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INS Detention Standards Compliance Audit - Dodge County Detention Facility, Juneau, WI, 2007

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~~'T"'Y¢'; ~lie.$Oo'
233 S~ 'Wa:(i,IWDr.,

Chica,go. lIi1noiS 60006









SfYl Diego
San Fr:lincfsOO

,Los Angeles



Siijroj) Va.~)f

ME't.. eRANDuM



August 22,2007





'C()pies to:


.Tooo P; TQffes.Dire¢t()~::" OfficeQf Detention and ReIDoval, li'l'lmlgtaJloIl and
American Bar Association Delegation to. the Do.dgeCounty Detention FacUityJ·
' 011 Immigration
:R@oi:t on Obs:efYationatTotir of the, Dodge CounWDetenti6h.Faci1ity;, Juneau, WI

thl'smemorandum summanzes and ev:aluates infonnation gathered: at tbe:Dodge
OdtirltyDetenn'orl F:aoility C'OObF'" Of l1heFacil1ty") in .Juneau; WI" during,'the ·deleg~tiQi1·s
l\ih( 1~,~OQ7 W$i~t(ythe :E'acilit:y;, Jlhe mfo@atioi;l wasgath~e9 via oQServation ofthe.f~ctlity
':by 'fueq~tegatiQ}1~ !i11t~JY;t¢w~ withtwqcl~tlfinees,anddiscllSsiollS with PCPF@9 :{tl:nlligratlon
and Cust()ms, Eilforcemenf("lCE')personnel.

In 'N(>V!;,)m1>~r2QQO. th~ Illlmign1fioll a11d NaturallzationS~rvice ("Il'{S,,)~z
pro.mulgated the:~~INS ;Detention Stanaards"toensure the '~safe, secure and:hlImanetreatmeilC'

6fimtIiigra.tlondetalliee.s:. Thethitf;J-,nmestaildardscoutaineditttlie Detetltion Operations
MaliUti;l CQVet~ 'btQ:ad; $pt:'¢ftQ:mQf:~su:es 'nlt~ging rrom visitatio.ll pp1iciesto gtieva;1if3¢
pro9~dur~ .. TheS~ st.~:n.dard$'4p;piy 'fg IC:.E;:"o.P~rated·detention centers <i1f(1 other {a.~nmes that
house:immigrationdetaineespursuant to a .co.ntract or intergovernmental servlceagreemertt

("tGM';), . . . .


'f:b¢D¢~tiouStand;at~ (the '':Staii!14.rq$'') went mfoeffectatICE.~()peJ:~ted,;cjljtjesWlJ@ll{fllY 11~Q01. ICE.lllt~n4ed. to. phaseiJl the ·$t(ml/Ur(# lit <ifl()rits
contra:ctand.tGS.Afacillties,by December 3>} ,2002~ The Stanclards .constifutea floor .rather than

'1Tl:i~ Mlegati9'ii \¥~ t;;9IiiPti.~~~'Qf)~,ti:{):rtre:Y$~n:d !iilImfief!l$$QC{~~~$ fromtheCbicago Qffice<;>fLatham &



~,Effecti'veMarch 1.lO:0~,fhe INSceased:'toexistasanageilCy of the Department ofJiIstice,TIieJNS"s
imin:igraHon.enf~tt:~Iheiit f@:ci:ig!l$W¢t¢ ttansfettec} tplCl)':, a d~visio'n.oft1i¢n~Wly-ctell:t~!,r.Ueparltiient


r '.




~ .: ';~:



li ¢eilhig for the tr~tniei1t: Qi'imttiigration detainees; In other words, they are designedtQ

e:st!!plish 'I:1:r~m.ifJ.iiIlutnre9.uir¢rfi.eJ,1i$ t<> whi¢h ICE mUst a(fhere 111 jf$fa:¢iliti~s, Eachl'iel(!:
()ffice, orOf'ticer-,in-¢harg;e (OlC~» has discretion topromu~gate policies and practices
,affording. ICE detalneeSri:Iore' ennanced rigpts and protections, beyond those provided fo{by .the


The Delegatlon;s'Yisit, Juiy 12.i 2007


Ott'Piursd1l:)'.> JiJl y: l;~j 2'007; Ute:1U.embets Qfollrdele.gatiOJlIl1et with .several
, .teptes¢pJaljyes from Jnl? rCE o:t'fige in Qhigago,. IL.. Deputy

riM' j



CE DeportationOffice ,
'''andICE 'Deportation
Qti:t .a:¢legallOll 011 a: fout,ofthe faqiHties ~dpaiiiGit>id~d in.ppsHoqr
follow-':UP: ',' ,', ' , , " ", The4e)eg4ti~Ii' also' met with other DCDF petSQ;11l1el~1()1)g 'I:1:re t91l'I;
the' nurse con duo/- atDCDF. Thedelegarlon.appreciates the
'indiViduals; :fueywet:editect.and .accoriifuodating


during;our toUr the .

'Our repotds basedonth:e discus'Siolls we had with these DCDP and ICE employees,
aswellas6bservatlonSof-the Facility and an interview wIth two immigration. detainees. "In many
i,nsfitn¢,es,..d¢tain~es· t~tt.s wer::e c01l1Patib}e w'ith.statem~1itSl1'iade' by ll1cllitypersol;ll1ellirtd :o)n'
()bse.rY~I1j;iQ:O;~ . In ~1JO~ :~fl$~S" thedeJegaJiQllWaSable. tOqlQfe ayCllfately deJe@ll1e Whether
DcbF :po;liqy and procedures successfully meet the Standards. Howevex;, in certain
cireumStaticeS~: thedetame,es' reports con.flicted with ,statements :miiaeby facilitY
Where We Wete\in~ble tp :rePQll~iletb:e¢'Q),1ijictillg -repq$,-thedelegatiPI1 Wa$
cletermine'c;;on91us1:vel'y wl!et4er tb,eStt/flt!r;zn!.s\ll:e hemg Il1et.


Generai:lrtf'orDiationa'hout the Dodge. County Detentio.n Facllity


AC¢OtClhlg,to~;g:Fh:r~~1!~~:~=::::~::~~~;:~i~~:r:!i:'~~:J~~:d~~:~:'43 At.

the'tline ;of ourwslt, tJ)CID:F ·had.:a;pqprilatlon.of~pproximateJy 40:0 inmates, 169 of whom were

ifumigj:ation.;demmee&.3 DCDF:.h61iSes mos'tly'males. 6· At thetitrte of

.' '" .



on( ':-;m,erVl!;11r

4Notes ':olidere~EttiocrUJael1nb:el

oriconversationwith S'll1,'.. ru'<:iW

'5 Notes of delegation

.oilp'Onven;atian' with Su]oetvi$iDI

61$19h~s Q1t1~t~at!6:\li


i NQt~'Qf;ae1eg.atiQn

¢9iiV¢!:satlOiiwith SU10etvislQI


on ,c.onversatiOn with 'Sulper¥isIQI

Notesof'de!e:gation '

_on conversation with SUlpervis,IDI





.~ .




A revieW ofthe 2.005 A.BA repoitshows that problems persist With regard to
meeting several standar<ls~ Yi$iUitiPll by att9rneys~ T¢lephone Access~ Access to Leg~ Material,
Correspondence, l:f~ndbo(}lc,'and the Special Management U:qit;:
WithtegardtoVfsitation,tbe Handbook provisIon that attorneys are notpermlttecl
tovlsii'dutingmeal time has notbeeficbai1ged. For Telephone Access, telephone calls are still
limited to fifteen!hiriules; the phones 'where detllinees'make outgQii1gcal1Sl,lr:estill Iocateclin
public clayrooms.withno pnvacysafe~ards;all phone conversa~io:ns ma<leonoutg()~ng phones
{except calls made to.consulates 'Using the pro bono hotline) may stillbemonitored and recorded;
aM i1QtH::metg'enqy le1@honemessagesate still not accepted.

.Detainees /)te stillpr6hibited.:fr:Qml,lssisting other detaiI\ees with re$¢arcbit)g or
pr~arin~ tegal' documents.
Th:eJ)CDF handbook still doesnol contain inIonna(ionJegarding special
The handbook als() stil} does notinclude inforrnai:j(>n a.boutacle.tainee'$' right to


protection from abuse or ~scriIl1ination.

Fifuilly, the. 2007 reportindi:cates tbatthe:i:e arerrow beds in some o:ffhe SMtl
TOQmS.,bRtIlQt jn a~l ,oftheJi1.

l~· yj$j~~t~ml J)y A(totn~ys

the Standards requite facilitiestoperriiitlegal visitation seven dayS per week.9 Attorneys
should have .a.cceS$ tQ. theit.clientsa ,mirtimumofeiftit hours pet day during the week artdfoul:
hQu!$ perd1}Y dtHjllg Jh~ week~I,iQ 'alld :on:,nolicia¥s. Qne yi,~its [):1ljst ~.:ptiv~fe: awl~ slIolilqnQt
be· interrupted forheadcountg. l.l On business 'days~ leg~vlsitationmay :prpceed tijrollgh.a
scheduled :mealperi6d. 12 .Facilities; shoutO estab1isha 'procedure by whicnattorneys mayeaH to
Qetermlile;whethe:ta detru.ti¢els nOli.sed in 'a particular raciIlty,13 Detention cei:l,1:¢rS Me' requited

.9 Detention OpetatiQilS'MililUa!j Pe~inee$¢Me¢s, Stan(iard 17,8'.:cti9:O; lIl.J.2.

:u>ete,ti,tjQ~~etaijQi)$Ml\"A~l.j)¢@~e¢$erm:~es. Standard 11, SectjQA UlJ;2.

II f)l;l¢:nnQhOp~tion:;;.ManMl.

:ti¢tifue(;iSetV'ices~ $t~dard 11, Seqtion iItl:9~

I?~tention Operations; Manua:l~, DetaiheeS€r:v,lCes~ Standard 17; Section IIl.12~

DetentiOIiOperati'ofiS:Manu:al~ Detrlnee-Servi<;es, ~tandaId17, Section: m.L6.




to iYennit visitsfromaft0:rn:ey~. other je~ai representatl:ves~ le~a.l~sistaI1ts. l,\l)d: iptex:p:reters)4
Detainees in eitMradministrative-or disoiplinary segregation shalll1e _allowed iegal visitation. 1.5

I)·C:DF app~_ts tpme~t thi$_ s¢¢.tiPIl p{ tbe $ttmt/ari!s;; 'hi)\Yever~ tbe llandlmOksJ;.tes
that: attorney visits are ;noi.permittell during mealtime, AttoP1eYs nmy visit deta:lhees s:even
d~ysperweek~, ~n~ are alsoo.~ered the option of tel~fhonecon:ferences with t~eirdients. 16 The
attomWm:(ist Ihltlate these ViSIts ot teIcphonecalIs. 1 . DCDF-staffdo hot monItor the telephone
ca.lls}a . On'1site v1sit!:t ;:Jre YisWmymopitoretlby .camera, but tMte is 0:0. a:udio surveillance, J9
Attorneys -are:asketitoptesent baridentificlltion carqs upon eute:rin:g the' facility.20. Law sWdents,
interpr~ters)and mc_dreal examiners are allowed to enter with .sp,.ecI'ai permission .that is granted

:Oil. Ii ~as-e~by,.o¢ase -ba'sis~21

The InfQr,r,nation ,given in ~he''PCDF Il1il1ateBMdpOQk a.nd.Jail R\iles" (tlie"DCDF

'fnmatelIand'booki·~.differsfrom theinfonnatfon that tire :F~GlIl:ty ~ta.ff provided during thl'l

lom:::;2z AC¢,ordhlgto the Handoo.ok~attomeyvisits are·not pennittedduringmea1.timeand
1~k:dowh;2l Hbw:ev¢l\, the. Facility'staff ex:plainedtha:t-attotiiey.cU(;!ntvisitsmn)iWke place 'at
!l:l1:yti-jtle, i;)f(4iy·; 11f:gat41ess of whiit iel$~ l$gpm;g 'oli in J:bePaC:ility,24 t\c¢Qtdtng: to the staff, the
kitchenw'fllprovide a-reguiar. mealxQ the: de-tafuee should IDI attorney 'V'i~it con6hue through a

meat 25 .This 1~ an, apparent :irt1p[jjvemert~;slfice the 1005 ABA dele,gan.on report 'indicates that
vjsitsdUtin~'m.eartimesand ,head'courtts Wete di$¢outagedpy the staff,26

;l~ DetentiollOperationsManu~lt"Sfandard 17, Sectii>il UU-,s.

