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Speaking Truth to Power - Testimonies from prisoners in US, Prison Watch Program, 2014

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Speaking Truth to Power
A collection of testimonies from prisoners in United States prisons, documenting uses of
physical, chemical, and no-touch torture, among other human rights abuses

Sent to: Human Rights Task Forces on the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel,
Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the International Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, as well as the Universal Periodic Review

American Friends Service Committee
Prison Watch Program
89 Market Street, 6th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Bonnie Kerness, Program Director
Casey Diaz, Intern
Ashiera Jones, Intern
Summer 2014

Derek Shaw, #1444224
Newark, NJ
The captive informed of is unjustly placed in solitary confinement prior to any attempt to
substantiate the allegations against him/her, depriving them of access to school/religious
programs, commissary, property, and visitation privileges.
Johnathan Williams, SBI 476388C
New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NJ
I was beaten in Northern State Prison then shipped to Trenton. The officers, 2 of 6, who attacked
me had a hearing I learned that nothing was done. This happened November 2011. The shipped
me out and threatened me with street charges. There were over 50 witnesses to me attack. I was
brutalized! During this 6 month period I suffered numerous anxiety attacks due to the long term
torturous isolation. I’ve been in isolation for 6 months. I had to be placed on anxiety medication.
While in solitary here at Trenton, an officer planted a federally controlled drug in my cell. He
claimed on a “Blue Sheet” that the drugs were in a white envelope I challenged the “Blue Sheet”
and had a cross examination confutation at the hearing with a Sargent who was involved and the
clearly mendacious employee. I wrote an extensive statement in my defense outlining and listing
relevant case law. The “committee” illegally agrees to hand down orders to have me drugged by
force. A Government Psychiatrist who met with me stated that she didn’t agree with that order
and expressed ethic concerns. She quickly removed/ reversed the orders to drug me up. Shortly
later Dr. Voutto moved on. She no longer works here, perhaps she’s seen too much corruption.
Michael Caropresso #W83857
Massachusetts Correctional Institution Shirley
Shirley, MA
My urine sample has been in lab awaiting testing, meanwhile I’ve been kept in solitary. I was
told it will likely be a year before they get to my sample. I have been in DDU (Disciplinary
Detention Unit) for 30 months, I‘ve witnessed inmates kill themselves, hang themselves, brutally
cut up, cut major arteries, and tendons. I have been a part of illness and beaten up, often being
gassed by “move teams” “SRT” extractions.
Duane Haley #1788854
William P. Clements Unit
Amarillo, TX
My cell door has not been opened for any reason since I arrived at this facility on 4-24-13. There
are no windows, no sunlight, no nothing, no way to know the time or if it is night or day other
the changing of guard shifts.
Harry Lee Boggs #1000672581

Hays State Prison
Trion, GA
1. I’ve been raped 16 times by Hays State officials
2. My incoming mail is being held in unit… Manager Reed’s office for no lawful reason
3. 22 beatings and placed on 24-hour cell S.M.U. behind a two room glass and a reinforced steel
door where you can’t see any sunlight
4. Use of force by using chemical agents as a form of punishment on inmates
5. Deprived medical care, religious freedom, our food, placed butt naked and placed in a cell
with nothing for 3 to 4 weeks at a time. Killing inmates and covering it up so that the outside
world knows nothing at all. The following state officials are just a few that belong to the KKK as
they state to inmates after raping or beating them…
Second letter:
• G-1-Unit and G-2-Unit are 24-hour lockdown 7 days a week, subjects me to punitive
conditions of confinement, without due process, and on many occasions, simply for speaking out
on violations of my rights
• Since I’ve been in SMU for 24 hours a day, the practice of instilling fear and using force for
speaking out is common, where I’ve had physical force used against me without any justification
and false reports created to cover up all their corrupt acts against me
• I have stayed in G-wing 7 months without property, physical exercise, denied food most of the
time, mail destroyed or held in Unit Manager Reed’s office, deprived showers for weeks at a
time due to mold and black/green mildew on the ceiling and walls
• Ordering maintenance to spray paint the back window in and out, along with steel boxes over
it, blocking all sunlight 24 hours a day at a rate of 365 days a year…
• The cell has extremely bright lights, too bright even to read and write in, which is proving to
cause damage to my eyes
• …The defendants [prison officials]… have ordered food service to decrease food portions
significantly to the point of death to some inmates and long term digestive problems
• SMU/ ASU are deprived of all and any environmental or sensory stimuli
Gregory Thompson #C08011
Taylor Correctional Institution
Perry, FL
I’ve been in solitary confinement here at Taylor since Jan 9th 2014… They even went so far as
to sexually harass me, in which I filed a report on the officer and was told that it was sent to
inspector general Jeffery Beasley but I yet have not heard any kind of response back. That was
almost two months ago.
Roy Talley #J-73098
Corcoran State Prison
Corcoran, CA

This term [solitary confinement] I have been in a little over 4 years straight, but overall most of
the past 15 years… After doing a substantial amount of time inside alone, then being released is
shocking. It is a blast for a few days then the people, colors, sounds, touching, movement, kids,
cars, and social interactions become way too much, kind of like over-stimulation of the senses, it
gets really uncomfortable around everyone and everything, so much that it usually takes alcohol
or drugs to ‘feel’ comfortable.
David LaCouture #11884
Plymouth County Correctional Facility
Plymouth, MA
They called it a 23 hour lockdown, but during the hour out, you had no other human contact- not
even staff… As you are aware we are made to eat and sleep in a concrete and steel bathroom…In
my particular case they never turned off the light. My window was covered on the outside with
some type of white plastic so that we could not attempt any type of visual communication with
whatever may have been out there.
Patrice Daniels #B-70662
Pontiac Correctional Center
Pontiac, IL
Up until April 17th of this year, I’d spent a total of 17 years in disciplinary segregation (solitary
confinement)… I am freakishly severely scarred on my arms, thighs, and even my calves and
genitals from the years of self-mutilation… I was routinely retaliated against by not being feddue to my “assaultive” behavior (which led to severe malnourishment)… I grew to loathe
physical contact. It hurt to be touched. Or in the reverse- any physical contact with anyone would
provoke the urge to be extremely violent… It’s not conducive to identifying with others
Christopher Gerlach #DB-5261
State Correctional Institution Greene
Waynesburg, PA
I am currently in solitary confinement here at SCI Greene (since 2005). I have been repeatedly
sexually harassed/ threatened by guards here multiple times… Col Moore who is the leader of
inmate brutality (brags about “finding” by himself 4 inmates hanging dead- has to be a record!)
here at SCI Greene, repeatedly has threatened to hang me in my cell with a “black bag over my
head” in front of the whole block… Also, Col Moore told the whole block that they needed a
good “beat down” and he’d march us all to yard naked in our socks and he’d start sodomizing
inmates… He threatened to “execute” all the long term inmates… Guys here getting fingers,
wrists broken by guards too- legs too- I have already been assaulted by another C.O for reporting
Second letter:

