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PA Prison Resource Guide 2007

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Welcome to the 2007 Edition of
the Pennsylvania Prison
Directory Action !
A super huge THANKS A MILLION goes to the people who helped
us put together the info for this guide. Jerome Coffey, Terry Harper, Michale
Anderson, Mark Stephenson, Theresa Battles, Avis Lee, Robert X.
Holbrook. The Books to Prisoner Crew in Cincinnati for doing a great
resource and also for the censorship pamphlet that copied into here. Sam
Waite and Melissa Minnich, fact checkers, info seekers and lay outers.
Thanks to all the artists in prison who donated the artwork you see
throughout this guide to us.
Please let us know of information that may be outdated, incorrect or
any additions or suggestions. Your Participation is Important!
This edition was funded by a benefit zine called Beneath the
Bumrush which featured Pittsburgh Poets as well as people incarcerated in
Pennsylvania and Virginia. It was also funded by the Brunch Fundraisers, an
idea borrowed from people in Philly where every week there is brunch made
at a house, it’s three dollars for a healthy meal and $1 for coffee. 3 weeks out
of the month the money is donated to Book ‘Em and Book ‘Em chose to ear
mark that money for a mass run of this resource guide! So thanks Spat
Cannon and the Beneath the Bumrush Crew and the Brunch Volunteers who
cooked and cleaned and zined, for raising money for this! Also, madlove to
the Thomas Merton Center for providing the space and resources!
The Pennsylvania Prison Directory Action is a project of Book ‘Em
and is Free on Request if you are in PA or you have an incarcerated friend or
loved one in PA. Otherwise please send $1 Computer versions of this guide
are available if you want.If you want to make a donation make checks out to
Book ‘Em and send below.
Write: Pennsylvania Prison Directory Action
c/oBook ‘Em PO Box 71357 Pittsburgh, PA 15213
call 412 802-8575
Hoping to link the arms of those inside and outside of prison
fighting for a more just and caring world.

Table of contents
2 Prisoner Advocacy Groups - local
5 Prisoner Advocacy Groups – national
7 Transportation, Visitors and Virtual Visits
Death Penalty, local & national
11 Resources for Lifers
13 Prisoner Organizations within the Prisons
14 Pen Pals
15 Political Prisoners
17 Innocence Projects
19 Queer
21 Women, local & national
24 Parents and Children
27 Health, local
28 Health, national
30 Websites
31 Restorative Justice Programs, local & national
34 Religion, local and national
37 Newsletters, Newspapers, Distro’s, local & national
35 Education on the Inside
35 Books!
36 Resource Guides
39 Art!
41 Favorite books of the Western Prison Project
42 Pro Bono Services, local & national
43 Local Legal Programs
45 National Legal Projects
47 Law Book Recommendations
50 Pre- Release/ Re-Entry
52 Job Help – from the National Hire Network
59 Federal Occupational Restrictions for Criminal Record
61 Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
62 Superior, Supreme, Commonwealth State Courts
63 Calendar for 2007, 2008, 2009
63 Prison Contact Information
65 County Court Contact Information


Local Death Penalty
Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
(used to be PA Abolitionists against the Death Penalty)

ALSO! Please participate in the following TWO
programs and services in PA.
Have you been through reentry programs in PA? what
are their strengths? Weakness’? How can they be changed?
Racism within the
Stories of how prisons perpetuate racism, stories of
how racism affects your daily life in prison. What’s really
going on? For example, I have met many white prisoners
who have had no choice but to associate with the Aryan
brotherhood or devise extremely creative ways to not be
associated with them. Stories stories stories send us stories.
Send stories or comments on above topics to
Etta Cetera at 5125 Penn Ave Pgh, PA 15224

Post Office Box 605 Harrisburg, PA 17108
Phone: 717-236-4840 Fax: 717-236-4850
Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter
Pittsburgh Chapter or (412) 241-8154
Erie Chapter
Dave Martin at, (814) 354-2386
or Mike Jones at, (814) 453-4955 x228
Central Pennsylvanians to Abolish the Death Penalty
(717) 514-2747 CPADP 315 Peffer Street Harrisburg, PA 17102,
The Central Pennsylvania Abolitionist blog
Lehigh Valley Committee Against State Killing

National Death Penalty
Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
(800) 973-6548 PMB 335 2603 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy
Gainesville, FL 32609
Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project
c/o Criminal Justice Program American Friends Service Committee
1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215)241-7130 fax(215) 241-7119
The Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project seeks to build a
powerful coalition of faithbased activists. Nationally, it works with official religious
bodies to develop strategies and to promote anti-death penalty activism within each

faith tradition. At the grassroots level, the Project links with individuals and faith
communities, establishing "covenant" relationships to foster local abolition efforts.

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation, Inc. 877-896-4702
MVFR 2100 M St NW., Suite 170-296 Washington, DC 20037

Political Prisoners and Prisoner of War

Founded in 1976 by Marie Deans of Charlottesville, Virginia, MVFR is a national
organization of family members of both homicide and state killings who oppose the
death penalty in all cases.

The following definitions were adopted at the International Tribunal on the Violation of
Human Rights of Political Prisoners in U.S Prisons and Jails, December 1990

American Bar Association Death Penalty Moratorium
Implementation Project Phone: (202) 662-1595
740 15th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005-1022 Fax: (202) 662-1032

Political Prisoner: a person incarcerated for actions carried out in support of
legitimate struggles for self determination or for opposing the illegal policies of the
government and/or its political subdivisions.

also has lots of resources for lawyers dealing with death penalty

Prisoner of War: those combatants struggling against colonial and alien

The Death Penalty Information Center 202.289.2275
1101 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 701 Washington, DC 20005 Fax 202.289.7336
(Visitors to the DPIC offices are encouraged to make an appointment.) If
incarcerated, try to get outside support to print stuff out off the site before contacting
center.The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization serving the
media and the public with analysis and information on issues concerning capital
punishment. The Center was founded in 1990 and prepares in-depth reports, issues
press releases, conducts briefings for journalists, and serves as a resource to those
working on this issue. The Center is widely quoted and consulted by all those
concerned with the death penalty.

The Moratorium Campaign 586 Harding Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Contact us at
National Coaltion to Abolish the Death Penalty NCADP 202-331-4090
1717 K St. NW, Suite 510 Washington, D.C. 20036
National Death Row Assistance Network(NDRAN) 1888-255-6196
Claudia Whitman, 6 Tolman Road, Peaks Island ME 04108
Compassion St. Rose Peace & Justice
140 Boundary St. Perrysburg, OH 43551
Written by death row prisoners. Free to death row inmates, $25 for others.

Death Row Support Project Box 600 Dept. A Liberty Mills, IN 46946
Death row inmates only.

domination and racist regimes, captured as prisoners are to be accorded the status of
prisoner of war and their treatment should be in accordance with the provisions of
the Geneva Conventions Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War of 12 august
1949 (General Assembly Resolution 3103)

Jericho is a movement with the defined goal of gaining recognition of the fact that
political prisoners and prisoners of war exist inside of the United States despite the
United States’ government’s continued denial ... and winning amnesty and freedom
for these political prisoners.

National Jericho Movement – (718) 949-3937.
P.O. Box 340084 Jamaica, NY 11434
New York City Jericho Movement • P.O. Box 774 • Bronx, NY 10458
Philadelphia Jericho Movement: 215-748-6428
c/o FCU PO Box 9476 Philadelphia, PA 19139
The Anarchist Black Cross Network and the Anarchist Black Cross Federation are
two support political support networks. One member describes the difference
between the two: ABCF deals with Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War and
ABCN deals with wider prison issues along with PP/POW The ABCN is a loose
network, each chapter doing their own thing and ABCF is united around the support
for PP/POW.

Anarchist Black Cross Federation P.O. Box 42129 Phila, PA 19101
Anarchist Black Cross Network -
International Concerned Family and Friends of
Mumia Abu Jamal 215 476 8812 icffmaj@aol. com

MOVE Organization 610 499 0979 onamovellja@
Both Mumia and MOVE organizations use P.O. Box 19709, Phila, PA 19143
Pittsburg Organizing Group – (As of 2007 January

Thomas Manning #10373-016 USP-Hazelton P.O. Box 2000
Bruceton Mills , WV 26525 (recently moved to WV close to PA)

writes letters too and on behalf of PP’s and POW’s one night a month)

Out of Control Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political
Prisoners3543 - 18th Street, Box 30 San Francisco, CA, 94110 OOC has been working on behalf of the 25
women political prisoners in the U.S. since 1986. This all volunteer group puts on an
annual educational and cultural event, Sparks Fly and produces a newsletter called
Out of Time, which is free to prisoners.

Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
Held in Pennsylvania
The Move 9:
Debbie Sims Africa #006307, Janet Holloway Africa #006308,
Janine Phillips Africa #006309 are held at:
SCI-Cambridge Springs, 451 Fullerton avenue, Cambridge Springs,
Michael Davis Africa #AM 4973, Charles Sims Africa #AM 4975
Are held at: SCI-Graterford, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, pa 19426-0244
Edward Goodman Africa #AM 4974
SCI-Mahanoy, 301 Morea rd., Frackville, PA 17932
William Phillips Africa #AM 4984, Delbert Orr Africa #AM 4985
are at: SCI-Dallas, 1000 follies rd, Dallas, pa 18612-0286
Mumia Abu Jamal #AM 8335 SCI-Greene, 175 progress drive, Waynesburg,
pa 15370
Leonard Peltier #89637-132 USP Lewisburg P.O. Box 1000 Lewisburg, PA
Joseph “Joe Joe” Bowen #AM-4272 1 Kelley Drive Coal Township, PA
Russel Maroon Shoats #AF-3855 175 Progress Dr. Waynesburg, PA 15370
Sundiata Acoli (C. Squire) USP Allenwood #39794-066 P.O. Box 3000
White Deer, PA 17887

Transportation to prisons
Visitors and virtual visitation
Economical Family Service 215-843-6935
Box 29636 Philadelphia, PA 19114
Reunification Transportation Service – 215-324-1751
4414 Germantown Avenue, Suite 3B Philadelphia, PA 19140 $50 for adult round trip bus leaves from
progress plaza at broad and oxford streets. Huntingdon /Smithfield

The Bus Ministry 215-765-3853 (From Philly to Graterford only)
Fisher Transportation Services (215) 747-2533
P.O. Box 19115 Philadelphia. PA 19143 A fee-based, door-to-door
transportation service, bringing families and friends together for those who are
incarcerated. Please give a day or two of advance notice for reservation. At that
time, clients will be notified of cost and time the van will arrive the morning of the

Families Outside 412-661-1670 x.603
921 Penn Avenue 4th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Provides low-cost
transportation for prison visitors, video-visiting, case management, support groups,
re-entry assistance, counseling and family therapy.. Also just started offering teleconference phone calls or virtual phonecalls where you can see your loved one in
prison. It’s 15$ for 15 minutes I think.

The Prison Society's Family Transportation Services Program offers
affordable bus transportation services from Philadelphia to twentythree state correctional institutions. Family Transportation
Coordinator (215) 564-4775, ext. 400 (see advocacy section for additional
contact info)The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections provides the funding for
this program. We travel to each institution once every other month and tickets are
currently twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per person round trip. To obtain tickets, you
must request a reservation for seat(s) via email or by telephone. Unfortunately, the
request for seats normally far outnumbers the number of seats available so those
selected to travel on their requested trip will be contacted to come into our offices
and pay for their tickets at that time. We try to give priority to those individuals that
will be traveling with us for the first time. If you have used the service in the past
and you were not able to obtain a ticket for a particular trip, you may request a
'Standby Ticket'. Having a standby ticket DOES NOT guarantee a seat on the bus.
Immediately prior to departure the bus driver will fill any empty seats with people
on standby. Only, ten standybys are available on each trip.

Family Virtual Visitation program The Prison Society in partnership with the
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and a grant from the Pennsylvania
Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) provides some inmates at 8 state
prisons the opportunity to visit 'virtually' with their families in Philadelphia through
our Family Virtual Visitation program.

Ebonee Allen Family Virtual Visitation Coordinator(215) 564-4775, ext. 103
Philadelphia Society for Services to Children 215-875-3400
415 S. 15th Street Philadelphia, PA 19146 E-mail:
Prisoner Visitation and Support NATIONAL PROGRAM 215 241-7117
1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 Fax (215) 241-7227
Services: The only national organization with complete access to all federal and
military prisons in the U.S. Our volunteers visit once a month to see prisoners who
don't receive visits.

Official Vistitors of The Pennsylvania Prison Society -(215) 564-6005
245 N. Broad Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Official Visitors are
advocates for just and humane treatment of prisoners. Official Visitors,
members of the Society, monitor prison conditions and visit prisoners to assist them
with issues ranging from serious medical concerns to re-connecting with family
members. In fact, by Act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Prison Society
Official Visitors are guaranteed access to all Pennsylvania correctional facilities. To
become an Official Visit or receive an official visit please contact the PPS.

Local Prisoner Advocacy/family support
The Pennsylvania Prison Society, (PPS) (215) 564-6005
245 N. Broad Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Programs and Direct services office -(215) 564-4775 toll free (800) 2272307 fax- (215) 564-7926
To become a member via the mail send us a check in the amount corresponding to
your membership level to the address shown below. Please include the following
information with your check: Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email
Address for member questions Call:215-564-6005, ext. 106
$40 Regular Member, $5 Prisoner, $10Family of Prisoner/Student

Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (PA CURE)
Ph: 717 692-2180 P.O. Box 125, Millersburg, PA 17061-1125
Fax 717 692-5603 Website:

Services: Support to inmates and families via letters, calls, faxes and Emails.
Testifying and attending legislative hearings regarding prison issues. Education
about prison issues, legislation, through visits to prisons and via PA CURE
newsletter. Meeting with D.O.C., legislations, regarding policies, inmate and family
concerns. High cost of inmate phone calls Elimination of PCN-TV from new Texas

cable Being a “Principal” in the Lobbyist Coalition, who has hired Ernest D. Preate,
Jr., to be our lobbyist regarding prison issues – accompanying Ernie when he speaks
at prisons. Holding an Annual PA CURE Rally in Harrisburg. Cooperating and
networking with and supporting other prison advocacy organizations.