Detention Operati6nsManil~iJ, Detaiilet:; $eryic¢s, Stai).<;lat~ 17,Ses:tl(m W:J,l~,;
on",,,,,,,,,,----, p.3';

l~ ;ood,g~ Q9J:!titJ pet¢llJ1'otiFacHity liiiniit¢ Ir<:!il4,Qpok:~d. -J~iJ; J~:1ile,$ •.
.i.on.cpi);y~tS;;ltiQrl 'with S'",",r.T
11' N6tespf.deiegation


18 NQtesof gele;gationme:mber

1'9 Notesofde1ega.tion
94 ¢9Avers?'tiPll w~(4 S.·lilp~itYjs9t
anonS'lln the \;a$e'::by~case .eyalwtlOn '.

_:anti:segregation' statp,s.
~~ Ifsl1Cl_utd. :benQte:d~that the: DCDF liunate Handbook 'is noi.:s;p.ecifktoimmtgratrOil detaltiees ana


:::~:d~~~fu~:::t:'~~f:~!~:~::;i:l~:~i:!!~i.l:!i%~Zt!~~~~Pl:¢ment¢dwbi¢h ~e
~3 ::OCJ)F liiJ.'iliiteHand:Pop1(;pp. 3:& 19..
2~N()tesl)f.dejegati()n membJ!;!!

.. 'convetSatioIiwith 'S"ilj'rler.viS'()I'

;!SN()tes,of,~eIegatioIi mem:bier

conversaifon: '~ith s_ ilp~iJ'Vtsot

1~2g()$ ~'?\'Report,. F~t1

rn A;1,



; -.'


l\vo· dem:ii;l«es Wete· int¢rV1eWedabJ}ut theirex.pea-eMes: withatloi;iiey-Yisitatjofi, On~
.defu'il'.1et;;: 'inQicateci $1I:i¢ met:~ attome:y d~ring lin o,rgllnizatjOMT presetitationat the. fa¢ility,27
Sict..~ ~~TI1 :th.-at initi,alI11~e~g,slhehasonlybee¥8 in.~on~act with his/her 'attomey thro~gh_
telephone ,conversations IDluated by the attorney, Detamee,
R _ ndlcated
th~t. while ,hisatlonreY iiey¢:t visited ,him. he ha;d notro.u,bl¢$PealdngtoJi,is attorney Over the




Aliof'the Pods at the DCOF haveattomey visitation booths?{} All visits are non-'contact,
umess Special circumstances wattanta contact visit 3:1 There isa Plexiglas div-idethe.tweertthe
c:tetaipe:e, ~n~ the littQmey~ with a ,Sttla~119:¢k~bl:e'Qp,ei'lilig whicnallows Jot theeXchattg¢ o,f
d<x<uments,32 Detainees 'Clnd 'll~omeys .can pass p~per back and forth to. each other in the attorney
vis'ltationl)ooths; however, . a guard's assIstance is i-eq~ired 'to un'lock :the: divider ,between them .
;each time ~apei istransfei:ted,:n Detainees, atenonnalfysubjected to' a: pat~dQwn s~ar¢hafter,a
le$.al yj'sit' 4 Although '$trip st;;:arch:esa;te bPi :rQJit:i;1)~, 'they ate co:rtd:qcted ifihe facili):y st&ffbar; a
:re;;f§QAl;l1;>le sW>pici()l1t1J:at ~eg:~tain~e: If:>co'9celilil1~ ,eotitrapap:d, ~s
Attorneys may :ca11DCni< to, defemirnfli wnetherac1ient is being hOused at the Facility?6
])CDF ~hasthe, ¢apll.hilitytose'arch i()t;de:titii'lees. by name, }:l'J.thou'gli fa;~ilitystaffate tiotpehhitted
to~~sc'lQs¢, i1.1(Q~ti(),n1:x;Y91)~1 w'h¢therth~cietaip:ee, i,s at the FaYmty,~'7


Thg St.t.m4q.f4'$t¢q~1r,e to estilhlisfl 'Wri:tt¢n visjta.tio»hOl,(rs anci p1;®edl:!.n:~s andtna;k:,e

these ,avai~lJle tothepublic.~~This im;:iudespr()q.eQQJ;~s ;fbr handling incoming money for
detainees,39 The visiting area is 'to he "appropriately furnlshed"and , : .as>comfortable and

~TNotes, O't"de'H~gflt'lO'l:l'lllleiD.l)'er

on ',CO'l1ve:rsa1tlon'With detainee whO' Wishe.d 'not to' be



N9t¢s Q',t4~~1.e~:M;i;Q!iIfl~m:Q'kt


• • • • • •bn~,O'nvel'SafiO'n wtth .oelalI'l'el:
on,c:onversation with ,,;::'U:DerVlSO'I

Notes of delegaltio,n-nlemlber

o.b$~tvati'<:>n$ i;lf4¢feg~ti(>n,ltten1\>e~
3li' N'9t~s Qfderegati:Qn~empe ,¢9uy¢rs:a.11<)li with: :$upetviSQ~

3!i NQte.s


p.n.,~ej:r~¢rsatiO'n with:"

')~Notes oi'delegatiO'n

36.Notesof'delegation:on conversation with SU10etv'is,Dt


'3'8 J)'e,teP;ti~!.j ,Qp¢iatlPD,S MaI),'Ml; lj)etamee' :$¢iYlce~, SUlnoarO 17.; $/!.¢'tionln, A &. 'B.
,¢nrion%eratrO'ns.:Manual~ De.taine:e Servkes~ Stan&rd 17" SectiOnlI'I.O;

:pl~iiSan'j;a$praoti¢able/'40 Visiting houts shall be. $~t6h SattirMysrSilItdays~ :!{nd.hoIichlys,and
,th~ SicilJ.ilarf/§el1G.Ol,ll'ilge faC(ilities. to accommodatevisitQtsai()thedimes' whenth:ey are facing a
particularhardshlp.4l Visits· snoU:ldbe at least thirty minutes; longerwhenp()ssiMe. 42 Ifa
:filcility, 'does: not provide for vlsitsfrotn minor$~ lCE sh()uldatral1J~,e (ot visih;: With children or .
,st¢pcnildren'withinthe detainee's firstthit1:y· days at the.facility, wi¢continurng monthly
v,fS1fS}3 Visits sh()uldbegranted to detainees in 'both dl$cip:1inaryand administrative segregation
UIlles&' a detainee violates, the 'visitation rules or threatens the securIty ,of the visitation room: 44
'The. Standard:s:tequir,¢, facilities to have written procedures regarding iIiCOfnlfig pr.operfyand
mOney fot'd¢tl:irteeS. 45 Visitors may n"Ot give prQp¢rtyOt mOIi¢ydit~tlJ tCia ;tletainee, bo.t may
lea:ye:1l;i\)J1eY with a desigtl!1ted staff member for deposit ina 4etalnee)a.QQount.~ Visitors
should recelvea,.receipt for all money or property Jeft at the. facility. 47

DCD].<'i:D¢¢ts 'this' $c:cl;i'Q,n.6fthe Stani{lltil$.Jheyi$j,tl\tiQhSCh~!iule lsC1eatly posted at.
the¢n.tJ;lln,ce to: 'the F:a~ility;4$ is available over the teleph()t)e;,4~ <tqdis :pQ~tedonthe DCDF

websitc.,5Q V,lslting;hoursare seven days, per week,froin9 a~m, until '1 I a:m."and 'again from 6
p.m. untilS p.rn?l 'Hdwever, yl'si:ta'ti.on days ;ite a1'lp¢ated . accQtdmg 'to the 'first'lefte:t of¢a:Gh .
qe~ifi:ee·s l/lstilamesUGh that :eaell, defaineemay receive vlsifQf.stw() ~ys 15et 'Week ti:uring
'Yi's)tl)'l;Sbo'Ur$;52;rb.e il)cPF Inmate Handbodkcaps the nllmlX:rofvisffg; to; two per week, and .
:one per day~$3DCDF generally'conftnes visits to the ,aforementioned hours,. hut supervisors may
,,,((liu's! the i{ched:uleif adeti:l,inee's Visitors faceaparticularhatdShip,S4 Visits ate typically

40 Detelltion Operations

Mafiiiiil, '1)etaiU¢e S~Ce$, Standa,tdf1j Se¢til:5u lli.O.

"I P¢teIlHonpp,erattons Man!,lal,Petainee Se:rvi.ce,s; S:tan$td,I7" Se¢tl:OIlIiI'JiJ .

.~~ Detention OperatIons Manual, DetameeSe:rvicc;:s"Standard17; Sectl'ouIILRt

Detention Operations Manual, Detainee SerVices, Standard 11" Secti'OnJIlR2.

4,4'Detention :operations Manual,Detainee S.e:rvices, Standard r7~Sectlonm.H5.
i~'pe~enfion ,Qpil'rations Manual, Iktaintle Services, Standatd '11, SectionJIID:

Detetli$on0.\"enij\j)1s,M'8'J11!!!t P¢~inee Services~ ,~tlll1d~td 17.. Sectl611 m:p:


Ww!j#Qnqpera:n6tiS,.M'all!.J..~li Pet~m~¢setYkes~ Stllud2'r.d 17~s.t;:Qti9.p' fU;t;i~

4?'O~sep.l;flQon,.of;d¢ltlg~tioJ;i..'m¢mQe I



Ion tdephone. caiI to Dooge Gounty::De}ention facility at

(92D) 38'6-3754.
is(f S~ijh,:tfP:IJ~~,co.a94&e,wi;tiSlsh,:~riffi'jiettm:ti9n.Jitml.,

ti Dt.UF'tnl:Pllte YiS:iti!igScliedt\l~;, QCDF Inmate

n.andp®~; p. t8., '

. . •. Inmate VIsiting'Sdhectule; peDF'Inmate· Banc:i:&®k, p. 18; nOJ~s.ofd~ltlgationmemher"
,'on:.(:OIr5/,ei'satii0i1.with ~l1rlervi~ot

5.-tPQO::t! lAro!if~a~;ndp~oQlc,'p)?. 1S.",19;nofesof Mle&!it19i):;tp:emhe_g ¢6I;ivei;$li,tioll With

















tirtrif~d: tp~min:iite$; but th~ tim:e qfln 'Pe~xtetlded, by~'p to all hour de~i1dingotl J1ttsoner
pel;l,avior,55 All visit$ J;lrenOn-contact5~
D~peridirig0ri 'the reason f!:il'beba'Viot~ ,a detainee

~egtega,tion Ulayre.c:~iye visitQJS.



tba.t 1l).l}sJiillnates ill
ad:rhinjStra.:tive~gregatio:n:statusha¥e vi~ita~ion privileges unless tbeYaIe SnplJllhive
segre~att'emoraredangerous to


'. •






Although the Standards do.noteaptlie numPeIof visitors., DeDF retIuites:each detainee
to cSUbiTIita: list: tif twelv.e .individuals in Qrder ,to teceive them as \Tisiti5ts,59 The de~illees may

:;tnalq,~-t><:;riod.i~ q~nge:;;totl1eirlisf,6o Mjnoq; JIlliY t>e included onthlslist and. may VIsit if
,acconlp,anied by: an adult or iitheminor is the spous:eor chiid ofthe visitor. 6.1


'VisitotsiTIa:y JeaV~,trtOney fota €iefa'inee'$ QOjiirnissary a¢cQunt Qr sehdmOI1ey *0 the
tl~tain:ee tm91l~iheiTIai1621?Q&
,Q~tAiI\ee ®d-fu:~ :i:ildj'Vidu~tptQyiding .the tnoQ'¢ywill
receive a receipt for .the deposit .' .


The detainees-we s,poke 'with,:statei:ttnat fhey-didnot haveanyv1sifS:





The Sial1dlJtd$I'<:;l'n~ire'ill!\tfa.¢ilitie-s;Ptovkle qet.;rj)1ees with re!XsQnableand, equitab~e

'ac~ess~o ·tel~ph()1)es4uring ,estabilshea fa~i1ity wllkin~ ,hours.~s meet this

S'SPCR.f' Xnma;t~ JIl1il.clpoOk,p, 17;

JIMid:; nQte~ Qf .'