We are forced to be totally naked in front of staff constantly as well as other inmates- there are
also some inmates who work for the staff of whom we are threatened with rape and forced to be
naked in front of them when we dress, wash, do bodily functions… I had Nurse Fleming and Srg.
Champman on 6-22-14 smear feces inside a nasal medication and laugh “he just blew shit up his
Edward Campbell #AT2982
North Kern State Prison
Delano, CA
[After being released from solitary confinement the first time] I didn’t like to be touched or
hugged. Socializing for the first few months was pretty much a no-go. Just opening up to people
in a conversation was hard, sometimes I would just clamp-up… It’s more of them (the
administration) trying to break us down mentally.
Xavier Clark #1138318
Hays State Prison
Trion, GA
It’s 5 of us back here and our cell has feces, bug/insect infested, toilet bowl filthy, feces on door
and walls, showers are extremely hot, showers are bug infested [and] unclean, cold food, locked
in cell 24 hours 7 days a week, no yard-calls at all, not allowed to buy hygiene off store, insect
and bug infested vents of heat in rooms that give off a distinctive smell, very few cell clean outs,
and no cleansing just straightening up by cart team and etc.
Marlon McCarthan #N03096
Florida State Prison
Raiford, FL
Sleep deprivation, paranoia, fear, and mild hallucination I deal with daily.
Gilbert J. Pailotta #46244
Ely State Prison
Ely, NV
I have been in solitary since 1998. From 1998-2005 I was held on “High Risk Potential”…
which in part includes zero staff and/or inmate contact, no group activities, no program
participation, stripped of privileges (e.g. phone, canteen, contact visits, hobby craft, inter alia),
and escorted with arm and leg restraints that have a dog leash attached to them during any
movement. In 2005 I was removed from the “HRP” status and Disciplinary Segregation, but
placed on Administrative Segregation. I’m still stripped of privileges, staff and/or inmate
contact, no group activities, no program participation and in-cell confinement for 23 hours a day.
I also only get to shower every 3 days.
James Watkins # 01702234
Clements Unit

Amarillo, TX
First off I’m in Segregation Lockdown 23 hours a day… The officials here commonly use
chemical agents on inmates with documented asthma then leave you in your cell naked, no
property at all, no blankets, sheets, or mattress for 24 hours and no shower or soap to wash off
the tear gas or pepper spray. Just last summer in 2013 an inmate named Wolverton, I think, here
the ECB High Security Seg building died of chemical agents. He was left on his cell floor
covered in feces, he had a colostomy bag, and he was found dead the next day after several
counts… We are woken up at every count, every 1 to 2 hours round the clock for count. You can
never sleep more than 2 hours at a time.
Charles Morton #198189
Staton Correctional Center
Elmore, AL
First and I feel most importantly is the solitary confinement at the last prison I was at. It is a
dungeon like setting. Dark, no windows, you go weeks and months sometimes not seeing light.
These are dangerous and unsupervised for the most part. Men are put in these cells with other
men which fight and get injured without anyone knowing for hours on end… I have seen several
times inmate getting beat while in cuffs or ganged up by a number of officers… Last is I work in
the infirmary and while there are lots of times men go weeks with broken bones, the worse is I
reported that one of the men had died and it was almost an hour before anyone came and checked
on him.
Randy Watterson #0427985
Central Prison
Raleigh, NC
I was frequently stripped naked and searched for no reason… I have been maced, beat, and
sustained emotional tortures by prison guards in way I cannot semantically voice on paper… In
there [solitary] and after weeks, months, or years, your body begins to hurt in places all over
from laying around so much and the depression sets in like a disease… We eventually don’t seek
normal communication, we interact with violence that has been bred from aloneness… I watched
a man brutally stabbed to death right before my eyes… I’ve had my share of being stabbed and
Glenn E. Conroy, Jr #447096
Waupun Correctional Insitution
Waupun, WI
I have basically been in seg housing unit and while being here the guards have tormented and
encouraged me to cut myself and even specified jugular, carotid arteries, and have taunted me
every time I have cut my wrist arteries, saying that I did not do it to their satisfaction and have
threatened to beat me to a pulp.
Daniel Alvarez #73277

Central New Mexico Correctional Facility
Los Lunas, NM
A suicide attempt. That’s what happened to me during my time in solitary. A serious, legitimate
suicide attempt. I suffer of schizophrenia and while I was in segregation all I had to talk to was
the voices in my head… While in solitary I was electrocuted due to faulty wiring. After that
everything just went downhill for me. Every day I talked to delusions more and more. It got to
the point that I did whatever the voices told me. Eventually I decided that was no way to live and
chose to try to kill myself. I was found in my room passed out and cover in blood. The next
morning I went right back into trying to kill myself as soon as [I] woke up. I tried to kill myself
by diving into a metal stool… I suffer of brain damage… If I would [have] had daily
conversations with other people, I would have not interacted with delusions. Delusions that led
me to try to kill myself.
Ismael Acevedo Ortiz #FY3422
SCI Frackville
Frackville, PA
Solitary Confinement Conditions: Well it’s basically like living in a gas chamber. No fresh air,
gaseous smells and mold and other horrible smells coming out of the ventilation system, making
myself and others sick and loss of appetite. Flies in all cells and on the unit bugs all around as if
living in the open mountains. The water is a very light brown and bubbles when you pour in a
cup and with the nastiest taste… Constantly being sexually harassed by numerous of strip
searches in which one I have to bend over and spread my glutes to show them my rectum and
this can happen 2 to 3 times in one day Mon-Fri… Cell lights on all day and guard flashing flash
light in face when sleep.
Jeffrey Mondell #445502
New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NJ
They offer a yard every 2-3 days and that is for about 2 hours and you go by yourself in a caged
in area no larger than a large dog pen without any ability to walk or get proper exercise… I
witnessed firsthand a female officer SCO Mason-Watts having sex with inmate Julian in the
control booth on my previous unit… She still works here, and has inappropriate relations with
inmates still.
Jeffrey Gardner #1122076
Pocahontas State Correctional Center
Pocahontas, VA
Sometimes inmates die due to neglect… During that week in the strip-cell, I received no shower,
no soap to wash my hands, wasn’t allowed to brush my teeth, write a letter, make a phone call,
and I was given 21 squares of toilet paper… Sometimes K-9’s were picked up by the handler and
thrown onto inmates… I make $4.05 a week at $0.27 an hour for 15 hours.

