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Or Doc Letter From Director Peters Re Budget 2012

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From: Peters Colette S
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 4:47 PM
To: DL DOC-All - All DOC Employees
Subject: Message from Director Peters
For many of you, I would like to say hello again and for others, I would like to introduce myself.
I am Colette S. Peters and I’m the new Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC). In
2004, I started with the Department as the Public Affairs Administrator. From 2005 to 2008, I
was the Inspector General and the Assistant Director for the Public Services Division. Most
recently, I was the director of the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA).
It was difficult to leave the OYA, but I am thrilled to be back at DOC and to continue the good
work of Max Williams and the rest of the Department’s leadership team. I am committed to our
mission, advancing the principles of the Oregon Accountability Model and continuing to grow and
implement the Correctional Case Management (CCM).
I look forward to visiting all of our institutions and meeting with many of you and, as I did as the
Inspector General, I will continue to have regular visits to the institutions and administrative
offices. However, the month of February has me meeting with many legislators and testifying at
my Senate confirmation.
It was my sincere hope to send out a message to all DOC staff, without budget information.
Unfortunately, this cannot be the case and I want share information with you, as we are midway
through the 2012 Legislative Session.
Prior to the February 2012 session, we faced approximately a $100 million deficit. The Co-Chairs
of the Ways and Means Committee were able to give us back the majority of that money, which
left the department with approximately a $48 million hole. We will continue to manage the $48
million by using various internal strategies such as limited hiring, training and travel and by
utilizing vacancy savings.
Apart from that $48 million hole, the department also is addressing the $17.2 million reduction
from the Co-Chairs plan. Our proposal to address the $17.2 million includes multiple prison
deactivations. In addition, the department has identified $1.5 million in M73 dollars that can be
applied to the deficit.
The department has not identified which institutions or what level of institutions will be
deactivated In order to achieve this additional $17.2 reduction, 1,500 to 1,800 beds will need to
be taken offline. The inmates from those institutions will be moved into new temporary and
emergency beds in other facilities. These beds will be in addition to our existing 395 temporary
and emergency beds.
If the institutions need to be deactivated, 350 to 400 positions would be laid off. If this occurs,
there will be proportional cuts to the central office. Also, dollar estimates include proportional
reductions to programming and treatment associated with prison deactivation.
Please beware that nothing is finalized. I, along with Deputy Director Morrow and Assistant
Director Chane Griggs, have been at the Capitol meeting with the Governor’s Office, legislators
and labor leadership to discuss risks and potential impacts of these potential reductions.
Again, I am pleased to be back at DOC and am honored to be here in the role of Director,
pending Senate confirmation.

I will continue to keep you updated at the budget process moves forward.
Colette S. Peters



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