. 'Mithu,al, :Petain:e~$~rvices" Stan4<ll:<;ll i $e~tion



,~? Nptes :of:ddegation

c;onvel;sat'ion whh SU,pe)CVi.5;O:






p. 17;:nofes ,ofdcl~gafion .'



.Pi 17; i10t~s·9f d¢l¢~aiiQi1 metnQel

6.1 OODlllnmate; Handboo'K;p. 17; 11Cites,ofdelegafion 'iI'lerrLbel

NQte$' ~f 11.'~le!~tt9u.~meltXIQl~t
.§3 Note'S of de.le,gllitjQltl:PlLemb~r
;Q4·Notesofdelegation memb'erl• •
iiden:nfie: notes.;Of.d.. e1e.gafi'on'rn~:mljsel


conversation With

.cO:nYets~tiol;l: wIth 0';'",P!'l:·~_.l~Vl
. cpnv~.FSationwith .."".""".•. """".
caI1VeJfsa1:ion with detainee who wisl:rerlnoi to be

(:'Onv.ersation willi :tletailfee




l:'Nj.litem~t; fllciTities IDustpJ:QV1de :at leiist9Mt¢leph'QIi¢ fot¢y~ry :twentY~five .deraine¢S,66 The
$tand:a,rdSii]so require that telephone access rules be provided In writing to each .detainee upon
admittance? andthatthe n:ilesheposted where.detamees mayeasilyset( them. 67

l>CDF appearsgenetally to meet this secti.on dHhe,staitd.l;iflls.;h()w.ever, one
detajijeereported be .badnot re¢eiV~£l a PIN tll'at Wolil£leJ;1able ll'i)llto make calls. Each
housing unit hastts. own set of telephones. §8the numbero'rtelephones varies per unit: for
example, miits k llniLB haveone'tetephQue each where1lStiUlt 'Dhas fquI:. 69 The telephOnes .are
ia¢~essibfe, during .op.¢hda:yr.oom 'periods-depending' on the .deia'ineetfitlassifioatioh phase
JM.lcilteq lQ:llt h:eWasawitteof tl:W telephone access
policies because they are listed in the DCDF Inmate. Handbodk given to all de.tatnees on arrival
'lit the facility .71 Beyond, being limited: to dayroomhours, telephone use is liihited ill two other
way:s: f'itst~ alIphQM callsllr.ea):;itoma:ti'caJl)' dis.connecteoa:ftet' fifte~n. minllt~s;,72 second, an
irtma(ema,ynotm~lli~ 'lTiQr~ .tb@. we c9;'Os:¢cutlvec:a:ll ifot;\1et~are waiting to lise the teiephone·.73
.IhS1,U1clear whether staff inspect tne. telephone& to ensure: they are worklng:properIy, DlItinmates
,qui.¢1dy inrormstaffwhen there isa problem. 74Staffpromptly rep.ort telephOnes :that aI'e out of
otdetto; fumate(;a,fHng SolutiQns eXGS')! ,the ,cOmpllu,y .t11atmainhiit1st}:rete1ephQnes,75
l'or~IJ gaUsexcept calli:; u$ing the pro bono system (below), telephone service is
provided by ICS·. 76 Detainees may ma'kecollectcalls or pay usinKa·de'bit or ctedit card. 77 A
. 'il'uhiber ("Pm,») iSrequii'e'(I to :ptace ;caUs', using ICS,78 Detainei,,,.
whO had b~nal the fllC:ility for 'several tX1on~, saiq'tMt his PINha,q never
'he reported the;l)whlex:n ,toD:cnF sfaffandhaJ-been told that he could get a

~ ~tenti()nQpef1ltionsManll~I,.I)elatneeServices;Sta,n,~td t;~; $eptlo.n miG,

·67 Detention Operations.Manll,al, DelameeS¢, Standard 1.6, S'ec.tlon In.B.
•.~~ IGE~.faineesliresprea~ acroS.8'. .DCDF'S:;differenfho~ingUnits'. As' ot'Mr 12, 2007, there were..lJ~:.9
ICE ·detunees out of400 .mtnates totaL Notes' of deleganonmetnbe ,
on conversation
WitIi ;8tJP¢'I:V'i~Qt



:69 N'Ci,t¢'s "0·f'~~I~i!f<!tlIOn. ip;l!m,l)el

n DCDFlnmal!: Handbook,p, 17.. There is ruLexc.eption, addressed 'below:, for legp:lcaIislntfiated by an


PCt>f :.Il,lln'at¢ Hlindb'ook.'"p" 17,

1~ :Notes,o.tael¢~a.tiQn ro.e.mbeJ

t5."Ndtes;oidelegl:ltiQn n·lemiber

Notes ()t,!dell~gatiollttJ.etnber

'71;N9tes 9.fd(:le~~atilon'ifIi:eiiIlb1et










. .. ""

":; -.


• "-?:!;

il¢\yPltit DCDF'neverpr(}viqed hhn with a neW:E'lN; thereby leaving him l,mable to contact his
", 80'

Telephone u:sagetilles and instrUcMhif regarding use of the telepbonesare posted
'neax the telephones, inboth_EIlglish and Sp@fsh,SI According f9the~ns1;rpctiQIls, there are ten
,$teps reqlfited to place a call,82 An'Qtbets1gn, ih bothEngllshahcl Spanish, warns detainees that
,calls; may be 'monitored. 83 The telephone number& o{consulatesare posted by the telephones. &4
The list _bfconimlates waS, dated May 4, 20()6.S's Also, the telep"hbtteniimberofthe Mexican
consulate W<!s 'posiednear th,e teleph:Qnes
rin. -the intake area 'of the :facHity,86

Z,l)irect Call.s ~d :J.l're~ c.;~ns'
The ,Standards atlow :facilities generally to restrict ca11's to collect calls; however, the
falSilit)'Ihu_st permit detainees tQfiiakeall;ectoa:l1s :tQih¢ l'ocal itnrnigt:atioucouuand tbe Board
'ofImmigr-iltiM /\PPei'!Js, f¢de~l!l,l;ld,local cQ"!Jrl~, cOIlSlllal'9fficials. }eg~iservlce providers,
government offices~ and faIhilYlllemherSim case oLemergency.S'lThe firdlitysha:l1 not requite
ifndigentdetainees to pay for these :wes/ofcalls irJocal, hQr 'forJiptb:ldcalcalls if there isa
:cpmpelling;need~88' Iil aadlti6h~ the, fa¢ilil:y"shal1emibl~all d¢taj-n~es to _m~k.e. ¢alls to the [ICE}
prOyi.4ed: list9ffi;e<:: tegalservicepr~~i4~rs <lIlA cOn;;-glate;;, atno charge to the detainee Of the
receiving partyJ;S!} ,.,

'J)CD1<a.pp.ears tQ Hli!~t$ this S¢Qij6l'l tlfth,eStM!latds; bQW~Y~lf, ',~, det~dnee
t¢J>0li~tJ '~;!U$~Q: ~m~ pr/;)bon.oNg;),1 $eni<:es :p~~Vi:der,yer¢ Jwtgoingthrough.

on how to place pro bono :calls are :posted 'in English and Spanish near the dayroom telePhones.9o
H6wevex;,the: .fel~hone .sysfem;is hotpie"ptogratiiiiiedfO fnilkesU:cn ¢a1k 91 A detainee is alien.
f~gisfr:adof);ntllribet is re.quired' :to :placepmP:onO !:!l:il1~,92and :qpt};;eg-qe.uHy> the (l:elegation wa~,
lI:t\aljle tqte:st 'l¥Vethe:rthe pro p0,119 system was working. ;Qne detainee reported :thatcalls to one
80'Notes of delega:tiOJ[LfilemlbeI
s.l, :,Ql!lsefYatiohs, (!if Uv~l;g<fUtl!!i !,-ll!"ll:lV",,'
82' Ob~¢.t¥atiQi1~

pf Q,¢l~g~!til):Il!l'i~n:lJJ~i

~3'Ob$'eiVati;Qn& of!~.el'~g~ltio;!Jini¢b:i1>eI

.~ 'Obs~rv;'itions :ofld~ll~g,lI.tiOl!r-ml~mpl":l
,8,S, Dbse,wauons of,dellegatiolrumlembeI
8~ Observations ofdelegatiun

81.Pete~tii9n::qp~:@tiljnsM(!:hull)~ I';;letilime,e

St~[rtd:~rd 16,SectiOn.l1LE.

'li8p~Mti(iQ.Op¢t;i,;1iQ'ns Ma,D;\la,J,i)etaip.¢¢ '$~W'l~es; Stan:dilt4 Itl, S!,:ct~p:n:J1JJ;;,

!iii'Detention 'QperatlonsManua1, Qt:t.ilJn:ee Se::i:YXc.i:$;, $tl}nda:td 1-$,Se¢-tl9nJltE.
'. .ofdele.gatlon member• • • • • •

Irtfiiale Balidbaok,.p~ 17.


9jN,Qte_s. 9'f,d:ete~aliJM:m~tI):I1¢"t• • • • • •1i
92 Observations; i'ifdel¢gauQri '1lemIO,¢11





organization on the list, flie Nationa:l itnmtgrant Justice Center ('WIG',); were not goingtbrough,

'and thus the a,etaineeWasunable tocontIctM1C Using the pro bono syStem. 9)
,Jlilb1i:¢ C6'mrnpnlG:i'I'tiQ:i;ls S~tri¢¢s ("PCS")ptov:Ides PI'O POn9 service at DCPF ,94
The ICE rep'resei)ta.tivewJiovi$i~ 1YQD1" tests the pro bono sysfem aUeast once weekly~95Ifthe
system is not working, which ,staffindl:cated is rare" the staffwill make.arrang¢ments, for
d<:'tamees to place, pro 'bono i;;all§,96 lCE ptoVides a ca1Hrtg¢a:fd fot suell: o¢({asionS,ill)dthe st\ff'
willtak:e the detainee tOli. telephone in ,tb~ 'int«keat¢a, to pJaGe the tall. 97


the Standar.ds Pio:vicle thattne facilitY shaH 'bOtresttitt the, number pf calls a
detaiMeplaces to hiS/h'et legal reptese:i:)t\ti;vesi not 11mit the duration of :$ijch calls by al,ltc>Inatic
cutoff., @le~$ necessaw fOr security pilrposesOr to maintain orderly anQ. fall' access to
telephorres. 9,l\ ilf'timeJimtts;arenecesBaTy, they shall be no shorter'tbantwentyminutes,99 The
Stiiz.da1:ds ;tequire thiltthe faGili~ :erts.uttipri'va!:(y for detainees: teleph()necalls regarding legal
'maners', byptQyidin:gtelepliQl1es: P,n wbi~h 4~mfueescan:..mal<;e¢alls withol)t peing oye~heardl>Y
offipe(s, 'other sfl).(f,o,[ot4et :~etain.ees,y)!J Teleph()11e :can~ snallnot beeJectronl:catly monitored
absent a. court order: I( l l '
DCX>FdQC$liot'{hlly:meet., this se.cQop,of tb~ Stqn{loj'tls; tb.eJel~pbones for
:m:JlQng QuigQiJ)g ;~~U$(J() n()l.b,~:v~ptiY:3:~Y' S;,i..f!!gJl~,rds;all te~epb.lJ,ne J,;alls; made'by
, ", f~: ...
.detainees are: automaticaUY disconneciedafter fifteen minutes; 102 calls may be monitored; ....
anrl,on¢ d,e(ainee rep,Qrted hlsaft:otnflY~s .:telepb'one 'nuUi))er ha$ been blQC"¢d; PetaiJ)ees are';
Ml'ilffotded pn'va¢y in 'their outgoing telephQne 'cans, because thetelephon;es 'tlsedl>y 'detainees

~3 Nott;:s ,of,dele,&atiqn, m:ei1iQe:t_oi1 conversation w'ftlia detainee who 'choset'o remain
94lt~t¢§Qfa¢le~ati()11.' ri;'",rrlh"i

an:ec'dotalevrdenc¢, ·d'l~tailietl.