Joseph Hall Jr. #1139963
Hays State Prison
Trion, GA
None of the locks on cell doors work which resulted in the death of 5 prisoners in one month…
We are supposed to get an hour a day outside our cell but that’s not true in Georgia. We gone
months without seeing the sunlight with nothing to read but a bible. Prisoner suicide has tripled
and it’s a medical fact that everyone has lost weight in this program.
Tony L. Mutschler #FK9033
SCI Frackville
Frackville, PA
In this housing unit the windows are welded shut… They had one fire and used CO2 gas twice.
The fire, we were taken out one by one and when they sprayed the gas we went nowhere. The
hole unit was forced to breath it and it made a lot of guys feel sick including myself. And there is
no fire suppression in this unit so we were forced to breath in smoke because windows don’t
Khalid Awan #50959-054
FCI Mendota
Mendota, CA
During said 11 months, one time I was placed at the end of the SHU cell for 6 weeks. I can’t see
anyone except CO, who come to give a food and all SHU windows also shut, you can’t see
Pontell Bryant #311381C
New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NJ
I was assaulted four different times by correctional officers (excessive force) once in 2008, 2009,
2012, and 2013… I have endured consisted of sleep deprivation, screeching sounds, extreme
silence, extreme cold and heat, intentional situational placement, humiliation- a systematic attack
on all human stimuli… Prisoners are constantly being bitten and could possibly become infected
with diseases such as MRSA.

Gilbert J. Paliotta #46244
Ely State Prison
Ely, NV
Administration is biased and racist towards me, a Polynesian inmate. They (Ely State Prison
Administration) have continuously re-classified former “HRP” [High Risk Potential] inmates
back to general population- all white or Hispanic inmates.

Marion Singletary, SBI 484723D
South Woods State Prison
Bridgeton, NJ
A white guy that came into the trailer at 12 a.m. drunk with a distinct odor to his body, he was
yelling at us, calling us dumb ass niggers for not eating… I still have nightmares from my
experiences and I still live with the fear of being sent back there and beat or killed just for being
Thomas Dudley #K02759
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
Milton, FL
I tried to explain the cuffs were extremely too tight and that my hands were numb, he [Sgt.
Broughton] laughed and stated something akin to “I thought you niggers were used to shackles
by now”… He stated something akin to “you haven’t felt pain yet faggot Write another
grievance against me and the next time I’ll stick my key up your black ass nigger”… As he
locked the cage he again threatened me that “next time I’m going to say ‘stop resisting’ then
slam your punkass on your head. So if you even think about writing this up or to report me to Lt.
Mitchell again I’ll have my boys take care of your nigger faggot ass!”
Cesar Martinez #1195387
Crossroads Correctional Center
Cameron, MO
…they both slammed me into the corner of the door, causing undue pain and suffering. They did
this one more time. Then they picked me up and carried me to the cell I was assigned to, all the
while tormenting me with racial slurs such as “we should have hit this piñata harder” and “I
think we cracked this taco shell.”
Ismael Acevedo Ortiz #FY3422
SCI Frackville
Frackville, PA
The racism, well even though I was born in Brooklyn, New York, my parents are form Puerto
Rico so I’m called names like “bean eater, spick, dirty Mexican, immigrant” and other nasty
Mykeal Rowland #1227589
Crossroads Correctional Center
Cameron, MO
There are also several acts of racism towards inmates at the facility. Whenever violations are
given, the inmates of color are guaranteed to get a worse range of punishment than the white

Tony L. Mutschler #FK9033
SCI Frackville
Frackville, PA
I’ve been threatened by staff (COs) and I’ve heard them threaten others as well or torment
inmates about their crime, race, mental urges, and religion.
Kenyon Smith #243134
William E Donaldson Facility
Bessemer, AL
COs refer to us Asiatics, Europeans with racial slurs i.e. nigga, cracka

Jose Santos, SBI 107218B
Northern State Prison
Newark, NJ
On June 11, 2013 I was sexually abused and rob by another inmate in S.S.C.F. Delmont, NJ. On
June 12, 2013, I was in such a RTS and this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which was cause by
the RTS i.e. Rape Trauma Syndrome took me into a point where I really wanted to kill myself.
When I told Sgt. Thomas, he called me a “freak” and I was placed in psychiatric watch. I
continued to report the abuse to Dr. Glassermen, Sgt. Gel Dr. Gracias and Officer F. Martinez.
The Medical Team i.e. mental health team, reported the abuse to SID and documented. Now I
find myself housed in isolation unit heavily medicated for RTS and PTSD.
Juan Garcia #09A5409
Southport Correctional Facility
Pine City, NY
Officer Wheoton and Chopman touch my genitals, I file complain they take away my insulin for
three days.
Roy McMahon AKA Rachel Anne #1103546
Mark W. Stiles Unit
Beaumont, TX
He [Sgt Briscoe] constantly harasses gay and trans inmates…There have been three counts in
which Sgt. Briscoe has harassed me, and the third account, he threatened to hit me with his fist,
while I was in cuffs.
Then [he] pulled out the gas (pepper spray) and starts shaking it up. Did I shut up? No, I kept on,
and on, reading him. He sprayed the whole can right in my face –account from McMahon’s
friend, another trans prisoner.

