with the
University of Michigan community for artistic collaboration, mutual
learning, and growth. Its programs include weekly creative arts
workshops, exhibitions, a literary journal, and a community of
formerly incarcerated creators. Write to PCAP to join the newsletter
mailing list and receive its calls for art and writing. Michigan only.
Prisons Foundation
2512 Virginia Ave NW, #58043 · Washington, DC 20037
202-393-1511 ·
Prisons Foundation publishes books written by or about prisoners.
Their publishing program includes posting books onto their website
for download. They also exhibit art created in prison (see Write directly for book submission
guidelines prior to sending a manuscript. The prison author retains
full rights to their book, for later placement with a literary agent or
commercial publisher if desired. Serves writers nationally.
Safe Streets Arts Foundation
2512 Virginia Ave NW, #58043 · Washington DC 20037,
Accepts and sells/distributes prisoner art, publishes prisoner books
online, and stages annual shows at the Kennedy Center inDC. All
services free; write for submission guidelines; state whether you are
a writer or artist (SASE ensures quick reply).

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project
1061 Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum Auburn University · Auburn,
AL 36849
334-844-8946 OR 334-844-3240 ·
This program is administered by Auburn University and dedicated to
bringing educational opportunities to prisoners in Alabama. The
program is helping the adult prison population to gain a quality
education, and also to build a relationship with learning that will
continue to grow for the rest of their lives. Serves Alabama only.
The American Prison Writing Archive
3400 N. Charles St. Johns Hopkins University · Baltimore, MD
315-859-4221 ·
NEW ADDRESS. Digital archive of non-fiction essays that offers the
public first-hand testimony to the living and working conditions
experienced by prisoners, prison employees, and prison volunteers.
All prisoners can contribute. Non-fiction essays, based on first-hand
experience, should be limited to 5,000 words (15 double-spaced
pages). Clearly hand-written pages are also welcome. They charge
no fees and read all writing submitted. Write in for the permissionsquestionnaire, which MUST accompany all submissions. Serves
writers nationally.


Aleph Institute
9540 Collins Ave · Surfside, FL 33154-7127
305-864-5553 ·
The Aleph Institute is a non-profit Jewish organization dedicated to
assisting and caring for the wellbeing of members of specific
populations that are isolated from the regular community, including
prisoners and people institutionalized or at risk of incarceration due
to mental illness or addictions. Aleph addresses their religious,
educational, and spiritual needs, advocates and lobbies for their civil
and religious rights, and provides support to their families at home
left to fend for themselves. Jewish prisoners may write to receive
free books, regular monthly literature, holiday offerings, and family
American Bible Academy
PO Box 1627 · Joplin, MO 64802-1627
Free English and Spanish Bible correspondence courses for
prisoners. All courses are 120 pages in length. Info also available
Anthroposophical Prison Outreach Project
1923 Geddes Ave · Ann Arbor, MI 48104
734-662-9355 x238 ·
Do you feel that there must be some meaning in your prison
experience that is still to be discovered? Or that you can give it
meaning? If so, you might be interested in Anthroposophy — the
path from the spirit in man to the spirit in the universe.
Anthroposophy embraces a spiritual view of the human being and
cosmos, but its emphasis is on knowing, not just faith. It is a path in
which the human heart, and our capacity for thinking, are essential.
Write for package of literature containing a booklet titled SelfDevelopment in The Penitentiary, articles and meditation exercises.