Survivors Of Incarcerated Loved Ones (S.I.L.O.) 215-331-7796
P.O. Box 52139 Philadelphia, PA 19115
American Friends Service Committee 215-241-7130
1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102
They have a big prison focus..

New Afrikan Liberation Front
c/o FCU P.O Box 9476 Philadelphia, Pa 19139
White Panther Organization- P.O. Box 4362 Allentown, PA 18105
Billy Johnson #322385 P.O. Box 549 Whiteville, TN 38075
(can receive correspondence from other inmates) Write for manifesto along with details
for membership. The purpose of the WPO is to provide a Panther based means through which
white brothers and sisters can uphold the tradition of revolutionary abolitionist John Brown in
standing against whit supremacy and racism, stand in the struggle of national liberation for
Black’s, Latino’s and other oppressed minorities.

Human Rights Coalition 215-496-9661
1213 Race St. Phila PA 19107
The HRC is a group of prisoners’ families and loved ones, ex-prisoners, prisoners
and sympathetic individuals. We work on supporting prisoners’ struggles, as well as
improving the conditions they serve time under, raise awareness about their situation
and give voice to prisoner’s families, who are a whole section of victims never
talked about by the criminal justice system. JOIN US!

Crime Watch 412.321.0242 P.O. Box 275 Latrobe, PA 15650
Services: Provides a newsletter, pen-pal program and prison visits.
Advocates against abusive conditions within padoc.
Also contact regarding abuse, Ron Wanless 412-321-3203
3727 Perrysville Ave. Pgh, PA 15214
CentrePeace, Inc. (814) 353-9081 3013 Benner Pike Bellefonte, PA 16823
(Fax) (814) 353-9083 Email:
Website: Services: Promotes a restorative justice system by
modeling programs within our communities and correctional facilities that are based on
healing brokenness rather than on vengeance— centering on peace rather than on fear— and
offering avenues of accountability rather than alienation. Conflict Resolution Training is
available for corrections personnel, inmates and victims’ groups. This course presents nonviolent problem solving, mediation and reconciliation (statewide). Christmas Cards for
Inmates enables children artists to put their artwork on Christmas Cards for Pennsylvania
inmates. The cards are screened by CentrePeace and sent to
approximately 19,000 inmates each year (statewide). Criminal Justice Advocacy and Support
Directory is compiled by CentrePeace every three years; it is published
and distributed free of charge by the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project. This directory
provides listings of services for Pennsylvania inmates, victims and their families. Mentor
Program provides pre-and-post release mentoring for Centre County Prison inmates

(statewide). Prayer-Mate Program matches inmates with community prayer partners
(statewide). Prison Visitation and Training in Rockview. This volunteer group visits the
"Special Treatment Needs" cellblock each week.
Project Restore provides Centre County Prison inmates with socialization and job-skills
training in a community setting. A weekly sale at the Used Household and Furniture Outlet
provides recycling of items donated by the community and
restored by inmate trainees. Rockview Family Transportation Assistance Program is
available to families of Rockview inmates with limited resources. Speakers Bureau, Advisory
and Referral. CentrePeace responds to all requests for training and speakers, leadership and
advisors for churches, volunteer groups, inmates and victims groups (statewide). Recent
emphasis is on presentations on Restorative Justice. Valentine Cards for Children enables
inmates to put their artwork on Valentine Cards as a thank you to the children for their
Christmas cards. The cards are screened by CentrePeace and sent to hundreds of children's

Mary Mother of Captives (215) 698-7656
P.O. Box 52416 Philadelphia, PA 19115
Services: A Support Group for family and friends who have a loved one in prison,
on trial or about to be sentenced to prison. MMOC meets in various locations in
Philadelphia and Delaware County, ministering to the frustrated, forgotten
and innocent victims (the inmate's family). MMOC is open to all regardless of race,
creed, color or national origin and is free of any dues. ALL INFORMATION IS
STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Our aim is to eventually have support groups in all
sections of Philadelphia and the suburbs. Together we can overcome an antiquated
and failed system. Numbers are the only way change can happen. Change is needed
in the manner in which the incarcerated and their loved ones are treated by the
Department of Corrections.

Gray Panthers Of Graterford (Originally known as Concerned Seniors)
3141 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19104 fax: 215.895.1333
Services: Originally known as The Concerned Seniors is the first and only prisonbased chapter of the Gray Panthers, an international, inter-generational advocacy
organization. Provides information on health care, employment, housing, and
benefits for seniors who are returning to the community. For institutionalized
seniors, the group provides fellowship, advocacy for seniors' interests and issues,
information and contact with community services and benefits that incarcerated
seniors can access. The group is limited to those 50 years and older; however, they
sponsor an Intergenerational Dialogue whereby seniors can mentor younger
offenders in a positive manner.

Red Heart Warrior Society Tom BigWarrior (610)437-2971
P.O. Box 4362 Allentown, PA 18105
(works with native American prisoners also see under newsletter)

Sagewriters 610-328-6101 Box215 Swarthmore, PA 19081
SageWriters is a community of free and imprisoned writers, artists, musicians,
filmmakers, playwrights and activists working together to give an artistic voice to
movements for justice, healing, reawakening compassion in our elected officials,

creating a community love ethic, supporting effective re-entry programs, ending
prisons as we know them and developing community-based Houses of Healing.

Jerome Coffey Support Committee (JFSC) 215-684-0443
c/o Daisy Coffey 2421 N. Marshall St. Philadelphia, PA 19133

National Prison Advocacy Groups
The Sentencing Project Phone: 202-628-0871
514 Tenth Street, NW Suite 1000 Washington DC 20004
Fax: 202-628-1091
The Sentencing Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which promotes
reduced reliance on incarceration and increased use of more effective and humane
alternatives to deal with crime. It is a nationally recognized source of criminal
justice policy analysis, data, and program information. Its reports, publications, and
staff are relied upon by the public, policymakers and the media.

Critical Resistance National phone: 510.444.0484
1904 Franklin St., Suite 504 Oakland, CA 94612
fax: 510.444.2177 Critical Resistance works to build an
international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the
belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe. If you are not already
familiar with this group, you should check ‘em out. They are doing awesome work.

Critical Resistance NYC Phone: 212.462.4382
451 West Street New York NY 10014 Fax: 212.462.4570
Critical Resistance – Southern Regional Office (reopened)
504-304-3784 P.O. Box 71553 New Orleans, LA 70172
Human Rights Watch 202-612-4321
1630 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20009 usa main office - 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor, NY,NY 101183299 Stands with victims and activist to prevent discrimination,
to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime,
and to bring offenders to justice. Investigates and exposes human rights violations
and hold abusers accountable, challenges governments and those who hold power to
end abusive practices and respect to International Human Rights Law. They work on
a variety of prison issues.
Chicano Mexicano Prison Project/Union del Barrio – 619-696-9224
P.O. Box 620095 San Diego, CA 92162
CMPP is committed to continue the struggle for the human righs of prisoners and
the liberation of the Mexicano Indigenous people.

National Alliance of Black Panthers 202-413-0255 or 202-271-0031

339 Elm Street NW Washington DC, 20001
Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC) 510-893-4648
P.O. Box 339 Berkely, CA 94701 Free prison resource list. GREAT RESOURCE!
Amnesty International, USA 212-807-8400 phone: (212) 807-8400
5 Penn Plaza, NY 10001 fax: (212) 627-1451
Online Support: email:
Amnesty Mid-Atlantic Regional Office phone: (202) 544-0200
600 Penn. Ave., SE 5th Floor Washington, DC 20003 fax: (202) 546-7142
Families Against Mandatory Minimums(FAMM) 202-822-6700
1612 K Street NW Suite 700 Washington, D.C. 20006 fax: 202-822-6704
Stop Prisoner Rape 3325 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 340 Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 384-1400 Fax: (213) 384-1411 Email: Seeks to end sexual violence committed against men, women,
and youth in all forms of detention.

NAACP National Prison Project – 4805 Mt. Hope Drive Baltimore, MD
Prisoners Action Coaltion – P.O. Box 151 Fenimore, WI 53809 –good contact for
prison issues in Wisconsin had experience dealing with supermax issues. See
newsletter section – The New Abolitionist
Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee 202-244-2990
1732 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20007 fax: 202-244-7968 Provides advice, referrals, full time staff
attorneys to help defend interest of the community also serves as a vital clearing
house of accurate information on Arab culture and history for education and school

The November Coalition, 282 West Astor, Colville, WA 99114 focus on the
drug war, great resource on the web, also have a newsletter

Innocence Projects –
working for those wrongly convicted
Innocence Institute of Western Pennsylvania
(412) 765-3164 (412) 392-3917 392 xt.3416 4730
201 Wood Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Services: We are a non-profit entity that probes into and writes about allegations of wrongful
convictions based on actual innocence claims.

Innocence Denied P.O. Box 18477 Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Bi-monthly newsletter on issues of Innocence.

Innocence Project (National)
100 Fifth Avenue 3rd Floor New York, NY 10011
Only handles cases where post-conviction DNA testing of evidence can yield
conclusive evidence of innocence
Innocence Project - at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York.
Handles only cases of actual innocence provable by DNA testing. For guidelines and
a consideration form write: Innocence Project Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 5th Avenue, 11th Floor New York, NY 10003

Foundation For Innocence 1050 Bishop Street, Ste 508
Honolulu, HI 96813
(Cases Accepted Nationwide - DNA evidence of innocence not required)

False Accusations of Sexual Abuse Website: Contact:
Law Office of Barbara C. Johnson 925-256-4600
6 Appletree Lane Andover, MA 01810-4102
Innocence Project For Justice ( (New Jersey Cases)
Rutgers University School Of Law Constitutional Litigation Clinic
123 Washington St. Newark, NJ 07102
Innocent! 533 32nd SE Grand Rapids, MI 49548 (An operation of support for the wrongly
convicted) INNOCENT!, a Christian-based non-profit organization, refers prison
inmates and their families to a national network of Innocence organizations following receipt
and review of claims of wrongful conviction. Utilizing expertise in the media and in
community organization, INNOCENT increases public awareness of legitimate claims of
innocence and problems associated with wrongful convictions. (Founded by an innocent who
was released in 2004 after fighting 10 years.)

Life After Exoneration Program PO Box 10208 Berkeley, CA 94709
Dedicated to
helping survivors of wrongful conviction re-enter society and rebuild their life.

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia
University - Washington College Of Law 4801
Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20016
Fax: 202-730-4733 Or email:
Justice Denied- magazine for the wrongly convicted - PO Box 68911
Seattle, WA 98168 6 Issues for a Prisoner $10 (U.S. address) 6 Issues for a Non-

Cases) American

Prisoner $20 (U.S. address) $3 sample issue. JD is published bi-monthly by The
Justice Institute. Justice Denied is the only magazine in the world exclusively
devoted to publicizing cases of wrongful conviction and how they occur.

Centurion Ministries, Inc.- 221 Witherspoon Street Princeton, New Jersey
08542-3215 - is a private non-profit organization that will ONLY consider cases of
wrongful conviction in the U.S. and Canada that involve a sentence of life in prison or death.
CM does NOT consider self-defense or accidental death cases. Do not call or email, ONLY
submit a written summary of the facts of a case and the facts supporting your innocence. All
letters are responded to. Submit a case for consideration to

For submission procedures and guidelines:
The Center on Wrongful Convictions
Center on Wrongful Convictions Northwestern University School of Law
357 East Chicago Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60611 CWC will consider cases
containing the following characteristics: Claim of Actual Innocence(The Center on
Wrongful Convictions at present is restricted to handling only cases of persons who assert that
they were in no way involved in the crimes for which they were convicted. A DNA case (a
claim of innocence which is supported by testable biological evidence.), A Minimum of 10
Years Remaining on a Prison Sentence (for a non-DNA case) If your case contains these
characteristics and you would like to have it reviewed by the Center on Wrongful Convictions
for possible representation, please send us a letter with details of the case

Penn State Criminal Justice Project Penn State University,
Dickinson School of Law 150 S. College Street Carlisle, PA 17013
Innocence Projects in the U.S. and other countries - are listed with contact
More Innocence Resources on Internet

Education On the Inside
Prison Literacy Project (215) 627-7195
4700 Wissahickon Ave., Suite 126 Philadelphia, PA 19144
Services: Provides literacy tutoring for prison residents in the 0-4th grade reading
level. Volunteer tutors are prison inmates, college students, community members,
etc. Over 150 tutors have been trained, and 350 student tutors. Handbook,
newsletter, readers, and videos are available.

PA Association for Learning Alternatives- P.O. Box 201 Quakertown, PA
Int’l Correspondance School (ICS) Newport/Pacific Highschool
925 Oak Street Scranton, PA 18515 Provides prisoners with G.E.D. test info on

PEN Writing Program for Prisoners 212-334-1660
568 Broadway NY, NY 10012
Offers FREE a great resource booklet for prison writers, and a separate list of fifty
nine correspondence courses leading to either high school, college, or paralegal
diploma, certificate or degree programs. Also sponsors an annual writing contest for

Thresholds In Delaware County Phone: 610-459-9384
P. O. Box 114 Thornton, PA 19373 Volunteers from the community are trained to
teach decision making skills in a one on one situation with volunteer prison inmates
at Chester County Prison outside of West Chester PA.