Gertavia Thompson #1008525
Mountain View Unit
Gatesville, TX
My bodily privacy was violated. Every day I was watched shower, use my toilet, and at any time
I was naked not only did officers watch, but make comments, “I bet that pussy tight, clean that
asshole good, or fat nasty body.”
Mykeal Rowland #1227589
Crossroads Correctional Center
Cameron, MO
Us offenders are also punished for inappropriate reasons. For example, I was sexually harassed
by a female guard here at Crossroads Correctional Center. The officer told me to “uncover my
window,” I then told her that I was “using the bathroom” and she gave me a second directive so I
uncovered the window. Then I asked “why do you want me to uncover the window? Are you
trying to see my genitals or something?” And then she stated “well I am a girl, ya know.”
Shi’Quon Fowler #215978
Union County Jail
Elizabeth, NJ
In or about April 2012, Former Detention Center Officer Sherrie Brown-Braswell began to
sexually assault and demand sexual acts from me which were non-consensual and against my
will. Braswell threatened me with physical abuse should I resist her sexual assaults or report this
activity to another employee. Braswell continued the sexually assaults and threats until
approximately November 2012… This is humiliating considering the fact I was raped at the
Detention Center.
Brian Turner #15686-078
FCI Mendota
Mendota, CA
All this started with letters from the staff member… which she insisted on trying to get me where
no cameras to perform oral sex on me… I woke up one night with her next to me fondling my
penis and looking at me. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back down and I didn’t know what to
do… She began to suck on my penis and then when she was done she tried to kiss me and I
turned my head… The second time I was awake and I told her through the door window to
please don’t come in. She unlocked the door again and pushed me onto the bed and pulled my
pants down again and began sucking my penis, at the end giving me the same threats.

Maurice Gay, #512588B
New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NJ

These people have taken me hostage with some serious abuse and torture. I am crying out for
some help in getting a free form this state of bullying and suffering I can’t even rest without
some officers creeping in my cell hitting me upside my head and mouth.
William Thomas, #267620C
New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NJ
I have to beg for water and food. We are being killed slowly. If you were to come here you
would find us in this “dry cell” naked, cold and hungry. We are being cut off from all avenues of
recourse. I was removed from special needs and placed here. Please can you get somebody,
anybody to get us out of these torture chambers? We are doing nothing wrong and have no
intention of doing so. I’m having serious problems with the staff and administration here. I’m
getting threatened to be physically assaulted by staff as well as other inmates, I don’t eat much
either, this started after I filed my lawsuit. I don’t feel safe, I don’t eat or sleep, nothing. The staff
wants me to withdraw my complaint. They won’t even give me paper to write on any more. It’s
two other people on this Unit scared for their lives due to staff misconduct and misinformation.
They will kill us.
Marion Singletary, SBI 484723D
South Woods State Prison
Bridgeton, NJ
I was shipped to BSP [Bayside State Prison] in September 2010, upon entering the prison that
day I witnessed a prisoner being beat while in handcuffs in the intake area… On the compound
there is a red line called the “Baker Line.” If you step a foot on this line or cross this you will be
beat… It was no secret that the helicopter would airlift someone to the hospital at least once a
week due to the severe beatings. In 2011 I personally was involved in an incident where an
officer assaulted an inmate on the walkway in the blind spot… Inmates were beaten to death,
inmates were refused medical treatment because the medical staff were a part of the problem…
Female COs would lie on inmates and say an inmate pulled out his penis, grabbed his crotch
area, or made sexual advances at them. Then they would laugh while that inmate was beat
viciously… By this time it was evident the only resolution to the COs was to beat us into
submission… I watched 7 COs run into an inmate’s room and beat him until they broke his
arm… He beat an Indian guy at night then the next day the guy was beat right in the day room
James Lindsey #256676
Baraga Correctional Facility
Baraga, MI
My A-wing C/O officer intentionally deprived me my breakfast and lunch meal due to retaliation
of numerous complaints I’ve filed on him recently.
James Dehler #489703

Waupun Correctional Institution
Waupun, WI
I got cuts on my face scars from a electric shock taser gun that shoots wires (2 wire shoot, each
20 seconds long) and O-C burn spray with gases in my eyes.
Thomas Tanner #100396
Lansing Correctional Facility
Lansing, KS
I was severely beaten by the black suits here in March 2014 for no good reason- they didn’t have
to beat me- I wasn’t threatening them, nor was I aggressive or resisting them. Now I have
permanent injuries to my left hip and left rotator cuff… Black suit Gill repeatedly hit me with his
fists over and over again, yelling “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” I wasn’t resisting- I froze up
when they rushed me.
One guy was in the infirmary here at LCF not long ago and as he fell to the floor in his cell,
clutching his chest in severe pain of a heart attack- nurse Suzy told him to shut up, quit whining,
and get off of the floor and up on his bunk. The poor chap died on the spot, right then and theredue directly to nurse Suzy’s neglect.
My good friend Miguel Jiminez was put “in the hole” on around June 15th, 2013 for no good
reason and he hanged himself and he died.
Donald A Lock #13119
Pendleton Correctional Facility
Pendleton, IN
Male and female guards helping me out of my wheelchair and trying to life me by hand, in my
full trip, hand cuff, belly chain, black box, pad lock and leg iron trip gear actually did cause my
left arm to be hurt as well as my back and both legs to suffer great twisting pain to be fitted into
said 4 x 4 x 5 stainless steel 18” van box.
Goes on to repeatedly describe the pain resulting from this trip in a non-handicapped van, despite
him being in a wheelchair for several years.
G.D. Escalante (Gilbert Daniel) #569711
Alfred D. Hughes Unit
Gatesville, TX
In the early morning of Friday 11-23-12 the inmate in the “seclusion cell” next to me, I heard,
covered himself in feces. And they left him like that for around 5 hours. On 11-26-12 Monday, at
around 5:35 p.m., 3 C.O. brought me mattress. 1 of them pinned me to my bunk, punched me at
least twice in right side of ribs, semi-choked me, while the other 2 watched… Afterwards, before
lunch, 3 C.O. entered my cell again, pull me off bunk, punch on me, but intentionally avoid
punching my face.