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Association For Research and Enlightenment
c/o Prison Outreach Program ·
215 67th St. Virginia Beach, VA 23451
800-333-4499 or 757-428-3588
Books about the life and work of Edgar Cayce, prayer, meditation,
ancient mysteries, dreams, death and the afterlife, reincarnation and
karma, the Bible, universal laws, self-transformation, and
prophecy. Prisoners are limited to one book every two months.
BBI Media
PO Box 687 · Forest Grove, OR 97116
503-430-8817 ·
Offers free subscriptions to prison chaplains and prison libraries at
women's facilities. Requests must be submitted on official prison
letterhead. Publishes Witches & Pagans and SageWoman.
Chuang Yen Monastery
2020 Route 301 Attn. Rev. Richard Baksa, Prison Program ·
Carmel, NY 10512
845-225-1819 or 845-228-4288 ·
Our organization sends free Buddhist books to prisoners who
request them, answers questions regarding Buddhist beliefs and
practice that prisoners may have, and sponsors a free Buddhist
Correspondence Course for prisoners. Sends nationally. Expect
delays due to covid.
Compassion Works For All
PO Box 7708 · Little Rock, AR 72217-7708
(501) 508-4334 ·
Provides monthly Dharma Friends newsletters, and also the
following resource lists; Personal Health and Nutrition, 12 Step and
Buddhism, Buddhist Resources, Christian Spiritual Resources,
Hindu and Yoga Spiritual Resources, Other Spiritual and
Psychological Healing Resources, Todd Fletcher's Buddhist
Resource List, Ani Tendron's Recommended Buddhist Readings.
Human Kindness Foundation Prison-Ashram Project
Human Kindness Foundation PO Box 61619 · Durham, NC 27715
919-383-5160 ·
The Human Kindness Foundation's Prison-Ashram Project sends
free books and newsletters to people in prisons and jails all over
the U.S., including We're All Doing Time by the late Bo Lozoff. HKF
encourages a way of life based upon three common principles
taught by the great sages of all religions: Simple living, a dedication
to service, and a commitment to personal spiritual practice. Write to
request materials in English or Spanish. Limited materials also
available to addresses outside the U.S.
ISKCON Prison Ministry
PO Box 2676 · Alachua, FL 32616
Sends free material about bhakti-yoga study and practice; books,
prayer beads, CDs, MP3s, and incense. We need to know: 1) Which
items you are allowed to have, 2) Are you allowed hardbound or
only softbound books? 3) Which items can be sent to you directly
and which only through the chaplain? The books cover
reincarnation, karma, and how to live a simple, godly life, and find
internal peace and joy no matter what your circumstances.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Islamic Society of North America
6555 S. County Road 750E · Plainfield , IN 46168
317-839-8157 ·
ISNA's vision is to be an exemplary and unifying Islamic
organization in North America that contributes to the betterment of
the Muslim community and society at large. Sends Qurans and
other introductory books on Islamic study to prison libraries and
inmates. Ability to send books depends on the prison’s policies. Also
publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Islamic Horizons for $24/year.
Serves people nationwide.
Jewish Prisoner Services International
PO Box 85840 · Seattle, WA 98145-1840
206-617-2367 ·
JPSI is a Jewish chaplaincy organization that strives to fulfill the
Talmudic obligation of all Jews being responsible for each other,
along with other religious mandates of their faith. JPSI strives to
insure that Jewish prisoners are permitted to practice their faith by
providing the advocacy and religious materials to further that goal.
Write for a prisoner info form. Serves Jewish prisoners nationally;
expect delay in response.
Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons
PO Box 40799 · San Francisco, CA 94140
Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons, MIM(Prisons), is
a revolutionary anti-imperialist group fighting criminal
injustice, helping prisoners to organize and educate themselves.
Sends books to prisoners, and offers prisoners a free subscription to
their newspaper. Write to MIM(Prisons) for a free prisoner
subscription and to get involved in revolutionary organizing and
education projects.
Masjid Sunnah Grand Rapids Inmate Assistance Program
2312 S. Division Ave · Grand Rapids, MI 49507
616-755-8181 ·
Write for free Qur'an, prayer rugs, and kuffis as well as other books
on Al-Islam. Conducts visits in Michigan. Nationwide services.
Mother Earth Ministries
P.O. Box 35906 · Tucson, AZ 85740-5906
Wiccan clergy are available to counsel, teach, provide information,
and answer questions, by mail and sometimes in person, to
incarcerated individuals. We provide assistance to inmates wishing
to make Wicca their official religion. Copies of the book,
Enchantment Encumbered, are available for $20 (including
shipping, and we accept stamps as payment).
Prison Mindfulness Institute (Prison Dharma Network )
PO Box 206 · South Deerfield, MA 01373
Goal is to provide prisoners, prison staff and prison volunteers, with
the most effective, proven tools for rehabilitation, selftransformation, and personal & professional development through
mindfulness-based interventions (MBI’s). The Prison Dharma
Network works with volunteers who offer meditation inside prisons.
Its Books Behind Bars program will mail mindfulness, meditation,
and Buddhism to people inside prison.

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Set Free Prison Ministries
PO Box 5440 · Riverside , CA 92517
1-951-729-5499 ·
Provides Bible study courses in English and Spanish to people free
of charge. Curriculum consists of Bible courses from the Navigators
in Colorado Springs, Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and Emmaus
Correspondence School in Iowa. Provides free postage both mailing
and return. Serves people nationally.


Alabamians for Fair Justice
Alabamians for Fair Justice is a coalition made up of formerly
incarcerated individuals, family members of those currently or
recently serving time in Alabama’s prisons, advocates, and civil
justice organizations. Join the coalition and receive updates through
their website. Alabama only.
Middle Ground Prison Reform
2121 South Mill Avenue Suite 222 · Tempe, AZ 85282
480-966-8116 ·
Middle Ground Prison Reform has been working for Arizona's
prisoners and their families since 1983. Their main areas of activity
are: 1) public education about the need for criminal justice reform; 2)
legislative advocacy on behalf of prisoners and their visitors; 3)
litigation to protect and define the rights and responsibilities of
prisoners and their supporters; 4) referral to community resources
for ex-offenders. They do not publish a hard copy newsletter.
Instead, they encourage friends and family of prisoners to visit their
website and download and mail copies of pertinent information
inside to prisoners. Serves Arizona only.
California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement
6109 S. Western Ave Suite 100 · Los Angeles, CA 90047
714-290-9077 ·
CFASC is dedicated to stopping the inhumane treatment of
prisoners within the California penal system, especially those held in
solitary confinement. Their ultimate goal is to end the use of solitary
confinement. CFASC is primarily an organization working with family
members. Serves Californians only.
California Prison Focus
4408 Market St. Suite A · Oakland, CA 94612
510-836-7222 ·
Human and civil rights group that investigates conditions in the
California SHUs (control/isolation units), organizes and advocates
for prisoners' rights, and provides self-help legal materials. Their
quarterly newspaper, Prison Focus, is distributed free to SHU
prisoners, $8 a year to other prisoners, and $20 a year to all others.
Serves California only; will send newspaper nationally.
California's Parole Suitability Hearing Support
12350 Marshall Ave #133 · Chino, CA 91710
Provides individual assistance in preparing for upcoming parole
suitability hearings. Can also assist the support network (family,

