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Ca Docr Sq Memo Re Condemned Inmates Sanitation Feb 25 2008

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State of California

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


February 25, 2008





While conducting inspections and audits of the housing units, multiple issues
regarding sanitation and hygiene have been discovered. In order to correct these
deficiencies, the following procedures will be adhered to:
Effective immediately, all inmates are prohibited from throwing, pushing, spraying, or
in any way causing any water to exit the shower area or their assigned cell. Any
inmates observed causing water to flow out of the showers or their cell will be subject
to progressive discipline.
Furthermore, all inmates are expected to maintain their assigned cell in a clean and
orderly fashion. Cleaning supply kits are available on each tier and will be provided
to the inmates upon request. Any inmate who fails to maintain his cell in an
appropriate manner will be subject to progressive discipline.
In extreme situations, when fecal matter or other biohazard material is present in the
cell and the inmate refuses to or is unable to clean the cell himself, the unit lieutenant
may direct staff to clean the inmate's cell. In the event that staff are required to clean
an inmate's cell, all property (excluding appliances and legal material) will be
disposed of to prevent the spread of potential infectious diseases.
The presence of birds within the unit is also an issue. In order to reduce the bird
population in East Block, any inmate who is observed feeding birds will be subject to
progressive discipline possibly including loss of canteen and package privileges.
Any violation of these regulations could result in placement in Grade B.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the unit
supervisors via a Request for Interview form.


Facili Captain
Specialized Housing/Condemned



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