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Taser Chandler Az Aftercare

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The Advanced Taser M26 sends low dose electrical current for up to 5 seconds to temporarily stun
and immobilize. The manufacturer reports that it may cause temporary involuntary skeletal muscle
contraction and a feeling of dizziness. It does not interfere with heart muscle contraction or
pacemakers and does not cause long term after effects to muscles, nerves, or body functions.
What to expect:
It is normal to experience redness, numbness, and tingling in the effected area for a few hours
afterwards. If the skin was punctured by the taser probe, the probe has been removed, the skin
cleaned with an antiseptic and a bandage applied.
Keep bandage clean and dry to reduce the possibility of infection. Watch for and seek medical care if
signs such as persistent redness and swelling or fever occur. If it has been ten or more years since
your last Tetanus shot see your doctor for a Tetanus booster.
This information provided for your safety by the City of Chandler Police Department.
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