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
friends) with information of how to support their incarcerated loved
one during the preparation time. Members will review hearing
transcripts from past parole board hearings and provide suggestions
on how to improve performance before the Board. Serves only
individuals in California.
CCWP Writing Warriors
4400 Market St California Coalition for Women Prisoners · Oakland,
CA 94608 · 415-255-7036 ext. 314
Writing Warriors Advocacy through Correspondence project
establishes supportive relationships between volunteers in the
community and people incarcerated at the women's prisons in
California. It is different from a traditional pen pal program because
it is part of a collective undertaking which trains correspondents to
promote advocacy for incarcerated people. Writing Warriors
volunteers primarily communicate via GTL email but can also
correspond thru U.S. mail via the CCWP Oakland office address.
California only.
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
3075 Adeline St, Suite 210 · Berkeley, CA 94703
510-644-2555 ·
Assistance is generally limited to providing basic disability civil rights
informational materials and referrals, with attention to CDCR state
prisoners. DREDF does not provide assistance with individual
disability benefits applications or denial of Social Security Disability
benefits. California only.
Friends Committee on Legislation of California
1225 8th St, Suite 220 · Sacramento, CA 95814-4809
916-443-3734 ·
Quaker-founded group that advocates and lobbies for CA state laws
that are just, compassionate, and respectful of the inherent worth of
every person. Staff can answer questions about legislative matters
by phone or letter. California only.
Friends Outside
P.O. Box 4085 · Stockton, CA 95204
209-955-0701 ·
Friends Outside provides services and support to visitors at each
California State Prison, and are located outside the prison walls but
on prison grounds (usually adjacent to the visitor parking lots).
Visitor Centers provide childcare, transportation, information and
resources, and a restful and welcoming place to stop for a moment
before and after visits. Does not usually respond to letters.
California only.
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
4400 Market Street · Oakland, CA 94608
415-255-7036 ·
LSPC publishes manuals, reports, fact sheets and pamphlets for CA
prisoners in the following areas: Family Matters (guardianship,
visitation, pregnancy); Reentry Services; Prison Conditions
(isolation and other), and Divorce Issues. They also publish a
Manual on SSI/SSDI for Prisoners and Their Advocates. Services to
California only.

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Life Support Alliance
PO Box 277 · Rancho Cordova, CA 95741
916-402-3750 ·
Addresses the needs and concerns of the lifer population and
community, and assisting lifers in becoming suitable for parole and
articulating that suitability to the Board of Parole Hearings. LSA
offers a free monthly newsletter, and the quarterly California Lifer
Newsletter with reviews of the latest published and unpublished
state and federal cases concerning parole issues, parole board
news, legislation and articles on prison, parole and correctional
issues of interest to prisoners and their families. Each issue
contains 50 - 70 pages. Subscription rates are: Inmates, $35 per
year, $60 for 2 yrs, $90 for 3 yrs. Free individuals, $99 per year,
$180 for 2 years. I would like to add that family members can
become members for free and receive our monthly
newsletter. Focuses on the California lifer population, but anyone
can benefit from their information.
Project AVARY
PO Box 150088 · San Rafael, CA 94915-0088
415-457-8799 ·
Project AVARY offers long-term support and enrichment for children
and youth in the San Francisco Bay Area with a parent in prison or
jail. The program services include a summer camp, monthly outings,
leadership training, and family support. Write for further details.
Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos
1817 Soquel Ave · Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-457-8208 ·
The Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos Prison Project is dedicated to
providing cultural and spiritual education, support, and hope to
incarcerated individuals. The Project advocates for prison policy
reform and programs that reduce recidivism, support re-entry, and
reunify families. Our educational materials are sent nationally in
responding to mail requests. Serves Californians only.
Stanford Justice Advocacy Project
Stanford Law School 559 Nathan Abbott Way · Stanford, CA 943058610
650-736-7757 ·
Represents people serving unjust three strikes sentences for minor
crimes, assists released prisoners successfully reentering their
communities, and advocates for fairer and more effective criminal
justice policies in California and across the country. Only serves
Californians; expect delays; will not respond if they cannot serve
UnCommon Law
318 Harrison Street suit 103 · Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 271-0310 ·
UnCommon Law supports people navigating California's
discretionary parole process through trauma-informed legal
representation, mental health counseling, legislative and policy
advocacy, and in-prison programming led by those who have been
through the process themselves.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
1212 Mariposa St, Suite 6 · Denver, CO 80204
303-825-0122 ·
CCJRC publishes a free quarterly newsletter, and a 250-page
reentry guide for parolees in Colorado titled Getting On After Getting
Out: A Re-entry Guide for Colorado ("Go Guide"). This book
provides extensive information to help people prepare for release
and successfully reintegrate back into their families and
communities. The cost is $10 + $3.50 S&H. Serves individuals in
Colorado only.
Colorado CURE
3470 S. Poplar St. #406 · Denver, CO 80224-2931
(303) 758-3390 ·
All volunteer nonprofit criminal justice advocacy international
organization. CURE is recognized as a leading organization making
efforts to reduce crime through criminal justice reform.
Disability Rights Florida
2473 Care Drive suite 200 · Tallahassee, FL 32308
800-342-0823 ·
Services for individuals with disabilities in Florida only. Can only
support with issues directly related to your disabilities - no other
legal advice or support available. Florida only.

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Hawai‘i Friends of Restorative Justice
PO Box 3654 · Honolulu , HI 96811
Hawai‘i Friends of Restorative Justice envisions a humanitarian
justice system that provides processes for hope, healing and
rehabilitation. They train and hire incarcerated peer educator tutors,
offer advocacy training and providing research and education on
evidence based practices that rehabilitate, heal and give hope. They
also offer re-entry services. Hawaii only.
Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services Guide
Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services, Idaho Department of Labor 317
West Main St · Boise, ID 83735
208-332-3570 (Boise office) ·
The 16-page Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services Guide (last updated
1/2020) has been designed to enhance and expand services to exoffenders in Idaho, and assist in their re-entry into the State's work
force. Contains local office information for Idaho Dept. of Labor.
Available for download. Idaho only.