Sheldon Simmons #1588486
William P. Clements Unit
Amarillo, TX
On 8-21-13 I was beaten by a Lieutenant and his 5 man team. The Lt. actually suited up and ran
in with the team which is very rare and shouldn’t be legal. They tried to gouge my eyes out and
Alton D. Brown #DL4686
State Correctional Institution Graterford
Graterford, PA
I was attacked while in restraints approximately 30 days later after a transfer to the “receiving
center”… They jumped me time I stepped off the bus, took my dentures, glasses, property, and
placed me in a strip cell, where I was denied everything (including food).
Jon Cox #R23562
Menard Correctional Center
Menard, IL
I was physically beaten without justification by three cook county deputy sheriffs while another
deputy simply watched.
John T. Vance #923106
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Carlisle, IN
At age 16, I was sent to Indiana’s most notorious, maximum security prison. I was placed into
the general population and into an open dormitory… During my 23 years of incarceration, I have
been beaten, raped, and robbed. I have been slandered and ostracized by both staff and
prisoners… I have watched as guards have allowed prisoners to be killed. I know of instances in
which they have caused prisoners to be beaten and killed too.
Mark Teas #09964-010
Federal Correctional Institution, El Reno
El Reno, OK
I was being extradited from AR to WV and locked in the back of a van in a cage for 13 days
straight by a private transport company called PTS (Prisoner Transport Services). 13 days (only
1 time day 8) was we allowed out the van to sleep and shower. The rest of the time we had to
urinate, defecate, and vomit on ourselves, 8 of us in a 6 ft by 4 ft cage. Below freezing temps, the
water was freezing inside with us, no heater, no medications, they gave everyone cigarettes to
“stay calm.” Handcuffed, shackled, belly chained 13 days. 90+ mph the whole time my head was
swollen up, it was so rough. I about died.

William Krieg #1366694
Ellis Unit
Huntsville, TX
In 2004 at the Smith Unit I was sexually assaulted by a Crip Gang Member… Upon receiving a
custody change I was sent to the Robertson Unit in 2010 and upon being placed back into
General Population where I was again harassed by the Mexican population and the Crip Gang
members. I decided to pay the required extortion payments to a white Crip gang member for the
protection I need to keep from harm. Then I was sexually assaulted and physically assaulted by
this same Crip, and forced to perform sexually for his other Crip homeboys… They were going
to place me back into the General Population of the Robertson Unit when I attempted to take my
life… In November 2011 while at the Montford Unit Psychiatric Hospital I reported that my life
was in immediate danger from one of my cellmates whom had been refusing his psychotropic
medications for 3 weeks and was psychotic, and TDCJ did not remove me from the cell. That
night I was severely beaten, and have sustained tremendous brain injuries. I have been diagnosed
with Traumatic Brain Injury, which I am told there is no cure. I have a loss in hearing, vision, the
sense of taste and smell, severe headaches, severe ear ringing that is very painful, the loss of
equilibrium to where I am falling down several times a day, I have a loss of the ability to think
properly, to formulate sentences, answer questions in a timely manner or at all. Things seem to
be getting worse, but I am receiving absolutely no type of treatment for any of these ailments…
In October 2013 I started receiving sexual harassment in my workplace by a TDCJ Food Service
Manager. It was ongoing until I had had enough and refused to continue to perform homosexual
acts to shame me for his pleasure.
James Lindsey #256676
Baraga Correctional Facility
Baraga, MI
On 6/12/14 Thursday…Hyatt took me to the floor and Wartanin [?] started kicking me in the
face on my left side and splitting my eye open and blood began to spill no the floor. Next he
began on my right eye hitting me 3 times and began to spray my face with gas while saying, “this
will teach you to write a grievance on me, little bitch!”… On 6/13/14 Friday Wing Officer
Wartanin deprived me my lunch… On 6/14/14 Saturday Wartanin deprived me breakfast and
ripped up 2 of my medical kites… Later C/O Clement deprived me lunch… On 6/15/14 Sunday
Wartanin deprived me breakfast and lunch and influence RN Casper to deprive me morning and
afternoon meds… On 6/16/14 Monday Wartanin deprived me lunch and unfluence RN to
deprive me meds.
Randy Lee Sherrouse #1748502
Stiles Unit
Beaumont, TX
I’ve seen from inside the chowhall, looking outside and seeing the Sgt. Brisco hit an inmate in
the mouth with the pair of big brass keys they have.
Billy R. James #92847

Ely State Prison
Ely, NV
I too was a victim of retaliation, solitary, push down on stairs by officer, and medical malpractice
in the High Desert State Prison and Ely State Prison. I was retaliated against and sent to a
maximum prison due to filing grievances about unfair due process in the prison AR and OP
regulations… The prisons are covering up murder, contraband, coercion, staff beating inmates,
and illegal funds taking.
Thomas Dudley #K02759
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
Milton, FL
I am an openly gay African-American who for the past several months or so have been subjected
to hate crimes, physical abuse, sexual harassment, and ethnic and sexual discrimination, am
treated unfairly, being singled out, and am in constant fear of what Sgt. Broughton will do next,
or have done to me next… In my situation specifically, Sgt. Broughton has been relentlessly
retaliating against me by way of some of the aforelisted tactics not to excluding antagonism,
bigotry, harassment, verbal, and physical assault with the realistic threat of physical and sexual
abuse… The words “DIE FAG” were written in toothpaste on the cell floor which clearly
constitutes a hate crime and sexual discrimination and those same words Sgt. Broughton has told
me several times… Several inmates were gassed with chemical agents and moved out of the
dorm that day… While he (Sgt.) begrudgingly escorted me to rec on Lt. Mitchell’s orders, his
right hand vised gripping my left bicep, he maliciously dug his fingers into my bicep causing me
severe and acute pain throughout my arm. When I told him he was hurting me not only did he
dig his fingers in even harder causing my whole arm to go numb but he stated something akin to
“you haven’t felt pain yet faggot… write another grievance on me and the next time I’ll stick my
key up your black ass nigger!”
Derek King #1286300
Jester IV Unit
Richmond, TX
My cell mate started to beat me and stomp on me about October and he beat and rape me for 11
days and he broke both sides of my jaw, deformed my left ear and swole my nuts 2 times their
normal size. Then he shoved a plastic spoon up my ass… Now I suffer from paranoia and
constant fear of others and always feel that people are going to hurt me or kill me. Now I am a
victim of rape and a brutal beating and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Cesar Martinez #1195387
Crossroads Correctional Center
Cameron, MO
As I was kneeling down to submit to leg restraints, CO Baker grabbed me around my neck in a
choke hold position and pulled me, attempting to get me into the cell out of the view of cameras
and witnesses. The cuff strap prevented this, and in addition to being choked, my wrists were cut

