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Discipline Letter re Carnaby shooting - Washington, HPD TX, 2008

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Houston Police Department
Bill White, Mayor

1200 Travis

CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Toni Lawrence Jarvis Johnson Anne Clutterbuck Wanda Adams
James Rodriguez, Peter Brown
Sue LoveH
Melissa Noriega
Ronald C. Green

Houston. Texas 77002-6000
Michael Sullivan
Jolanda Jones


M.J. Khan, P.E. Pam Holm Adrian Garcia
CITY CONTROllER: Annise D. Parker

" !

f ..
November 5, 2008

Harold L. Hurtt
Chief of Police

Cedi Foster. Senior Police Officer
Employee # 99228
Traffic Division
Tactical Support Command

COMPLAINANT: Chief of Police
ISSUE NUMBER: 31830-2008

Senior Police Officer Cecil Foster:
The allegation(s) made against you has been investigated. The results of the investigation
have been examined and reviewed.
The allegation(s) and the disposition are as follows:

The allegation of CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR has been classified as Sustained (Evidence is
sufficient to prove the allegation).
The allegation of DISCHARGE FIREARM· CITIZEN DEATH has been classified as
Shooting - Justified (Incident occurred but was proven to be just and proper).
The allegation ofIMPROPER POWCE PROCEDURE has been classified as Sustained
(Evidence is sufficient to prove the allegation).


This investigation was conducted by the Internal Affairs Division.

l c;


J. A. Lampignano
captain of Police
Internal Affairs Division






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