Florida Cares
P.O. Box 211174 · West Palm Beach, FL 33421
(561)855-0833 ·
Florida Cares is dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated
through programs, advocacy, education and visitation. The
organization offers education on how to effectively communicate
with the Florida Department of Corrections Administration. Serves
Floridians only.

Idaho Justice Project
500 South 8th Street · Boise, ID
Idaho Justice Project elevates system-involved persons in
partnership with citizens, nonprofits, justice stakeholders, and
government officials to improve Idaho’s justice system using
organizing, public education, collaboration, and advocacy. Focused
on reducing the amount of incarcerated people in Idaho and
reinvesting the funds to social services that target mental health and
drug addiction services. They also support rehabilitation services in
prison using evidence-based programs and provide support for
successful re-entry. Idaho only.

Forever Family, Inc.
PO Box 89308 · Atlanta, GA 30312
404-223-1200 ·
Foreverfamily is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering
children and families impacted by parental incarceration throughout
the state of Georgia. Our programs and services focus on fostering
positive parent-child relationships and meeting the unique needs of
these individuals. We offer comprehensive case management,
family strengthening initiatives, and provide a family visitation
program to facilitate monthly visits between children and their
incarcerated mothers. Serves Georgia only.

Illinois Prison Project
53 W. Jackson Street, Suite 452 · Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 324-4463 ·
Through advocacy, public education, and direct representation of
thousands of needlessly incarcerated people, the Illinois Prison
Project brings hope to and fights in community with incarcerated
people and their loved ones for a brighter, more humane, more just
system for us all. They provide direct representation to people in the
Illinois Department of Corrections, train and support attorneys who
provide direct representation, and empower incarcerated people
and their families to advocate for themselves. Illinois only.

Community Alliance on Prisons
PO Box 37158 · Honolulu, HI 96837-0158
808-927-1214 ·
A coalition that focuses on alternatives to incarceration, prison
reform legislative issues, community education, and effective
interventions for all of Hawaii’s lawbreakers. CAP’s goal is to
educate the community on best practices and proven strategies that
preserve human dignity, and reform our criminal justice system.
Hawaii only.

Illinois Prisoner Rights Coalition
310 Main St NW · Bourbonnais, IL 60914
(815) 386-6325 ·
Serves incarcerated people and their loved ones by offering a rapid
response support system to address rights violations and injustices
that occur in Illinois jails and prisons for people in immediate danger
and ongoing case management. They provide support and
intervention in instances of abuse, neglect, and violations of civil
and human rights. Services are free to incarcerated community
members and their loved ones. Illinois only.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Incarcerated Individuals Legal Assistance Project
211 South Indiana Avenue Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Baier Hall · Bloomington, IN 47405
The Incarcerated Individuals Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) is a
student run, pro-bono organization that provides free legal research
to incarcerated individuals. Under the guidance of an experienced
appellate attorney, students aid incarcerated individuals on a variety
of legal issues, from post-conviction relief and ineffective assistance
of counsel claims to tort claims and family law. Primarily serves
Indiana; may support those in neighboring states.

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Louisiana prisons. Has litigated issues including medical care at
Angola, inhumane heat, and conditions in Baton Rouge Parish
prison, and juveniles serving LWOP sentences. Serves people in
Louisiana only.
The Law Library of Louisiana
400 Royal Street 2nd Floor Law Library of Louisiana · New Orleans,
LA 70130 · (504) 310-2400 ·
The Law Library of Louisiana offers a robust free guide with
information and resources on common legal issues faced by
prisoners, former prisoners and their families. The guide covers
post- conviction remedies, civil rights violations in prison, parole,
family law issues, re-entry assistance and resources on the
collateral consequences of conviction. Serves Louisiana only.

Friends of Iowa Women Prisoners
PO Box 71272 · Clive, IA 50325
Friends of Iowa Women Prisoners mission is to bring together
those concerned about women in the Iowa correctional system and
provide education on how to best advocate on their behalf. They
support a variety of programming to incarcertated women and also
award scholarships that allow women to take college credit classes
while incarcerated. Iowa women only.

Tulane University Law Library
6329 Freret Street · New Orleans, LA 70118
504-865-5952 ·
Offers photocopies of case-law citations, law review articles,
criminal procedures, etc. to prisoners incarcerated in Louisiana jails
& parish or state prisons only. Requests should have specific case
cites, docket numbers or article titles, and are limited to one per
month and a maximum of 50 pages. Only serves people in LA state
prisons or jails; no federal prisoner requests.

Iowa Cure
P.O. Box 41005 · Des Moines, IA 50311
Iowa CURE is a multi-issue, membership-based organization which
brings individuals concerned about the correctional system together
to work for change both inside and outside prison walls in order to
promote healing or restorative justice within the community. Serves
people in Iowa only.

Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition
PO Box 446 · Lisbon, ME 04250
The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (MPAC) is comprised of
Maine prisoners, their friends and families, victims of crime, and
others committed to ethical, positive, and humane changes in
Maine's prison system. they focus on solitary confinement,
inhumane conditions of confinement, and reentry services. Serves
Maine only.