Blackstone School of Law P.O. Box 899 Emmaus, PA 18049-0899 tel610967-3323 Services: Offers a well known correspondence program. They can
also be reached for free at 1 800 826 9228

The Books through Bars 215-727-8170
4722 Baltimore Ave.Philadelphia, PA 19143
Sends progressive political and educational materials at no charge to state and
federal prisoners in all states except MI. and OR. Donates books directly to county
jail libraries but does not accept individual requests from county jail prisoners.
Request books by topic. No catalog. Donations including artwork and stamps greatly

Book ‘Em 412-361-3022 P.O.Box 71357 Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Book ‘Em sends books and educational materials to
prisoners free of charge. We like to focus on PA but we send everywhere except for
Texas and Oregon. Please request by subject rather than specific title or author and
we will do what we can to find you something suitable to your interests. Coal
Township and Frackville will not accept our materials. If you are in an institution
like Graterford, that does not accept donated materials, consider sending us a check
for 25 cents or 1 dollar with your requests and we will try to get materials to you that
way, as you will have paid for it.
Black Ice Print, PO Box 13074, Philadelphia, PA 19143. Anarchist/Anti-Oppression/etc books and pamphlets,
as well as resource guides. Free to any prisoners in PA, NY and NJ, as well as
women and transgender prisoners throughout the US. Stamps or donations are
appreciated, but not necessary. Write for a catalog.

directory provides listings of services for Pennsylvania inmates, victims and their
families. It’s free but it cost 4 dollars to mail. It’s huge! They have it available on
their website internet resource

Newsletters, Newspapers, Distro’s (oh my!)
GraterFriends – 215-565-6005 x-112 fax: 215-564-7926
245 N. Broad Street, Suite 300 Philly, PA 19107 fax: 215-564-7926 A publication of the Pennsylvania Prison
Society $3 for prisoners or stamp equivalent per year $15 non prisoners per year/
make check payable to Pennsylvania Prison Society

Books Through Bars—NYC c/o Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street New York, NY 10002

Grapevine –P.O. Box 256 Wellsboro, PA 16901 $3 prisoners $8 non prisoners

Resource Guides

Red Heart Warrior Society Newsletter of the Red Heart Warrior Society
P.O. Box 4362 Allentown, PA 18105
Leviathon – Newsletter of the Black Brigade P.O. Box 4362 Allentown, PA
Innocence Denied P.O. Box 18477 Pittsburgh, PA 15236 $5 for prisoners or
stamps per year $15 for outsiders
HumanRightsCoalition Newsletter 215-496-9661
1213 Race St., Philadelphia PA 19107

Inside Out Resource Guide for the Incarcerated-The Books 4 Prisoners
Crew, P.O.B. 19065, Cincinnati, OH, 45219 email -
The Books 4 Prisoners Crew puts out a great national resource guide for the
incarcerated. It costs 60 cents, in postage, embossed envelope or money order made
out to Books for Prisoners. They will not honor your request if you don’t prepay for
the postage and it is well worth the 60 cents.

Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC) 510-893-4648
P.O. Box 339 Berkely, CA 94701 Free prison resource list.
Freedom Within -
Resources for those following a contemplative path inside jails and prison
printable resource guide on website. (ask someone on the outside if they
could print for you. (Budda, Meditation, Dharma…)
Locked Out –c/o Prison Book Project P.O. Box 396 Amherst, MA 01004
Resource list for queer – lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans - prisoners in U.S.
The New Abolitionist – P.O. Box 151 Fenimore, WI 53809 Newsletter of Prisoners Action Coalition –good contact for prison
issues in Wisconsin has experience dealing with supermax issues.
Criminal Justice Advocacy and Support Directory (814) 353-9081
CentrePeace, Inc. 3013 Benner Pike Bellefonte, PA 16823
(814) 353-9083 (Fax) Email:
Website: Criminal Justice Advocacy and Support
Directory is compiled by CentrePeace every three years; it is published and
distributed free of charge by the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project. This

$12 groups (postage stamp equivalent accepted) A publication that focus on lifers,
families, volunteers and people who care writings by prisoners, ex-prisoners, and families and friends
of prisoners. Free on request.
The New People – 412-361-3022 5125 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Monthly Newspaper of the Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh’s activist resource
center. Often prints articles about and by prisoners.
Deadlines 15th of every month


Newsletters, Newspapers, Distro’s (oh my!)
Boston ABC PO Box 230182 Boston, MA 02123-0182
A group of prison abolitionists dedicated to supporting those on the inside.
Corresponds with prisoners, provides literature free of charge
(self-published zines/articles only. No books!) Not a lawyer group aid and
cannot offer legal advice though may be able to help research a topic.
Covers all regions and types of prisoners. No fees required though donations
of stamps/money always help.

Off the Hook –P.O.Box 872 Kirksville, MO 63501 – free to prisoners
The Newsletter of the Missouri Prisoner Labor Union

Allied Resistance!c/o Kansas Mutual Aid785-865-1374
P.O. Box 442438 Lawrence, KS 66044 Works to eliminate classism and racism from prisons.

Allied Resistance publishes a monthly newsletter of writings by, for, and about
prisoners involved in the struggle for social liberation. Prisoners can receive
monthly issues for free,Non-prisoners can receive copies for sliding scale $1-$5 per
issue. Send a check or money order to the above address.

South Chicago ABC Zine Distro – P.O. Box 721 Homewood, Il
60430 Distributes lots of writings by political prisoners

Socialist Worker PO Box 16085, Chicago IL 60616.

Newsletter free to prisoners


Prisoners can request a free subscription to this newsletter

The Fortune News 212.691.7554 tel. 212.255.4948 fax
53 West 23rd Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10010 General Information
Fortune News is sent free of charge to inmates and contributing members.
Fortune News is the publication of The Fortune Society, a not-for-profit
community-based organization dedicated to educating the public about
prisons, criminal justice issues, and the root causes of crime, and to helping former
prison-ers and at-risk youth break the cycle of crime and incarceration through a
broad range of services.

Alice S. Grant Publications INC. 414-543-5616

P.O. Box 28812, Greenfield, WI 53228

“Alice offers reduced rates on many
magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Prisoner friendly.” Send SASE to find out more.
Recommended by Innocence Denied Newsletter.

Coalition For Prisoner's Rights Newsletter
Box 1911 Sante Fe, NM 87504-1911
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (800) 851-3420
P.O. Box 6000 Rockville, MD 20849-6000 (301) 519-5212 (Fax) Services: Publication and information

Sojourner: The Women’s Forum 42 Seaverns Ave. Jamaica Plain, MA
02130 offers women in prison fee subscriptions to feminist paper, penpal ads and
resource guide for women in prison

ACLU National Prison Project 733 15th Street, NW Suite 620
Washington, DC 20005 offers prisoners assistance directory it’s 30 bucks tho.
They have a journal that’s a $2 subscription for prisoners. $30 for outsiders.

Tarantula 818 SW 3rd Ave PMB 1237 Portland, OR 97204

Great radical distro. Not sure what they offer for prisoners anymore. It looks like
they have expanded. Still looks awesome. I would inquire. Used to offer stuff free
to prisoners, write for catalogue.

The Angolite Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 70712
A paper produced by prisoners of Angola prison in Louisiana. It is considered
excellent prison journalism. Subs are $20 a year
Justice Watch 513-241-0490
1120 Garden St. Cincinnati OH 45214-2123 fax: 513-241-6850

Contexts Art Project 215-727-8170 #5. 4722 Baltimore Ave.
Phila. PA USA 19143
The Contexts Collective hoped to represent to the public through the artwork of
prisoners some of the realities of prison life; instill in the artist the sense of
accomplishment and pride evoked by an exhibit of their own art; and raise money
for Books Through Bars.

California Prison Focus 415-252-9211
2940 16th Street #B-5 San Francisco, CA 94103 Fax: 415-252-9311 working to stop
human rights violations, improve medical care and end long-term isolation in
California's prisons. People from all over like the newsletter, it has a lot of art. I
believe its free to people in solitary in CA and there is a fee if your out of state.
Inquire above.

Prison Poster Project 412-802-8575 P.O. Box 71357 Pgh, PA 15213 Looking for incarcerated Illustrators – apply until
end of August 2007The Prison Poster Project (PPP) working group, in
collaboration with incarcerated illustrators across the country, is designing a
reproducible, portable, mural-like graphic to be used as a teaching tool
to raise awareness about the personal and political manifestations of the prisonindustrial complex. – Art by Kevin Rashid Johnson all proceeds go to
the movement
Art Behind Bars (305) 304-4772 P.O. Box 2034 Key West, FL 33045
Fax: (305) 294-7345 An art-based community service
program for inmates in the Monroe County Detention Center in Key West, FL in
which inmates contribute to society through the donation of artwork to non-profit
organizations, locally and nationwide.
Prison Performing Arts (314) 727-5355 630 Trinity Ave. St. Louis, MO 63130 A nonprofit multi-discipline, literacy and performing arts
program that serves incarcerated adults and children at St. Louis City Juvenile

Detention Center, City Workhouse, City Justice Center, County Jail, Hogan Street
Regional Youth Center, Northeastern Correctional Center (NECC) in Bowling
Green, MO and Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center
(WERDCC) in Vandalia, MO.
PEN American Center (212) 334-1660 588 Broadway, Suite 303 New York,
NY 10012 fax: (212) 334-2181 PEN American Center is
the largest of the 141 centers of International PEN, a human rights organization and
literary organization. International PEN was founded in 1921 to dispel national,
ethnic, and racial hatreds and to promote understanding among all countries. PEN
American Center, founded a year later, works to advance literature, to defend free
expression, and to foster international literary fellowship. In addition to defending
writers in prison or in danger of imprisonment for their work, PEN American Center
sponsors public literary programs and forums on current issues, sends prominent
authors to inner-city schools to encourage reading and writing, administers literary
prizes, promotes international literature that might otherwise go unread in the United
States, and offers grants and loans to writers facing financial or medical

Thousand Kites 91 Madison Avenue Whitesburg, KY 41858
Phone: 606-633-0108 Email:
Website: Cooperative storytelling project. Send your
story to them and they will incorporate it into a performance. Ongoing Project!

Arts in Criminal Justice (215) 685-0759

Community Arts Network
List of internet resources related to community art programs affiliated with
correctional facilities.
Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance (773) 973-2280
7013 N. Glenwood Ave. Chicago, IL 60626 fax: (773) 973-3367
“Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance makes visible women's experiences in
the criminal justice system. Documenting these stories is integral to this project of
resistance. The stories are supported by a collection of resources, such as
organizations, reports, essays, and links to a wide range of information on women
and prison. The contents of this website are fluid and constantly changing. We
expect to add stories, articles and resources on a regular basis. Your feedback and
contributions are welcome. This site serves as a dedicated space for prisoners, those
previously incarcerated, activists, students, academics, and everyone who strives for
social justice. Through the use of this website, we hope to promote strategies and
actions that challenge the system and the ways that it reproduces all forms of
discrimination, violence, and social injustice in the treatment of women and their

(Restorative Justice is a way of solving conflicts so that both sides of the conflict
participate in making things right. In some cases one can bypass the courts all
together by utilizing mediation projects or restorative justice centers. Restorative
Justice is a good answer to the question, “Well if you don’t believe in prisons, then
what?” I’m just learning about it, but is seems a well thought out step into creating
healthy communities.)
P.O. Box 229 Bethlehem, PA 18016 (610) 807-9221
fax (610) 807-0423 The
International Institute for Restorative Practices provides education, consulting and
research in support of the development of restorative practices around the world.

Bruderhof Communities
New Meadow Run, P.O. Box 240 Farmington, PA 15437-0240
(724) 329-8573 (724) 329-8674 (Fax)
Center for Alternatives in Community Justice
411 South Burrowes Street State College, PA 16801
(814) 234-1059 (814) 234-0915 (Fax)
Services: A pre-trial supervision program is offered to defendants prior to
sentencing as an alternative to high monetary bail (presence at trial dates is ensured);
human resource referrals are available to defendants and their families; mediation
service is provided for any two people or groups of people with a dispute, where
both parties are willing to work together to reach an agreement and education and
referral is available to community members who are in need of information on the
criminal justice system.

Community Service Treatment Program
501 Howard Avenue, Building C, Suite 200 Altoona, PA 16601
(814) 946-7866 (814) 946-7954 (Fax)
Services: Individuals are sentenced by the criminal justice system to perform
community service hours. We monitor the progress of the community service
offender, issue reminders or warnings to the offenders, arrange placement
changes and assist placement agencies in working with offenders. Considering
information supplied by the placement agencies, program staffs make periodic
reports to judges, probation officers and other members of the justice

Pittsburgh Mediation Center
100 Sheridan Square, second floor Pittsburgh, PA 15206 3019
412-365-0400x208 fax 412 365-0600
has victim offender program, restorative justice in schools program

York County Juvenile Probation Department

45 North George Street, 3rd floor York, PA 17401
phone: 717-771-9567 fax: 717-852-4925
Services: Supervises juvenile offenders, including aftercare services. Also operates
an EARN-IT restitution program utilizing volunteer staff and a community service
program. School Board Probation, JUMP (Juvenile Probation United with Mental
Health Programming), Juvenile Drug Court, Victim services, BALANCED and
Restoration Justice Coordination.

Montgomery County Mediation Center
26 West Main Street Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 277-8909 (610) 277-5126 (Fax)
Services: The Montgomery County Mediation Center is a
non-profit agency that provides mediation, training,
facilitation and conflict resolution education.

Stepping Stone Transitional Living Program
334 South Burrowes Street State College, PA 16801.
(814) 234-2632 (814) 234-2470 (Fax) Email:
Services: Community; restorative justice (involved in our treatment plans when
applicable); housing. An adolescent program serving individuals 16-21 years of age.

Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
Fresno Pacific University 1717 South Chestnut Avenue • Fresno, California
93702-4709 800 909 8677
Lot’s of resources on Web!
Alternatives to Violence Project AVP/USA 1050 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104 877-926-8287 (Toll-Free) Workshops in conflict resolution and alternative ways to
respond to and recognise our own violence, for prisons, community groups, and

The Prison Society created the resources below to assist others as they
apply and practice restorative justice in prison in an effort to share what we
have learned. While these resources were originally written for incarcerated
individuals to promote their leadership in restorative justice efforts, the materials are
also useful for community restorative justice practitioners, prison staff and others
who work in prison. We encourage you to print and share these documents with
incarcerated men and women, as many will not have internet access.
Inmate Family Services Manager215-564-4775, ext. 120
Critical Issues in Restorative JusticeEdited by Howard Zehr and Barb Toews
Restorative Justice: Rebuilding Your Web of Relationships, A Collection of
Reflections for People in Prison This collection of restorative justice reflections is
useful for individuals wishing to do personal reflection on their own or as a resource
for group assignments in workshops and classes. An appendix includes suggestions
for changing the reflections into group activities.
Restorative Justice: Rebuilding the Web of Relationships, Resources for
Restorative Justice Education in Prison
This collection of educational resources provides restorative justice educators with
basic materials to create and facilitate restorative justice workshops geared for an
incarcerated audience. The collection includes information about agenda planning
and activities, facilitation and resources to use as texts.
Day of Responsibility Organizing Manual A Day of Responsibility, a prisoner
organized event, is a day-long seminar in which community members and
incarcerated individuals together explore the impact of crime and discuss the
possibilities for personal accountability and community responsibility. This manual
provides basic information that incarcerated organizers, prison staff and community
organizations need to organize a Day.
Creating Prison-Based Restorative Justice Projects: A Prisoners' Guide for
Getting StartedThis guide offers tools, reflection questions and suggestions for
incarcerated individuals and groups to use in creating their own restorative justice
projects. The guide assumes that the reader is already knowledgeable about
restorative justice.
The Little Book for Restorative Justice for People in Prison(Good Books, 2006),
written by Barb Toews, of the Prison Society, complements each of these resources
and can serve as background information for a variety of prison-based restorative
projects. The book is available from Good Books or any major online book seller.
Barb Toews
Also see Centre Peace under prison advocacy groups.

Favorite books of the Western Prison Project
Are Prisons Obsolete? Angela Davis Seven Stories Press 2003
Instead of Prisons, Prison Research Action Project Safer Society Press 1986
Criminal Injustice: Confronting the Prison Crisis
Elihu Rosenblatt Editor South End Press 1996
Live From Death Row Mumia Abu Jamal Avon Paperbacks 1996
Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the
Age of Crisis Christian Parenti Verso Books 1999
No More Prisons William Upski Wimsatt Soft Skull Press 1999
The Perpetual Prisoner Machine: How America Profits from Crime Joel Dyer Westview
Press 1999
Prison Writing: My Life is My Sundance Leonard Peltier St. Martins Press 1999
The Prisoner’s Wife: A Memoir Asha Bandele Pocket Books 2000
Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America’s Prisons Alan Elsner Prentice Hall 2004
New Jack: Guarding Sing Sing Ted Conover Vintage Books 2000
Invisible Punishment: The Collateral Consequences of Mass Imprisonment Marc Mauer
and Mada Chesney-Lind Editors The New Press 2002
The Crime Drop in America Alfred Blumstein and Joel Wallman Editors Cambridge
University Press 2000
The American Gulag marc Dow University of California Press 2004
Prison Nation Tara Heriel and Paul Wright Editors Routledge Press 2003
Pedagogy of the Oppressed Paolo Friere Continuum Press 2000
Race to Incarcerate Marc Mauer/The Sentencing Project The New Press 1999
The Real War on Crime: The Report of the National Criminal Justice System Steven R.
Donziger Editor Harper Perennial 1996
Search and Destroy: African American Males in the Criminal Justice System Gerome G.
Miller Cambridge University Press 1996

0-89608-762-X | paper | South End Press | 336 pages | $20
INCITE! announces the launch of an anthology of critical writings demanding that
we address violence against women of color in all its forms, including interpersonal
violence, such as sexual and domestic violence, and state violence, such as police
brutality, militarism, attacks on immigrants and Indian treaty rights, the proliferation
of prisons, economic neo-colonialism, and violence from the medical industry.You
may also mail your order to South End Press. Send a check or money order to:
South End Press 7 Brookline Street #1 Cambridge MA 02139-4146
Call 1-800-533-8478 to place an order by phone. Call anytime.
A machine will take your message after business hours.
All orders require shipping and handling: $3.50 for the first book

Websites is a nonprofit corporation of education, information and
charity. Our mission is to benefit the 100,000+ state, local and federal prisoners in
Pennsylvania, their families and loved ones. Further, we aim to assist prisoners
everywhere. has statistics and info on pa prisons.
Don’t think it’s been updated in a couple of years but still good resource.
List of political prisoners is a clearinghouse for useful,
verifiable statistics about the crime control industry. Too often prison activists use
statistics that are out of date, provided without citation or simply wrong. One of
these days the public will start listening to prison activists, so let's be prepared to
win without being sidetracked by arguments over defective statistics. Prison Talk Online is a huge and most
comprehensive database of Prison/er Support on the Internet. It has chat rooms and
forums and internet newspapers. Boasts over 40,000 members. -no longer updated. But resources and articles on
lots of stuff. – Contribute letters, articles, artwork or
educational materials to this website P.O. Box 422 The Plains, OH 45780
Prisoner Solidarity is an internet site that serves as a catalyst for communication between
prisoners and the outside. Incorporates national/international issues around prisons. - makes beautiful calendar pro-seeds prison justice orgs.

convicted as juveniles for criminal homicide and are serving life sentences without
parole throughout Pennsylvania, and aim to educate the public, so that, We,
Together, can motivate PA legislators to examine the plight of the over 330 juvenile
lifers in PA.

Resources for Lifers
Fight For Lifers Inc-Philly Chapter215- 223- 8180
P.O. Box 7691 Philadelphia, PA 19101
Public Meetings for the Philly Chapter are held the 2nd Tuesday of each
month at 6:30pm at the America Friends Service Committee 1501 Cherry
Street in Philadelphia Office Location: 1808 W. Tioga
Fight For Lifers West – Pittsburgh Chapter 724-206-0907
P.O. Box 4683 Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Public Meetings the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00
noon. There is a Support Group Meeting from 12:30 until 1:30 on the same
day. Meetings are held at The Thomas Merton Center 5125 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (Garfield section of Pittsburgh)
Thomas Merton Center’s # is 412-361-3022
LIFE-LONG CURE - P.O. Box 8331 Falls Church, VA 22041 Organized
lifers, practical lifers & loved one (editors note: Don’t know much about this
organization if anyone contacts them and gathers any info, please let us
Lifers Union Advocacy Group -- PO Box 88537, Steilacoom, WA 98388,
publishes a 36-page bulletin whose goal is to "provide updates on laws and case-law
regarding the death penalty; civil commitment; life or indefinite sentencing schemes;
recidivist schemes, and; studies, reviews and other information.

Grapevine -- (570) 376-2489 PO Box 256, Wellsboro, PA 16901 Advocating for a second chance for
lifers, Grapevine is a "publication for prisoners, specifically lifers, and their
families, volunteers and people who care." For information on subscription rates and
other matters

End Violence Project (610)-527-2821 please contact: Mahin Bina, End
Violence Project, Inc., P.O. Box 1395, Bryn Mawr PA 19010 ... Committed to

The Campaign for Youth Justice (C4YJ) 202.558.3580
1012 14th Street, NW, Suite 610 Washington, DC, 20005 Fax: 202.386.9807
C4YJ is a national campaign dedicated to ending the practice of trying, sentencing
and incarcerating children (under 18) in the adult criminal justice system.
May be helpful to Juvenile Lifers is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to juveniles in the
state of Pennsylvania and across the country who are serving sentences of life
without parole. Our purpose is to educate the public and legislators and to reach out
to juveniles and their families. Write to us: Juvenile Lifers P.O. Box 8077
Pittsburgh, PA 15216 E-Mail:
The following website articles we've published relating to lifers and life
sentences. If you have your own stories about lifers for publication email
them to.

Lifer’s United Pennsylvania has over 4,300
lifers and we want to see more of their lives profiled on this site. Friends and family
of lifers need to have these stories told of what got their loved ones in prison, what
have they done since their arrest to better themselves and their environment, and
how would society benefit upon their release. For those who don't know, life in
Pennsylvania means for the rest of their life. So push Pennsylvania's lifers to share
their stories. You'd be surprised to hear what they have to say.
Ideally the profiles should not exceed 3 pages. One does not have to go into
specific details of their crimes, admit guilt or identify victims. Also include a small
photo. Once these are scanned they will be returned along with a print out of how it
looks. This is all FREE. You will NEVER be charged. All info can be sent to me
directly at the address below or email to or Dale
Gardner BI 5107 Route 26, Box A Bellefonte PA 16823-0820 USA

ending violence without violence (This group has worked with PA Lifers in the past) A website written By The Life
Prisoners At Smithfield Prison
Juvenile Lifers for Justice – contact Joan Porter, PPS 245 N. Broad Street
Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19107 email – or Erik
VanZant #BE-3343 or Victor Scott #AY 6871 at P.O. Box 244 Graterford,
PA 19426 – 0244 The Juvenile Lifers for Justice are prisoners who were

Also Health Section for Prison Society’s Program for Elders in Prison. Age
50 and up.

Ave. Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238
Incarcerated Citizens Council Richard Carter 310 Morea Road

Frackville, PA 17932
Addresses for Lifers’ Organizations within the Institutions Located in
the State of Pennsylvania as well as other inmate organizations


PA Lifers Association Attn: Gary Jones AY 7024 SCI- Huntingdon 1100
Pike Street Huntingdon, PA 16654
PA Lifers Association Staff Liaison Charles Bradley CAS Attn: Tyrone
Wets AF 6337 SCI Graterford PO Box 244 Graterford, PA 19426
Lifers, INC-Public Safety Initiative- Life Sentenced prisoners at SCIGraterford who have taken a public stand against the anti-social behavior
plaguing our communities. Contact Woodie Marcus, CAS PO Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426 6104894151 ext. 2297 phone 610-489-4151 ext.2297
PA Lifers Association Staff Liaison Attn: Gary Mobley #AM 4256 SCI
Rockview PO Box A Bellefonte, PA 16823
L.I.F.E. Association Thomas Rovinski CAM Attn: Michael Moore #AY
5139 SCI-Dallas 1000 Follies Road Dallas, PA 18612
Muncy Inmate Coordinator Mr. Campbell Staff Liaison ATTN: Tanya
Dacri (MIO President) PO Box 180 Muncy, PA 17756
David Popson CDO Staff Coordinator SCI-Retreat 660 State Route #11
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621-3136

The following institutions do no have recognized Lifers Organizations;
you can contact the following individuals:
Anthony B. Mays #AS 0681 SCI-Albion Unit 1/A 10745 Route 18 Albion PA
Michael Lyons #AY 7639 SCI-Chester 500 E. 4th Street Chester, PA 19013
Robert X. Holbrook #BL 5140 SCI- Greene 175 Progress Drive Waynesburg, PA
Donald S. Massey #AK 2646 SCI-Fayette P.O. Box 9999 Labelle, PA 15450-0999
Edward Omar Sistrunk #AF 0614 P.O. Box 1000 Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000
Charmaine Pfender #OO 7423 451 Fullerton Ave. Cambridge Springs, PA
George Rahsaan Brooks-Bey #AP 4884 Unit/Side: E/A 10745, Route 18 Albion,
PA 16475-0002

The Phoenix Group Pres. Edward Patterson CW 5166 RD 10, Box 10
Route 119 South Greensburg, PA 15601-8999
The Phoenix Group c/o Heather Albaugh, Activities Mgr. 451 Fullerton

A forum for public defenders.
(does not provide names of lawyers or legal advice)
Pine Tree Legal Assistance
Provides a list of organizations that “provide referrals to private attorneys who may
be able to provide legal services for free or substantially reduced fees. Other
organizations provide support for pro bono lawyers or information about pro bono
services generally.”
American Bar Association321 N. Clark St.Chicago, IL 60610
(800) 285-2221 Allows site-users to search for a list of
resources available in their state, including pro bono or inexpensive lawyers, help in
dealing with lawyers, legal information, and self-help materials.
University of Virginia School of Law
All law students are required to volunteer at least 25 hours of pro bono work
annually. In order to count, the work must be unpaid, law-related, and supervised by
a licensed attorney or a law school faculty member.
Pro Bono Institute 600 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001 (202)
662-9699 Fax: (202) 662-9683
A small non-profit organization at Georgetown University Law Center that
administers projects that “support, guide, and inspire legal institutions to
enhance access to justice.” They do not provide direct legal services
themselves. They do, however, hold an annual seminar that focuses on pro
bono legal work and the issues contained therein.
Compilation of attorneys who take cases on a pro bono basis.

A forum for public defenders in PA.
(does not provide names of lawyers or legal advice)

Philly VIP
42 S. 15th St., 4th floor

Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 523-9550
Fax: (215) 564-0845
Refers indigent individuals to volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and others who provide
legal services free of charge.

Local Legal Projects
Organization for Parole Relief P.O. Box 15 Zionhill, PA 18981
Phone: (215) 536-9098 Fax: (215) 538-9779 Contact: Bob Frantz
Services: Our goal is working for inmates/families concerning issues of parole,
medical, abuse and more. We work with Lifers Org. and families concerning parole
and a second chance. We write to the Governor, Legislators, DOC, PBPP and others
as necessary.

Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project
Philadelphia Office: 24 Cherry Street, Suite 523 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 925-2966 Fax: (215) 925-5337 Email:
Contact: Angus Love
Lewisburg Office: P.O. Box 128 Lewisburg, PA 17827-0128 Phone: (570)
523-1104 Contact: David Glassman, Esq.
Pittsburgh Office: 1705 Allegheny Building Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Phone:
(412) 232-0276 Website: Mary Walsh
Services: Provides civil legal services to income-eligible clients residing in prisons
or jails.

Lewisburg Prison Project P.O. Box 128 Lewisburg, PA 17837-0128
Phone: (717) 523-1104 Email:
Contact: Attny. David Glassman
Services: Civil Rights Law Firm (non-profit); Legal Bulletins and Materials
provider; serving the middle district of PA.

