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Report on Cca Florence Correctional Az 2001

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RECi:. ',.:,::,1:'

ZOo/ WG :- 3 A ;0'



April 30,2001

No, _ __

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~r!l"-.t ~_ _
.. 1.

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Tbi. is a medium serurity flwility located in FloJ"OIlCO, Arizona apprtUtimately 4S
Phoenix. CCA fill8J1ced, designed, built and manasel the Florence Correctional Facility in
Florence and its collllruction was completed in 2000. The II OO-bed medium securi1\Y
in(ltitulion houses adtJt male offenders fi'om Hawaii and lNS female ddllineeJ, ~t1y
there are 557 Hawaii inmates housed at Florence,

The audit team consi~ted of the fbllowing individuals:

Cbt!l')'J. Zembik, Social Worker IV, Contract Monitor (HCF)
John MartiDez, Operations Captain (HeF)
Patric::k Kawai, GallllDtelligeuce Officer (HeF)
Robin, Heakh Care Maoap;r (HeP)


to P@DQUS AUDlI 1212000

There were a few concerns from the pnwious audit IS follows:

• activity

• Discrepancies with inmate classifications,
Problems ofmiacaJcuJatioDS, IIICk oflegible documents, date ofmisconduct~etc.


diNltiaflilltion with ndulification results. (Notci
explllllltioll of classification in a letter in March 200 1.
ssible trwpOI1 to Hawaii for SOTP
I'IIQIMIIt to "max OIJtW in Arimoa (Note: Inmate ~ aiVOD
Il'CIpOIIII in writ.ilIa nodng his feqlltllt prior to monitoring trip ,
Problems with mDIIdC phonu
Lack of
return to Hawaii (Note: lnmatc
I II eoeatIy ret\ImOd to BawIii)


StdinS (ComIcIIIonaI 0ft10en Ildc or experience)
Medical it. . (Need for mediCIJ plflClllllC'll to monitor)
Serving of inmate food throop • ttIP door



Tho irulpection
proceeded to the office of Warden Pablo Sedillo whm! tbIIy met the
facility team memben. The team ex:praaed their appreeiation fur the oppommity to ~e
involved in the l1lIpectIonlmonitoriD,g proceas. The forma1 entry meetlll8 was GODducted IUd
the following individual. were in II11.oDdaoce:

Mr. Pablo Sedillo
Mr. Did!: Smelaer
Mr. cad StIDIeI
Mr. Sanc.:bez
Mr. Ouy Cburicb

Deputy Warden

AMiJt;.mt Chief of Security
Program ManIpr


It WBI ex:plained that the Soal of the visitill8 team was to be helpful and uaiat the fAcility
.ad staff in all areas of the: inepecltion. The entnnce interview bepn with the introduCtion
of the vitltin8 team and their baclcsrmmds in corr«:tiOllS. The members explaiDod tbci
~ to be IIRd durill8 the il'lSpl.'lCtion and intbrrned staff that they would be polled IU to
the proaress oftbe inspection and any potential problemJ .hould they anile. The inlp8ction
IObeduJe was also dilwssed at this time. It Wllnoted that due to the hostile eaviromDeat
female team CllDben would not be toutiDa the facility Wltil it wu d~ to be sate.

Due to the hostile en'lliromnent Contract Monitor Cheryl Zembik did not tour the faci~.

On this monitoring trip, Captain lohn Martinez and Sgt. Pat Kawai were involml in :
monitoring secwity procedures. They were also involved in obtaining intc11ipnce :
intbrmation regarding an "STO" (Security Threat Group) Imown II the "USO" (United
Samoan Organization). Per reports, this gang is involved with drus tnfficlciD& IICX ~th
INS female detainees and violent acts towards ItIff and other inmatell. Pleue refer tel
reports completed by Captain Martinez and Sgt. Kawai.

'Ibete were six reponed of inmate assaults and two inmate deaths dunns the mo~ or
April. A riot <Mal ed involvin"ama1:oll and staf( Two staff'members VfeB UAU1tCId :
rauItin,g in one officer to ll!quUe six stitches. One inmate drmk I bottle of ct"" f"lid
and another claimed to have Mtempted suicide by baqing. Both inmates WIn I11III by:
medical ~ and released • 0 filrth« incident. In reprda to the suicide lIUeIDiit.
medicalltaff <:auld not verilY that an attempt was made. 'There were no phyUcalllllll'kNl


, .,



No tour was conducted due to the bolltile eavil'OllJJlent.


Sanitation servieea are provided by the i/llllltes assigned to waidiDea under the suJMll'V!lIion
of &cllity staff.

The Arizona State Fire Mar.hal on November 6, 2000 conducted In inspection.

The Pinal

County Health Department in January ZOO 1 conducted In inIpection.




Initially FCC only offered. Basic Mootal Health cout.e to Hawaii inmatea. lleceutJy fhey
have implemented Anger/Streu ManJ,emem. Subllt&\1Qe Abuae Leve1 n and CogaUtiv+
SldlIs. In MIr\'lh 2001, education prOJl1lrftl were implemented with 33 i:nmates cumatly
uaigned to this prolJllllll. SubJtam:e Abule Level n hal lZ inmatea woIlcd, 4 drop
and 15 inmatOil participatins in the In.CeU Hobby Craft Progam. Additioaally an B1ecbomechanical pto/IfIJD WIll allIO implemented. The 80lIl is to have 100 inmates pltticipa:ting in
these prosrams. However, due to the limited cl_ size there is a waitina lillt for imna(eIJ to


It sbouId be notes that numerous inmates were either dropped ftom t ' - c1a_ or n¢1.a1led
to participate in their eorrectional propnmiDg.
On Match 26, 2001 Hawaii inmates gathered to celebrate Prince Kubio Day. ~Iy
100 inmates participated in live music, cultural dancilll and stand-up <:amedy ~ All
inmat.. were saved a special DOOiI time tneaI with sodas and ice CftIIII1.

Due to the boati\e environment I tout WU IIol conducted in this area.

Counselors conduct interviews and group meetings to address the inmates' specific ~.
The CO\.IIIIelor also does CIIe JIlIIIIi8erDent wort Uld i. scheduled to be in the bowIiD8 IllI.It

It WlII requested that in the finure, copies of incident reports and adjuttment bearing :
diapoIit.ionJ be MIll to thi. writer for mri_ and traclcing. In the past, JIIllrurOUS requelts
- . lIIIde to no avail. Gary Churieh iudicated that be wouJd forward copi.. 01 JIII1i.a4Im
intbrmItioa to this writer.