:a1tQro,e,y 'W~r th,e pMm~;. IN'qte5;
~¥ Notes' or d e l e g a t i o n ' o n conyer~a.ti'o1i W;i;tli Sup,(~tVisor
,98D¢tentton Operatic!ns Ma'nuat, DeUil.riee;&'ervic'es,Stllndard lo~ Section Ill'.F.
;~ Defention Operations'il:ee'.$etyices" Standard, 16~ Section IIIF.
fOO' PiWufitin, Qpe;ratio:Q:$' Mal).'\i<U, ~~m~e '$et¥j:ce$',$tanojl'td 16,$ec'tioji II.P,
ioY Detenfl:Qti.Qpe,tli:tiorts Man~ »etaUte~ ,sm;)ide§,Slatidatd· i6;SectlO.iiJll:J,
tiii DCDF InmateHani:lhook,p::17 .Pm'. . .
to ihisr:ule ;fsmade Jorcalls valli Ie.g;ilc

:hy fheafforney~there is:;no limit to 'tIre.
In ·c()pv~r~lf~1'Q!i·i'I'lHli,-'S\fpe'tWl:Ri

'Notes ,ofdeI~gation member

tQlJl?k~ Qutgping calls area1l109iltedinthe PtlbJjcdayt9{)m~Withi1()priya9-Y saf~gulirds.103 All





" '...




telephone .conversations made ontheoutgomg telephones'maybe momtored orrecorded.


Detainees may speak priyatelywith counseliftheattQ11ley initiates the call 105 To
d() this; tneattorney mustcallPCDFmadvilllce tp·sChe~re ateleconfet¢ncewith the
detainee. lOQ Iflinlitt0111ey calls in; he/shewiUbe tIllUsferreg to thl::: unit
honsing the detainee,andthe Qfficerwi1l setup the teleconference~ lO71be teleconference will
take place:in.apnvatevisitrOoinadjacehtto one oftbedaytooins. I08 ·These.callsarenot
lUllnitoterlot t¢Cotrled, and there is n()~ restriction.o:n the:irnlil'nbe:r or length. 109 The only
restrlctibnin't¢tl).1Sbftiming;ili;; WJ'thoth¢t:Clills; tsthattheyrnust take place during daytObm



'. :O:ne de1:aineestatedtharslhehadactually~eenu:nable to. make outgoifi telephone
callst<! }:llsfue:rafiomeY becausetA:e '.:tttorney's telepli<mep:umber :had been blocke!l.f II
According: to this detainee there have betmnoj$Sues 4ial1'ng but too~her telephone numbers, 112
Aiiother ,detainee, £thiid lWil1113£j12h fnditated,thathe had no trouble spe.aking to hisattomey
Q'yetth~ telephone. 113



TheStandards require thatfacfl'ities fuke arta.de1ivermessages frbm attdmeysand
emei'gei1¢yiIicoming telephoIiecalls. tQ detainees asptomptly as possible. 114 Ifthe facility
receiv:~an~111ei:gen-gy telephone cl:lHfQr. ~ det;:l:inee;f4eStmW(lrd$ s~ggest thatthe faciUty obtain
the caller's 'narn~an(ftelephone number anttpermit the detainee to:return the emergency callas
'. possible.115

lo~ .Obsenzlltlons,otdel~gation


I04OCDFInmate; Handbook,p.. f1.
1.00S'N';otes ofdel:e'g:ati(lnJllle:mb.ei

Noies: of de Ie g;tti(j1i.

107l'{Qt.t\S ()£ delegatioii .
IllS.' NQt~§


109 Notes: qfdej.J;!g:atieln'lmelmbeJ

li2 Npte~Qtdelegatioii


!IJ N-otes 'ofdelegation

,()iicgl1vetsation withqetain~eeJ
. • • •'Iil,m'• • •

lHpe-fentii;'inOperllti(iiiq Mlljl,\ii:iljD(4ilw.~$et:Vi¢es,St?Mi;lfir }6, $.e«tl.'QJi.Jl1J
H'5l>¢:tention Qperat:!Q!i& Man~~i; ~tain.eej SeJjiic¢s~ Stan(latc;t' i~. S¢cn<!ntfi.I.

DCDJ't does Jiot:Jullymeef this secuonof th~ Standatt/s; )l()n..emergen¢y
messa:g¢S ar~nott~ken •. NonQn;emergenc)' incomjng telephone calis and messages are
accepted.atDCDF.' t6 with the exceptionot' thescheduied. attorney teleconferences discussed
above. There is.aprocedU:te fortakldg,and deHveriilg emergency telephoneealls and .
mes$ages. IJ7 Such
.. t9 the ShiiI CotIti:ilanderon a case~py-casebasis.U8
Howeyer. .
thatbecause ofalmse by people claiming an· emergency
when there was none. '
'. .abonthelieving something to be an emergenCY .119 In
addition, detainees who need tocontactfamily memliers in an emergency must complete a
request explaining th:esittiatioh in :full.J20 '
5, T¢lepJt()Il(;l' Prlyi1egesin~p¢c~lJl M@A~(;lment Unit

The Standards pIov'id'ethatdetainees in'the$pecial Management Unit ("SMI.J'j for
discipUnary reasons ;shall bepetrtUttedtomake dlfec1and/orrree caUs,'e:i(.cept1mder. c(impelIin:g
St!pllrliY CPlidif:ipus. 121 'Jbese·4eWJ),ees:~hallbe~tes:tti¢tedll?teleph;one c?lls f9:t calls relating to
thedetainee;s lrnmig~a#op., case or. otherlegalmatters, caiistoconsulariembassy officials,
fafuilyemergencies.L22 Detamees'ln aCiministrativese,grega:fion generally have the same
te1e:phQne:p:rivileges .as(}thetdetaifie'es~l23


DCDF appe;trs to J1leet~ this :of ~he $tandarl4. Detaineesflaced:in
punitive 'segregation cofitlnuelo have :access to telephones to call their attorneys. 24. They inay
not,. however,tnake ,personal oalls, 125 Detaine'.e'splacedin adminisfra,tiYi:: segregation hav~ the
san),e' t¢:l¢Fili9ne' privHege$.a:sdeiaineesm ,the general fa\:;i1ity popu!a.ti9n,12li

t.i 6 nCDF InmateHanclbQ{ik,l'.lK

HS'.DCDF Inmate Hil11dhook,p; 1'8.

. on, cOllversatiQu with ~,"' ..n""n'


Ji!1NQt~sQfd~l¢~a(it>n u'ii:Al[h~~

11Ci:OCP:Flnmate"Riin$Q.Qk;",p_ f~
i~l~tentioiiope'rations'Manua1. DetalneeSe'tvlces; Standlird 16i $ectionID;(t
'l?;i'De'tentron .operations Manual,Secunty anct,Control,Standard .14, 8ectionm.D.19~
1:.t3' Detenftbn :Operations Manual, SecurityandConitol, Standard 13, Section m.D.l6.~

[ N9te$ '9':r9<*f~tij)ltmt;:tttt.~1

. €oJlY~ct:$,<lti9:'» with,

i25N'ole$:QfgeJe~ati9i1 ..

poilveisatib'ti.wilh u·10ervis.jj

t2~ Nnte$ Qldele.gllthm





," -



-... : -" ···t'·-


Access to Library and Legal Material

ARfaciljt:ies Withq~fuiI).e~ "~Ml1:p~@Jt de~jt1¢~~ a~~~ss toa !<l.wlibrary,an(l
. provide legal materials~:fadlities,equipmentand document copying privi1t:<ges, and the
.~pporw.n'ity to prt:<Pare legal documeritlL',l27
.' .'


Li)jr~ry A¢~~ss

The$tandards sllggest:1:hateach faCility shall have a flexible schedule. for law
library use that permits a11,cletiiil1ees, :regardless ofhollsingorclassification, to use the law .
library olti'!I'e,gularbasis.128 Eacb4etatnee sha,ll'bepetmitted to Us.e the law library fora
minim1,J1ll.of nve h.ours, per week. !2'De1aine:esin(\isclpIinary segregation will ordinarily have
access to the law library, ahhough ;afaciJityp:la,y 'choose to. provide access upon ontY,aP(l
access maybe dellie<ltemporanly for vidlent or uncooperative detainees. 130

DCDF does,J:jot'ap,pe3l'tomeetUlis ·section Qf theStandards; DCDF does not
permit allc;l~t~nee.s t9 9s~ .tbe' I~wlil>t~ryfn l':Rather, libtaryprivHe.gesdepepd, onadetainee'§
tlassHicatiom Q2 Iftile detainee'sC1assificationprohlbits use.ofthe.library.and if the detainee
has a specifiC:; ¢itation to astatut¢,tl1mIih¢ detainee.l'iiay subroita Written re.qllcest thatthe statute
be Qopi¢&' for ::bnn .or het,'131 The ,Standards. p~ttnit '~a~~esslJPon req4¢stonly" at th,e faci1i:ty's
.diseretion,butthis provisionllPPel1tsto l1J.eaDthat set hO]lrs iare not requ1red., vot that a c.letainee
'lJIustrequest specific materials: In, order .to. receive a:ccess to them-a procedure.that would deny
det.ainees the ability to do research, The DODE Ihliiate Handb,ook indicates th::i:tuse ofthe: .
Hbr!<lryWiU beljmiled by "inmate 4emiP1Q. facUit,ysch,e<:l]lleand sgfety/security.guidelines:,134
2 •. tibraryCondltions

'TheStalidatiJs I:equite tliata facm~provideaJaw library with suffident'space to
facilitate 4etainl'res' re~<,l;lreseMgl;lapd.wtitmg~J 5 Furtl1¢TI!1ore, ilmustbe large eno\1gh "to
provide reasonable access to alldeta;ineeswho request its use. it shall contain a sufficient
tiUmoorortablesand chatrsJn a weU4it:i:tiom, te.asonablY'isoi.ated ITom noisy areas.',l36


D,elentiQnOperations :Manual,netamee S¢tvices,Standard J, 'Section I.

J21\DeteIifion0.\1erations MaIl,i,laliJ)~Jam¢e $erviyes,~faI1dgd 1; Se2Q()lll1LG.
J29'J)et~i1tip~ .Qp¢ra1l.<msNfilu,bil1.,;):)¢U!hie¢ S¢ni~9f!~;$tinalli4 J 1$¢cti0!.1lItn.

Peteiitlo'!i'(ipej'atlQu,s>tMiiilal, Se¢;(lfjo/ MO ,C9'!iuo\Stanclard 14,. Section ttt.:b.Jo~

13:16ps~liYatlons·oM.elegafion m e m b e r _
q~ DCDFlnmate: Handboo~p. 21.

m: I)CDfJ~afe Bandboolt, p. ~J,
i3~:J)(;:;pn®Iate &n'4b.®~ 1\1< 21.

pe:telifii:>ii Opetirtiotis'M@)ial,netaineeSentices;,StandardlJ.Section.IIl.A.

i~6 Defenf£on Op.eratiQnsMlmual~'DetaiIiee S'ervices~ Standard 1•. SectionIU.A.

.J~\( .








.. " . :~~. :- ~. ~ .....,,, =.i :~'"


... ~.'