Northwestern Legal Services 1001 State St. Suite 1200 Erie, PA 16501
(800) 665-6957 (new clients); (814) 452-6957 (new clients in Erie)
Email: Website:
Services: This program cannot represent a prisoner in any litigation or court
proceedings. Civil legal services in areas of family, health, education, and
employment. Government benefits and housing in the counties of Erie, Elk,
Cameron, Forest, Venango, Mercer, McKean, Potter, Crawford, and
Warren. Telephone advice is offered in areas of landlord/tenant, debt collection,
sheriff sale, school suspensions and some custody advice.

Women’s Law Project 345 4 Ave. Suite 904 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412227-0301 Website:
Pennsylvania Bar Association 100 South Street P.O. Box 186
Harrisburg, PA 17108 Phone: (717) 238-6715 Fax: (717) 238-1204

Email: Services: Provides telephone referrals to private
attorneys; first half-hour consultation at a reduced rate.
For counties without a local service, use the above address,

American Civil Liberties Union ACLU- Philadelphia Office
P.O. Box 1161 Philadelphia, PA 19105 Phone: (215) 592-1513
Pittsburgh Office 313 Atwood St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 681-7736 Email:
Harrisburg Office P.O. Box 11761 Harrisburg, PA 17108
717.238.2258 Through advocacy, education and litigation, our attorneys,
advocates and volunteers work to preserve and promote civil liberties including the
freedom of speech, the right to privacy, reproductive freedom, and equal treatment
under the law. We stand in defense of the rights of women and minorities, workers,
students, immigrants, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and others who
have seen bias and bigotry threaten the rights afforded to all of us in this country by
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Pennsylvania, the ACLU has 10,000
members with offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and volunteer chapters reaching
all areas of the state.

Pennsylvania Legal Services 118 Locust St. Harrisburg, PA 17101-1414
717-236-9486 717-233-4088 fax
Pennsylvania Post-Conviction Defender Organization
437 Chestnut Street Suite 501 Philadelphia, PA 19106
Pepper Hamilton, LLP 3000 Two Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103 phone: 215-981-4000
fax: 215-981-4750 eMail:
HABEAS437 Chestnut Street, Suite 501 Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 215 - 928 – 0520 Fax: 215 - 928 – 0826
121 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 215 - 557 – 4961 Fax: 215 - 557 – 4920
AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania 1211 Chestnut ST. #1200 Philadelphia,
PA 19107 phone- 215-587-9377
Blackstone School of Law P.O. Box 899 Emmaus, PA 18049-0899 tel610967-3323 Services: Offers a well known correspondence program. They can
also be reached for free at 1 800 826 9228

International Legal Defense Counsel 1429 Walnut St. 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102 tel- 215-977-9982
Services: Advocacy agency for American citizens incarcerated overseas.

Center for Constituitional Rights c/o Unviversity of Pittsburgh Law School
3900 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15260 1412-648-1375

Community Legal Services, Inc. 3638 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA
19140 215-227-2400 Provides wide variety of services to low-income
individuals in Philadelphia.
Real good legal research website. Free! Pennsylvania, there is no possibility for
parole for life-sentenced prisoners. The only way for to be released would be
to have the governor commute a life sentence. This website has good info
about the commutation process.

National Legal Projects
Prison Legal News 2400 N.W. 80th Street #148 Seattle, WA – 98117 Prison Legal News is an independent 40 page
monthly publication that reports, reviews, and analyzes court rulings and news
related to prisoner rights and prison issues. PLN has a national (U.S.) focus on both
state and federal prison issues, with international coverage as well. Send $1 for
sample issue.
National Lawyers Guild, National Office 143 Madison Ave 4th Fl.,
New York NY 10016 phone 212 679-5100 fax 212 679-2811
National Lawyers Guild-– Philadelphia Nadia Hewka The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for
basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system.
Through its members--lawyers, law students, jailhouse lawyers and legal workers
united in chapters and committees--the Guild works locally, nationally and
internationally as an effective political and social force in the service of the people.
Our aims: to eliminate racism; to safeguard and strengthen the rights of workers,
women, farmers and minority groups, upon whom the welfare of the entire nation
depends; to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent
attacks upon them; to use the law as an instrument for the protection of the people,

rather than for their repression.
ACLU National Prison Project 733 15th Street, NW
Suite 620 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 393-4930
Fax (202) 393-4931 The National Prison Project seeks to create constitutional
conditions of confinement and strengthen prisoners’ rights through class action
litigation and public education. Our policy priorities include reducing prison

overcrowding, improving prisoner medical care, eliminating violence and
maltreatment in prisons and jails, and minimizing the reliance on incarceration as a
criminal justice sanction. The Project also publishes a quarterly Journal, coordinates
a nationwide network of litigators, conducts training and public education
conferences, and provides expert advice and technical assistance to local community
groups and lawyers throughout the country. The NPP is a tax exempt foundation
funded project of the ACLU Foundation.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association- 1625 K Street NW Suite
800 Washington Dc 20006-1604 Has national listings of

free legal services.
Prisoner Self-Help Legal Clinic – P.O. Box 798 Newark, NJ 07101

Volunteer organization comprised of attorneys, former prisoner
paralegals, law students, civil rights activists and other members of the
community who provide legal assistance to prisoners with pr se
litigation. Publishes self help legal pamphlets and the Bridge
NAACP Legal Defense Fund – 99 Hudson St. Suite 600 NY, NY 10013
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund – National
Headquarters 634 S. Spring Street, 11th Floor Los Angeles, Ca 90014
Prisoner’s Rights Research Project University of Illinois College of Law
504 E Pennsylvania Avenue Champaign IL 61820 Researches legal topics

sent to them. Law students give good advice on your issues, support it
with case law, and reveal any contrary rulings.
The School of Paralegal Studies Professional Career Development Institute
6065 Roswell Road NE, Suite 3118 Atlanta, GA 30328 Offers a

correspondence course.
Disabiltiy Rights Education Defense Fund 2212 6th St. Berkeley, CA

94710 Phone: 510-644-2555 Fax: 510-841-8645 Provides legal referrals for prisoners with disability

Law book recommendations by your
friendly incarcerated law librarian!
Protecting Your Health and Safety: Prisoner's Rights Designed to help
inmates who are not represented by an attorney, Protecting Your Health &
Safety explains the legal rights inmates have regarding health and safety –
including the right to medical care and to be free from inhumane treatment
free down load available
You may also purchase a bound copy of the complete 328-page manual for
$10 (which includes shipping and handling). Purchases may be made by
check, money order, or credit card (VISA or Mastercard). Please mail your
request along with your payment of $10 to:
Protecting Your Health & Safety / Southern Poverty Law Center
P. O. Box 548 Montgomery, Alabama 36101-0548

Prisoner's Self-Help Litigation Manual - 3rd Edition this book is no
longer available from the publisher. It is well sought after and can be found
used places but the online book stores seem really pricey! Contains outline
of Federal and State legal systems and relevant terminology. Aids a prisoner
in handling the grievance process.. maybe if enough people write they will
publish it again. For information or to order write: Oceana Publications, 75
Main St., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-1601. Or call: 914-693-8100.
(like is said, I’ve tried to get this book and it is unavailable from publisher)

the judicial process, and guides them through the complex array of
procedures and legal vocabulary which make up this system. The JLM also
instructs prisoners in techniques of legal research and explains the need to
take note of important legal developments. With the JLM, prisoners can
learn to use effectively the resources available in prison law libraries. Since
publication of the first edition in 1978, A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual has
been used by tens of thousands of prisoners in institutions across the country.
Prisoners have used the book to become informed of their rights and to
address specific problems related to their treatment in prison or their
For prisoners: The JLM Sixth Edition is $25 per volume, or $45 for both
volumes purchased together. We highly recommend that both books be used
together. However, because inmates’ finances may be limited, you may purchase
them separately. Standard shipping is included in the price. If you would like your
books faster, include $5 per book for first class shipping, or $10 for both volumes.
The Spanish JLM is $15. Standard shipping is included in the price;
however, you may include $5 for first class shipping.
See the pricing chart on the JLM order form. Prices and availability may be
subject to change.
For non-prisoners, organizations, or institutions: The JLM Sixth Edition
is $90 for a two volume set. Institutions may not purchase volumes
separately. The Spanish JLM is $30. Standard shipping is included in the
price; however, you may include $5 per volume for first class shipping.
If you are ordering for a prisoner, follow the instructions for prisoner
pricing. See the pricing chart on the JLM order form. Prices and availability
may be subject to change.
To Place an Order for the JLM

Law Dictionary by Barron’s or the Blacks Law Dictionary
Are also good, if you can get your hands on ‘em.

Complete and send the order form (link to JLM and SJLM Order Form)
(formulario para su orden) with a check or money order, payable to
Columbia Human Rights Law Review to:

Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual - is a handbook of legal rights and
procedures designed for use by people in prison. Prisoners are often indigent
and therefore lack access to legal counsel while in prison. The JLM informs
prisoners of their legal rights, shows them how to secure these rights through

Columbia Human Rights Law Review Attn: JLM Order
435 W. 116th St. New York , NY 10027

If you send a money order, keep the receipt in case there is a problem with
your order. We do not accept postage stamps as payment and also do not
accept credit cards. Due to the nature of the institutional mail systems, we
request that you allow up to eight weeks from the date of your order.
Because our office is student run, your order may not be processed as
quickly over school breaks. Orders to be sent to facilities in Michigan must
be sent first class. Also, please inform us on this form of any restrictions on
incoming mail that your facility may have (for example, no padded
envelopes or first class mail only).

Health local
Prison Health News c/o Philadelphia Fight 1233 Locust Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 “better health care while you are in and when you get

out” Prison Health News is free on request, will answer health questions, and help
get better health care within your facility.

Jail House Lawyers Handbook Women's Appendix (PDF) - The JHL
Appendix for women is a free resource geared specifically to women
prisoners and their family members who wish to learn about legal options to
challenge mistreatment in prison.

Philadelphia Fight 1233 Locust Street, 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107

Provides case management,medical care and support services for people when they
get out of prison. Specialize in care for people with HIV

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania(MHASP) 1211 Chestnut Street, 11th floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 MHASPhas a prison
community project which will provide education and support groups while people
are incarcerated in the Philadelphia prison system as well as discharge planning and
transitional case management when folks are released

Mental Health Association of Allegheny County
1945 Fifth Avenue 3rd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219-5543
(412) 391-3820 (877) 391-3820 (Toll Free)
(412) 391-3825 (Fax) Email:
Services: Advocacy and education for offenders and exoffenders
with special needs in the mental health, drug, and alcohol abuse areas; for inmates
whose home address is in Allegheny County.

Allegheny County Forensic 542 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219 (412) 350-4425 (412) 350-3861 (Fax)
Services: The Forensic Diversion Program provides direct and indirect services for
clients who have mental disorders and are involved in the criminal justice system.
The Forensic State Support Program provides support and services for
inmates returning to Allegheny County who have a mental illness.

Critical Path AIDS Project 2062 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Detailed newsletter for treatment issues, sent to inmates free of charge Hotline for
inmates that accepts collect calls 215-545-2212

One Day at a Time 425 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19147-1126
215-545-8436 Drug and alcohol recovery service organization that publishes an
informative newsletter called “alive and kicking”

Health National


Prism Optical INC 10992 NW 7 Ave Miama , FL 33168 18006374104
Prisoner friendly company that provides affordable eyewear to prisoners nationwide
Offers first time buyers and referral credits. Write for catalog

National Health Prison Project 32 Greenwood Ave. Quincy, MA 02170 2620 Covers wide range of topics. Will answer personal questions. Free

Infectious Disease in Corrections Report, Brown University Box G-B-4
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
146 Clifford St., Providence, RI 02903 phone: 401-453-2068 fax: 401-272-7562

National Commission on Correctional Health Care 1145 W. Diversey
Parkway Chicago, Ill 60614
phone: 773-880-1460 fax: 773-880-2424

subscription to prisoners.

National Prison Hospice Association P.O. Box 58 Boulder, CO 80306
Hospice care programs for dying prisoners and their families.

The Wrongful Death Institute Phone: 816.941.0087
Fax: 270.294.8795 The Institute conducts research on a

National Prison Hospice Association
PO Box 4623 Boulder, CO 80306

multitude of issues within each of its departments. It performs case analysis on
wrongful death and forensic science issues, and aggressively pursues issues of
prison medical malpractice and negligence nationwide. The common denominator of
all divisions is accountability and responsibility of those individuals who perform
duties that involve the public trust. The Institute implements the team approach. All
of our efforts are directed toward factually and efficiently applying investigative and
scientific evidence to law.

Aims for better care for terminally ill inmates.

The National Hepatitis C Prison Coalition Released Prisoner Hotline 1866-HEPINFO (1-866-437-4636) Phyllis Beck, Director
PO Box 41803 Eugene, OR 97404 Tel: 541.607.5725
FAX: 541.607.5684 Email: Offers free newsletters
AIDS Project of LA 1313 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Develops AIDS awareness among people of color.

Resource guide for inmates living with AIDS called "Be Good to Yourself" that
discusses nutrition, exercise and self-massage for people incarcerated, free to

Centerforce 64 Main Street, San Quentin, CA 94964
Community-based organization providing HIV-related education for inmates.

CorrectHelp 1223 Wilshire Boulevard, #905, Santa Monica, CA 90403,
Legal AID and advocacy for inmates with HIV/AIDS and their families.

National AIDS Hotline en Espanola – 1-800-344-SIDA
Jeff Dicks Medical CoalitionP.O. Box 343 Beechgrove, TN 37018

Prisoners with AIDS Rights Advocacy Group
P.O. Box 2161 Jonesboro, GA 30237
Provides practical and political support for prisoners with HIV/AIDS.

National Minority AIDS Council
1931 13th St. NW Washington, DC 20009
Hidalgo 45 La Buena Vista Wimberly, TX 78676
Inexpensive glasses.

Services to Elder Prisoners, Pennsylvania Prison Society 245 N. Broad
St., Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Phone: 570-477-2688 Email: Contact: Douglas Albertson
Assists older inmates in adjusting to prison life.