Shortly. PCC will utilize the IlIUliticatioD iDltrUlDenl uted by Prairie Comc:rioaal FacUity.
Questions were raiaed regarding housi"l inmat.. accordiDJ to custody level. Pet WanJeu.
Sedillo, he hu reundy implemented thi. proeedurc.


No tow' was conducted due to the hostile environment. FCC afford, iDmltelI variety Of
food products 011 the Conuniuary order list. (R.e:fer to CommiSMI'Y order fonns). lomltcs

.,. .uowed to purchase $50.00 WOIth ofnOllllitom the Commiaary.
No tour WIll conducted we to the hostile cmvirorunent.


The flleility providea employment opportunities for in all aspects of inSlitutiolltj1
opcntiollS. 'l"beJe worldine. include facility ~aintenanee, fOod ~te, ground
. i
nWl1tCIIaDCe,laundry, barbershop and reereatJoo. The work: expcoenc:.CIII pined at this ;
facility afford the iom'" the opportunity to obtain nw1tetablc: job skills and good work



A lob Board meet. evt/lf"j Friday to screen inmate worldiDe requests. The ~ invo\Ws
inmatesian-uP, job tracltiI1g and clUlliilcation review.

No tour wall conducted due to the hostile euvironment.
Inmates can watch television in their houBiPB units. The facility provid.. indoor and
outdoor ex«Ci1lO ....


NQ tQI.It of the ModicaI Unit wall conducted due to the homle envirOlllMllt.
llobyn Kall1hiki wu uliped to conduct the illSpettion of the DiamoDdblK:k's rnecllcaJ:
facility. llefiIr to her IdtIChed report tor



mea zi&Dully

• allegation of mistreatment"'"
in trIDIpOlt to Minnesota from Lol
Meclical alf'm·;"';fr.! doc:wnelltltion thtt in 1996 illlUllte btd
however. thm! wu no record of a complaint of Injunea or mistreatment in tranJit ~
arrival it F'ralde Commonal Facility in Minnesota. Records indicate that on April 4, 2001,
IIIbmitted a sick call reque_. On AprilS. 2001, inmat~ted to seell'lClllical :.
perlOlllld subMlq\lentJy CIlICe.Iiog his sick call11il}Ue8t.

made into inmate

No tour was conducted due to the hostile environment.
&waii inmates do utilize the library for recreational ape! litigation pwpOMs and . IlOfttent with materials and Ii«nture.

lnmatea housed in Segregation receive legal materials through a p88ing system.

No tour was conducted due to the hostile environment.

The facility has a chapel facility but does not have a chaplain at thi' time. All re1i1ll~ are
reeopi7.ed at this filcility. Voluntccn and c\eqJy of various denominatiOlll provide r;ligious
servicea and spiritual guidmce at the facility. There is a swa110dge fur Native A.mctJiClll
inmates. Hawaii inmates of various ethnicities have rcqul!$ted access to the sweat 1*111.

rID 11105 (JIll)

No tour WIllI conducted due to ho8Iile tIIVironmem.
Viaiu for Haw.ii inmates are few. Althouab Hawaii inmates are afforded visits, 'Wrf few
inmaleI have had viIita.
Searep.tion inmates ue afforded weekly visits on Wednesdays providins it il requc«¥.

No tour was condu<:ted due to the boItile eovironmcnt.

FCC gril!Mll1Ce procedures involve tbree 1ttIpI:
I. InfotmaJ: To be budled throuab .wr
2. Grievuce OffIcer: AnIWCII1 grievanooe \II1I'OIOIved iD/.Ordlilly
3. WIU'dea: Ad~ Weal.; decision is flaW
Hawaii inmates gtIleI'Ite numerous gri\l'V&llCeS. HOW'eVtII', the majority of complaint, p

generated by only • few. has been an i n _ in grillYlllOtllllinc:e the ~ of
tam.... to FCC &om MiM-na.

FCC staffing iDCnlUGd by 20 correc:tiOJll! officers graduating from the academy 011 ~
19, 2001, 4 cue:
and 2 unit manapn. Two more ();m(:d0Jll.l 08ioer Ia._a


"\I\IWe added

COlIIiJting of 30 more officen IIId 5 moR Adminiltl'ltive penolllllll.


1Data11l :IIIterviewt

The team interViewed DUmerouS illllllltes tbroughout the 1icllity. The team heIrd _'Iltda
Rludins the hostile environment IIId fear for their perIOaW 1Ifety. In",,* infm meet:the
team of, PIIIJ (USOS) that funmlated and later incnued in Nlmben with the NCtIIt :
trIIlI&t of inmates fu)lll MinllCIOta. Rooeady tbeH have been IlWllWOUII.N'.Jq OIIlqm....
and Itaff muItins in IMIrious injurillll and Airvacs to nearlty hOlpitall. Imnptes nlattd that
IItIIffwu Dot IpJII'04Ieluable and Alit that their need. involving pcnooal safety were not l*D8
addressed. Complliau WIn 1110 DOted JI!8I1dins inmate miltreatmcnt by ItIIfi.e.: thleIU,
raciallllll'1, etc. However, &vored were the receat implemllllt.ation of prolf'llllS.



had eoncems for his per8(ItIa1 nfety 1$ wdl II the safety
Due to the I1ICeIIt riot and UllUlts. be fcus future ICtI of violence il
inevitable if nothing is done to break up the IJID&.,





1 I I 1 I I . - -fears for potential confiuntations with "USOS" that may ~ him
physicallwm and potentially defening his return to Hawaii fur parole. mUll ~ that if
conftoatcd by a gIIII member, be would not "back down".

lnmat~as conCftTlS for his penonaJ safety due to the rec:eat riot IJId ~
on .wr and iumatel by gang members. He wants 10 return to )IawIij to help eare fot!hiI
&lliq mother. Hi, rcc:ent classificatiOn was dilClli!led and thIIt hit return home will bill
defemd until hi. custody level reduc1a to MinImum. n. hi will be considered furl
II'II:nIftIr to KCF and placement in SOTP. Inmate ltIted that be hII received Ietten t+m Dr.
COYDe, but could not produce these doQ.\lDlllltJ cII.Iriq the inwvillW.

Inmate~ a letter requesting to nturn to HawaIi to putlciplde iu sroTP.
However, be did not £ollowprotoclol with S. Offender DinIctor Dr. Barry Coyne. Whoa it
was explained to him, inmate naurtod hi. teqUUt to retum home for SOTP and opted to
rmnain in Arizona UIItiI dilc;.barjp;.