,." •. " '~\



'., ' ..:



1),CDI?cmeetsthis section oliheStandards. DCDE provides several law libraries,
andeadhls \veltlit;: has ample Space, and is well-isolated frpmnoise and fClQtttafnc. l37 Eacb
lipTatYptpyjd,esa9'C e.S$ to at lea-stone c:pmp~tet,awl eachcOi1tains at least t\¥()otner tabks and
¢hairs)p: ·~ddl#~(m ,t9·tl1ose hOll,sjngtlle c9mpuiers.138 Additionally,tPese libraries~e located in
enc1osedrooms that are relatively fteefrom distractions and nOIse. 139

3. Materhtlsldentifiedin tbeDetendon Standards


Th"C-8}amJ'qr(Js reql.iire th.atall fac:i1ity law librar.ies contain tb.e materials listed
Attachment A tothe:chapter onAccess to. Legal Maten·ak l4C 'Ibese materials mustbe updated
teg~la~l!, an.~i?!6iii1ati6n·tri-1l~t~e'ad~e~ o~~igni~ca~tregrilato~and s~~forychanges
regardmgdetention .and.deportatlon (If,!ihens III a. t:\Inely manner:

mat~aJ$ 'must pe'pt<)'lnptly tepla:ced.14~

Damaged oIstolen


DCDF does not fully thisisectlon :of the Standards;. DCDF,Pr0'Vides its
computer, but some ·0£ tberequirell


Il}gillma:terhdsate<un;avaUa,ble. m J)Cl)Fptovides its i1ll1jj,igratioJl detain~e$'Withaccess it)

t()isLawap:(fLexlsNexis.l44TheLe~~Nexisdatabaseis up(latedeverytiu:eet() fourmonths. 145
DCDFpro~ides the detainees access to a set oflegaI digests that were donated to bCOF,but
:th~e materials have not Jjeen~pdated totheCl.lrteIlt:year. 146 While LexisN¢xis and' LoisLaw
j:>t9v;ide: ~~¢~s:;,t()·:t):Um:~ro!ls 1eg~1 material's, filt>$t oftheS¢(;PllQar:Y~SO.m~es .liste(lns req:u.irellpy
AttacbmenfA to the chapter 011 Access to Legal.Materials are n()t available; on LexisNex)s or
Lo'isLa.w.147 "".t1ie Standards state that facilities shall provide: Legal Res.earch ina 'Nu.'tsheZ1:
IJire¢toty qf1f{tiilp'tijfitAge~(:i.esthatAssist Persons In linmigraJioiiift{({tters; LegitlResearch &
Writing; R?gh(so]'I'r1';;ofl;ers;a:ndlliJp;1afJ R.~~hts 'Watch- World Repori.14S H9weyer, .none of
these sources is avaiiable·on thec0tn,puter with .LexlsNexis or :LoisLaw or i:iJ. hardcopy. 149

:.. ,'.

I~7 nbsenr.afionsofdelegation memher

Observationsofdelegafiol1 me:rrtblet

JW()bservat1orts o'f:dele~iitioi1lnetnb!¢r
L40'~te~'#i~n ~e~~iQll$N1al,lui!I,P¢~ilJ.~~$m~icel;,Stiiiidli,~dl, 'S~~tiQ'q' III. C.:

MatJ:Ujllj .Th:mmel<8l<tvj¢l<s,Standiira l~$e¢tioft lIrE,
t41.Qettmnon :bperafioMM'aIiual,UetliineeServices,Standara 1,Section Ill.F.

14.1 J)etw.tiQnQp¢t:titjp¢;

t~~Notes.ofrle1egationmemb~ oncOllversall.Qu with Superviso_



OCDF Inmate H$abook, p;~l.



.I~. Detention Operations Manual,. Detainee Services~Standatdl,Attach:rnent A.

Qhsew<!'(io'riS ofdelegiltion.~emb~


" ..:

.:.. ~


," ..



,," ..












The$titm!r!.rd4 require :thaffadlity law librariesprovid¢ an adequate 'IiUinb¢.r of
typewriters andlot: computers. Writing implements, paper, and office supplies to enable detainees
to prepare documents lor'legalptoceedl'ngs. 150 Staff must inspect at least weekly to ensilre
equipJUel,1fis jnwotkitlg: ofg¢Fari~no stock sufficient supplies.lsl In 'add:ifion~ indigeiltdefuinees
must be, provid~d free epyelopes:and ,stamps for legal mail. 152
DCIIF a:pp,earstomeet thissecfionof'ibe Standards. J)CJ)F has one to two
cOmputefsavailahle ill each oHts law libraties"J53 While "'Tiring instruments, papet,and office
sJlPpU~ are~w~$Jo<? the, libtaty} these materials are readilyavailahle to deWIiees who
requestthem,and'avaita:biefor free to indigent deta,inees. 154

The Stam'iatdS!m)yide that eacb facility shall ellsllte that de1:ainees can obtain

photocopiesofieg?lmaterials~ whel,1sm:;h copiesa're reasonahleanqnecessaty {or legal

proceecHhgsmvoJ:virtgtlle detainee.lss Enough copies must beprovidetl. so 'that a' detainee can
fidfilLcJ>utf; prO<leduralrules:and.retain a- C()py forhjslber records}56 FaciJitypersonnel mayn9t
read:a Q:<X:JI.m:ent t:l:m,ton, Us' fa,ce iScle~ly related to i legal proceedj~g ihvolvjng tb'e detaitlee~157
nCUFmeetsthiSsectlon ofthe.8tandards. DetaineesatOCDF may make cop'ies,
for ten c¢ntsapiece~ Man ~'regal, ptOfessional, and religious dQcuments.;;158

The,Standards. require that'eaclt facHitypermit detaInees to assist other detainees in
resear9bi~gaj1~ 'Pteparln,glegCiLdO¢Ulhentsitj)oil request, except when :stichasslstance pQses a
.'. " ,ok159

nCDF does not meet tlllssectionof the Standards. DetaineesarenotaUowed to d¢f~bjeesWith researcb,.ilor ".c.onductl~gal research fOtQtheri'nm~tes.j'f160'

Pet~tjt)i1'0pei:atiQns Manu~i £>efam~eS~J'Vict:s! Standard t,

Section IlII;}.
l5L ~¢i;'!ti;QnOpe!iitioii$, Detainee 'Seniic¢$, Standard 1 ,SectiQu III~B.

m Detention Qperauons Manual, Detainee Serv.ices, Shmdarcl l,,section I1I.N.
J~'N()tes ofdelegati'on .mem11ei



conv~rsation wl,th S'ij.PlltVl$~

J'~~ ~tenti9n:Operatl):)]1s'M~1iual, p¢\lfui:eeSemi;es,Standatd 1; SectiQnlIL:r,

l, s~ctiQri. Ufl.


Dete,p:tiQirQp¢f<iii\).tl.sMan~l\ j)etaWee,Sewce$, '$tand~d


Det¢nupJj, Qperatkms Manual, :DeJai~ee.,Servkes. Standard 1, Section III.J..

J~ DCDF IntnateHandbpQk,'p;, 2'1:; ~obsen'atiQns of delegation:member_.

Detenti()n'Qperatio~ Manmll; J)eWAee $ervi¢es, St<mqatd L $,ec:tion.lli$,

. '. . ", 21 •
. . ' " ..........
" HandbOok
........ , ..... ,p








. . . ..•• ;







: ....-:

• -




!t... •.•.•.••






,.~'~", ~ ....:....


7. Notice to

The $j(liliJqidst~quitetbatth~!1~tain€ie handbook provide 4etainees with the rules
ul)d procedures g()vemingacc(!Ssto lei~~lmat¢;T.i':ils,16J .
DCllF ,meets this section of tlie,Siandariis. The DCDt Inmate Handbook specifies
the rules fot variou$law library.;tela:ted procedures. Thes.e procedures include requesting time in
the libl'ary,req)l~$ting atutot to assist; with LoisLaw. .res¢arch, and requesting to ~ea detainee's
, "L"
'I'D'" ..
.. ,,162
.;. eglj. .• lSCOV:ery,



Gtou,p Rights PteseIif:atIbDs

Jihe$((!f)datds providetbatfa¢ilities:h61dWg; JC'Ede.tainees "-shall permit authoriz¢d
m:~9~ to make presentatiQus ·to~ows ().fdeta'i'n.ees for tllepul:ppse of informing them of U.S.
immigration lawandproc~dures,consistent'withthese~urityand order)yoperation of each
f.a¢ility.,·r63 Informational pos{etsare t9 be prominently '9'!$played in the housing units at least
fortJ"¢ighthours in ad.vance 'ofiisd~edul¢dpI:e$entatiQn.I64 While the presentatiQlls ate open to
ali detatnees,we faq).1ity"1l1aylimlt then~mber()f.detail1~~~.'l-t<,\'sj1}gle se~si<'lP.';lQS "l'hefacility
shallse1ectandprovideane:nvironmentcconducive to the presentation, consistent with
'$.epuri'ly."J66 .In addition., de:tai.n~s$ha.1l qAV¢,fegUlaroppOi:tJ1nitie:sto view an "INS~approved
yide:otapedpre:sentation on legal right$~.,J67

})CDF mee~ this sectlonolthe.standards; According to DCDF personnel, there
are. no' restrictions, on group rightspf¢sentatiQus. 168 'The: facility. pe:tfbitns background and
cred,entia:IschecKs on aU speake~. who ~ye thepte:sen:lations. 16')PGDF officials infOrn:i.edlis
fuatnonprofitagencles sChedule mUltiple 'prese,1JtatioilSe:ach Year.! 70 Two weeks before a
,scheduled pte:Sentatibn, an aIiilouncementis made to make the detainees aware of the
presentation.!7l AdditionaJIYiS W',&t l"mfot:rnatlonalposters 'are displayedfu the- hQusing :u:nhs
and ·other cQrtltnpnat:eas. l72 Tbe· 'Pf¢$e:I1tatiQh~ t!.lke:pIMe:; in PCDF's. itlurtipurpose 'classrQoms,
l~), DetentIon Operations Manual, Detainee Services, Slandard 1,. SectionIILQ.
l6~ DCDF

Inmate Handbook,pp. 21":-22~.


~t~ntion Dper~tioIi% MM.i)liI;;P~Mi'j;¢e $¢,tV.ip\}ll, Stapll~&9. S.ectioIi.I.


:Dyt¢nti(jn()pe~t~Q~~ M;iIiP:a.r;])e~~!i¢e S¢tv~Q,¢$, $t;iIi,Qltr(if9; S.etition IltC~


:Q¢t¢fi:tiQi1;qpel'atioiis Ma@al,Detam¢¢ S~c:e~, Standard~;; '$ectivD Ul:C~

16/j Detention {)perations Manuai,DetalneeServ'tce~,Slandard 9~ S.e.ction IIIE.
I~7Detention Operations Manua1,Defainee Serv'lCe1i, Standard 9, Section HLt

. ·@llV~~<ltiPIi Mtll:~:uP;~l7Vis(}1

169NI'i.t«$Qf del~t?a~i()n


lto:NotesQrd¢legatibii .
iii ·Noies,'of'(!eJeg'ltio,n. rnernb,eJ

172'Notesof UtUt;g~LUUJ(UJ;lt;llJIVCJ

"'~ ,(

•.• !-


,whlcihare'(;oIiduciv:e to thepteSentatlons since they at~wel14ighted, have seating iivailal:ile,atid
c-a,il act:j)mmi;)dat~ fifleasrtw~lltydytaj1):e~l>:atQt:l~ time,,173 Thepr~se1)tatiQns are open to all
de~fn~es., ll)clll(iing those iIi' segregation, as long as segregated detainees do not pose a physical
'threat to other inmates., 174 While the .numher o{deta:in~es ~t a single session may be limited,
'enoughse$Sions are heIdS'uch 'tnat :al1deUfineesinteteste.d. inatfending the presentation areabte
to.atten.:d, m
'The i'KnowYour Rights"video l.S aired' on the televisions inside the facility every
weekend.. 176 :Prlortotheairing ofthevideQ, an anIio.unt.e111ertt is made, and. evetyteleVisionin
the. fapill'ty is· tUned 'tn1:o this video;;J77 PCDJ:" ·b!'i$·anE!1gl1~11.ilIid I!Span,ishversiQi) ·of fuisvideo
:presen:tatj~J:l., .lin:d PQl:hate :sh9Vffi (<)ne etie;h day ofi:heVle·eken(.l) evf'!o/ w~ek. 17&



The,slq.nilc;r:ds, req\Jiretl.i.litcdf'!mlMe~ t;;.!?' ailQwedto isend. and.Teceivecorrespondence
1n a timely Iilanner; subject:totimitationsrequir.ed tOT safety" security,andord"etlyoperation ,of
t11¢ faCility. 179 (Jeh~talco((espottden¢e$harlfi9IDliny be '()P¢neo.anil insp'et;ted fpr contraband
:intb.~ pte$¢nce ~ftl:le def<,linee, b~tm<).:'XbeQ1?ehe~l and,l;:V~I1.XeaQ 1;)ll,tstde the preSence. of the.
detainee if~ecurity rea~ns exist fOT dOing so. 18(} Special correspondence--whichincludes all
written.communication to orfromattomeys, legal :tepreseritatives,judgesic6ur1:S, gov¢rtUnent
. ·tif6¢ialS;Md th¢ nf'!Wstne.d.:i'~ i.s ;trea'te&diffei;'entl~}8l lficomihg ':s:pecialcQue$P9nQI;:nce. :can he
in~e¢te.R,;fo:rcont:(aQ.and only in tlw pr!'(;:!.c:mG.e. qftbe 4et~"Qee.t;;llt heal) lleve.r be read or
copied. 182 'Outgoing specralcorresJ?Ondence ma:rnorbeopened,. inspected, onead. 183

fie de1~ihee hahah6,bk ,i:itij$t~Pec:if;y'hQW ttiaildt!;:s$ CO:i:J:'esp:ondefic.e,· the qefinifjoI!
I1fspecial Co,p:e'!;pojIdeilce ,and how :ii;:!ItQJ.lld. b~ labeled,~m.d t,l.:1e,proc-edure. fo~ Puwhasin~


N6tesofdele-gation .