National Clearing House for the Defense of Battered Women
125 S.9th Street #302 Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-351-0010 or 800-9030111 ext. 3 We provide assistance and information to battered women charged

Advocacy for prisoners who need, and are not receiving,
appropriate medical care.

with crimes and to their defense teams. We do not provide direct legal
representation. Women in prison can subscribe to our newsletter, DoubleTime, for

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP)
580 Broadway #1010, New York, NY 10012

Lydia’s Place 711 Penn Avenue, Suite 706, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone:
412-471-3410 FAX: 412-471-3492 e-mail: is a

Will mail Hepatitis C and Hepatitis C Co-InfectionHandbook.

faith-based organization dedicated to helping female offenders and their dependent
children to rebuild their lives and become productive members of society

American Correctional Association 206 North Washington Street, Suite
200 Alexandria, VA 22314 1-800-ACA-JOIN
Institute for Criminal Justice Healthcare 1700 Diagonal Road, Suite 110
Alexandria, VA 22314 phone: 703-836-0024 fax: 703-836-0025

Atkins House 313 E. King Street York, PA 17403
(717) 848-5454 (717) 852-9416 (Fax)
Email: Website:

Services: Atkins House, located in York, PA, is a residential and outpatient
treatment center for women offenders - providing counseling for drug, alcohol and
sexual abuse as well as victim awareness, life skills and mother - child
transition after incarceration. Atkins House is a non-profit service organization.

YWCA of Greater Harrisburg 1101 Market St. Harrisburg, PA (717) 2387273 (717) 238-4533 (Fax) Email:
Services: Legal advocacy and attorney representation at all scheduled hearings;
Ongoing legal assistance through continuances, settlement negotiations and
contested hearings; Drafting court documents and subpoenaing witnesses,
photographs and medical records, when appropriate; Legal options counseling;
Legal advocacy and accompaniments to domestic violence-related criminal and
civil court proceedings; Community outreach and educational programs.
Violence Intervention and Prevention Program Services: 24 hour Hotline for Sexual
Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis situations; Domestic Violence Shelter for
Women and Children; Court accompaniments; Victim Witness accompaniments;
Hospital accompaniments; Police accompaniments; Support Groups; Individual
counseling; Employment services for victims of Domestic Violence;
Domestic Violence Legal Clinic; Supervised Visitation Services; Prevention
Education programs; Latin American/Vietnamese Domestic Violence Outreach;
Two satellite offices – Elizabethville and New Bloomfield; Referral information.
Residence Program: Emergency Shelter; Permanent

Women Against Abuse Legal Center
Philadelphia 100 S. Broad St., 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19110 (215) 386-7777 (Hotline)
Montgomery County Legal Aid
Norristown: (610) 275-5400 Pottstown: (610) 326-8280
Services: Provides services to victims of domestic violence and their children,
including 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, counseling, legal representation and
advocacy. The legal center offers court advocacy and attorney representation for
protection from abuse orders and in a limited number of cases for child support and
custody, telephone counseling, options counseling and safety planning. The legal
center also provides supportive services through the Self-Defense Program to
battered women in situations where they have defended themselves and/or
their children and have been arrested.

U.S. Department of Justice, Violence Against Women
Office 810 7th Street, NW Washington, DC 20531
(202) 307-6026 (202) 307-3911 (Fax)
The U.S. Department of Justice, through its Violence Against Women Office,
enforces federal criminal statutes, assists the Attorney General in formulating policy
related to civil and criminal justice for women, and administers more than $270
million a year in grants to help states, tribes, and local communities transform the
way in which criminal justice systems respond to crimes of domestic violence,
sexual assault, and stalking.

Families of Offenders 5100 Peach Street, 2nd floor Erie, PA 16509
(814) 864-0605
Services: The Families of Offenders is a support program designed to meet the needs
of children, families, and friends of prisoners. Services offered: support group for
families and friends of prisoners (adult), support group for kids with incarcerated
parents, information and education on the criminal justice system and corrections
system, individual and family counseling, and low cost transportation to state
correctional institutions

Program for Female Offenders 1515 Derry Street Harrisburg, PA17104
717-238-9950 717-236-3585 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:
Sojourner: The Women’s Forum 42 Seaverns Ave. Jamaica Plain, MA
02130 offers women in prison fee subscriptions to feminist paper, penpal ads and
resource guide for women in prison

California Coalition for Women Prisoners
1540 Market St., Suite 490 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 255-7036 ext. 4
(415) 552-3150
The CCWP publishes, The Fire Inside, a quarterly publication dedicated to
providing a space for women prisoners and their supporters to communicate with
each other and the broader public about the issues and experiences women prisoners
face through articles, art and poetry. (I’m not sure if it’s free or not but it’s a real
great newsletter.

Women’s Prison Book Project c/o Arise Bookstore
2441 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55405
This program is for women prisoners only. Unable to send books to Oregon

Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Diseases
414 13th St., 2nd Floor Oakland, CA 19102
Provides free HIV/AIDS information.

The Action Committee for Women in Prison 626-710-7543 Advocates for humane treatment of incarcerated women.
Free Battered Women 1540 Market St., Suite 490 San Francisco, CA
94102 Phone: 415-255-7036 x320 Fax: 415-552-3150 Advocates for legal rights of imprisoned victims
of domestic violence.

The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg 1280 Clover Lane Harrisburg, PA
17113 Phone 717-564-4761 Fax: 717-564-4780
Hosts The Program for Female Offenders. Offers employment assistance and life
skills classes.

The Working Group to Enhance Services for Incarcerated Women,
Pennsylvania Prison Society 215-564-4775 x107 Contact: Naima Black
project of The Prison Society, is a coalition of community-based service providers
who offer information and services to women incarcerated in Philadelphia and to

women recently released from correctional facilities into the greater Philadelphia
area. Family advocacy, parental rights, resource directory, classes, reentry, housing,
welfare, support groups child care etc.! this program sounds great for women.

Parents and children
ParentWlSE, Inc. 409 Coulter Avenue, Suite 2 Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 837-5410 (800) 544-0227 (Helpline) (724) 837-1555 (Helpline) (724)
837-8828 (Fax) Email: pwise@parentwiseinc.comWebsite: Services: Basic parenting classes for male and female
inmates; support groups and other education available once they are released; help
line for spouses and other family members to call about parenting issues.

Project IMPACT SCI-Muncy P.O. Box 180 Muncy, PA 17756-0180
(570) 546-3171 Email:
Services: Formed to strengthen the relationship between inmate parents and their
children through positive interaction. Special children's center activities include
Christmas and birthday gift giving. A play yard is also available for supervised
outside activities. Various training and education programs include activity
workshops, parental education and individual conferences; also a Baby Think It
Over Program and a Parenting Teens Program

Services: Prepares petitions for support to establish support obligations owed by
absent parents. Provides services to establish paternity for children born out of
wedlock. Recommendations as to the appropriate amount of support and upon entry
of a court order and enforcement services to collect monies are available. Services
are available to anyone who has custody of a child with an absent parent,
any party seeking spousal support or alimony “pendente lite” or individuals seeking
medical support. Persons applying for or receiving TANF benefits automatically
receive support services. Parties pay certain costs.

Bethesda Family Services Foundation
Telephone: 570-568-2373 Address: P.O. Box 210 West Milton, PA 17886 Email: Web site:
Contact: Max Harrison, Executive Director Dominic Herbst, President
Area Served: USA Established: 1995 Publications: Bad Dads - video of group and
family sessions at Lewisburg federal prison, $15. Parenting programs and family
healing seminars for inmates and families. The model focuses on relational healing
in the lives of all family members. Participants are taken on a journey through The
Four Steps to Emotional Healing leading them to victory over their pain and
allowing them to restore broken relationships. Additional parenting skills training is
also provided.

National Incarcerated Parents and Families Network
Telephone: 717-657-0982 Address: P.O. Box 6745
Harrisburg, PA 17112 E-mail:
Web site:

Amachi Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh Leadership Program 100 Ross Street 4th
floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412-281-3752 Mentoring program

Provides training, technical assistance and public information on parent education
programs aimed at incarcerated adults and juveniles. The program model supports
positive family involvement during incarceration and after release.

for children of incarcerated parents, children of promise.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections/ Parent Organization:
Pennsylvania State Government
Telephone: 717-731-6538 Address: P.O. Box 598
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598 E-mail:
Web site:

Center for Family Life, Inc.125 N. 5th Street Indiana, PA 15701
(724) 463-8595 (724) 463-8598 (Fax) Email:
Services: Parent training, supervised visits and parent self help
groups. Child abuse prevention treatment helps families to reunite after separation.

Centre County Children and Youth Services
Willowbank Office Building 420 Holmes Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823 (814) 355-6755 (814) 355-6939 (Fax)
(800) 479-0050 (After Hours-Emergencies)
Services: Protect children and, whenever possible, keep families intact while
ensuring the safety of the children. Information and referral, intake, in-home
services, placement services and adoption. Fees are charged for
some services, based on income.

Centre County Domestic Relations Section
Willowbank Building 420 Holmes Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823 (814) 355-6741 (814) 355-6708 (Fax)

Publications: I Love You This Much - booklets for parents of children ages 3-5 and
6-12, order from Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Correctional Industries.
Provides parent education, transportation for prison visits, self-help support groups,
family literacy, video-visiting, mentoring children of prisoners, family financial
education, family violence prevention training, information and referrals.

Philadelphia Society for Services to Children
Telephone: 215-875-3400 Address: 415 S. 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146 E-mail:
Web site: Contact: Brenda Rich
Program Director Kids'n'Kin Helen Dennis, Executive Director

Provides home visitor support and workshops to caregivers. Provides family
therapy, legal assistance and support groups for children. Provides clients with
transportation for prison visits.

Riverside Correctional Facility
Telephone: 215-685-6972 Address: 8151 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19111 E-mail:
Area Served: Philadelphia County Jail for Women Parent Organization:
Philadelphia Prison System Provides gifts for children, enhanced visiting
environment, case management, support for communication between prison and
home, counseling, re-entry support, self-help support group, information and

Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents (National)
P.O. Box 41-286 Eagle Rock, CA 90041
(626) 449-8796 (626) 449-9001 (Fax)
Email: Website:
Services: The mission of the center is to reduce or prevent inter-generational crime
and incarceration. The development of new documentation on children of prisoners
and other offenders and the demonstration of model services for these families are
the center's goals. The program has four components: information, education, family
reunification and therapeutic services.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
1540 Market St. #490 San Francisco, CA 94102
Provides referrals for incarcerated parents.

Family and Corrections Network
32 Oak Grove Rd. Palmyra, VA 22963
Provides publications full of information for incarcerated parents.

Families United P.O. Box 9476 Philadelphia, PA 19139 Phone: 215-6041759 For children with a loved one incarcerated. After-school and other programs
for kids.

Parenting Skills Class, Pennsylvania Prison Society Phone: 215-5644775 x120 Contact: Ann Schwartzman Provides 12-week parenting skills
classes to incarcerated men and women at SCI Camp Hill, SCI Chester, SCI
Graterford, SCI Greensburg, SCI Pine Grove, SCI Mercer and SCI Waymart.

Support for Kids with Incarcerated Parents, Philadelphia Prison Society
Phone: 215-564-4775 x123 Contact: Ted Enoch helps children with
incarcerated parents build their self-esteem and cope with their parents'

Religion local and national

Red Heart Warrior Society P.O. Box 4362 Allentown, PA 18105
(Native Americans)
Native American Indian Inmate Support Project
8 Dallas Drive. Grantville, Pa 17208 National group that supports introduction
of Native American religious ceremonies into prisons.

Native American Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Research Project
2848 Paddock Lane, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Offers many services for Native American prisoners, including legal and spiritual
support, tribal and cultural programs, and direct contact with prison administrators.

Jewish Prisoner Services International PO BOX 85840, Seattle, WA
98145-1840 (206) 985-0577 (206) 985-0479 (FAX)
Emergency Collect Phone: 206-528-0363
Liberation Prison Project P.O. Box 31527 San Francisco,CA 94131 – 0527 The prison project offers free Buddhist boks, prayers and practice
booklets, practice items, Mandala subscriptions and video and audio tapes of
teachings to individuals and Buddhist study groups in over a hundred prisons in the
United States.

Office of Prison Ministry
Archdiocese of Philadelphia 7340 Jackson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136 (215) 331-3640 (215) 624-9197 (Fax)
Services: Provides pastoral and spiritual care to inmates incarcerated at the
Philadelphia Prison System, and support for their families. Coordinates tutoring in
reading for inmates.

U.S. Mennonite Central Committee/Office of Criminal Justice
P.O. Box 500 Akron, PA 17501-0500
Offers many publications concerning crime and religion. Most are free to prisoners.
Logos Prison Book Ministry PO Box 91 Norco, CA 92860-0091 Offers
free Christian materials.

Islamic Council of Greater Pittsburgh Anti-Discrimination Committee
Prison Fellowship P.O. Box 10613 Pittsburgh, PA 15235 Phone: 412829-0299 Fax: 412-829-0325
Mission is to exhort, equip, and assist the Church in its ministry to prisoners, exprisoners, victims, and their families, and to promote biblical standards of justice in
the criminal justice system. Provides programs in more than 1,200 prisons, involving
more than 50,000 volunteers across the United States.


Pre- Release

New Beginnings P.O. Box 25 Westby, WI 54667 For gay prisoners, free add or

Lycoming County Pre-Release Center
546 County Farm Road Montoursville, PA 17754
(570) 433-3280 (570) 433-4713 (Fax)

10 stamps to get list

Iron House Drums P.O. Box 9545 Bend, OR 97708 Native American Pen Pal

Reaching Beyond The Walls P.O. Box 6905 Rutland, VT 05702 Women friendly, Gay Friendly, Displays inmate art and
poetry, e-mail forwarding, Free(Donations, send SASE)

Prison Pen Pals P.O. Box 235 East Berlin, PA 17316 Moderately priced.
Prisoner Writes P.O. Box 78 Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065
Surviving the System, Inc. P.O. Box 1860 Ridgeland, MS 39158
TIG Prisoner Penpal Project P.O. Box 1122 Portland, OR 97221
Penpals for transgender/transsexual, intersex, and gender questioning prisoners.

