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Taser Article Nassau Man Death Not From Taser 2002

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Nassau man's death not from Taser, officials say
April 24, 2002 9:45 AM
By Associated Press

HILLIARD, Fl (AP) -- Authorities in Nassau County say the recent death
of a man in custody was not due to the use of a stun gun known as a Taser.
It's the second such ruling in Florida in the past week. The other involved
the death of a man in South Florida.
In the Nassau County case, Henry Canady died last month after being hit
with a Taser jolt in Hilliard. The medical examiner now says it was due to
cocaine and coronary disease.
Just the same, a prosecutor says deputies might have been able to subdue
Canady without using the Taser. He's preparing a final report for the State
Attorney's office, and says policies for Taser use might have to be tightened a bit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Medical examiner: Nassau County man's death not from Taser
The Associated Press
HILLIARD, Fla._ Shock from a Taser gun wasn't what killed a Nassau County man, the Duval County Medical
Examiner has ruled.
The death of Henry William Canady, 46, was caused by cocaine toxicity, with coronary heart disease a contributing
factor, the examiner said.
Canady died March 27 when deputies trying to arrest him in an undercover drug buy shocked him with a Taser after
he tried to run.
Canady died at the scene. His mother, Alma Canady, said Nassau County deputies shocked her son again after he
was handcuffed and had stopped moving.



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