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West Virginia - Lakin CC - Inmate Benefit Fund (library)

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Lakin Correctional Center & Jail


Budget allocations for staffing and all purchases of reading materials availab le in libraries during
2018, including books and periodica ls, with reference to the funding stream from which this
money was drawn (e.g., from the inmate welfare fund);
Budget allocations for the facility library supervisor for the fiscal year is $37,282 34 The wages
for this position are paid through our general revenue fund .
Budget allocations for the inmate library workers for the fiscal year are $3,312 .00 This is four
inmate library workers and two inmate library cart workers at $46 00 per month times 12
months The wages for these positions are paid out of the Inmate Benefit Fund.
For fiscal year 2018, the following expenditures were made for reading materials in our inmate
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
National Geographic
Subscription Services
Thrift Books


229 .50
$1,385 70
$1,254 .83


80 96
68 38
$2,210 12
13 89


library books
library books
library books
library books
Newspaper subscriptions
Newspaper subscriptions price increase
library books
Magazine subscriptions
Library books

All purchases of books, magazines and newspapers are paid from our Inmate Benefit Fund

2. Requisition lists or other documents that detail the titles or reading materia ls purchased for
libraries during 2018;
Please see attachment for book, newspaper and magazine purchase listings

Circulation data total occurrences of books being checked out in 2018 along with number of
Books checked out during the year of 2018 totaled 43,288
Dictionaries are part of the Reference Collection and are not permitted to be checked out,
however dictionaries are placed in all our housing units and are always available to the inmates



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