Note; Team members requested to iDterview iRmat
I be refbud
lItaled that the team needed to speak to the judge in Hawaii. Since be hu written lIUIIIa'OUI
Ietterl rqardiDg hi. status and objectiortl to be housed in nWnland fIoilitles, lIIIOtbIr ~
was made by CoIIItIct Monitor Cheryl Zcmbik to inttl'View Imnate and addrwa hia iafuos.
The I"IIIJIOl1M was neptjve and that I needed to IIPMI!: to the jIldp.

Due to the homle enVll'ODlJlem staft'interviews were limited to CHryI Zcmbik IJId Itbbyu
Kalabild. However, Captain Mntinez and Sgt. Kawai dld interview numerous~
thnJushout the faQlity.


The 4IIItit interview was conducted in Warden Sedillo', office. Due to the boIIile
eovironmenl, the focus of tho elIit Interview was on security i,sua involving lJIIIIS acCivIty
Iddreued by Captain MartiIlllZ and SIJC. Kawai.
Cogtract MIlliE Commcggl,Recommpd'tiop.:

Durins tbia moniloriua trip, it appeared tbat members of the toam appeared 1tustnted:1t

times due to the hotti1e eoviro.nment and inability to conduct a through inspection of FCC.
HOWCM!I', even with ,U the obstacJea the memben raced, collectlwly they rote Ibove: and
persevered and relJJIillCd objective throughout their
Floreuee Comeliooal C«Intcr faoeII oontillllOU.1tIffiDa problems, due to co.mpdition _
other ItItII and fiIcknI &cilitles withln the area. Staft' IIPJMIC' IItnIfed and relnmDl to! IJIIIk
about their worit environment fur fw of rataliation !'olD and in....... i In
Jipt of the recart riot, inmate death and UllUIU on JtIft; the lcMii of tcmion rmn.iD~ hip.
It IIPJMIIII1 that mol'lle Is decllnlns &Ions with the: fhIrIrItiona ofllc:t ofadmirJiJtnti'wj
c:omroJ within FCC. Staft" 8 commitment to provide 1 life IIIIIIIClII'C ..... """... ftt
Hawaii illD1&tes 'PJ*I'I strained at this time.




It it recommended that WardM Sedillo be given additiOllll1lUpPOI'I to Ulilt him in
muntainina order. One maa cannot do it alone. He i. like the captain of hi. ship and !
willius to JO dowu tisJRins. If the security of. facility is comproJDiIl!d, every oth« IjIpect
of mc:mitoring i. of little imponaace.

It iJ alJo reeommended that the ilSUeI ofIIDi involvemeot be saiOlllly IddIlned, u it
appcll1maay inmates are livill8 in fell'. Those not involved in the gaDB populat1on Jaiow
that in time they will be approal:bed by theIe Individual. md are .&aid to retalilde fbrk of
the n:percu&Ilons, i.e.; beill8 seriously mjmed, possible dCIth, parole beq deftimd, beiDg
labeled •• "rat", etc. With addItionalllllppOlt to the lltaft'lt FCC, tbIJ flcllity hu • dIIDce
to obtain the highelt level offunctionill8 that is an integral part ofCCA', milllion of i


SpedalllOte: It b.u been • le8I"11inJ experienu to attempt to monitor • fIIcility in turmim.
HowtMIr, if DDt for experiences. good ot bad one otJUkI not learn IJId grow. 1l1li1 ~
fbr the opportunity to be • part of this team, whOle _ben toot their rote. ICII"iouIly jane!
malntained an f:lCt.romC 1eve1 ofpro&t.ionaIilDl. This is what i. ndilllM to u ~.


State .fHawali
Dep.rt.... -"PlINk SIfeCy



COlIna Alldlt T...

Capu.. lob. M.rtbI. P.triek Klw.1
CWyJ Zetltbeek. CM
Rebya KaJaIIit:i, CSA

TIle.. _ . moft th.. , . ....bIe ·a_ Ie IIIHftre tIIat die
2000, lodd... WI. due hi B " I . . . . for I
priIo. . . ., tb.t wu formed.
naJited tile
iDeldnt oa September 11, 2000. Since .b.. d.y 1ft taD ideDtiIy ••oW or
three (3) r.ctio.. or to c:alled Sawali priloa 1'1111 lltahlilhed I,




TGday'bere is oUIy ODe ..Ill In Jl'CC,
" tile leader or the BI'1van
B.W'IliI priiOIl pap were. d.bll.ded.
were plly.lally forced Ie Joill




All other
b.d quite. leaplay diKuuiotl nor;.rd'iDtI!
aDd . . . ~ for
nl,tinl. After. wbOe I ••ked if lie rill" •••IImIt""" tile role be pIa:ftiIJ I' tile
jdellljf'lable lader 0
polldee! cool, e.~. ..d
collectively. th.t lie wORld die AI
bowa ..



BUIld on the eummt trip to Arizana, the above appears to hu drastk:a1Iy im.n!ucd. It
was di~ that then: now appears to be boJiafide Sec:wity 'I'breIt GrouJJ (STG)
compriHCI of Hawaii inmates. They call themseJVI!I ·USOs'. This STG his bcicome a
defiant force in FCC. They Ire cumntly responaible for majority (If not aJl)~ of the
violOllCC and di~ in FCC. If this iuue is DOt immediately Iddreslfed and
COIfOIlted by Wilden Sedillo and hi. st.a:tt; Hawaii will have • IIOriOUI probIem:ao doit.I

The fullowilll are reasons of why the Hawaii contingency believe. this
addreued immediately:






Hawaii continpncy obtained • Jist of approximately ninety-five membeR! of the
usa fiunily, (Thus oonIraditllm, the packet received on April 17, 200 I ~ PCC .

adminiatration regardq limited JIIII activity .inee the September iDddent.)
U80. IfC callsina bodily harm throughout the filcility on both inmate and •
Hlwaii contingency mad, aware by "other" Hawaii iDmltof, thIt, ~
~.,. ftleJill8 and that they teared fur their lIIftIty, This appeatII to be au tppanmt
realJt oft'- prominent pre eoc;lI ofUSOI tbrooaJbout die fidJity.
ReeentJy there Ippem to be widelpread of dNa introduction into the ~ty by
(FCC) ItIff membm, woo are "" for t'- Uso.. (DuriJIa our ~ we
witneilled an FCC ltd member openly admit to "bringiDa in drup." )Wben
quClltiontd why he: did thltI7 The stat!'. mpo.IIII WII "for protec:tiou IojD the
A death ocaJrl"C!d recemJy ofone of the USOmemben. It IIPJ)tUJ thi. wu4u. to
In lIftempt to promote or traffic prison contrabInd
woat lOUr
"busted" in the 1It0mach of t'- iomlte.


it appem thlt FCC mff'lacb t'- confidence, and uperiencje to
effectively deal with this problem. (Warden Sedillo', administrative teajn is
"new" to the facility. Warden Sedillo QIJIIOI do thi, by bimleif.)