Services: A community corrections center located in Lycoming County. 96-bed
facility houses county minimumsecurity inmates. The county has a contract with the
Federal Bureau of Prisons to accept pre-release and parole referrals.
All referrals must be approved by Federal and State Community Corrections and
Director of Treatment. Referrals must be from Lycoming
Project Blanket- Helps male and female prisoners with history of substance abuse
make the transition from prison to the community.
Contact Rev. Harvey at 412-244-0329 (Pittsburgh)

Operation Outward Reach, Inc.
227 South Sixth Street Youngwood, PA 15697
(724) 925-2419 (800) 253-5719 (724) 925-3885(Fax)
Services: Skill development and vocational training for resident offenders of five
state penal institutions: Greensburg, Huntingdon, Mercer, Cresson, and Somerset.
We take trainees into the community to teach carpentry and masonry by providing
low-cost construction to senior citizens, other economically disadvantaged and nonprofit agencies. Juvenile Day Treatment is provided in the Westmoreland County
area for out-of-school young men ages 15 through 21. Purpose of this training is to
provide onthe- job construction learning, G.E.D., drug & alcohol education, life
skills, job skills, and adolescent fatherhood components.

Allegheny County Department of Aging
441 Smithfield Street Building Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 350-6905 (800) 344-4319 (412) 350-2727 TDD
Services: A broad range of human services for persons over age 60, the handicapped
and the needy. Information and referral, care management, senior center-based
services, senior employment program, home help, congregate/home delivered meals
and emergency housing assistance. Former inmates, victims and families living in

Allegheny County may obtain additional program information and assistance in
accessing services by contacting the Department of Aging.

Atkins House 313 E. King Street York, PA 17403 (717) 848-5454
(717) 852-9416 (Fax) Email:
Services: Atkins House, located in York, PA, is a residential and outpatient
treatment center for women offenders - providing counseling for drug, alcohol and
sexual abuse as well as victim awareness, life skills and mother - child
transition after incarceration. Atkins House is a non-profit service organization
Legal Action Center 153 Waverly Place. New York, NY 10014 Publications
about looking for work when you have a criminal record.

Career Work Force Development East 7135 Fluery Way Pittsburgh, PA
15208 412-241-2811 contact Corena Pope
Dress for Success 3820 Walnut St. Suite 2 Harrisburg, PA 17109 Phone:
717-657-3333 Fax: 717-657-3222 Email: Provides professional attire and career
support services to disadvantaged women.

Re-Entry Services, Philadelphia Prison Society 245 N. Broad St., Suite
300 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Phone: 215-564-4775 Email: Contact: Betty-Ann Soiefer Izenman
Offers life skills classes aimed at helping prisoners attain self-sufficiency.

Legal Action Center 225 Varick St. New York, NY 10014 Phone: 1800-223-40444 Email: Website:
Publications about finding work with a criminal record.

ExOffenderReentry Website “your one-stop
resource center for corrections and re-entry success” This site had lots of books and
resources for ex-offenders, how to search for a job, write resumes etc. all geared to
ex offenders. All info must be bought in the form of books. They also have videos,
posters, and other educational tools. Not sure how good they are.

Free GED Prep Class Online Here
you will find a complete, free GED online preparation course and practice tests, which can
help you pass your GED exams and take the next step toward college or a new career.
Developed by expert instructors, this 150-page course covers all of the aspects of the GED.
Designed for adults with a ninth-grade education or higher, the course provides a solid
preparation and training program in the test topics, and includes many helpful tips and
strategies and other useful information. Special attention is paid to GED math. The online
class is available to anyone who is ready to put in a bit of time and energy preparing for the
GED test. Whether a career or college bound individual, a home school student, or just
someone interested in review content or practice exams, this is the place for you!

Lesbian and Gay Rights and AIDS Projects
American Civil Liberties Union 125 Broad Street, 18th Fl. New York, NY 10004
Helps prisoners who are facing discrimination because they are transgender, lesbian,
gay, bisexual or they have HIV.
Transsexual Inmates Attn: Jessie Shafer GIC of Colorado Inc.
1401 Saulsbury St. Suite G-9Lakewood, CO 80214
Write for free copy of Prison Journal Newsletter
Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders phone: 617-426-1350
Brothers Behind Bars c/o RFD magazine (Radical Faerie Digest)
P.O. Box 68 Liberty, TN 37095A quarterly list of gay/bi/trans male inmates
produced and distributed upon request by RFD magazine. A donation of #3-10 is
requested for the list. At no charge to the inmate, ads are placed once per year. Each
list contains between 200 and 300 ads. Inmates are also offered a special $10.00 per
year subscription rate to RFD magazine.

Fanorama Society Publisher and Prisoner Zine Distro
109 Arnold Ave. Cranston, RI 02905
Publishes zines created by people in prison and provides these zines to other
prisoners. Several are queer/trans. Payments may be made in cash, state money
orders, or postage. Write for list.
Gender Mutiny Collective P.O. Box 0494 Chapel Hill, NC 26514
A radical transgender activist group engaged in supporting trans and queer prisoners
through a growing pen pal program. If you are queer or trans and looking for a pen
pal, write for details.
Jason Lydonc/o Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St Boston, MA 02116
Jason is the Congregational Director t the Community Church and works to do
direct support and advocacy for queer prisoners.
Sinister Wisdom Magazine P.O. Box 3252 Berkeley, CA 94703 Publishes prose, poetry, essays, graphics, and book
reviews by lesbians only. Free to women in prison.
Sylvia Rivera Law Project 322 8th Ave., 3rd floor New York, NY 10001

Works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity
and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment,
discrimination, or violence.
T.I.P. Journal c/o Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc.
3895 Upham St., Suite 40 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
A newsletter for transgender prisoners. Write for details.

Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) &
Trans/Gender Variant in Prison Committee (TIP)
Attn: Alex Lee, Attorney at Law 1322 Webster St, Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94612
TGIJP provides legal advice to transgender, gender variant, and intersex (TGI)
people in California prisons and beyond. TIP is a community organizing and
advocacy group working to end discrimination, medical neglect. Abuse, and
violence experienced by transgender and gender variant people in California prisons.
TIP Prisoner Penpal Project P.O. Box 1122 Portland, OR 97211
Accepting requests only from transgender/transsexual, intersex, and gender
questioning prisoners who would like a pen pal. Requests must include a brief
paragraph about yourself and your interests and what kind of pen pal you are
interested in. Free.

Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
Philadelphia 1400 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19130 Phone 215-560-2452 Pittsburgh 300 Liberty Ave. #301 Pittsburgh, PA 152221210 Phone - 412-565-5054 Lycoming County 450 Little League Blvd.
Williamsport, PA 17701 Phone - 717-327-3575 Greensburg,
Westmoreland County Old Route 30 Plaza Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone 724-832-5370
You can contact the following divisions of probation and parole at the
address of the main Harrisburg office:
Executive Offices 1101 South Front Street, Suite 5100
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2517 Phone - 717-787-5699
(Central Office Mailing Addresses, Chairman, Board Members, Chief
Counsel, Communications and Legislative Affairs Office, Office of
Professional Responsibility)

Office of Victim Advocates - Suite 5200
Board of Secretary’s Office – Suite 5300
(Board Secretary, Case Analysis Division, Case Management
Division, Hearing Officers Division, File Room)
Office of Probation and Parole – Suite 5400 (Special Projects,
Bureau of Probation Services, County Firearms, Training Division)
Bureau of Human Resoures – Suite 5600 (Personnel, Equal
Employment Opportunity office, Training Division)
Sexual Offender Assessment Board – Suite 5700
Interstate Services Division – Suite 5700

State courts
Superior Court Prothonotary
The Fulton Building
200 North Third Street - Ninth Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Commonwealth Court Prothonotary
624 Irvis Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Contact the prothonotary of the appellate court where the case is
pending for the status of the case.
Supreme Court 215-560-6370
Superior Court 215-560-5800
Commonwealth Court 717-255-1600

Job Help – from the National Hire
(Some of the info in this section is repeated throughout the guide, but I thought the
National Hire Networks little blurbs seemed rather helpful, so ‘scuze the redundancy, oh
and the names on the contacts might be outdated)
Johnny L. Butler, Secretary
Labor and Industry Bldg., Room 1700 7th and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17120 7177875279 Web Site:
Information about State Department of Labor resources may be of interest to:
• potential employers looking for incentives to hire individuals with criminal histories;
• service providers and individuals with criminal histories who are looking for assistance
in finding employment; and
• researchers and policy makers looking at current programs to ascertain what programs
are effective and serve their intended purpose.
A. Federal Bonding Program
The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals
with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get
jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds.
Raymond Patackis, Bonding Services Coordinator
Pennsylvania Bureau of Workforce Investment
Labor and Industry Bldg., 12th Floor 7th and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17120 717-787-6915 717-772-5478 fax
Web Site:
B. Tax Credits
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit to reduce the federal tax
liability of private for profit employers to be used as an incentive for employers to hire
individuals from eight different targeted groups: TANF recipients, veterans, ex-felons,
high risk youth, summer youth, Food Stamp recipients, SSI recipients, and vocational
rehabilitation referrals.

Barbara Zullinger, WOTC Coordinator
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, 12th Floor
Labor and Industry Bldg.
7th and Forster Streets Harrisburg, PA 17120
717-783-3676 717-787-5785 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:
C. Unemployment Insurance Office
Unemployment compensation is a social insurance program designed to provide benefits
to most individuals out of work, generally through no fault of their own, for periods
between jobs. In order to be eligible for benefits, jobless workers must demonstrate that
they have worked, usually measured by amount of wages and/or weeks of work, and must
be able and available for work.
The unemployment compensation program is based upon federal law, but administered by
states under state law.
Unemployment compensation is a social insurance program designed to provide benefits
to most individuals outof work, generally through no fault of their own, for periods
between jobs. In order to be eligible for benefits, jobless workers must demonstrate that
they ahve worked, usually measured by amount of wages and/or weeks of work, and must
be able and available for work. The unemployment compensation program is based upon
federal law, but administered by states under state law. Forms and information may be
obtained at any local Resource Center and via the internet at the web site below. (See also
Section VII of this site "Local Service Providers.")
Claims Information Center
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Labor and Industry Bldg., 6th Floor 7th and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, PA 17121 888-313-7284 717-783-3734 fax
Web Site:

II. Criminal Record Repository
This is the agency individuals may contact to obtain a copy of their state rap sheet and
learn about the process of sealing, expunging or cleaning it up. The criminal record
repository can also tell the individual who else is legally entitled to have access to his or
her record.
To obtain a copy of a criminal record, a "Request for Criminal Record Check" (Form SP4164) must be sent to the contact address below, along with a certified check or money
order int he amount of $10.
Bureau of Records and Information Services
Pennsylvania State Police 1800 Elmerton Ave. Harrisburg, PA 17110
717-783-5588 717-772-3681 fax

III. State Attorney General
Employers and service providers may obtain information from the state attorney general

regarding occupational bars, the licensing of individuals with criminal records in certain
jobs, and whether the state has laws that limit what employers may ask job applicants or
protections against employment discrimination based on a criminal record.
Mike Fisher, Attorney General Office of the Attorney General
Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120 717-787-3391
717-783-1107 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:

IV. State Department of Corrections
New Organization Name
Pennsylvania Correctional Industries (PCI) aims to maximize inmate employment while
providing vocational training and work experience. The program provides inmates withjob
skills that are marketable in high-level production and manufacturing occupations.
Inmates are trained in 115 different job titles, including machine and equipment operators,
laundry workers, cannery workers, shipping and receiving clerks, painters, meat cutters,
bookkeepers and optical lab technicians. To qualify for the program, inmates must be in
good standing and able to read at a fifth grade level.
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Bureau of Correctional Industries
717-731-7135 Web Site:

Community Orientation Reintegration Program
The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections recently began a new pre-release program,
the Community Orientation Reintegration program. The first phase begins five weeks
before an inmate is released to parole. The inmate is taken out of all other programs and
given a “booster shot” of programs, which includes such elements as drug and alcohol
programs and anger management. In Phase II, inmates are released to a community
corrections center/halfway house, where they receive social services and job assistance
and continue drug and alcohol treatment and relapse prevention. If an inmate has not
received drug and alcohol treatment during incarceration, he or she is placed in a
residential treatment program under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of
Corrections for 30 to 90 days. Inmates who have received treatment during incarceration
attend day treatment at the community corrections center. Once inmates find a job they
are allowed to leave the center and enter regular parole. A description of the program can
be found at:
Jeannine Christ, COR Program
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections 2520 Lisburn Road P.O. Box 598
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598 717-730-2704 Web Site:

V. Office of Probation and Parole Services
Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

The Office of Probation and Parole Services does not offer any specific program for
employment assistance. Services are offered on an individual level by agents, either by
bringing together unemployed parolees and probationers under their supervision to
provide them with relevant information or by telling them about openings and other
necessary information on an individual level.

government agencies and community-based organizations that assist with employment,
education or vocational training. Researchers and policy makers may find this information
useful in identifying agencies and service providers in order to evaluate the effectiveness of
these programs.