Legal Services for Prisoners, Inc.
P.O. Box 12438 · Overland Park, KS 66282
(785) 746-7437 ·
Legal Services for Prisoners, Inc., (L.S.P.) is a non-profit group that
provides legal services to indigent inmates in Kansas correctional
facilities. The program’s goal is to ensure that prisoners’ rights to the
courts are met to pursue non-frivolous claims. L.S.P. assist inmates
with the unique legal problems which arise out of their incarceration
and help to augment the normal Facility Counseling Services. They
do not represent inmates for money damages or most other civil
matters, but can provide information on who to contact to seek
counsel and in some instances how to proceed pro se in such
cases. Serves Kansas only.
Promise of Justice Initiative
1024 Elysian Fields · New Orleans, LA 70116
504-529-5955 ·
Legal services nonprofit that advocates for humane, fair, and equal
treatment of individuals in jails and prison. Publishes a resource
guide that includes additional information on organizations to
contact for legal representation and advice, as well as other
resources that might be helpful. Has a prison conditions project
fighting to end the death penalty and solitary confinement in

Maryland Prisoner's Rights Coalition
PO Box 386 · Thurmont, MD 21788
Maryland Prisoner's Rights Coalition works directly with
incarcerated clients and their families to advocate for individual
needs. These services include but are not limited to: healthcare,
basic needs, disability rights, assist with guidance through the
process and policies within the facility and systemically, access to
visitation/phone calls/property etc. Serves Maryland only.
Prisoner's Rights Information System of Maryland
P.O. Box 929 · Chestertown, MD 21620
The Prisoner’s Rights Information System of Maryland (PRISM)
assists current inmates of Maryland state prisons with their 8th
Amendment rights, and offers representation or advice to state
prisoners in civil rights matters and certain state habeas corpus or
inmate grievance office cases. They also handle sentence
calculation problems, lack of medical care or improper living
conditions, violation of constitutional rights of religion, association,
etc. PRISM will provide representation and legal assistance only in
cases dealing with the status of conviction and actions under 42
U.S.C., Section 1983, to challenge conditions of confinement. This

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
includes legal services for representation in select cases at Inmate
Grievance Office hearings and appeals when the grievance involves
a civil rights or constitutional issue, assistance with problems
concerning prison conditions or administration (e.g., disciplinary
actions, medical complaints, mistreatment, etc.), problems related to
parole, and problems related to sentences such as sentence
computation, diminution of confinement credits, etc. PRISM does
not provide representation in criminal, domestic and civil court
actions. To connect with PRISM, incarcerated peopele should mail
the P.O. Box address. Serves Maryland only.
Northeastern University Prisoners' Rights Clinic
416 Huntington Ave c/o Northeastern University School of Law ·
Boston, MA 02116 · 617-373-3660
This Northeastern University program represents state prisoners in
Eastern Mass. through a student clinic with free legal assistance on
a variety of serious criminal issues, including disciplinary charges,
parole applications, parole revocation and more. Active during
school year only (expect delays during the summer). Serves people
in Mass only.
Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts
50 Federal Street, 4th Floor · Boston, MA 02110
617-482-2773 x104 ·
Prisoners’ Legal Services provides legal representation and
administrative advocacy in civil (non-criminal) matters related to
prisoners’ treatment in Massachusetts prisons and jails, and upon
release on parole. Only serves indigent or poor, current or former
Mass prisoners in issues including inadequate medical or mental
health care, assaults or violence by staff, unsafe or inhumane
conditions in Mass jails or prisons, arbitrary use of isolation, and/or
unfair denial or revocation of parole. Serves people in Mass. only.
Humanity for Prisoners
(616) 935-0075 ·
Humanity for Prisoners, in collaboration with strategic partners,
works one-on-one with people in prison to provide personalized
services which empower them to receive support and assistance.
Key areas of focus include: navigating the prison system,
advocating for healthcare, gaining access to public documents,
preparing for parole board hearings, and reconnecting with lost
family and friends. Serves Michigan only.
The Michigan Lifers Association
4417 Second Avenue ste 211 · Detroit , MI 48201-1641
Support for Michigan lifers led by Willis X. Harris, found innocent
after serving over 23 years in the Michigan prison system. Write for
information about programming and support for lifers. Note there is
no online presence, but they are easily reached by phone or mail.
Serves people in MI specifically but also all across the US and

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Clemency Project
229 19th Avenue South Walter F. Mondale Hall · Minneapolis, MN
55455 ·
The University of Minnesota Law School’s Clemency Project
advocates for individuals serving disproportionately long prison
sentences, with the primary goal of obtaining reductions in these
sentences. It is an integrated program, involving individual
representation, impact litigation, advocacy and research aimed at
connecting law students directly to the human realities of mass
incarceration. Serves Minnesota only.
Legal Assistance to Minnesota Prisoners
Mitchell Hamline School of Law: Legal Practice Center 875 Summit
Ave · St Paul, MN 55105
651-227-9171 ·
Legal Assistance to Minnesota Prisoners (LAMP) provides civil
representation to indigent persons incarcerated in Minnesota.
Students at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law represent clients
from interviews through any trial. Cases include domestic relations,
imprisonment-related matters (institutional grievances, parole, and
detainers), and the full range of other civil problems including
debtor-creditor, wills, contracts, torts, and civil rights issues. LAMP
does not handle appeals for inmates to contest their convictions.
Serves people in Minnesota only.
Foundation for the Mid South (Mississippi Reentry Guide )
134 East Amite Street c/o Foundation for the Mid South · Jackson,
MS 39201 · 601-355-8167 ·
This 196-page Mississippi Reentry Guide is intended to provide
essential information and resources about services to ex-offenders
and those that support them. Their goal is to ensure that those
leaving incarceration will have an easier and more successful
transition back into their community. Mississippi only.
Mississippi Prison Reform Coalition
P.O. Box 16109 People's Advocacy Institute · Jackson, MS 39236
(601) 272-8419 ·
The MPRC is a group of formerly incarcerated people, families with
loved-ones in prison, advocacy organizations, and concerned
residents demanding that the state of Mississippi immediately
reduce the prison population, remove harmful conditions, policies
and practices, and restore humanity. Serves Mississippi only.
Missouri Cure
P.O. Box 28931 · St. Louis, MO 63132
(816) 377-2873 ·
Missouri Cure fights to ensure that prisons are only used for those
who absolutely must be incarcerated and that they are used only for
the purposes of rehabilitation and education. Missouri Cure is an
advcoacy group. Does not offer legal services. You can subscribe to
their newsletter by writing in or emailing. Serves Missouri only.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION

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Missouri Prison Reform
P.O. Box 280 P.O. Box 280 · Duenweg, MO 64841
Missouri Prison Reform is a nonprofit organization that advocates
for Missouri’s incarcerated and their families by elevating their
voices, advocating for their needs, and exposing harmful policies
that undermine our overall goal of harm reduction, healing, and
rehabilitation. Their primary focus is on humantarian rights, health
care and sentence reform. You can use their online form to let them
know of issues you or your loved one has regarding a Missouri
Department of Corrections facility. Serves Missouri only.

Legal Aid Society Prisoner's Rights Project
LawHelpNY c/o Pro Bono Net 151 West 30th St · New York, NY
10001 · 212-577-3300
The Prisoner’s Rights Project (PRP) protects and enforces the legal
rights of New York City and New York State prisoners through
litigation, advice, and assistance to individual prisoners. PRP does
not deal with criminal cases or sentences or matters related to
parole. Serves New York only.

Correctional Association of New York
P.O. Box 793 · Brooklyn, NY 11207
212-254-5700 ·
Founded in 1844, the Correctional Association of New York (CA) is
an independent non-profit organization that advocates for a more
humane and effective criminal justice system and a more just and
equitable society. CA has several working projects, including the
Coalition for Women Prisoners, the Drop the Rock Coalition
(downsizing the prison system), Release Aging People in Prison
Campaign, and the Juvenile Justice Coalition. Only serves
individuals in New York.

Prisoners' Legal Services of New York
41 State St, Suite M112 · Albany, NY 12207
518-438-8046 ·
PLSNY provides free legal services to New York State prisoners.
Also publishes Pro Se newsletter six times per year for prisoners in
New York State prisons, providing information and analysis on
recent developments in prison law. To subscribe, send a
subscription request with prisoner's name, DIN number, and facility
to: Pro Se, 114 Prospect Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Past issues of
Pro Se from 2002-2016 are downloadable from their website. Write
for the office near you. We serve NY state prisons only; not county
jails or federal prisoners.

Fortune Society
29-76 Northern Bl · Long Island City, NY 11101
212-691-7554 ·
The Fortune Society’s vision is to create a world where all who are
incarcerated or formerly incarcerated can become positive,
contributing members of society. They do this through a holistic,
one-stop model of service provision. Their continuum of care,
informed and implemented by professionals with cultural
backgrounds and life experiences similar to those of their
participants, helps ensure each individual’s success. The Fortune
Society serves approximately 7,000 individuals annually via three
primary New York City-area locations: their service center in Long
Island City, and both The Fortune Academy and Castle Gardens in
West Harlem. Also publishes The Fortune News twice per year,
which is free to those incarcerated in NY. Serves people in New
York only.

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services
1110 Wake Forest Rd · Raleigh, NC 27604
919-856-2200 ·
NCPLS provides legal assistance to prisoners in the North Carolina
Department of Correction ranging from advice about prisoner’s legal
rights to representation in litigation in state and federal court. Cases
are accepted based on referrals from attorneys as well as direct
requests from prisoners or individuals acting on behalf of prisoners
incapable of requesting legal assistance. The organization is divided
into three teams of attorneys and paralegals: Post-Conviction, Civil,
and Support Services. Serves people in North Carolina only.

Jail and Prison Services at New York Public Library
Jail & Prison Services; The New York Public Library 40 West 20th
Street · New York, NY 10011
212-592-7553 ·
The NYPL's Correctional Library Services publishes "Connections",
the most exhaustive guide and directory of resources in New York
City available to help people when they are leaving correctional
facilities. The guidebook is free to those incarcerated in New York
State prisons and local jails, with mailed copies prioritized for soonto-be-released individuals. Aquí encontrará una traducción al
español disponible como un archivo PDF. Personas que están
encarceladas pueden solicitar hasta 40 páginas impresas de
"Conexiones" a la vez (que se enviarán por carta), escribiendo a:
NYPL Correctional Services, 445 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10016. Serves
individuals in New York only.

The Pathfinder Network
PO Box 3257 · Gresham, OR 97030
503-892-5396 ·
Formerly Pathfinders of Oregon. Has several successful programs
in prisons and the community. Classes inside prison including
Parenting Inside Out and the Healing Opportunities, Promoting
Empowerment (HOPE) program. Outside, Pathfinders Network
provides reentry support, including peer mentoring and parenting
classes, at the Center for Family Success. Oregon only.
Human Rights Coalition
PO Box 34580 · Philadelphia, PA 19101
267-293-9169 ·
The Human Rights Coalition (HRC) advocates for abolishment of
solitary confinement in Pennsylvania prisons. They also publish the
HRC Legal Pamphlet Series, other pamphlets and information
letters, and the “PA Prison Directory Action Guide” (2009) (too many
pages for them to print & mail, but available for download on their
website). Serves Penn. only.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION
Pennsylvania Prison Society
230 South Broad Street, Suite 605 · Philadelphia, PA 19102
215-564-4775 ·
PPS offers resources to Pennsylvania prisoners in the form of an
official visiting program to help people in custody with issues they
may be experiencing while in confinement, a free resource program
where information requested is sent via mail, and re-entry services,
including mentoring and referrals. It also publishes “Graterfriends,” a
newsletter published 6 times a year by and for incarcerated people
with issues relevant to them ($3.00 for an annual prisoner
subscription). Only serves PA state and county facilities; newsletter
and resource program available to all.
Hope Prison Ministry South Dakota
PO Box 284 · Sioux Falls, SD 57104
605-338-7526 ·
Hope Prison Ministry assists men and women leaving prisons in
South Dakota with clothing, housing, transportation, and food to
support them in making a new start and re-establishing themselves
in society. Offers fellowship and friendship beyond the walls. Serves
South Dakota only.
Project Return
109 Lafayette Street · Nashville, TN 37210
615-327-9654 ·
Project Return equips former offenders with the education,
coaching, and support services necessary to gain employment and
begin a new life. Project Return conducts pre-release programs in
correctional facilities to prepare inmates for their release dates.
Serves Tennessee only.