For additional related information _ attached nIJlOI't by SJf. Kawai.



Tbil Ippelnl to be a rather simple 8OIution. Lock the jail down. IdCllltitY IB !be ~Os
mem.lMn, Utilize CCA's SORT team to extl'l<lt and isolate all USO members (1IIIOVe t/Iem
0IIMt.. time).

Thil aIIOM fur the jail to stabilize,
This allows FCC staff. chance to re-enfurce aW'll'ellelll and control tactics.
This aIJowa FCC lltatfto regain I Mnse of COIIfideace.
This aIIowt FCC policy malcen time to review, adjust and implement more strict innlace
movement NIcs.
This allows Hawaii avoidance of lillbility issues we are about to face, if fbi, i. :not

State of Hawaii
Department of Public Safety
Ha/aWI Correctional Facility
Contract Monitorinc Trip
Florence Correctional Center
April 16-202001

ViII: Operations Captain John Martinez
Frolll: Ganclnteililence/lnvestigations Serceant 'atrick Kawlil

Subject: SUlllmary of identified Security Threat Group (STG) at Florenc:e
Correctional 'adllty (.FCC)
Subsequent to the de-briefing held in Warden Espinda's office on Monday April
23, 2001 and the obvious problems created by the STG knoWlllU the "USO Family" at
FCC; the fullowing repon i8 what WlIS established concerning the monitoring trip 10
Florence, Amona, speciflcally with the STG "USO Family":
The monitoring tClUl! that WlU sent to FCC consisted of the following members:
Captain John Maninez
Sergeant Patrlr:lc Kawai
RN Robyn Kalahiki
CM Cheryl Zembik

