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PRR ADC01840-01854 - Monthly Compliance Rpts - 2013-08 - ASPC-Winslow (redacted), AZ DOC, 2013

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Many of the meds listed as needing to be renewed are discontinued meds or meds that were 7/10 day meds and in
some cases one time meds. This has also been brought to the attention of pharmacorr to see if the dc date can be
written at the time the order is written ie meds then dc after 10 days etc. This is being looked into to see if this
would be a possibility to help keep the list cleaned up. FHA continues to monitor results of requests made.
Corrective Actions: See above.
9 Are non-formulary requests being reviewed for approval or disapproval within 24 to 48 hours?
Level 2 Amber User: John Mitchell Date: 8/28/2013 3:54:41 PM
Corrective Plan: It was noted at the beginning of the month that there were issues with not getting the nonformulary
requests answered in a timely manner. This was brought up at the FHA meeting and other units were found to be
having the same problem. After some discussion it was decided to have a teleconference to discuss just this
matter. The conference was scheduled and all units brought their ideas to the table. It was decided to create a mail
box at the Regional office as well as corresponding mail boxes at each unit. The mail boxes are for medical and for psych meds. Each unit had to
designate who was to access these mailboxes,once this was determined the it people were notified and the mail
boxes set up. The NF request gets scanned to the regional medical director via the new NFDR mailbox. He
answers and in turn scans the approved or disapproved request back to the created mail box for the units. Any one
of the designated persons identified by the FHA can access the mail box for the results. It isoperational now and is
working well.
Corrective Actions: See above.

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