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Taser No Ia Univ Demo 2003

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NISG 'shocked' by demonstration, upcoming election
February 7, 2003
By Jessica Blome
NI Assoc. News Editor
Wednesday night’s Northern Iowa Student Government meeting was as electrifying as they come.
Public Safety Director Dave Zarifs, Lt. Doug Maine and Officer Joe Tyler demonstrated the effects of the M26
Advanced Taser gun that was approved for use last year. The gun has been deployed once since then and pulled
several times.
“A taser gun affects the central nervous system as well as major muscle groups, while a stun gun only affects the
central nervous system. There is no way to fight it (the taser gun). The electric pulse triggers an automatic
response,” Officer Tyler said.
“It hurts; all officers are highly recommended to experience the taser as part of their training,” Lt. Maine said.



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