Although the above-mentioned auditors were there to ill8pect different areas of the ;
facility it was found that the "usa Family" WIS an il5Pect of all areas ofth\! fadllty, :,
What i. Know.. : The "USO Faalilv"
~~~ STO identified at
I was not aware of OlI'aCljy
Al12:ona and FCC itself

Referring to the September 12, 2000 riot that had occurred at FCC it had appeared that
there might have beIIn a riot fur power between up and corning STQ'~, The STG'~ ;
identified at the time were "Thugs for Life" "War Pany" and, "The usa family", Ai
present time I believe that the waller'STG's have been filtered out and The USO Fainily
is the STU in control of the facility,

This STO has approximately 100-plus members Ihat control the trafficking, use, sale,; of
illicit drugs, making lind use of "swipe", sex with INS female offenders, and violent ai;:ts


.. '.



to inmates as well as staff'. This group has al least (lne member on each work Jine:in the
faoiJity and this penon is vl'ity instrumental in getting othermembera on the worldincs.
The signifieance in thi$ is that when a member of the USO family WIlIts a job on a
certain woridlne the member currently employed on that specific worldine will Harm" or
threaten the other nOMlltlmber worken into quitting 80 that their other play... cait get the
jobs. We've identified much ofthe USO family's players by their "monikers" or glUig
names (see attllched). Although 8t pre.sent time all players name.s are not known ,,!,e are
actively working on positively identifYing the players by cross referencing with FCC
o1IIciala as well u our own departmeJItJ officials.

It is known that every recent major asaauh that happened was related to the usa ~y.
These inadenu involved both inmates u well as SlaB: EV\!/'}' interview thllt was :
peribnnecl by myself as well as Captain Maninez with inmates at FCC mentioned cir
otherwise ackDowll!dged that the USO tlImity doe, in ract Olcist.

While at FCC at least a five-pilon bucket of "swipe" was discovered approximatdy I S17 toot above the kitchen floor where they prepa.... mea), for th~. The bucket
was discovered directly above the kitchens refer door. lnmate~cnIy:
admitted that he was dNnk off of swipe that W8$ prepared in the kitchen when he :
assaulted the officers and other inmates while in the Recreation yard on April)I, 2901.
n communicate with

the females while out in the recreation

It was found that irurlatl!l
comrnunicatitlg with a female inmattl when got assaulted by a known
member. Quite posiIJ'bly for communicating with a female inmate without permission


from the usa 1iuniIy.


The general atmosphere appeared t _ and ,,0""11".
The officers that I observed wear no restrainl$ on their person $hould the need
! to

restrain a hO$\ile inmate. 1 never once while at FCC observed an officer frisk searcli or
strip search an inmate. I never once observed an officer 80 through any inmate's :
property. or HIII"CIt anything an inmate was cllrrying. The lack of these simple secuJiity
meuures allows for more passing of contraband. Furthermore, it would appear that the
inmates have no fear to transpon anything on their person.


Movemenu are made on the hour and in great numbers with lack of personnel on thb
Boor, allowing the inmatl.!$ to "cluster" in the halls, making it difficult for the officers to
control and observe possible passing of contraband. Officers in the pods do not knaw

when!: anyone inmate i. at lUIy given time alth, day.



Durins our mettings I felt as though our counterparts at the faciJity were being ~I of
what they were discJosinS and gener-'ly had the feeling that they were with holdiJIg
.information from us. The paclcet that J had requested for a week prior Was not ~mpleted
when we arrivtd and was done very poorly. In my opinion the packet was just a ;'acilier.
to have something to give to us but of little use 10 us. The inmates had more infoimation


• ",,,

, • •


- - - ...",,~

. _ . , .... ""••,,"


fi::ar of the Hawaii inmates. Warden Sedillo' administTltion pointed that out to us.

ome« admitted to brtnains in marijuana to us because he was maid of the Hawaii ;
il\ll\lltU and traded ciruls for protection.

The in",al" at FCC do in fact know that. bona fide prison "gang" or STG truly d';s
exist. Some are joining the usa tinnily just to be protected by it. Other innocent nonmembers are limply just getting beal on for no reason at all. All in all The USO Wy
does elliS! and is creating great tension in the general population of the facility and it ~s
this tension that may explode into a full blown riot Inmates are afraid in FCC and, Ii
have had more thlll one inmate come up to me and request to return to Hawaii or to !move
to Mother tacllity ju.c to gtt away from the usa family.
At this

intj!!lViiew with

we asked :Jtiitt
what would happm ifhe wouldn't intervene in some incidents. His reply was simply,;
"they WOIIld burn lhi$ place down". With the control that this STG has I could not doubt
his claims.


Su&,estions: Some immediate suggestions to deal with this STG:
The officers need to be tflined better and exercise that trainins daily.
also believe lhat possibly a class in Hawaiian culture and "s1l11Bs" may be helpful.
the offieen more confidence by making them work ill numbers, one pod or even one clarl









·Divide to Conquer
Dividing the sro group is feasible. Take away the predatofl fromithe
population to run the facility harmoniously. Make an example of this group to malte
known that this type of activity will not be tolerated.
-Give the Wardell .ome help
A team can be sent up to FCC 10 act 4IS a liaison to the Warden and assist
in carrying out the platt Allow the Warden 10 run and direct the fitciJity from the :
Wm!en's desk and not the officers.
.Sep.nle the predaton O'om the prey
Separation of custody levels needs to be enforced. The lower cust~y
level inmates are getting "lIrmed" into doing illicit aCllvity by the STG.
Need to be more restricted and controlled. Allowing the STG to cl~ster
and congregate only gives thMl more power ilnd authority. They have strength in :

Condu.ion: The monitoring team has identified FCC as a hostile environment du~ to
the presence of the STG USO family. This group has grown quickly and to great :
numbers. Their power and control is settins bigger and bigger. We need to activelY take
our. role to dissipate this group now. The State may be held liable in the future by aCtions
done by this group.
Altathmenh: Attached you will find the following tllat was collected by our monitoring


Attachment A-Summary of the gang or sro activity prepared by FCC
Attachment B.Hierarchy of the USO family leaderll
Attachment C-List of Monikers or gl"g names provided by FCC
Attachmont D·List ofMOl1ikcrs or gang names provided by inmate
