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Ca Docr Memo Re Visitor's Clothing Mar 21 2008

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M emorandum
t>." "

March 21, 200~


A ssociate D irectors -Adult ln srituticns



As a D'1)art mcnt, ensuri ng we are unifornl m our de cision mak ing rebt;vc to visitors having accesS to
the prison and visiting rooms IS important. Vie hav-e conducted s Ul'\'ey' ov er thc bst year, which have
iden tified the need for guidance to the field , We need to en sure that we arc all following the , p ,rit of
the inte nt of the va""u, ru les and reg ulations.
Alier receiving fe..'<lbaek from you ami your staff it appears tha t a few prison, do not allow viSItors to
wcar ,weats hirt,_ hoo die' , coat, or any other gam,en! wit h" hood a{{aehed As I mentioned in my
previo us c-mail, this i", ue is of importance and has been brought 10 our altentio n by many visitor" and
vario us advocacy gro ups .
Alicr carc ful rev ;ew ofCalifom;a Code of Regub lions 3174 (b) (5). di<;cussion with the Associate
D irectors, and NhclS it is our intcrpretation thaI the Warden o r Iheir deSI gnee has the autho rity to
geneml e,eeption allo wing vis itors to wcar dothing with head covcrings Staff have the a!)ility 10
requ e,; t that a visitor remove the head co ve ring to ensure that Ihey are able to ide ntify the individ ual
and to ensu'e that there is not sec urity ris k to the prison, To ensure uni form application of th;,;
re~ulal ;on I am directing you to ensuTO that staII are provided gui,lance vi" this memo randum to allow
visitors to wear these typ e:< of hooded gannenls.
We have develop.:d a Visiting Wor k Gro up comprised of various sta lT rcp resen llllg each of the
m","ons Th is wor k group will revi ew and evat uate current v isiting guidelines and other visiting
rd at ed issues to ma king recommendations to leadershI p , Wh"n new gmdelines ere developed or
changes made , they will be distrib"tc<! as well as po sled on the COCR webs ite.
Each Warden is to ensu re thaI the vi'ito, proce " ing are"-, and visiting room staff are trained and aware
o f Iheir respo n, ibili ty 10 tf«,l me mbers of the pu!)lic, inmates, and inma te visitors with dlb'llily and
Que'tion' regarding this infom'ation
A',,'c iat< Ward en, at (9 16) 323 ,2 ~12,


Di\' i"on of Ad ull Jns(;tuti ons

ce: Mari' cla Monus
Scott Ke rn a n









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