from the cuffs being unable to move from the door. CO Baker then proceeded to hide, still
having me in a choke hold position, slammed my face and forehead into the ground, causing
severe excruciating pain and a brief blackout. While I was on the floor, CO Best struck me
forcefully in the testicles and CO Baker struck me in the head with this hand, both causing severe
pain and suffering to the areas being struck… The other unknown CO twisted my leg and CO
Pashel stomped on my knee, both causing severe pain and suffering to the areas and impaired
walking… I attempted suicide by trying to hang myself and I was found by CO Godley and
Pashel, hanging with a pants around my neck. After spraying me with chemical agent, removing
me from the cell and cuffing me to the bench… I was then placed in cell 1.A.130 without being
given a shower to wash off the chemical agents. I was made to walk naked all the way to cell
130. In addition the cell was filthy and had fecal matter smeared on the walls and floor. I was left
in this cell for three days without being allowed to wash off the chemical agents… Baker lunged
at me, grabbed me by the wrists and twisted so hard I was forced to stand due to the pain. He
then slammed me into the wall, knocking the wind from my lungs, which CO Best then entered,
took hold of one side of my body while Baker had the other side and they both slammed me into
the corner of the door, causing undue pain and suffering. They did this one more time.
Marvin Hernandez-Lopez #18783380
Federal Correctional Institution 2
Butner, NC
While been at the Val Verde County in Del Rio, Texas I was harassed, sexually harassed,
spitting on my food, and really tortured by mostly all the staff… Just a few days ago I got beat
up by a Lt. R. Wright and one of his officers name: J. Delossantos. They came to my cell and
told me and my cellmate to come to the door so they can put hand cuffs on me and him. Well
they started threatening me and cellmate. That today was our day and that we were going to learn
messing with them. So as soon as they put the hand cuffs on my cellmate, they told me to put
hand cuffs too. But I told them no because you are going to do something to me. So once I did
not want to put the hand cuffs they supposed to bring a video camera. But instead they open the
door and put my cellmate outside the cell. Then the officer J. Delossantos came into the cell
while I was just sitting on my bunk bed, without making any aggressive moves. He just pull me
off the bed from my right arm and put his arms around my neck really hard. Then he lifted me
off the ground while his arm was around my neck. He pick me up off the ground and was
choking me… Then he slam me against the concrete wall of the cell… They handle me really
bad. Then he put hand cuffs on me and the ranking officer punch me on the right side of my face
with force.
Eric Payne #1000800105
Autry State Prison
Pelham, GA
7/10/14 Robbed by 4 Crips gang members on Thursday night… 7/12/14 Assaulted and robbed at
knife point at approximately 10:30 a.m.
Richard Molnar #12710698
Two Rivers Correctional Institution

Umatilla, OR
The cell was covered in spots of blood, fecal matter, urine, spit, snot and boogers, old and rotten
food remnants… Every fifteen minutes or when I fell asleep, whichever came first, the COs
would yell and kick the door making threats of using a shock shield or pepper spray. This
deprived me of sleep along with the bright lights being on all along.
Keith Powell #292553
Northern State Prison
Newark, NJ
This sgt. Put his hands on me and told me why did I make false accusations on him while he was
beating me in the back and choking me.
Prisoner wishes to remain anonymous
Sing Sing Correctional Facility
Ossining, NY
I’ve witnessed an inmate get beat up by a gang of officers for allegedly sticking his mirror out
his cell to look at a nurse. He was sent to a hospital where he died. I’ve witnessed an inmate get
denied medication for his heart, threatened by an officer if he didn’t stop complaining, and
returned to his cell. He died in his sleep that very night. Just recently I witnessed an officer
physically abuse an inmate during a routine pat frisk. When the inmate fought back, at least
twelve other officers came running to restrain him, and then kick him while he lay on the floor
with handcuffs on. The sergeant was overheard yelling, “Break his arm!” The inmate went into a
Kenyon Smith #243134
William E Donaldson Facility
Bessemer, AL
Staph infection, scabies, spider bites, TB, hepatitis (A, B, C) is present among the brothers…
I’ve witnessed COs beating other incarcerated citizens unjustly (excessively).
Louis Rimmer #093789
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
Milton, FL
I’ve been assaulted by prison officials which resulted in my left hand and forefinger partially
impaired… I was assaulted by prison official smashing smashing my hand in the food trap.
Jimmy Harris #184624
Oaks Correctional Facility
Manistee, MI

As I looked to one [OC] to try to comprehend what was occurring, the other one shot me with a
taser twice for no reason known to me.
John Vance #923106
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
Carlisle, IN
The guards stopped the elevator in between floors and beat me while I was in handcuffs… The
men in segregation are often on a leash, which the guards can pull. The shackled prisoner falls
face first to the floor… Prisoners are often sprayed with chemical agents because they are being
loud and arguing with stuff. Despite the fact that they are secured in a cell and pose no threat or
danger, they are sprayed as a means of control and as a display of power.
James Calhoun-El #160083
Western Correctional Institution
Cumberland, MD
Upon my arrival on August 8, 2013, I was beaten and pepper sprayed when I asked for my cane.
I was placed in cage for 55 minutes without decontamination and proper ventilation… I was then
forced out of the cell and taken to the same area that does not have videotape recording and
beaten into semi consciousness… When Warren Fletcher refused to double cell staff broke one
of his teeth and beat him… I witness him being taken to the isolation cell beaten where staff
broke his left leg… Numerous inmates have been pepper sprayed and medical providers refuse to
clean the pepper spray. Inmates are placed into hot shower causing a burning sensation.

Brian Keith Barnett #AS-7182
Wasco State Prison
Wasco, CA
The lead building seven officer was not satisfied with the normal squat and cough procedure and
decided that he wanted me to bend over at the waist and “spread my cheeks” as he called it with
his smirk on his face so I simply stood my ground and looked at him like he was a pile of mule
excreta so he pulled out his MK 9 oleo resin capsicum spray and emptied it in my face where I
stood passively while the control booth officer covered me though the gun port with this mini-14
as the other correctional staff stood by watching. However I withstood stubbornly the effects of
the officer’s MK 9 so I obtained each can from each officer in succession and emptied a total of
4 MK 9 canisters into my face and due only to my glasses the substance did not get into my eyes.
This enraged the officer and he then decided to pull his expandable baton to hit me with however
the tower officer activated the building alarm so I dropped to the floor so that overzealous
responding officers would not misconstrue the situation. Yet I was still hit multiple times with
the officer’s expandable baton. When the sergeant arrived, staff as is typical followed the rogue
officer’s lead and became bobbleheaded yes men to the scenario that was painted while I was
cuffed and shackled and carried to the patio with a canvass “spit bag” over my head even though
no one had been spit on but I had a head and face full of “orange crush” MK 9 which the canvass