:oh conversatiOn with SUrieIviS.6]


.... memoet

,O'Q 'c:ofiyefMu.op with .'~,'l'n'l~rvi~ti;

t76N.{),W~ {~rq,~ll1!ga~i(:5il, \ett~Oet

;Q:pq0b.'ver$a:ti,Q"p 'With SuoerviSo]

'i7'I'Notes(of\ieie,gat'ion .tn.embel

on ·ponve;rsatj'oilwl:tlii ,"".ift\I~i'Vj ~hi

i)sNot~$.·oh;Megation tnemb:e.I

.on'conv~rsatl'onwith ·S·uP.'lervisol


.IQ~'Detennon Operations ·Manual"IJe.tamee :Ser.Yices, Standard '3', Section I.

TtQpeteI);.t:t:Qn0J5eri!t\Q.11~Nfaiitl~l, li)e~m~Setvf~es, :$t;lna';lt~ 'S,

Se¢tiQns 'III.B· &:E.

\~~fletention'OperationsManual, Detame.e ($, Standard 3', $ectionsm.B~"B,.& F.

!~i; .Dete.ntionQperatlQn.sM'anu~l, j)et<finee'$.~:S.tlID:daHI3j; S¢¢t1QUS JlI.B· & E,
li3; ~t:elitlQ~

Op¢flitlQP.s Mab::u;Il, !).et}ljf:t~¢ $:~ici::!S" l=hatldard;t, Sectl~b:s.lJU~:'& F.




postage and rules for providing lndigent detainees, freepostage.IMThe Standards also require
thatfatilities :prbvide indigentdetaitieesWith 'free envelopes and stamps for mail related toa
l~g.altQattert 'iiicludlng corre$ponden¢e t(jalegalrepresen~tiv¢t pott:ntialrept~¢ntative, or any
Cq,tl,"rt.,185 EiP!llly, theStand4rds reQ~ij:e that facilities notifY d~~ainees of specific infon:nation '
' "corresponence
regal'd' mg
'" ',',
'»C»F does not fully meet this section ofthe$tt,tndltfds.; tbe handbook lacks
jniOtmati,on r¢gatdingspectalcon-¢SPtllid~'mceand free'materials for immigration
detainees. Mail travels in, and oulofDCDF onallda;ysexcept Saturday and Sunday~ 187
lricomingmailis distributed to detainees on the day it arrives.l8S OUtgoing mall is collected by
Pod (jffi¢ers duung
. . the day iindgoes
. inorning.

~nq()l11illg&aCkag~smu ~ h.~vellll: inYeht(j:r;yll,st: wti;fi¢n on ,t}1eirexier1()t ,Qr they will
be returned to sender. I , " Incomingnliiil of all kinds is, generailyopened .to check for
coIittaband.19 1 Iii addition, all legal mall willbe opened in the detai'iie(}'spreseilce. j 92

Inspe~tions Q~m~il ~ary'fromsiinpl¢vi$~al j~spe~{ionsto !~a~lfir\a leiterJorcontem,~iit m~Y~

of cO'JitleW wIUtregard to thesafetyandsecupty of ,the facIllty.;19, ,DCDF keeps a wottenrecord
ora'll items removedfrQm .detainee mail"and,any such items are kept infue]ocker that contaIns
the detainee's ()thel' pr«;>peny.194 Identitydocumehts suchaspasspOltsandbirth certificates are


Peten~i91).,qpefii~iQll~ Man:u,al,,'De~inee$eJ;Vice~,$taild<ird 3,Secti9ns :ur;~.

185.i)elen:tl(ii) Operat;iPIls, McilQ,illJl, :n,~t}i!jlee Sen/ices, $tlJIldard 3; $e¢tion Ill.I,<!Ild Standard 1, SectiOll


Uefeilti(iJ19Pet~@:):ilS MalllIal, Detainee :Services, St<U1dard 3, S¢di6il In,~.



j.8; N otesQfdelegation


onc6nversation 'wfth()ffi,cel• •

.out the same day. Notes of delega:tion member
, i\nd,PCl):FI;nmJlte Blin.dQoo~ p" 12.
c:m ,Gonvet;Satloli 'Wjfu ;~ptity l'lJl1 Ailmml'strator

192 :pqpF J@.Iat.e,H~dhpoK:;p,


Wl :t:>CDF lmnateJlliIldbook!p.

on conversation with Deputy Jail Administrator









also kept in the"detainee' s lo6]{ef..195 :Final1y,()~tg61ngniailwill be,opened and Ie.fumed to the
'(l.€:,ta.iil.e~ if iido~$ :nothilY¢~t¢tli1;il ad!;l.r~$S, 19.6
',_ ""',, DC1?!pr?.,d~s ~~e.~t~~s~ envelopes. writiq~ paper, and.;p~~cil~,:o:indig~n\ ", .
.deuunees for .malhng legahnatenals,l 'TheenveJopesand paperarestamped lOB, 'Legal 'to
'e:nsut¢tlie,yare used fqfJegal 'ftiiiil,· 'tiQt p¢:r:sop~l mail. 198 There is .nb liJll~t9n theQ\lml>~ ofsuch
lega] envelpp~,tha:t ~ade.taine·e. :maYs,¢nd ()ut 199 Indigent-detainees lllay a:Iso re.'i,llesistamps,
envelopes••paper" 'andpenciis. for lIOn~legalmail using an indigent commissary rbUD,2oo In
a:ddition,rletafhees :may,purcnase sfampsthtough the corn:missary.2(}\Thete arena limi'ts On mail
s~iit, of Jtet!$'i;y~~l ~rtFfede~itiee's:¢xp¢iiS¢:?(}2

l)QPF.'g:{ves;:all d~tain:ees atopy Of the DGDF Inmate Handbook. 1'heHaridbook
descrfbes :how adetil.ine:e must ·addr.essmai:1 ,genemily, 'but it does :notprovtde I\thedennition of
~petial cortespenoence:, including; ins'trtictibhs bnthepttJPer; labeling for'special cortestiondence
[Md'a] ;$mt~tn~:pt fb;!,v~t 1$, f1}¢ :q'e}:ttlri;'e¢"s'tesPQi1siPi)ity t9 infQ@ ,s~t)4¢t~'Q;f~¢ctl,llltnail 'of
tQ(:c :i3bdin.;g ,1:~qgi':~!n~l1:t/! ;np1:' d.o~l> it s.pegiflqll11y de,scnpe .the procedure for dbtaining: free
!,·i',·' 203
'0, . , 0 ...

mathuK'matenals, ,.,'

Dtta;inee" UandboQk

The $,icmdanis LeqUire 'th~tevery facrHty develop it 'site~specific handbook forits
immigration detainees to serve as an overview of, and guide to, the '(ietention policies, rules, ·and
proc,edures in effe~j' at the :facili~, 204 111e handbook should, describe the "l>eryices;, pr~gQlms>
andoppo.rm:njJje,& ~i!,'l?l¢' 'furo~gh yt,l.lj()M,s: soW;ce$,inclW;\l,ng tQ¢ fa,~i1ity, [lC~], private
.,' '

~%PGEiF Inmate Himdbooki.'P:. 12,

on conversations with Depu~ Jail A::Ci.mWs±r:<ltor

¢oi:\yep;;atioD; with I>ep:liiy Jail A:&n:irtistrator

:20::>' tJden:HonQp:etatlOIlS Manual, Deta'ill:¢e ,services,

Shitdattt6;, Sed'ihilnI.B. 'the 'Hiurdbookdescribes

g~n~f<,ttly, :b:9WtIi; &)l~tt¢n;tq~~m¢~;.t~(tu~t$ Jr¢~ilem$, fiQmthe :GPn.w:rl:S$~ry, .J:)C:PFm~a!¢lfan:c1l?ocilq),



26.4, Detention Op:e-rations Manual~ Detainee' Services, Standard ~, SectionJ.

' ........"






organiZiitiotis,etc/;20SEverydeta'inee in the facility is to receive a copy of the' handbookupOii
ad1pjttati¢e~206 The hailclbookmust al!>o be available in Spanish anciif appropriate: translated mto
thenyxt most"'preyti1entlaMu.age@ among the facilIty-'s detainees.2(l71'he Sta,rd'ards requ~te
that .the handbook briefiy,deScribe: ludividualprograms and services .and associated rules. 208 Tlle
handbOoka:JSo.lllus.t Specify the~niles; regulations, policies, and procedures with whiCh every
detalileefii!.ist tomPly;,2ll9and should detail detainee rights and responsibilities along with a list
al1d qlassificaJio~ qfprph\Qited llctidp$lbehavior and their com:spc:mdjng disGiplm~ry pt~ed:Qres
and sanctlons} JO The handbook must notify detainees ofthe right to' protection from abuse,
harassment ana disctlm'iiiation. Zll The handbook must also state that detainees have the
. op~orltin~% tQ~U~~itwtitten qu¢s.tions~d conc~s to ICE StaJf;andp'tOVlcle ~hept()cedWesfor
dQIJlg SO" .' FW;J,lJy, ·the hanQ.l.W.O:~.rnUst Include gneyalweappealsand.1?J<x;edllr~~.213
·'the nCDF 'Inmate Handbook does not fully meet the $tandards;it tacks

inf(ltmanon speCinct(), leE d~taliiees. At intake, the detainees ar.egiven:a.copy oithe"Poqge
CQ\1nty PtltentiopFa¢ility Inmat¢Han.dbQ()k tind Jaillhiles/' available in ¢itbet EngliSl1Qr
Spanis.h}I:4i Th1s,lf:a:v4b.<x>kfs "sitt::~~~ific," anq. jtprovjdes atl..overviewofthe pollcies,nlles,
aild .pmcedures~eneral1y in effect atthe.Pacility.215 However, the Handbook fails to e~lainand
adeqti~tely describe the pdlici¢Si i1iles;.ser'Vicesi Progtams?and tights8:vailable to irnm~gratioh
4e@ne~' ~Il4e,1"the Stan4qt~, It tides:not inClude .information on adetaiht::e's right fo l'i,e ftee
:from.abuse orde;cdrn1'nation; (toes not explain how' special <;orrespondence should be handled;
and ,does not illclude.ififormation on communicating with leE staff.

TheStalidards require tllata]} detafuees have access to recreational progralllS and
a¢tiYitles,urtj}er c6tiditi6~ of :s¢Cliji;ty"andsa:fety.21 (y. I)efaitieesshould behO'used fucllities



:p¢t¢nli'O;n:Qpe~ti9Jis NI?c.hWil,Detajpe¢;Services, Standarcl6; Secti'O,nt

206p¢t~fiMli Op~tjni6.tis Manji,aJ; :petiwee Services; Sl!luo<lrd 6,SecllQil:r.

'QetedtiOil 'op:efations Mauilai; Detainee Services,Staudar46, Section lUE.

