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Standard Operating Procedures - Taser, Ottowa-Carleton PD

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Tactical Unit
TASER less lethal option

TASER Definition
The acronym ‘TASER’, when used within the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Service documents,
refers to the electrical pulse wave technology systems that are manufactured by either Tasertron or
TASER International.

TASER less lethal option

The decision to deploy the TASER less lethal option may be determined by the tactical officer in
charge of the scene, or during a confrontation with a subject, by the tactical officer involved.
Deployment of the TASER will be determined by:
-the threat level imposed by the subject to any involved person
-the need for immediate incapacitation
The TASER will be deployed and used in accordance with prescribed training as dictated by the
course training standards of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Service.

Procedures for the TASER

The TASER shall only be used on those subjects that an officer has reasonable and probable
grounds to believe, is a danger to themselves and/or others, and needs to be immediately controlled,
and the officer believes the subject will be, or has been, actively aggressive/assaultive towards police
or others, or poses a threat to the officer, or others, of serious bodily harm or death, and other force
options available to police may not be suitable.



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