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Documents re immigration detainee deaths, ICE 2009

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Kane Ka1rlna S



Torres, John P: Mead, Gary E


Thanks for the advance notic:e. Please include sometime about the consulate' s response to our
notication in the SEN.
I copied M r . Torres and M r . Mead with this message,so that they are aware.
Sent from my Blacl<Berry Wireless Handheld
--Original M essage- From: Kane, Katrina S


Por your Womiation. A SEN will be forthcoming i n the AM when we have a bit more info re: the
family's decision, poss. removal from life support, e tc . (Unless you want one sooner). Just wanted you
to be aware of the situation and request DMD assistance in ensuring that PHS at HQ is made aware
of this case . SD�t Eloy will be the AZDRO POC for this case. 0£ course, you may
always call m e as weU.
Thank you,


Sent Wed Jan 1716:52:55'2Wl
Subject RODRIGUEZ-Torres
The following is a synopsis of RODRIGUEZ-Torres' case.

On December 'ZJ, 2006, M r . Pelix Franklin RODRIGUEZ-Torres, ( ......
a native and citizen of
Ecuador was taken to MaricopaMedical Center (MMq, due to a lump/swelling on his neck. On
Ot!Cember28, 2006, a biopsy revealed germ cell lymphoma. The cancer had spread from his testes
through his abdominal cavity and up to his neck. CCA medical staff advised that this particular form




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