2(ji!&telltipnQperations Manual, Detainee' ServIces.; Slandard 6, Section lllJt
2p9'Detenfion Operations Manual, Detainee Sewices; Standard 6, Section m.e;
ll°DetentibJi '~t,iQ;tI.$ M~WiJ, Detainee services; Stalld~r4 6,Sect.J,Qp.


tll.Pet¢nQQn ;01?1;';'l'at.1o.I)~ ~lInlltU,S~<;'UBo/:rod Cf;>nb;'bl,St<mOard $, SectlQf)..mA$,
2ii.D¢tentl9il Qpt:tauoJ'!$ M~Jjua:t, 'I>etai:neeServi'Ces, Stalldard is, Se.ctlQriJtr,B;3 ..
'zl~Detention()perationsManllal"Detaib:eeSerylces, Standard 6~ S,ection III)).
n conversation with SUtlen,iso
pt;pFJnD~@:aa~Qb99k;"Q:~nltc(),!O¢' pet¢iX~iOil,;DelQondlido De ~t:l&!:: '.


gj~ PGDFlnmatefI'andbook

~'i~ IDetentu:m.OperauollsMan)Jal. Detainee :8erv;ices,Standard 13., Se.ctlon L





With Qutdoor recteanon:

Iia facilitybnly proVidesmdoor recreatiQn, detainees must ha:ste
access fQra.t least :one));Qlltpet;oa:-YimG:1J,i1:lingexPQsuJ;e to' na~tal light} 18 Detaiji~¢~l)l):Q)Jld
hilVeil<;cessto "f'iX€(l atl4m9Y~!>J~,~q\(ipwe)1J;" lI1Sl)JqipgqpPQrlIlnities for q!lrqlov<,lscu1ar
exercise, and games and d~yrooms}19 Under no circumstances will a facility require
detainees to f'6rego, law library privilegeS; fbr recreationpnVileges. 220

)jeD}!' c:lo·¢~ J(():t flilly roe:etthl$ '8¢\ltlOi:i9( the: StaJit!ards; n()fi~ed or DlQyabl¢
PCPI' ha~ twq wpy~of. indoQr
some outdoor
... " ' 2 2 1 - - ' ; '
rec:e.atiQ:tt. is pro~d~d~': '.' .1CE~~g~;ts.thatde~in~~s ~eli~ible~Qrtr~nsferafte.r 180day~at a;
factlity wlthoilloutdoor recre4uQn:· . lliaccQrdan~ WIth .thIS pohcy:, DGDFn9ttfies .ICE after It
has hQuseqadeia:irtee fQr' 16.5. il.ay~ifi order to allow tlle. detarneeto. ,relocate ifhe/she. 'so
cn:oo$:es. 22J
One;of~the indoor -recreation: r:o,oms nasno exposure. to natural sunlight. 124
Is.a ha'ske:tballlf
'.' .·enIl··.itted
to py
. Iii ·.hmooaU?2S
u . . e..,.......
.' ,\l.tOg,
.......... 1 ................ ·onl
. .¥P
........... .
PCPF cst!l;tf:meJ:ti~t$. '~xP'lajn¢d l.:h~t tQ~ J:nany-' were injIJre(L playing, baske.tball.and tb!lt
handball seems,to:be' a safer sport.;2'29 Therel Is n.o. set schedule for: use ofthisrecreation room,
hut detaineesm~ygenerany us.eit (aep,endillg bn ,theirclassHicatibri, how much ·time they want

0~6~~:'1~;g~:~;::l~:oe~:::~:::~;~()0~:~~n~~:;~e::~~b:::~~~~:~~i~".anA.. .
clependingon thelrclassification,oan spend fottY-five minutes per day outside forrecreation;m

The ,~,e¢pnd ··t)!p¢ofte0feati<ltltQoittis.a c/iyroom; where d~taineescal) watpn
reJev1$iqJI Md pla,y 1)():a.t<lgl)mes,;,229'Ni;!.itbel;" rOQIllpJ()vi(i¢seql}ipment fOrm4SC~lar: .pt

2l1PeteI:Jtioi,t Oper~JiQns Man1l.a.l, P~~il:lee ServiCeS, S~I:Jd4rd IS;, Section III.A;,·whj(jl)a:JSQ ;lito.vldeslli.;a~
'i~H i:);eW 9t teiiegotiifted~o--gti:;a¢ts: :ruidlCi.'t'$Mw\\U !$tipullfte dta,.tlNSdetairiees have- ~~c~~,s: 19 •.@: ptr1~h;>ot
recreation' areaY'
~t~ Deten:nonOperations Manual~ :D.e:talnee Services;, Standard- J 3, SectionJILB,

219'DetenfionOperafions Manual, .De.ta'ihee Service'S; Stamhrd 13,. Section IILG.
22<lDeteution :~emtioiiS Mlihtilll; Detainee 'SerVices$ 'Stiindard .13.; Sectioil IllS.

9J1¢0'~Y¢'~l!H9I1Wjtli. ~'i,~/>""ii'''')T

i22'Not¢$ ,&fd¢l~$l\fikln
~3Notes;ofde1egatibn •

conversation with ·S·up.e:rvilsoI









cardiovascular exercise; 'officials indicated that this is because. qe.tainees are prone to' breaking

WhateY¢requiprtientli~~ heel): placeo,in.the 'recreation (O,O,IDS. 230


Access to Medical Care

The Stahdatds:tequire thai :aUde.tai~ees have access to'medi¢alserviee.s that
proit\9te Qetajrteel1e~l'th.®~ gen:emJ'W¢JJ,bein:g. 231 Every facility mllstptqvide <inmiti'al hea,ldi
screenin~j :an.d pr()v~dfj H>h:Ysica}' :exam within fqurteen days Qf adetaineefs arrival at tbe
facility.J,··2 Each facility IsreqJiired to' havere:gularly scheduled times, knQwri as sick call,durjng
which 'mediGa1persotirielate; availa.151e;ic!!' se.f:: detainees who' have requested medical services.233
FQf' a" faqiHty, witb,p¢we~h $0 Md :ZOO!:ietaineeSi 1~e DCDF, ther¢ rtiVslbe ~i(;;};: 01,\11 at least
three '~ys :J>¢tWeek:·2~4' ;ra~iljties mJ,ls.t ais<? haveprO,cedures· in place to' provide .emergency'
medieal care for cietainees who' require: It.2?5 With respect to' emergency care" the Standb.rds state
thatit)ji situatiQn 'lnwh!ch.a J.etentl'On:officeris un.certain whetherllde'tainee teqp'ixesell1¢tgeuoy
meQ,tQ~l ¢J¥r~,.Jh¢g:Oi¢'~r shQli14'ii):1roediatelyci:mta~tahealth care Qt<5yi4~ror ~m~m-dufy
'~up~rlisot?~6 If~ 4etailjlee1s;!ll~gI1Qsed as havtnga medicai orpsychiatriccO,ndittQn requmng
spedal attention (e.g., special :d1et), 2the. medicat careprovjder is"require to notify:the OICin
Wfiting. 237




Jl'CDF's"ibstail1i~llYlll~t}ts tb~'s p~trti()I1 of tbe Standflrds;bowe.ver" detainees do
uotreceive ·:a.pbysic:tlexam Within fourteen' days of their arrival. 'Detaineesaren<)t
ph,¥sicaI1ye;x;'11edWiillfu founeendays oftheit initialptoGesSing,as reqilrreq by thf:: '..
Stl1rirJQra.s~n8· PCDF,$ct¢¢n$ ,q,etaii)ees. It:iriiI¢piQ!;ll.issqe,s4P9'nWeir imtj:al pg)CeSSi'rlg,239 EllCh
,geta.o111,e¢c isqvestic!,pe4 :reSc:l,r4ingpriorheaith :h'i~tory, .currenthealtb" medicafhistO,ry•..mental .
health. su.ioide risk,. drug andloralcoho'l dependence,tB, dental healthi ,arid STD/~otn:ll1.u:nicahle
disease:S,}4tl If'fla,gsafe. raised~; the ji).div.idhal is referred to' medical fOY'aft¢n:p'Qn,241 Tb.()se who
~r~ini1;iaUy 'fl~SJ?;¢da$ha;y,mg lSP'me :'rllentai' he!l~Jh, i~sve,incli.tdjngsul~idal tengencies". may be'

lila nd ICE

.,·with Supentisoi• •
i3i:oet~~Q.QnQp.eratio:ll:s Manual, H~alth ,SetY:1ces~ StallM(c{ 2, cSectiQJ:):I.
itt Detentio.n :Op:er:aii'onsManl1llJ"Healthi$ervices, ~Standard

t, Section :1II1),
:Qetenfion.'Oper.arronsManual, I!I:ea1tlt S_encices, Standard :2, Section m.F.

~¥ Detention DverationsMailual"fIealth Servic:es" St~mdard2; Section 1.
'·245' P~i'¢lltt~I1/Qpet~ti:~i:i$M~M~"

,l{g"lt'h Sl::rvtees,S'tii-l}Qai:q '~, S¢ctlQh H.A, n,and O.
'2,36 P¢te.htio!i . Qp~~atiQ:ll:sMMlia.l; N¢.~lth: ~en'jce$; St~&tcl.2., S¢ct1i:)i),JUJt
'1J7 Uelentlon0p,erationS::}i,lan.l,llll. llealU1_ Servkes;Standard.:2, Section utI:4JS Notes otide1e.gattton:ni1enllb.e:
:l39 Notes 'oj'fmfle~(atlOlitriemt:le:
,'¢Qfly#satip.!i '.vy-,,~J .....,."'\.,,<0
'24Q Notes. ." .'""~J.".e;!!<",,-,,,.
county DeJ~ent:ionIi'ac:i1illrM~~
.2~:l Nbtesof:l:le1egafien










~'-;" ~"::,;

~ '" :~; .<:: .•. ".'; ". ",




HA M"WAt KlNS"?'
kept separately and moriltoreddosely by the staff ~42 All detainees receive medical care, and
bCDF hOlds <l.sickc:a.l1 at .1easttbiee days per week.243 The sick. cal1sgeiletally ihvolVe;a nUrse
O!;()the:r ms:dical sf;iffpjem:@t·yjsifu1ge~t:hPo.d toaddress3ny of the detainees' bea1tlJ:,re1ated
()O~ce~.444 To. t4e.eJl;te~ttbe~el,m~ 13ngll~ge barrier!), DeDF u~sotherdetaineC$or inmates,
usuaUyciluent in Sl'anish~ to assist in treatment. 245

The mediCal staffprovides health servic~ slips (an "IrUIJateReql1est Slip") to the
de.t~mee(!l11?()fi reque~fj h.l®th El1glish il,nd .Spanish.246 Th~e slips are ptoeess'ed Py pod
om'cers attire 'time th¢y.~resl1bmltted.247 DeDF has also made arrangements wIth a 'toeal
hOspital :anrlservlceproviderS for specialized care, such asinentalhealth setvices?4~;Efuergency
c~eis acvailabl~: tW'enty"fbur: :M~l"~: Per day, incb~di1lg emetgencys¢m:ces Qn-()all Wh~np
medi¢.aJpexsPPfi,d, are· ()n du,ty}49. O£ficerSllIe ,available at: all tj,ll1eS to te~p9Pd, ti:qne():i<;l).l
em~gr.;mcie!i.. @q.:¢achR9dofficer?!> station IS equipped wit'ha first.,a.ia:~it. 250 III ,the case ofan

.emei;g¢ncy?otficersntstVisilaJ1yeyaluaie tnedetaihee,tlieiicall a dispatcher toreqllest
.:::;~~:k;:= ~~~~~{~f~~sSary', 251 Officers. are t(ained t01"¢spcmd to medical:
. DeDF hasspechil eme(~ency procedures to deal with detainees with suicidal
ttmdencies. Jrao®tajnee is .deemed a,suicide risk; he .or she i~placed in.a5pecja:lobservatiQn
'j:oo:I1l,'vv!herehe 'tiT-she: i$observed :e'Very fifteenminutes. 253 Th¢ (1)servation tOQilla1Jd clothes
w()mby suidtblclela:ltleeS' are designed to ensure nQthlng in the .observat:l()nroom or the

),3, .

t, . ,




':. ..

, ;,.