Office of Probation and Parole Services Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
1101 South Front St., Suite 5100 Harrisburg, PA 17104-2517
717-787-5699 E-Mail:

Philadelphia Youth Network

VI. Legal Assistance
Free or low-cost legal resources, both in civil and criminal law, are helpful to individuals
with criminal histories in learning about relevant state laws governing the expungement or
sealing of criminal histories or addressing other legal issues resulting from having a
criminal history.
A. State Public Defender
George Shultz Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania
115 State St. Harrisburg, PA 17101 717-234-7403 717-234-7462 fax
B. Legal Services
Pennsylvania Legal Services 118 Locust St. Harrisburg, PA 17101-1414
717-236-9486 717-233-4088 fax Web Site: Community Legal
Services, Inc.has experience with a wide variety of criminal records and employment
issues, including filing EEOC charges and community education on pardons,
expungements, and employment rights.
Sharon Dietrich Community Legal Services, Inc. 1424 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-981-3700 E-Mail:
C. State Bar Association
Pennsylvania Bar Association 100 South St. P.O. Box 186 Harrisburg, PA 17108
717-238-6715 717-238-1204 fax E-Mail: Web Site:

VII. Local Service Providers
Community agencies are available to assist individuals with criminal records find
employment. This information will inform individuals with criminal records about

The Philadelphia Youth Network runs Youth Opportunity (YO) centers for out-of-school
youth under the age of 21 living in the Empowerment Zone. The centers offer services to
youths with criminal records and work with the juvenile justice system. However, there are
no specialized services directed towards this population, and there are no focused efforts
to gather specific information on clients with records. The centers provide a number of
services including re-engagement, job readiness, education services, and referrals to other
needed services. Clients receive follow-up services two years following job placement.
Melissa Orner, Chief of Staff
Philadelphia Youth Network
John F. Kennedy Center, Room 681 734 Schuylkill Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19146
215-875-3823 215-875-5740 fax E-Mail:

Metropolitan Career Center/STRIVE Philadelphia
Metropolitan Career Center (MCC) is a private, non-profit accredited school that serves
under-skilled and economically disadvantaged Philadelphia youth and adults, enabling
them to find and keep jobs. The Center offers five roads to employment, ranging from
STRIVE, a four-week quick "attachment to the workforce" program, to a 60-week training
course in computer hardware and software support that confers an Associate Degree in
Specialized Technology Training and is provided free of charge to qualified students.
MCC/STRIVE is an intensive four-week program. The program stresses the development
of interpersonal skills, team building, and employment readiness. Through structured
classes and group interaction, students develop job application skills, including resume
writing, interviewing, and telephone usage. Students also receive individual counseling to
help them address personal and family issues or other barriers. Referrals to outside
agencies for assistance with housing, childcare, and other needs are made as necessary.
Formal collaborations have been developed with Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania
and the Tenant Action Group to facilitate students’ easy access to these supplemental
services. Additionally, STRIVE staff maintain an active job bank and refer students to
appropriate interviews. After students graduate from STRIVE, they can take advantage of
these services and participate in Job Club activities until they are employed. In addition,
MCC instituted a pilot program in 2002, an enhancement to STRIVE called Employment
Plus in which STRIVE graduates receive more intensive follow-up and support services for
12 months after graduation to encourage and support long-term job retention and skill
upgrading. These services focus on helping participants to overcome problems in the
workplace and in their personal lives that could lead to their termination or resignation.
Lastly, GED and computer classes offered on Saturdays are geared toward helping
graduates gain advancement in the workplace.

Patricia Fountain Slowe, MCC/STRIVE Program Manager
162 West Chelten Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-843-6615 215-843-7661 fax
Web Site:

month follow-up period following successful job placement, in which full services,
including any vocational training, continue to be available.
Joann Lippock, Program Director
Methodist Union of Social Agencies 131 East 9th Ave. Homestead, PA 15120
412-461-1800 Web Site:

Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh

Southwestern Pennsylvania Reentry Project

Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh runs one of the Team Pennsylvania Career Link sites,
which provide computer skills and job search services to the public. Any further services
require that the individual be recommended to the organization and that the
recommending party provide payment. However, these services are provided to all types of
people, including those with criminal records and other significant barriers to employment
including developmental and other disabilities. These further services begin with a one to
four-day assessment, depending on needs, in which the individual is evaluated for skill
level, job interests, and other necessary information. Participants are then given job
training, educational assistance, computer-based training, driver training, on-the-job paid
work training and placement in the community. Goodwill also offers different workshops
focused on employment and provides referrals for any other requirements. Goodwill offers
18 months of follow-up services, including intervention at job sites and other support
Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh 2600 East Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203
412-390-2327 Web Site:

A coalition of non-profit organizations (including MUSA and the Mon Valley Initiative)
formed in 2001-2002, aims to provide a whole range of services, including job readiness
preparation, as well as trying to organize a smooth transition from incarceration back into
the community, by making people coming out aware of the resources available to them.
The coalition has begun forming relationships with local correctional institutions (FEI
Pittsburgh, a nearby state institution has a representative on the coalition’s committee and
a demonstration program has been set up with 50 inmates at the Allegheny County Jail to
assess inmate needs and begin job readiness services). Coalition members plan to offer a
matrix of services to anyone in the local area with a criminal record, including housing
opportunities, drug and alcohol treatment, mental health services, transportation, child
care, family support, etc. People coming out of prison or jail can come to any member
organization and will then be referred to other agencies that can provide needed services
not provided by that organization.
Jeff Brooks, Work Force Director
Mon Valley Initiative
303 East 8th Ave.
Homestead, PA 15120

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
The Carnegie Library provides generalized employment preparation and job-finding
services, but does not provide any specialized services for individuals with criminal
records. Among the services provided is assistance with resume preparation, GED and
other educational assistance, guidance in selecting a college, providing test booklets for
test preparation, descriptions of the various types of jobs available, assistance with setting
up e-mail accounts, and classes on internet and computer program use.
Job & Career Education Center
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-622-3133 412-622-3136 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:

Methodist Union of Social Agencies
Methodist Union of Social Agencies (MUSA) runs a program for single parents that
provides job readiness, life skills, job search, job placement, and job retention assistance
and other follow-up services to clients from Homestead, the Steel Valley, and Pittsburgh
(95 percent of whom are people with criminal records) through a Welfare-to-Work grant
from the county and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Clients begin by
undergoing a full one-on-one assessment to determine their needs. There is also a six-

Ramsey Education and Development Institute
Ramsey Education and Development Institute (REDI) provides a number of educational
and job-preparation services to any Pennsylvania resident over the age of 18.
(Approximately 25 percent of clients served have criminal records.) The services provided
include GED classes at a variety of levels, basic and advanced computer skills classes,
assistance in preparing job applications and a Welfare-to-Work program for unemployed
and underemployed mothers. REDI also has a network of referrals to address clients’ other
Ramsey Education and Development Institute 17 West Airy Norristown, PA 19401

Reading-Berks Emergency Shelter
Reading-Berks Emergency Shelter (RBES) provides a number of services, including:
around-the-clock childcare services; job-readiness and placement through RBES Job
Quest; primary health care services through the Reading Health Dispensary; shelter

services that include case management, goal-planning, life skills instruction and aftercare
services as well as a safe place to sleep, eat and shower for families and individuals; and
transitional and permanent housing programs for families and individuals. RBES Job
Quest is a three-week intensive training course focused on attitudinal and behavioral
change to help chronically unemployed members of the community find and maintain fulltime employment. RBES Job Quest is a replication of the STRIVE program in New York
City. The program is targeted toward men and women age 18 and up to overcome
employment barriers such as childhood abuse, lack of formal education, inconsistent work
histories, substance abuse and criminal histories. Also, the new Soft Skills program
teaches basic skills needed to find and maintain entry-level employment. The program
includes a free three-week workshop, interviews skills training, resume and cover letter
writing classes, basic computer skills, and two years of active support and follow-up for
both the graduate and his or her new employer to encourage long-term success.
Lynn Evans-Santana, Director
RBES Job Quest 430 N. 2nd St. Reading, PA 19601 610-374-4696
610-374-3165 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:

The Jewish Employment and Vocational Service (JEVS) is a not-for-profit social service
agency that focuses on enhancing the employability and self-sufficiency of clients through
a broad range of education, training, health and rehabilitation programs. JEVS’ Prison
Program provides vocational training and vocational assessment services to the inmates of
the Philadelphia prison system by offering hands-on skills training to increase
employability once individuals return to society. Inmates may participate in a wide range
of vocational classes, including: welding; building maintenance; horticulture; word
processing; desktop publishing; and environmental maintenance. In addition, the "World
of Work" program emphasizes the steps involved in seeking and retaining employment,
including completing job applications, writing resumes, preparing for job interviews,
coping with pressure of the workplace and achieving a positive work ethic. JEVS works in
conjunction with the Pennsylvania Prison Society to provide re-entry and other services to
the prison population, as well as the growing Adopt-a-Program where public/private
sector partnerships are established to help prisoners secure employment or appropriate
programs upon their re-entry to the community.
John Lieb JEVS Prison Program Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center
8301 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19136 215-685-7114
E-Mail: Web Site:

Pennsylvania Prison Society
Baker Industries, Inc.
The Pennsylvania Prison Society offers re-entry services to recently released people with
criminal records and to those transitioning from welfare to work who also have a criminal
record. Life skills workshops, job development and employment services are available. The
Prison Society also offers inmate family services, elder prisoners services, restorative
justice programs, advocacy effort and community outreach and education.
Re-Entry Services Program Manager
Pennsylvania Prison Society

245 N. Broad Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 564-6005 (215) 5644775 (Programs/Direct Services Office) (800) 227-2307 (Toll Free) (215) 564-7926
(Fax) Web Site:

Baker Industries employs hard to place individuals including individuals serving parole
sentences. Baker Industries performs outsourcing services. The agency serves as a
transition step toward unsubsidized employment by emphasizing soft skills like being on
time for work, good attendance, and productive interaction with co-workers and
supervisors. Walk-in applicants are accepted.
John Thatcher, President
Thomas E. Byron, Director of Employee Relations
184 Pennsylvania Ave. Malvern, PA 19355 610-296-9795 610-251-9802 fax
E-Mail: Web Site: :

Program for Female Offenders

Firm Foundation of Pennsylvania

The Program for Female Offenders is a free program that provides a variety of services to
adult women who either have a drug or alcohol abuse problem or who have had some
contact with the criminal justice system. The services provided by the organization include
drug education and prevention programs, screening, case management (i.e. life skills
programs), financial assistance, employment assistance (i.e. job placement and computer
training), GED courses, counseling, nutritional and other services.
Joanna Foster, Client Services Director
Program for Female Offenders 1515 Derry Street Harrisburg, PA 17104
717-238-9950 717-236-3585 fax E-Mail:
Web Site:

The Firm Foundation of Pennsylvania, a faith-based organization, offers a variety of
services to adult men and women with drug/alcohol addiction histories and those who
have had contact with the criminal justice system. General reentry services include
mentoring, case management and career/job development. In addition, transitional
housing for men and fatherhood enrichment services are also available.
Rev. Ron Tilley, Executive Director
Firm Foundation of Pennsylvania, Inc. 28 North 19th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17103 717-233-6133 717-754-0017 fax E-Mail: Web Site:

Jewish Employment and Vocational Service


mandatory or voluntary fingerprinting of prospective employees in childcare
fields in order to facilitate criminal background checks.

The first of many obstacles or issues a person has to address after getting out of
prison is obtaining employment. Entering the job market with a criminal record, it
would not be uncommon for a job applicant to wonder, “Where can I get hired?”
It may be comforting to note that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC) has interpreted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to prohibit employment
polices that exclude individuals solely on the basis of their conviction records. Read
literally, Title VII prohibits private employers and state and local governments from
discriminating in employment decisions (hiring, firing, promotions, etc.) on the basis
of race, color, gender, national origin, or religion. Nevertheless, the EEOC has
determined that discrimination on the basis of conviction records have a disparate
impact on racial minorities. Thus, a criminal conviction cannot be the sole reason to
disqualify a person from employment. If, however, the employer can also show a
“business necessity” for refusing to hire a person with a conviction record, that
decision is not illegal.
Despite Title VII’s implicit prohibition against discrimination based on criminal
history, there are a number of federal laws that either bar people with criminal
records from holding a particular occupation or restrict their ability to do so.


Convictions of offenses involving dishonesty, breach of trust, or money
laundering disqualify an individual from working for institutions that are
insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (See 12 U.S.C. § 1829
and our website summary of these laws, “People with Criminal Records
Working in Financial Institutions: The Rules on FDIC Waivers.”)


Federal law bars certain classes of felons from working in the insurance
industry without having received permission from an insurance regulatory
official. (See 18 U.S.C. § 1033(c)(2).)


Certain classes of felons are barred, for 13 years after one’s conviction (or
the end of one’s imprisonment if one is sentenced for a term of longer than
13 years) from holding any of several positions in a union or other
organization that manages an employee benefit plan, including serving as an
officer of the union or a director of the union’s governing board. (See 29
U.S.C. §§ 504, 1111.)


Federal law also prohibits those convicted of certain crimes from providing
healthcare services for which they will receive payment from Medicare, 42
U.S.C. § 1320a-7, or from working for the generic drug industry. (See 21
U.S.C. § 335a.)


There is a federal law that requires criminal history background checks for
those individuals who provide care for children. (See 42 U.S.C. § 13041.) In
addition, the Federal Child Protection Act, 42 U.S.C. § 5119(a), authorizes
states to enact statutes concerning the facilitation of criminal background
checks of persons who work with children. It authorizes states to institute


The area of prisoner transportation (even private prisoner transportation) is
federally regulated. 42 U.S.C. § 13726(b) sets “minimum standards for
background checks and pre-employment drug testing for potential
employees including requiring criminal background checks, to disqualify
persons with a felony conviction or domestic violence conviction from
employment.” The purpose of the act was to provide protection against risks
to the public inherent in the transportation of violent prisoners and to
assure the safety of those being transported.


Finally, since September 11, 2001, numerous efforts have been made to
increase aviation security. Federal laws requiring background checks have
been passed to ensure the safety of travelers and airport employees. (See 49
U.S.C. § 44935; 49 U.S.C. § 44936.) These bars to employment are not
generally thought to violate the law that prohibits most employers from
denying employment solely on the basis of your criminal record because the
positions regulated require that a great deal of trust be placed in the
individual. Consequently, it is argued that any criminal conviction is jobrelated to the extent that it makes you less trustworthy, or that it creates an
unreasonable risk on the job.
Yet, while such federal laws bar those convicted of specific crimes from
working for the federal government, federal law does not generally
disqualify a person with a felony conviction from employment. It is
important to note, however, that most laws that prohibit employers from
hiring people with criminal records are state and local laws and rules. Thus,
it is necessary to review relevant state and local laws to see what they

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