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Prison Book Project Lgbtq Resource List 2009

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c/o Prison Book Project
P.O. Box 396
Amherst, MA 01004

2009 edition
LockedOut is a resource list for
gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and
queer prisoners in the U.S. The
list is free, but stamps are always
welcome. Requests for books,
legal aid, or pen pals will not be
Let us know if you write a group
and don't hear back. If you know
about a group not listed, send us
their address and we'll ask them
to be listed next time. Feedback
ABC Paralegal Services
P.O. Box 7187
Austin, TX 78713
Supports all prisoners unjustly
convicted, whatever the
race/ethnicity, sexual orientation
or preferred identity. We are
primarily a legal support group
assisting political prisoners and
social prisoners alike. We are an
all volunteer and a free service,
but always appreciate the help
with whatever you can afford in
postage stamps. We help with
legal paper writing; court traffic;
letters/calls/emails to government
officials; furnish hard copy state
codes/policy materials; case law

research to name the main
ACLU National Prison
Project HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis
Education Project
915 15th St. NW, 7th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
Sends free information on
HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis to prisoners.
Responds to complaints from
prisoners living with
HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis and LGBT
prisoners. Publishes the STD
booklet, Play It Safer, write for a
free copy.
We have to talk about
liberating minds as well as
liberating society.
- Angela Davis

federal prison. Will send to any
state that allows the books in -please send any special
regulations with your request.
Specializes in history and social
studies, though we sometimes
have fiction written by or about
LGBT people. No catalog. 1
request per 6-month period.
Brothers Behind Bars
c/o RFD (Radical Faerie Digest)
P.O. Box 68
Liberty, TN 37095
A quarterly penpal list of
gay/bi/trans male prisoners
produced and distributed by RFD.
Write for details.

Black and Pink
c/o Jason Lydon
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Provides a list online of
Trans/Queer/GLB prisoners who
are seeking pen pals.
Occasionally are able to provide
some direct advocacy for
individuals or cell-blocks. Send a
25-word (non-sexual) description
of what you want from a pen-pal
friendship to be listed online.

California Coalition for Women
1540 Market St., Suite 490
San Francisco, CA 94102
Organizes with women and
transgender prisoners. Programs
include: medical/legal resources
and information through
correspondence, legal visits to CA
state women's prisons and SF
women's county jail, The Fire
Inside quarterly newsletter (free to
prisoners), community education
and organizing campaigns, and
CompaƱeras--non U.S. citizen
women and trans prisoners
organizing around immigration
and imprisonment.

Books Through Bars
c/o Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002
Sends free community-donated
books to people in state and

Cleveland Books to Prisoners
P.O. Box 602440
Cleveland, OH 44102
Sends free books to people in
Ohio prisons upon request only.
We are a GLBTQ-friendly

~In memory of Mother Mike Riegle~

program, and we seek to increase
our connection to GLBTQ people
incarcerated in Ohio prisons. We
also have a pen pal program.
Community United Against
170 A Capp St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Supports the healing and
leadership of LGBTQQ people
impacted by violence and abuse.
As part of the larger social justice
movement, CUAV is working to
build safe, whole communities
where everyone can thrive. You
are not alone. LGBTQQ people in
prisons and jails are encouraged to
call our 24-hour Safety Line at
(415) 333-HELP (4357) for
support and referrals--we accept
collect calls.
People don't realize how a
man's whole life can be
changed by one book.
- Malcolm X
Critical Resistance
1904 Franklin St., Suite 504
Oakland, CA 94612
A nationwide, grassroots
organization that seeks to end our
reliance on prisons, policing and
surveillance. We believe that what
makes our communities truly safe
are jobs, education, food, shelter
and the right to self determination
for all individuals. Write for
details and a free newspaper.

Human Rights Coalition Fedup!
Pittsburgh Chapter
5125 Thomas Merton Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
A prisoner advocacy group
working with prisoners in PA.
We have an extensive abuse log in
which we collect evidence and
testimony of those incarcerated for
public viewing. We have biweekly letter writing nights to
send resources to those
incarcerated, we educate the
public on prison issues through art
exhibits and film screenings, and
we also conduct research on
prison related issues. We are
looking to broaden the base of
prisoners we communicate with.
Write for details.
Internationalist Prison Books
405 W. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Sends books to prisoners in AL,
MS, and NC only.
Just Detention International
3325 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 340
Los Angeles, CA 90010
A human rights organization that
seeks to end sexual abuse against
men, women, and youth in all
forms of detention. JDI has three
core goals: to hold government
accountable for prisoner rape; to
transform ill-informed public
attitudes about sexual assault
behind bars; and to ensure that
those who have survived this form
of abuse get the help they need.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, and questioning

(LGBTQ) prisoners who have
been sexually assaulted behind
bars are encouraged to contact JDI
for a packet of information that
includes a list of local and national
resources for prisoner rape
survivors. Survivors can write to
JDI via "Legal Mail" by
addressing their letter to Melissa
Rothstein, Esq. at the address

inside with resources and contact
on the outside. Write for details.

Out of Control Lesbian
Committee to Support Women
Political Prisoners
3543 18th St., Box 30
San Francisco, CA 94110
Supports women prisoners
and political prisoners in the
U.S. and internationally.
Publishes Out of Time
newsletter. Free, donations

Prison Book Project
P.O. Box 396
Amherst, MA 01004
Sends books to prisoners in CT,
MA, ME, NH, RI, TX, and VT.

500 Fifth Ave., Suite 320
New York, NY 10110
Free subscription to any HIV+
person who can't afford it. Write
for details.
Queers Against Prisons-Philly
210 S. 49th St
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Hosts a weekly letter writing night
called our Black & Pink Letter
Writing Program. This is our
primary resource for queer
prisoners, as we are a group of
queers who are interested in
corresponding with imprisoned
queers. We hope to work as a
clearinghouse, connecting those

Prison Book Program
1306 Hancock St., Suite 100
Quincy, MA 02169
Offers National Prisoners
Resource List free to prisoners.
Book requests accepted, except
from CA, KY, LA, MD, MI, NV,
OR, and TX. Stamps welcome.

South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
P.O. Box 721
Homewood, IL 60430
We provide hundreds of zine titles
to prisoners - catalogs, resource
guides, analysis, history, all kinds
of education and literature - all in
zine form. We have some
GLBTQ titles. Write for catalog.
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
322 8th Ave., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Provides free civil legal services
and a pen pal program to
incarcerated people in New York
who are transgender, intersex, or
gender nonconforming. We are a
collectively-run organization that
seeks to make systemic change
and increase the political power of
our communities.

~In memory of Mother Mike Riegle~

TGI (Transgender, Gender
Variant and Intersex) Justice
342 9th Street, Suite 202B
San Francisco, CA 94103
Write for details.
TIG Prisoner Pen Pal Project
426 President St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
We are a list for transgender,
intersexed, genderqueer, and
gender-variant prisoners to find
penpals for support and
friendship. Please send us a brief
posting about yourself, your
contact information, and any
regulations in your institution (no
mail from other prisoners, etc). It
can take a long time to match
interested people with penpals, so
please be patient.
Wisconsin Books to Prisoners
Rainbow Bookstore
426 W. Gilman St.
Madison,WI 53703
Sends books to WI prisoners and
LGBT prisoners nationwide.

Hope has two beautiful daughters;
their names are anger and
courage. Anger at the way things
are, and courage to see that they
do not remain the way they are. St. Augustine



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