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PRR ADC01534-01550 - Monthly Compliance Rpts - 2013-07 - ASPC-Winslow (redacted), AZ DOC, 2013

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Corrective Actions: Approved pending above.
2 Are unresolved No-Shows being reported to the unit deputy warden for a written response? [DO 1101]
Level 1 Amber User: John Mitchell Date: 7/12/2013 1:32:47 PM
Corrective Plan: The staff have been directed to fill out IRs when inmates do not show up for their appt. They are in
fact filling them out,however we are receiving no response back from any one telling us how they plan to fix the
problem. Most times it is the security officer that either does not follow the D.O. or he is not aware of the what the
D.O. says. This will be brought up at the next one on one meeting with the FHA and the Warden.
Corrective Actions: See above.

PRR ADC01543



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