Attaehment E.Summary oflhe workings of the usa family provided by inmate

Submitted for your perun/ and use.

Se,..ellnt Plltric:k K. ~.wai






May 6, 2001


Ted SIbi, Direc:tor
Mlrilln TlUji. Dep-C


Wei Mull, CHCA
CluUti Keliipio. CSBA






Robyn Kalahiki. CSA



1. Purpoae
.. Contract contplian<:e-No ACA or NeCHC accreditation at thi.Visn.
b. Prtparedneu for accreditation·No doaImerntion available upon request
Wanton Sedillo. No Health Care Administrator available. Charp I\UJ'Ie uQure
of proe,1'tU rqJII'dina aocreditation due to rtarlt employment.
C. Solution-Warden Sedillo to fedliDC aU available documentation ,..roins
upc:omina Aell lK\a'C:ditation within I (one) weel: ormy retUl'1\.
2. PatH. Interviews




ID IIlIl!i alA)



.. '



6, Cobclu.ion
Alarming numbCIT ofooous assaults in a one-month period, Concern is llIised . n
pat.ients retrain from voicing medical concern, and instwl choose to discuss p~nal
SlAty iSl\lcs. I was diqpP<linted by the lack of readily available information
regardina ACAlNCCHC accreditation.
7, Recommendations
-II. Increased and much improved communication between FCC iIInd PSDIHCAt)
relaled 10 injuries, incidents and follow-up care,


b. Appointment of a modioal contlct penon to join the c::u1TOllt FCC monito~na team
to hlndle all incidents, and mocIical conoems. Currently the CHCA ha~les the
~ of all off'1ite MrViee requosU. ThCIIC requests shoold include • ropy of
the ICIuJI iooident documentation.
c. PCC to c:onIac:t the leader of tile monitorina team anytime: an incident ocCurs, and
the leader should cont1Ct the necessary discipline involved fOr infurmation
IIIarins u well u action plannlna·
d, Information dlarina between team membvs to track trends, and make :

I. Conclusion
Thank you fur this rare opportunity. I was not able to do U I1JU(lh U I had pJ.lnned to
do becaute o(the obvious IHIO.Irity risk, but J was able to ac.compli.h levwal :
important items on my .,enda. Apin. I was alarmed by the number of critidal
UIIIlItI, and dadls that t.ooIc place just before InCI rishl after we left. J was YII!y
diuppointed with the Ieck of readily available inrormation. I will submit an "
additional report once I review the documentation that I requested from Ward!m


Captain Mll1inez is an excellent contract monitor and took every precaution :

neceuary to ensure the teamlsafety. W. were indeed in the middle of a hOIlDe
aitlJation, bIIt he along with Sst Kawai mllh: evay effort to help US do what vi-e WCRI
tent to do. I found that infOrmation sharin, b«ween disciplines (ie: medical, :
residency, IlCUrity, etc.) allowed our team to piece together many seemina1y i

unrelated incidents.
Overall. a very productive and unforgettabll!l elCperience. Again, thank you,


State of Hawaii
DepartlDpt of Public Safety
ArizoDa COlltl'lld MODitOn.lS Trip
Ii1ol'l'llCf Cornedonal Celter

April 2~
To: BCF Warden Nolao Esplnd

Via: Operatiolll CaptaiD JohD


Y3, 2001


Fro.. : Gu,lIIte11l,eDce/lnvl.'StiptloD Se,..eaat htric:k


S ... bjett: Follew-up report of F'loreD~e COlTectloDaI CltDter (FCC) In re1J'Ofpect to
co.tract mODitoriJll trip

. Upon arrival,. FCC Monday April 30, 2001 approxilnaWly 0800 hows, Captain :
Maftinez and ~ met with Warden Pablo Sedillo to discwJs the actiOll8 that he Iud his
. staff WfJftI talc'iug to address the known problem of the idi.lDtified Sec:uri:ty 1k'eat <1roup
lalown as the "USO Family". Warden Sedillo lint stated that the facility was IIld has
beeu on lodc.down ft&tUII
lohn. He added tbat inmate

of America

&ciIity. During
of the tiK:ility at which time known play... oftlH; USO

hit ataJthad conducted "sweep,"
Family had been separated ftom the general population and sent to the PgJ"IIgItion:l.IDit

Warden Sedil.lo stated that a select team ofCCA officials as well as a corrediOllS :
50lutiOQII $pecillist! cornracted by the CCA were en rOllte to assist in addressin& tile. STa
problem at FCC. Warden SediDo and his staff wen: making a conscious deci.llion tcil
addr_ the STa problem. He requested some feed back as to what we -would like ~ Rt

lUlCOmpJ.iabcd d!.uing this trip and any input we could give to resolve the STG problem at •
FCC. Captain Martinez aod myself offi:Jed auggelltiollllllllde known in ow ~0Il8

after action l'qXIrt of the FCC., Upon anivaJ it was found that the CCA otfid.
there COJPOrations peak o1IiciaIs and IDl'J*"tS on STGs.


It wu detennined that due to the length of the loclc:down period all Hawaii inmatllli
should be addreJled at which 'lime they will be told of their expectatiOllS. This was! done
by both Hawaii and CCA officials, namely Captain Martinez and Warden Sedillo, ~
express tile combPi:d e1fOns ofhaltlng tile STGs activities. The jnmatoB wero t.o1cl;tbat
the loetdown would be lifl;ed progreRively where movemflfltS were soiDi to be mcjre
contrOlled. Durillg the next days ~ ibUCl'Md many interviews and ....lI:Ism~ oftbe
inmates and &.cility were made, Captain Martinez, Warden Sedillo IIIId myseIfworied
cloaely u a team while the eCA officials worked amonpt themaeIvN in smaJI teaDia 8IId
we would I!letlt to brief ea.cb other of our findings.
. :
I the week' ~ activities, much of tile suggestions made dutiIJg the initial jmp to
FCC were honored. The divide to conquer theory was initiated wha:c ''violaa(' usa





Family members ~ being segregated from population: From the IIWlIbcrs
group we identified many ofthe violent players who were segregated. l!owever, tHere
were many members that were passive and involvod in the group by intimidation. thia
lVOuP was allowed to stay in populadOl'l and will be monitored of a.ny illicit activity; The
program momter GNy Churich acidreQed the illllUe of separating inmates by thdr c\JMOdy .
levels. We expressed very clear and grave c:oncertlB with this iuue. Stressing the fact
that we cannot combine the "predator and the prey". The movementa at the pruent time
are restricted and in the :future life going to be mOl'litored more cloBl:iy giving FCC Ita1r
the abilliy to ide:ntlfY where inmates Ire at any give;n time.
Wbile at FCC Captain Martinez and myself endorsed and taught a cultural diversity.s
to the sta1f and officers of all watches on Wednesday May 2, 2001. I bdieve that the
STG problem It FCC has • lot to do with the misundentandirJss and ~ in :
culture from the Hawa.iHnmates and sta1f at FCC. Hawaii inmates are UIing these :
millUDderstandings to promote con1licts with the tuJes. Stating isaues of religion and
cu/tw"e to sway officers from IIlfbrcing rules. However, .the tactics of some o.flicersimay
be queationab1e. Many inrnlltCS have expressed that they have be.! called "bcu:h 1li.tJsu"
by staff Warden Sedillo was made aware ofthi. term and stated that he did not knqw of
this tl11ll, and would not tolerllte his lItIffU8in& this tlllill. Warden Sedillo is still actWeIy