bag held inside. While on the patio a water hose was directed at the canvass bag on my head and
I being handcuffed, shackled with a strap tied to the chains effectively hog tying me. Water and
canvass over one’s head was nothing nice. This was the CDCR’s new form of torturous
waterboarding without the board. I could not breath through the pepper spray and water mixing
on canvass bag over my head and if not for the arrival of another supervisory staff arriving and
directing first the building 7 officer who started the problems in the first place to remove the
canvass off of my head to which the officer refused, so one of the facility S+E’s removed the bag
and I was then able to breath.
Christopher Campbell #R52448
Northwest Florida Reception Center- Annex
Chipley, FL
I began logging, with times and staff names, the rampant chemical treatment that took place
while I was back there [solitary confinement]. I personally witnessed 7 men, 2 of whom were
handcuff in back as well.
Danny Shaffer #K43077
Pleasant Valley State Prison
Coalinga, CA
I was sent to ad-seg and on 2/4/10 I was given a six month SHU term, which I guess wasn’t so
bad. But apparently along the way someone decided that was not enough. I was taken back to
committee on 4/29/10, about the time that six month SHU was to come to an end and given an
“indeterminate” SHU term for the same write up… While I was doing the above mentioned SHU
term, I and other inmates were routinely paraded naked from our cells to the “dog run” cages that
serve as our “yard” while guards did cell searches. I was once left in one of these cages soaked in
OC spray for hours. I would have rather had them beat me with their night sticks that to have
been left covered in that stuff. I burned for 4 days after that, I had blisters on my face, I think
from the spray and the sun… I have seen prisoners get all of their teeth knocked out for the high
crime of speaking to the guy next to him on the bus while being transported to another prison… I
mean I have seen a guy get beat to the ground and stomped on because he kept asking the guard
for a bar of state soap.
Telly Royster #EL2245
SCI Mahanoy
Frackville, PA
After beginning my hunger strike it was noted that administration made a “mistake” when they
removed my z-code (single cell status) but this problem that took less than a week to create took
approximately (45) forty-five days to correct while I was on a hunger strike and eventually being
forced fed by order of the county court. During this time there were ripple effects from this
“mistake” that adversely affected me and because of my hunger strike I wasn’t receiving my
medication for my mood swings and the voices I hear… I was ordered to have my hands placed
in cuffs to be placed in the restraint chair for my evening force feeding and I didn’t comply. I
was then sprayed with “OC.” The OC was all over my body and within minutes began to burn,

the worst being my testicles and penis… When the officers finally returned I allowed my hands
to be cuffed and without placing me in the shower or otherwise washing the OC off my body I
was placed in the restraint chair, force fed by the nurse the left in the restraint chair inside a cell
with the heat blasting about 95 degrees on July 1, 2014. I remained in the restraint chair for about
(6) six hours with the OC burning my entire body as the hot air blew directly on me. Once I was
removed from the chair I still was not provided a shower or otherwise allowed to wash off the
OC and I was placed back into the cell with the heat still blasting at 95 degrees. The pain is
indescribable and there’s nothing you can do for relief. I was forced to endure this excruciating
pain and it was non-stop as there was no chance of taking a nap to get relief. I was awake the
entire night despite being dead tired. So along with the pain there was sleep deprivation. In the
morning after my force feeding I was finally given a shower… a hot shower which only
intensified the pain I was already feeling.
Christian McMillan #1651635
Polunsky Unit
Livingston, TX
Major uses of force when conducted in cell-extraction: excessive chemical agents used in
confined area, crowd-control dispersing canisters of OC or OC/ CS blend, sometimes used in
contradiction to manufacturers’ directed use, applied at close range directly to exposed skin,
inadequate or no ventilation, over-exposure by excessive application- over-saturation, majority
of time prisoner is extracted using gas is placed back into undecontaminated cell with no
decontamination of body if over-exposed (i.e. when drenched head-to-toe while naked or
wearing boxers or paper gown only), use of violent force by extraction team on prone
incapacitated prisoner, major use of force when conducted in dayroom or rec yard, excessive
chemical agents used even on prone unarmed prisoner- crowd-control spray, 37 mm CS teargas,
teargas grenade, pepperball launcher all used consecutively before extraction team uses violence
to extract prisoner, no decontamination if grossly exposed, even though dictated by policy… If
they say you’re not eating, put you on suicide watch, psych comes to interview, you say they’re
starving you, they say you’re not eating, psych says you’re playing games or are in with the ones
starving and know what’s going on, this happens repeatedly for weeks meanwhile gassed, naked,
starving, sometimes beaten. Some kill themselves, some self-harm serious enough to go to
hospital, some get through it barely sane if that… Being gassed, beaten, stripped naked, left
burning without decontamination, hour later they return to gas, beat, drag out, “search” cell, drag
back in cell in puddles of gas on floor, unchained, hour later they return.
Fred D. Douty #43219
Mount Olive Correctional Complex
Mt. Olive, WV
On September 2, 2013, I witnessed two inmates being sprayed with chemical agents, both
mentally ill, in solitary confinement, after their water supplies were shut off, for requesting to
speak with medical- one did try to commit suicide the next day by cutting his wrist… Guards
shut off the entire pod’s water supply and when I questioned this I was sprayed with chemical
weapons and left in that state for 40-50 mins with only toilet water left in the bowl to help wash
my face and body with. As I remained in pain and pleaded for help guards threatened to shoot

me with a 37 mm riot control gun. I was securely locked inside a single man cell the whole time
too as I was sprayed, etc. I did sustain first degree chemical burns from the amount of spray and
the length of time it covered my body.