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Texas Civil Rights Project
P.O. Box 17757 · Austin, TX 78760
512-474-5073 ·
Works on reform projects including ending solitary confinement in
Texas, challenging debtor's prison practices, ending tortuous heat
conditions, and improving mental health. Does not provide individual
representation. Serves Texans only.
Utah Prisoner Advocate Network
PO Box 464 · Draper, UT 84020
Utah Prisoner Advocate Network (UPAN) offers support to
incarcerated individuals as well as friends and families through
providing education and information about conditions of confinement
including housing and medical. UPAN does not provide legal
support - do not send legal documents. It also publishes a monthly
newsletter. The best way to receive the newsletter is to ask family or
friends to get on the email list and then print and send you the
newsletter directly. If you do not have any family or friends to
support, contact UPAN directly. Serves Utah only.
Prisoners' Rights Office
6 Baldwin St, suite 4 · Montpelier, VT 05633-3301
This section of the Vermont Office of the Defender General handles
prisoners' rights cases. Serves Vermont only.

Battling the Administration: An Inmate’s Guide to a Successful Lawsuit
Wynword Press PO Box 557 · Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
208-267-0817 ·
Battling the Administration (David J. Meister, April 2014, 566 pages, $24.95 + $5 S&H) is a self-help manual that guides readers
through the complex U.S. civil court system, teaches them how to pursue a lawsuit in the face of the constraints imposed by
incarceration, and enables a successful outcome for the prisoner's civil rights lawsuit. The book includes extensive case-law citations
and advice on organizing, investigating and prosecuting a case. Know your civil rights and how to defend them in court. Has not been
updated since 2014, so research what the lower courts have said about the Supreme Court precedents listed; the advice on
preparation and writing skills are still very relevant for any prison-based litigator.
Columbia Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual
435 West 116th Street Attn: JLM Order · New York, NY 10027
212-854-1601 ·
A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual (12th Ed, 2020, 1520 pages, $30) is a handbook of legal rights and procedures designed to inform
prisoners of their rights and how use to judicial process to secure these rights on both the federal and state level, with an emphasis
on New York State law. It also has published the following supplements: 1) on Louisiana state law; 2) on Texas state law; and 3) on
Immigration and consular access, containing information about the immigration law consequences of criminal convictions for people
who are not U.S. Citizens. Individual chapters are also available for download. This is a student-run, volunteer organization; they
cannot provide legal advice or respond to individual inquiries. Expect delays in delivery. For incarcerated persons, the 12th Edition of
the main JLM is $30; supplements range from $15-25 by state. Make checks payable to "Columbia Jailhouse Lawyers' Manual." For
non-prisoners, the main JLM is $140 and supplements range from $50-100.
The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION

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Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook - 6th Ed., 2021
666 Broadway, 7th Floor The Center for Constitutional Rights · New York, NY 10012
The Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook: How to Bring a Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Violations of Your Rights in Prison Published jointly
by the National Lawyers Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights, explains how a prisoner can start a lawsuit in federal court to
fight against mistreatment and bad conditions in prison. This handbook is a free resource for people in prison who wish to file a
federal lawsuit addressing poor conditions in prison or abuse by prison staff. It also contains limited general information about the
United States legal system. Has excellent explanation of the Prison Litigation Reform Act. Essential resource for any jailhouse
lawyer. Last updated in 2021. To receive a paperbound copy, mail a request to the above address and wait at least 2 months for
return. Requests are bundled and sent only several times per year. If no response after 3 months, write to the National NLG Prison
Law Project for a copy: P.O. Box 1266; New York, NY, 10009. The Handbook is also available downloaded from their website
( Request an outside source to print and mail it to you. List of chapter headings: (1) How to Use the JLH; (2)
Overview of Types of Lawsuits and the Prison Litigation Reform Act' 3) Your Rights in Prison; (4) Who to Sue and What to Ask for; (5)
How to Start Your Lawsuit; (6) What Happens After You File Your Suit; (7) The Legal System and Legal Research; and Appendices
The California Prison and Parole Law Handbook
General Delivery Prison Law Office · San Quentin, CA 94964
800-630-4104 ·
The California Prison and Parole Law Handbook (Heather MacKay & Prison Law Office, 5th Ed, 2019, 1170 pages) is newly updated
in 2019! It is a comprehensive overview of the laws and policies affecting people in state prisons and on parole in California. Includes
extensive discussion of the administrative appeals and court actions that people can use to protect their rights and to seek remedies.
19 chapters, plus resource lists, forms, and sample legal documents. It is available for download for free online at Paper copies for people in custody are $20 and $200 for all others. Prices include
tax, shipping and handling. The Prison Law Office has a monthly drawing for free copies of The Handbook for people in custody. To
be put in the pool, a person should send a copy of their trust account statement showing that they have not had more than $25 in their
account in the past six months to Prison Law Office at above address. Chapters include: Administrative Appeals; Rights of People in
Prison; Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Use of Excessive Force, and Protection from Physical and Sexual Abuse; Classification,
Housing and Programs; Prison Rule Violations; Placement in Segregation; Medical, Mental Health, and Dental Care; Determinate
Sentences, Restitution, Time Credits, and Release Dates; Life Parole Suitability, Other Board of Parole Hearings Proceedings,
Commutations, and Pardons; Detainers and Extradition; Parole and Post-Release Community Supervision; MDO and SVP
Commitments; Workers Compensation and Other Benefits; Immigration Issues for People in Prison; Direct Appeals of Criminal
Convictions; State Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Writ of Mandate/Prohibition; Federal Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus;
Federal Civil Rights (“Section 1983”) Lawsuits; State Tort Lawsuits; and Legal Research, Writing, and Strategies.
Your Life on the List
"Your Life on the List," by Derek Logue, is a state by state by state survival guide for those forced to register upon release from
incarceration. The latest edition is available via Amazon for $14.95. It can also be downloaded (free of charge) by going to where there is a vast amount of information for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, including housing
lists, information on legal issues, and newsletters.