pursuing "dirty officers" hoping to prosecute anyone caught with criminal clwJes. :
In conclusion, Warden Sedillo, his staff and, eCA officials _ addr<llUihg the STG :
problem at FCC. Providing a sate and hul1lllle mvironment for all inmates at FCC the
main oonc:em for bim at this time.


Submi!:ted mr your information.

Sergeant Patridc K. Kawai

May 7,2001



Stllte onbwllii
Department of Public: S"fety
Arizohll and New Mexico monitoring trip
Floren!:e Correctional Center and Torrllnee County Detention FacilitY
June 4·8, 2001
To: Wanllll Nolan Esplnda
Via: Operlltion. Cllptain John Martina

From: Gan, Intdligc:ncellnvedlgatlons Selleant Patrick Kawai
Subject: Follow-up lifter action report
Date: J II nt 13, 200 1

Florm« Correctional Center
On Monday June 4, 2001 at approximately 2200 houl'll, CJptain Martin~, CM Ch~
Zembik, and myself arrived at Floren« Correctional Center where a Captain Goddlu-d
greeted UI and notified his superiors. Captain Martinez made reference to our initif' trip
and our late night tour ofthe /llcility and elCpressed that we wanted to lour and get ,a
"feci" of the tacility. Captain Goddard stated Iha! hill notified his warden of our arrival
and the warden would be III the facility shortly, however, we were welcomed to beiin our
tour of the facility. As we breeched the crash door to the main hall I observed fi'esh paint
and paintings on the waDs. Paintings were of Hawaii scenic views and underwater Scenes
giving the taciJity a homely feel. While on tour J observed minimal movement in tbj,
facility and inmates were confined to their respective pods. However. I counted at jeut
six htll porters stripping the wax off tile floors in preparation to re-wall, this issue tif
inmates working at that late hour has been brought up in the past. We continued into
Delta pod and conversed with some inmates. Shortly thereaJ\cr Warden Frank Luna
arrived on the scene and introduced himself to us.

After our introductions Warden Luna proceeded to escort us throu8h the facility ~
spoke ofh;$ intentions for the facility. He continued 10 showcase the changes he ;
implemented at the mcility; 5Uch changes were the relocuion of the warchouM:, new
program rooms, including a computer room, and chapel. In conclusion oithe tour t wu
impressed by Warden Luna's sincere desire to eradicate past practices by Warden Sedillo
and improve on the communication between the State of Hawaii Department of Public
Safety and COI'TIlCtions Corporation of America, Although the movement of 41 known
usa Family STG members was implemented it is believed that many members are still
at Florence Correctional Center. However, it was conveyed by Warden Luna that 00
STG affiliation would be tolerated. He stated that approlCimately 7 inmates identifYing
themselves with "S08" tattoos and markings on their identification cards Wtlre
immediately placed in segregation, enforcing their zero tolerance philosophy relatins to
STG affiliation.

Bdm~rOd the
way that Warden Luna hoodled hi, administrative staff and also the speed at which iwbat
Wall J1!quested for was delivered. Warden Luna addressed much of our concerns :
however, while discussing our demands that inmates be segregated by custody levels,
Warden Luna brought to our attention his desire to put into effi!ct the "Quay" systdm.
Warden Luna has $tilted that this system has been effeetive while implemented in pUt
facilities that he was employed at. This system supposedly separates and classifies i
inmates by their behavior. This system needs to be evaluated by department stafft~ sce
ifthis classification system is feasible for the Hawaii population in Florence. Warden
Luna hall just anived at Florence and is still implementing his administration howevtr, 1
have confidence tlult he will conduot business with th~ greatest professionalism. .

Tornnc:e County Detention Facility


On ThuI1IdBY June 7, 200) at appro"imate)y 1000 hours our team arrived lit Torrance

County Detention Facility and met with Warden Taylor, Auistant Warden Rhoades; and
Chief French. Shonly thereafter, we proceeded to tour (he facility visiting pro,eram:areas
and the pod where the Hawaii population is housed. The facility appears to hI! mOR
established than Florence and our inmates are housed in 8 very secured unit. We IhCn
t(lured the recreation area at which time I noticed and brought to the attention orwluden
Taylor "USO Fam" monikers on the recreation walls. I expl1!Ucd to the Warden a~in
the reason why the 4 J inmates were there and suggested that the monikers be removed
from the walls. He IIsreed and stated that they would bl! removed or covered over
$Oon as possible. He also added that hi.s staff'will be directed to observe the recreation
yards prior to the stan of recreation and observed once again upon completion of :
recreation. Any inmate identified as tagging ft wall will be charged accordingly and
will be
on that inmate. We then went to thl!
with both inmilies.



Submitted for your information

Sergeant Patrick .Kawai

State or Haw.ii
DtpIrtae8••(Publlc Slret)t
Coahc:t Alidit Teem .
CSW CIIeryI Zaab«k


JII" 4, 2001 • JIIft" 2001
luue " 2001 -lune .. 2001





l would like to empbuize·1t die begilDliDJ. of tbiJ report that the tmeIiD.I
iIIvolved fur this
d~ tram the actual time IMIiCIdIId in ~
fic.ility to fWtil ~ ItlORI complete uit of both fltci\ities. However·boCh
Wlrden F1'Iftk Lullll, of F10renc;e C~ Center. ArlzoIII.;. md
Wilden Emest Taylor of Tomnce COUDty DeteutioI1 Center,New
Ma:ico, 1'Id me to believe that tbcy In both dodiClired ludividullli IJId , _
boI:b very illVOlved in the 1CtU&I monitoriDs oftbe Hawaii


bun.,. :

Bt:ldI illlpreaHd me with their prior c:omc:tionIl exp«i_: lAd
tIu'Iir direct .knowledge of safiIty IUId security 1!l1d'thc: privale sec:lOr. :tlqriJJs
our vilit, ill-deptb dillQU.sion were beJd regard.inathe II'If!'orq CC-r.. i.
making to mike imp!'O\'elllentl_ The Hawi baed audit teem: IRl
upoeially conc::emed With the currut stIIte of the pritou due lDl the
detection ofw,* &ppI!IIII'ed to be Hawaii's tim bonafide prilOD pna.: the
'USO' fImiIy, (See ApriIlO - Mey 3, 2001 After Action Reportt.)

During this trip the roUowillB issues were disc:uued:

Reportia, or major iadduCi.
1. Durins truISpOrt of Forty (40) Hawaii inmates from Ari%ODI to New
Mexico on May 18, 200llApproxiniately 1015 hours, PST


Upon beiD8 quationed by the Hawaii coatingency both FCC and rcpc
wled lD have conclusive details or 8JISWeI'S I"fIIlII'iIina the ~
wbic:h ()(',Q,IO'(I(I duriD,g the transport of Hawaii inlJUltos &-om FCC: lD
TCDC. It appc!IaR there \\'WtI two FCC stIdf mClDb«s UIignId to the

traDIpOtt, ill addition to SOIlT members fiom eeAs Ceo&nII Aiizoai
FlOility. Hawaii _ aftOtded VI@IM preli.minlll')' NpOI'Ia of tt. irJcid!tat to