Kofi Bay-e-te, #47542A
Northern State Prison
Newark, NJ
Administrators Michelle Rice and Donald Mee gave an order that during the lock down NO
inmates can be let out of their cells for any reason. The lock down has lasted about three weeks
now. I came down with a bacterial infection of the skin call cellulites. If this remains untreated it
can cause septicemia, a potentially fatal condition. Now, I was sick with cellulites in my foot for
three weeks. After three weeks the cellulites got so bad that the Prison had to call 911, I was
taken to St. Francis Hospital for 7 days with one day in the ICU.
Matthew Goforth #07B2008 (most recent) or #92B0147
Green Haven Correctional Facility
Stormville, NY
I am currently in a control special housing unit. I have a tumor in my body that was supposed to
be removed by 10-18-13 through surgery, then suffered retaliation threats and harassment by
guards and civilian personnel for standing up to prison abuse. I still have this tumor and no
operation and care isn’t being provided by this medical personnel at Southport. I am due to leave
the SHU Febuary21, 2014 but I am in pain and nothing is being done.
Nakiea Sutton #R4655
Eastern Mississippi Correctional Facility
Meridian, MS
Around 2006 I witness also other inmates witness a inmate name Thomas Lee going to the
protocol med. station standing in line in the hallway. Once his turn, he inform the nurse that he
was having heart related pains- so the nurse told him (in so many words) she couldn’t do
anything to fill out a sick call form, so later that night after lockdown time, Thomas Lee died
inside his cell.
Presently I have 2 heart related medical conditions, I’ve been misdiagnosed as having high
cholesterol, a Dr. Faulk says I don’t need no meds- where I’m having health complications from
taking 600 mg of Lopid twice a day- for 9 years. Also I’ve been misdiagnosed as having high
blood pressure, but a Dr. Edwards do no have me on no meds… When I have a history of
abnormal blood pressure readings, also complaints of heart pains where presently I’m having
needle sharp pain inside my heart going on 2 weeks, I’ve filled out numerous sick calls, ARP
asking to call me to medical or send me to the hospital, still this medical staff here at EMCF
would rather show negligence towards me similar to my testimony in the beginning of this letter.

James H. Guss #97327
Cummins Unit
Grady, AR
1. In January 2014, without being seen by any medical person, APN Griswold discontinued my
Propranolol 20 mg. Notefully, at that time, the Unit did not have an actual doctor assigned to it.
According to a Physician’s Desk Reference, a beta blocker, such as Propranolol, must not be
stopped suddenly as I was because there can be severe medical complications (e.g. a heart attack)
2. In February/ March of 2014 an inmate laid in the infirmary complaining of severe pains on his
right side. They did not send him out to a hospital but let him lay in the infirmary. There he died
of appendicitis.
3. In April of 2014 inmate Eugene Lilly went to the infirmary complaining of chest pains. They
gave him aspirin and sent him to his barracks. He went to his barracks, laid down for a nap and
died. Two nurses were fired for falsification of records.
4. In May of 2014 inmate Ridling fell out in the exercise yard. Infirmary staff finally responded,
however, it was inmates who brought him back from his heart attack. He was taken to the
infirmary and there he died.
Robert Knee #083581
Cummins Unit
Grady, AR
Over the years that I have been here many people have died here that had gone over a month
without their heart medications. It is a shame that I and many others in here cannot get any
medical treatment for our medical problems. The infirmary nurses are fond of saying “you are
not worth the cost.”
Sherrie Stevens #1112083
Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center
Las Vegas, NV
On 4-9-14 I suffered my 2nd seizure since being incarcerated here on 12-9-13. My first seizure
was on 1-22-14. Upon my arrival to FMWCC the staff were notified of the severity of my
condition and that I also suffer from Relfex Sympathetic Dystrophy which can cause a number of
my seizures. On both occasions 1-22-14 and 4-9-14 medical took 8-10 minutes to respond and
the latter day it took 15 minutes to figure out how to operate the g???? … Medical is not giving
all medications or proper doses that I have been on for years to treat my conditions.
Kenneth Lee Taylor #J-89634
Pelican Bay State Prison
Crescent City, CA
On 2-14-2013 I was rushed to the community Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City, CA to
prevent my death of “years of internal bleedings” my PBSP and prior prisons medical staff
neglected and refused to treat, refer, correct, repair, and cure as required and needed for me to
“sustain life.”… I’ve developed a deadly and vital heart abnormal rhythms conditions to sustain

daily life, from my untreated years of internal bleedings… I have deadly high blood pressure and
cholesterol conditions. I’m becoming physically paralyzed day by day as my spinal injuries
worsen day by day due to my daily 22 ½ -24 hours daily solitary confinement.
Antonio J. Williams-Bey #0705543
Alexander Correctional Institution
Taylorsville, NC
First incident is death of an inmate name Michael Kerr, 53 years old. Died at this prison in a
holding cell waiting to be transported to another prison… I cleaned up blood, piss, feces in cells.
Another example of a mental health patient smear blood or feces on cell walls. I clean it up. I
make 1.00 dollar a day off this job… It was [????] throw on floor with food all over the floor. It
was a puddle of piss on the bed, feces smeared on wall and bed. It look like Michael Kerr mental
health illness got the best of him. Being locked up in a cell, his mental state deteriorated. You
either turn into a claustrophobia… or you turn paranormal schizophrenia… Another prisoner
name Daniel East 57 or 58 years old. He died an unexpected death. Me and other inmates who
was housed with him was witnessing how he kept falling out in the dayroom and outside. You
get to be alert around him cause he was fainting anywhere and this was his 12th time fainting on
the mental health unit. He died in prison infirmary without being rushed to public hospital…
Another mental health prisoner committed suicide up in these cells… I received a black eye from
prison officials, guards stomped me while I was on the ground cause I wouldn’t let them take my
finger prints… Sensory deprivation was going on at that prison.
Tina Iozzo #847332
Crain Unit
Gatesville, TX
The medical care is bad here and the heat kills several people (inmates) a year… Back in 2001 I
had a stroke on Father’s Day after getting a shot in the back of my head for chronic headaches.
The medical staff ignored me and didn’t get me to hospital till Tuesday.
Mark Brock #10554-084
USP Terre Haute
Terre Haute, IN
I suffer from a rare form of benign tumors called Aggressive Fibromatosis… At my sentencing
my primary care physician Timothy McBride testified that without proper medical care my
health would deteriorate and could eventually lead to death if I was forced to do a lengthy
sentence… I was sent to USP Big Sandy in Inez, KY. While there I continuously complained of
a tumor in my chest and the Avascular Necrosis in the left head of the humerus… It took 14
months from the time I first reported these tumors until they were finally removed… I had a
clinic with prison physician Dr. Roger Jones. On this date I reported another knot in my chest. I
suffered through 27 months of misery before this tumor was removed. The tumor was so big it
looked like a softball in my chest… If I’m forced to stay here and not sent to a proper federal
medical center I may not survive those 8 years.

Dennis Giddings #1490002
Neal Unit
Amarillo, TX
There was one guy in my dorm a few months ago that had been taken to the civilian hospital,
then brought back. He complained of chest pain early on a Saturday morning, we called for the
guards and finally they came and got him and took him to medical, but brought him back after
about 30 minutes and laid him on his bed and left him unattended. He died within another 30 or
so minutes.



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