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.

PARC National Prisoner Resource Directory – JUNE 2023 EDITION

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(the Nelson Mandela Rules)
United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, held at Geneva 1955, approved 1957. Revised and reapproved on
May 22, 2015 as 122 individual rules, renamed the “Nelson Mandela Rules.” (Full set of all 122 Mandela Rules is 40 pages, available for download at: According to letters from our readers, the UN will not send free copies.)
Basic Principles
• All prisoners shall be treated with the respect due to their inherent dignity and value as human beings. No prisoner shall be subjected to, and all prisoners
shall be protected from, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, for which no circumstances whatsoever may be invoked
as a justification.
• Every prison shall have a library for the use of all categories of prisoners, adequately stocked with both recreational and instructional books, and prisoners
shall be encouraged to make full use of it.
Contacts with the Outside World
• Prisoners shall be allowed, under necessary supervision, to communicate with their family and friends at regular intervals: By corresponding in writing
and using, where available, telecommunication, electronic, digital and other means; and, By receiving visits.
• Prisoners should have access to effective legal aid.
• Prisoners who are foreign nationals shall be allowed reasonable facilities to communicate with the diplomatic and consular representatives of the State
to which they belong.
• Prisoners shall be allocated, to the extent possible, to prisons close to their homes or their places of social rehabilitation.
Education and Recreation
• Provision shall be made for the further education of all prisoners capable of profiting thereby.
• So far as practicable, the education of prisoners shall be integrated with the educational system of the country so that after their release they may continue
their education without difficulty
Exercise and Sport
• Every prisoner who is not employed in outdoor work shall have at least one hour of suitable exercise in the open air daily if the weather permits.
• Young prisoners and others of suitable age and physique are to receive physical and recreational training during the period of exercise.
• Every prisoner shall be provided by the prison administration at the usual hours with food of nutritional value adequate for health and strength, of
wholesome quality and well prepared and served.
Guiding Principles
• The duty of society does not end with a prisoner’s release. There should, therefore, be governmental or private agencies capable of lending the released
prisoner efficient aftercare directed towards the lessening of prejudice against him or her and towards his or her social rehabilitation.
Health-Care Services
• Prisoners should enjoy the same standards of health care that are available in the community, and should have access to necessary health-care services
free of charge without discrimination on the grounds of their legal status.
• All prisons shall ensure prompt access to medical attention in urgent cases. Prisoners who require specialized treatment or surgery shall be transferred
to specialized institutions or to civil hospitals.
• Clinical decisions may only be taken by the responsible health-care professionals and may not be overruled or ignored by non-medical prison staff.
• In women’s prisons, there shall be special accommodation for all necessary prenatal and postnatal care and treatment. Arrangements shall be made
wherever practicable for children to be born in a hospital outside the prison.
Information to and Complaints by Prisoners
• Every prisoner shall be allowed to make a request or complaint regarding his or her treatment, without censorship as to substance, to the central prison
administration and to the judicial or other competent authorities, including those vested with reviewing or remedial power.
• Every request or complaint shall be promptly dealt with and replied to without delay.
• A prisoner must not be exposed to any risk of retaliation, intimidation or other negative consequences as a result of having submitted a request or
• Allegations of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of prisoners shall be dealt with immediately and shall result in a
prompt and impartial investigation conducted by an independent national authority.
Institutional Personnel
• All prison staff shall possess an adequate standard of education and shall be given the ability and means to carry out their duties in a professional manner.
Instruments of Restraint
• The use of chains, irons or other instruments of restraint which are inherently degrading or painful shall be prohibited.
Restrictions, Discipline and Sanctions
• In no circumstances may restrictions or disciplinary sanctions amount to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The
following practices, in particular, shall be prohibited: Indefinite solitary confinement; Prolonged solitary confinement; Placement of a prisoner in a dark or
constantly lit cell; Corporal punishment or the reduction of a prisoner’s diet or drinking water; Collective punishment.
Searches of Prisoners and Cells
• Searches shall be conducted in a manner that is respectful of the inherent human dignity and privacy of the individual being searched, as well as the
principles of proportionality, legality and necessity.
• Searches shall not be used to harass, intimidate or unnecessarily intrude upon a prisoner’s privacy.
• Prisoners shall have access to and be allowed to keep in their possession without access by the prison administration, documents relating to their legal

The materials contained in this resource directory are presented to aid in the rehabilitation of prisoners, as per federal and state laws.
This 28-page resource directory has been published by the Prison Activist Resource Center; PO Box 70447,
Oakland, CA, 94612. If included, please mail back the evaluation form with any updates.



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