whic:h chemical$ were introduc:ed to quell the situati01L AdditiCmaIly
Warden LuDi UHItJ thtR WIllI video capaeity cIurina the trInIpOJt, 110
video doc:um:cntation ii aVllilable fbi' Hawaii'. review. It appem 4ItaiIs
Ire vague at belt. Additional iDqUm reprdiJIf the entire tI'IuIlIpo/t lII'e





Why wu
iacluded ill tbi, 1raDIpotI? It ...,..,.
he did DOt fit the roquiremcau of u STO.


(During our visi~'~ IUId wile ~ to
spat to ua. ~WIIlI aWuulllllllKl vay VOQ] ~
the satety and welfiuoeof l1li' lI0II. She aIJO UMl'ted she has a very retiabJe
tIOUrCe at Halawa providu., her with "iDaide-" intbl'llllltioo reprdq tilt
maiolaDd. She questioned why i. New Mexico 'PPfOVOd to houlllld Ikwaii
inllllltea without • COIItI'ICC? She also queaUOII8 wby did Mr. Ted $IIaIi
blldQtJy approve for _ lIOII to be moved to New Mexico from ~
with the usos,. iudicating Mr. Sakai i. very awn of tile problema bet 110ft
fac:es fiom the USOa? She IINIU Mr. Sakai Iatowingly bas comproQlited
her 110ft thus puUioa his life WIllI ill dIDsar.)

2. llee. Yard DlsturbaoceIApri111. lOOt

DuriD(! this iIIeideot pre.limiDaty reports iudieate two

oflieers WIn


hiah I'IIIking

V. Oritz !!!i(l~ iqjund. ~1IItY..ft

Aslin repons are vague IDd DO video dOI:::umentatio available fbi' mliew.
(N*: On our _ 1rip to FCC, .Sgt. KIWIIi aDd myself witDeued itwo
videoca&lettee of the ilIcldflllt on Warden Sedillo's deIk. It WIllI .mimed
that • copy of the tapes would be furwtrd to d~ for review.)



3. Inmate lobo KIA exp/nIaiApril26, 2001Approx:imately 014Shoun. :



; .ilil
4. In"'l'tes are mdicatiJ!a FCc is covering up chain of events 1eadiD8! up to

Iuali Amm', datIL


CCA must Dnprove in this area.

State or lIa..a"


AJA-_t or Serrieq

13, UN

24. S~ II1d Coatrol (a &; d)
2S. Usc: oiFon;c (d)
35. DilcipllDe (Coatnctor)
36. Urinalysis Projp1Im
B ..... C....

A walk tbroup ofFCC', Health Care Section wu cooductod. HeaItb Cvc
AdmiDil1ratOr Brenda iDdictted the Health Care unit is grdUIy
understUfed. She nlpOfted FCC did DOt have the !bllow8 modi4:111
plll'lOllllel :


EiIht (8) 1lIJI'Ia.
ODe (1) MedieIl AaiItIlU


One (1) PIydIe Worker
ODe (1) I'harmIoiIt Teclmiciau
Two (2) MemaI Health Clink.aI Specialist
0IIe (1) AdmiDilllltive AllliIltlDt
One (I) Medical R.oc:ordt Oerk



Warden Luna indicated be wu actively J)U1'lIUiDg filIjug SO"'lII of




Sute elKlwlli
etSemDate: l~ 13, I'"
Rdatina to HaIth Care
49. Genl Provisiollll
SO. IJcemMICI HeaJth Care swr





Hawaii inmates are $Iill complaining of the 1acIt· of proJ!'llllll o~ It
Sex OffimdIIS II.' -not IIftbnIed belli."'" to 1W.fil i HPA


requirelllems. Ware!. woa bas indiclted he _ hired • chap~ fOr
religious progrIID!l. He has also c:mted a hobby shop fur the Hawaii
illJDltes. He hu also ,IllItllJed more reaeatiOll time u lDOt.berv..jay of
OCQ1PYiDg lDmate's time. He has moved the buildiq maiJ.twnce ~ to
what he l?e.Jicwe.s i, • mote IIICI.ItIId location. He is alIo ~ 0.0
cfumsill8 tho loti- of tho fomaIe rec;. )'U'd.


Sute elJllwlii
Aveea-t 01 ServlCII

Date: JIIIr 13, I".

33. J\eIisiou. Prosrams

40. Propaml
Parole Barlq

Wle visitins New Mexico, inmates


they miued their



Warden Taylor is currently workiDg on



Sute oIBawaii
A........t fIlScrvica
Date: JIIIr U. 19ft
43. Inmate P.mcipatiop in Telf:9honic HeaIi• .




Hawaii inm&tes hive colUplained that the e1aNification process uJod by
FCC is uafair and DOt I"II'lISOdIble, Inmates who received miDiDlUJli statui
here in Hawaii are nOw considcnd Close CUJtody, Wardell Luna bat
lUgMted the QUAY Systl!lII U • duaification proc.!III8, .

State If.wlii



Apee.1IIftIt of SerYictI

13, ItM
37. Cuitody Re-c1auifiCltioll
UriaalyN Prepua

FCCiI DOt providilllrl'iPldllm UA 'j')rogr:im.WlI'deil Luna baa ~
rbi, wiU be incoqJonled ASAP,


State elHawaJl
Apel•••t otServiett
Date: J-'1 13, 1".
36. UriDalysis Program


the depattJDelU claimiq to :have
members of the tnInSp011iDg SORT taun. I illterviewed
lie ClOIliinuea to claim that h. was IUiIltRated d~ the
1IMt5 that ~e force was uted ami DOt Wll'luted. HIlI
abo &SIICfU he did not meet the requircmem:s to hav~ been trIIIIpOJtOd to
Jl{ew Mclrioo. He is DOt. ". . member."
'wril'" • letter to

~was interviewed. He co~ to claim be life ~8 in
d.~1ttaCk by the USo. i, inevitable.
~ feels lie is being tarpted by Arizona ~ his
mother ~lil.1lt. He IlllO sIwed HalI1W1l admiDillBtion is behind



_ears to be • memaI heUth concern, He bat been
mY1:llvod in two IIIUI.IltI recmdy. Wlnfen Luna IIIJd myMlf i.lIf.erviowed
him ~iD8 the Dl();It RaIIIt auault. He wu speaking "!lubbl....


put into dilIciplinary sepgation fur
IJld throatcnin& lID oftil:lCr. ~ by
~lte!:1OI'tII an:: very vague. IDmat~ claims ~ iI


out of contwl aod p~ the antire incideut. Invettiptjon ~ by
inaccurate lllatement by_Grievance Sled by. .UIIIIDII....ed.


lIlffeJed a lIizure, Ofticer~
Innurte while suJfering • iMb:ure.


~88scrts ~c force used by SORT officaJ.


1IIm~ that ~W8II introduced to dlemicj.Ia by
S.._ .



requated cJarification on Rcstrided AcCount.
Imnatell baw no
,in spePdablc 8CCQWlt but DeOd bYSi- itemI.
Requested ClXception n1iife !Of'tIMse ii~.'


Inmates claim alleged illicit activities conducted by Offi~ :
(W1Ifde.a l.uDa Informed.)
, ':


eeA must meet !II contract agreement terms.
The Hawaii audit team does feel there bas



maI.e by

eeA. Warden Luna made emphasis on his style of IIIID&JfI1lleJ1 bcU\8 fair

but firm. F-tback froID molt Hawaii inmates regarding the ItIlC Or the
prison wu posidve (DOting in particular the pl'elll!lrlCe ofWud. Luni).

A better collll1l111lication line between FCC, TCOC and SOH naiR be
considered a priority fur success, Timelilless, Complete &: T _
reporting of major incidClltl &110 critical.

It appears a fllW of FCC staff members and CCA SORT


conducting business ill • less than professioaal JIlIDlIeI'. 'I'beIe
should be addressed immediately.



Medical staffing issues are urgent and IIlUBt be addreucd immedie:te1t,
Programs need. must be met,


Random UA's required, SOH must be kept fOllmuly illiOrmed.
11 appears FCC should utilize PSD's duaific.ltion proceu to stay
CQIIfistent witb Hawaii. Additionally Hawaii inmates IR acculJtOll1Cld IIId
knowledgeable to tbi. pox:e:IS,



Department IlOIIIideration for fullowias inmate moves:

_ _ appeared to have atablished encmiel tbrouabOut tile


_ _ 1IhouId be <:oNidered for moveIJ1ettt hick to JiI.waii

~~. WlI"da Luna reels if reloued to ~
population it may create III ulIIIf'e enviromnent. E.itbcr bej'U get
hurt or be'UIIurt 1OIfIeOIIe.

due to pouible Meatal Health







IIhoWd be c:onsidOl'll>d for imnIediate

Sa&ty aDd Welfare COIICII'1II.


cannot be moved back to FCC. Rumor bu it that tile
non USOS inmates will "bit" him. Saft:ty and WelfII"e ~.

Submitted fur your pc:rusal.



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