.• ,!..,

~.' "





detamees' clothes can be used to assist ill, sukideattempts}54 Officers. are, moreoVer, trained to
recognize smcidal behaviofimd '1l,llderstaild appropriate preveIitative 255'
Theniedical servi~es fllciliryat J)CDF~isll restricted,..access J'acility off the Facility's
major hanway;~6 The medical personne1 staffing the facility is quite large, and the staIfand
space are more than sufficient to treatall the detaillees. 257 DetaineeS' medical records are kept in
,a locked room justoffthe medicalfac.ility's reception area:, sepatat¢ and apart from detainees"
custody te¢orcls~ 258 Detainees'medjcatlonsate stored on-:si~eill tJie medical facility, and are
distributed asordetecl' by the medical sfaff.2S9 Prescription medications must be approved by the
medicaistaffbefore they are diStrlbutedand must be in prescrip'titm bottles with the detainee's
name. 26O NQjj",p'rescnptiqii medications.' llte ;availabletbtou,gh 1he inm,atecommissary ,and are
Urpitedjn thi;l d9Sage lPIn4tes ~ate able t9 'requesL2(j1 Deta,inees,h4yeabout ten miniltesafi:eJ;' t11eir
,gen d90rS<I).',e .opened In the m()1:tl~ng tc;neqllest medi.c~tj\:m~ and U1llst request over-the-:counter
(i.e"non~prescrlptlon) medicationto the J>odofficer on duty prior t6 thci nurse's arrival in the
Pod [QT"lni.:dic:atl0ndistribuilon,262 If fuedicationis missed dU.e to a detainee's absence fromihe
Pod" ~ttaiigemeniS. are made fdt'tliat,cietairtee to teceNehislhet medication. 2gJ AU medication·
musthe,taken;jn front oftlIestaffadtni'nl~teihIg it,anrlthe- detainee must show that the
medicatlon has heen swallowed by.s'howing an empty mouth. 264

Acces$ ,to. Dent~JCar~


TheStalidards requiretliatdetainees have an initial ,dental screening exam within
fOl.ll'teeii days of the detairtee"s arrival,ahd require 'the facility to,provideemerg~ncy denta1

Dbsefl>tati,Qion. ¢~!~:~::~~~~7~n;;urs:~':,'e:::::=lnl!otesofdelegation

2sa (jlis¢j:y.a~i.oiis Q(q¢II.;'~'tlOi'l."~iwW:b~t..,


on'¢QilveJSi'ltibnwith N4tsi.:


,.tes'o:fqdegat~ofi rtlemtfetJ• • • • • • •

.2~9NotesofdelegationmeIrib~on conversation ,with Nurse_DCUF



26Q :DC;l)f Imna~e11a,il,dQ:O()k,','P'p,H"l~;

i61' PC)])F IbmaW :aail4P~k, 1')).14;.; 1.5.:

~~~:t':JGDF ImnateHandbook,'pp, 14-J$~

~ DCD:F ImnateHandbook;'RP. 14";1$.

2@:OCDFlnm:atefllind1;>.(iok;, {lP, 14-15:

..: ~-;;







..:, ....

treatment andrepalr of'prostheticappliances. 265 For detainees who arehe'ld in detentiim for over
sixfuQhths. routine dental treatment may be provided, induding amalgam itnacomposite
rest{)ta:ti:o;nS,':pmphylaxjs,root,cp,rta:l'si\!i~tra(;ti(}n,s) x-rays, ther~air fltidadjlJ.~tment of prosthetic
~ppli;:,-nces~(:lotheT procedllres reqll,jred t(} maintain ,th,t:!' detainee>s, he;U,th?66
The DCDF does not meeuhl's section of the Standards; there is no initial dental
There is no on",~itedentist at theFacility,a;tld liQ initial' sCt:eening of <.letainees as
Standatd,:;;;267 If dental care IS neede!i, the f~¢ilihr li~s ,!\Contract with, a local
",1nHtistisford~ WI" WI10 provides thenecessarYicare aihis office or aUhe
:fa:cHity.1~8. ',' ." often delayed one to' two days" hoWever,until approval fot any procedure is

Obtailied'via fa(;simile;269'

'1J;p:nger Strikes

The Standards require that ,all facilities followatcepted standards of care in the medical
and atlmini$ttatlve managertfent ofhunger.;strikirtg detam~es.27()Faci1itiesmtistdoevetything
witbitt 'I:l,l,eit melitis tQmQn'~tbt, andplCotectthe health and welfalCe9fllie.b,llQget-strikingdetainee
,al1d must makt:!every efforl.toobtaiiifhehuDgerstrlker' s informed consent for treatment. 271 In
!GSA facilities, the "Ole p} the fadIlty Sballnotify [ICEl thitta,detaineeis tefusjpg treatment
UndeInO CH:Cumstancesare IGSAfilcilities t6 adminjsfer: fotcedme!ilcal tteatment unless
gtaij:t,t:\'l :p'eftllisslon, :from [ICE).',272
.DCDF :a:ppeal'sto meet tllis:se~tjbn'ijfthe Standards. If a detainee has refused
food (Ot 72 .hOurs; thest:l:ttdard practice is fot the OIC>Qi a PQdofficer, to:refer toe detainee to
.(he medical depl111ment. 273. .Acc(j~.aing to: the fa¢i1i,ty'sw:QtJ:en.p:Olides aJ:ld p~(}Cecl.ures, an officer
musi'check a hUnger st'riker'svita1 'signs once every tl1irtynfinutes.~740fficerspro:vlde:hunger
stOkers .three: meals each :dayandma1ntain the hunget .sttiket~'s;suPi1ly.ofwater imdbevetages,275


U¢telltioIi:Qj:ler:ati6,ns; Ma;njl~I,Bel)lthS.¢nti9:¢$,Smn(Jaril Z, S¢.c.MiI UtE.

i§6l)eteJltionOperatiolls Miln:ual, IteaJt& jSendets:, Standard 2;$eptlouUI$
M'iNb:ie$ 'oJp~iegatioJ) memoer


cpIlversati()u ,

i7Q}p¢te;IJ,1:j(juOperatiQM Mai1t!a:J,,:H~llltl:1,'Sli;tYi,¢~~; ;1,S'¢cti()'1lL
271~lehQ9ilOpetari()llsM1J;rt1J~li.:aeillliSt;;t¥j¢tis>$tMdard .i.;S¢.ctioij':1.

17i Deterihon Operations,:Manual" HeafthService$,Standard i . ,Sectton:ru.'D.·

conversation with Deputy Jail Administrator

onconversati'ouw,lth Deputy Jail Adm:1nIstraior

'" :"

.Facility pers.onnel rtotet1)atJ1Unge;rStq'k~ most .often .occur because detainees believe that snell
strikeswi11 :resultin their release .ortransler. 276 .

TPeSt(qu/prds: J;;t~nt\ot). facilities use a classificatlonsyste1)l and
physically separate detainees lrtt.o·diiferent categories. 271 A detainee~s classtfication is to be
d~t¢:m?ied o~"objee~ve",c~te~a. ,inclljdi~i cnminal. offehses~ escape attemp'tsi institutio~al.
dlsc)phnary hIstOry ,Vlolentmcldents.> etc. New arnvalsa:re generally classIfied bY:conv1ctlons
ill .order tp sep~at~d~ta.jttees witl1 :til;>. or minimal cri1)linal.recor(is from inmates whh sepous
criminal rec.ords·.2.79 Allfaciii'ty classification systems shall allow classification levels to be fe.
·detenninedatid include procedUies ;by whiCh· new arrivals Can appeal their Chlssiflcation
levels?80 Finally, 'the deiaitiee'handbook'ssecti.on on ¢lassificationrriust incl1Ide "(1) an
e)\:plana~on,Qftb;r(,;las$.mcati?:n l~yel$,.With the cbnditi?~s a:nd~estri~ti.o~:~plicable t.o e!!,ch,
and (2}the procedures!by WhICh a detamee may appeal hiS claSSIfication. ,Z\!..
DC));li's}lbsiantially meets this sediohOf the StQl)aarils;h()WeYet;,the·.lnmate
H~n~b()o~'9?eS~9t ~~Jta,jn the~~a~jJj¢a.t~QJI ]~vels an.Q tl1~~onditions aJl~, r~trI.cti9jJS .

assOClatedWlth eaoh~ . . Alldetamees and Inmat(:sar~ classIfied when.theyflI~tamve,.at .the
FacilitY as "futake Higltot"Ihtake LOW;,,283 "Intake High" inmates are those with a history .of
vicil¢lJc~; Md"Ifltike LoW" il'lOOat¢s ,are thQSe WithQllt ailes(ablis.hed histQJ}r ofvicilel1¢.e. 284
. Wi(hin the ,tlt$t $eVelltY-twb .lWlll'S, :furtner classification, ()Ccym t.o cJetermiAeWh.erethe



DCDF us~s:a '~Phase;' cI:assificatiQu system?8& This system applies to all inmates,
MdUses tlu'eePhaS¢$ f91',·cl~$Sjficati:.ofl. 287 Ea;¢hPbase corresp9:nds to.a, levelofp'riYilege

conversation with D~put:Y Jail Admiiiistta,j:Qr
27i'DeJention :Operations Manua:l,. DetaineeSeMces,Sfandard 4, Section I,
. i1&))eten!iQil.0Bi:lrauous M:~1il!<ll.·betlJ,itiee SeWi¢es, :$taridard 4,$eetiou utb.
179 Detention

:Operations Manual, Detai'nee Services, Standard 4, :Section UI.E.


J)eteutiQU 'Qp¢.t.atiPns,.Ma:nual,.Detamee$ervices, Standard 4, Sections III.O & tL


Dete1iYtm 'Op~r:a@l1SMlIJ:Imil; ~*,we¢ ,S¢ry,ic.e~, Sta:p:4itd A, Section 1IlJ:,

iS2' OCD'FTurn:ate Haudoook.

'284 N6tes' of}lieh~ga:tioli:.llllelllh¢r

i&~DCDFIrllnateHandbook, p, 4; notes of delegation Iilembet

Nott:$()r.~~¢ga,tiotim¢mQe_(jnCQJiY¢f$ation with s.• l,ipc:ryji~cii

1<-• .

pro"idedj:o a detaii).e¢liimnl,\t~in th~Fl't:~iij1;y,2a8Phase One is this most restrjctiveand ]e~~~
privileged Classification, and Phase the least restrictive and most privileged
clilSsifica tioh. 289 'fhe Phaseassjgned loa detainee is based initially On the itunate' s history prior
to ~oiyalatI)CDF, ineI\lding; "qrimiinill l1istory, C.\lrrent charges,aIld allY 1Q10WIlhistqryof
discipline :probletfis during pii:orjfic-ar¢eration~"290 Inmates may be reClassified based on their
behavior while at OCD1',changes inihe charges against them,and/or an "i'nrnaterequesf at the
discretion.bftheProgramSpecialisC·29! There. is .no com.n:i:ingling of Phase Oneatid Phase
Threeinfuates,put phase Two, inmates' may be mtermiligled with either Phase Qne6r Phase
Three .itnnates; 292 ThiS separation QfPhase <me llJid Phase Three irimates ensuxesfuat non~
vlolent inmates are not housed.. withfue most violent inmates.293 Immigration.d.etainees are
housed with criminal inmates,so no ciassl'ficatorydistinction is made between these two types Of

The Standards reqiiite tnatevery' facility .develop arid imp] ement standilrd
proc.edlires fot nandli~g deiaint)¢ ,gnevmlcesafidencouragethat the facility initially$i::e1cJo
resplve ;.¢,evan~~sj.nfo1;Illi!Uy ~fQ'r:eh~yipg tQeIlg~geifl am.ore formalized pr(X:ecl1l1"e79S
Ttanslatlngassistance: for formaJandinfonnalgrievances must be provided upon request.29~
The StandtlrdsaIsore.Cjuire thil.teMh facility establish it teasoiuibleti1lleliinit fot: (l)
"PtoCe$slng1ioye$tigatmg~ an(f, 'l'esponding'to grievances;" (2) "convening agrieva.ncec(jtn:rtAttee
to review fOm1iIlc;o:p1pllj:i:nts~"~ al1d (~)"PtovldiIlgwrittellresponses to de.tainees who flIed fonnal
grievances, lnc1udlngthe basis for thedeclsioR,,297 All grievances must receive supervisory
review, iilcludegliittantees ;againsttepri$itl, and allow t()tapp~ls. 298 Fuithet; tlie Sta.1!datds,


_...."... ","v,,,,,,·· 'thatthisi$:y.s~~1li is . .


"Three Level" system
d~e·i.Stl:re,eql!ivai~:nt;9f·teV¢1 Three,ilIidl>hlls¢Thiee is tJ:H~ eqjliY':ilem o:[l;e:ve)

790 DCI)F Inmate SlrndbQPk, p~ 4.
DGDFlnmate' Handbook" p.4; notes ,ofdelegatlQu m e n i b e r _ on cODversation with



N"pte;s ·0fdi<1Ieg;a9~>'!i:~j:1ejrii1iei


NQ1~s :ori:i,e}~gitU:(.)p.


Notes of:ddegMl'o:n.


295 Detention OperatlonsManriai. D,etaine:e ServIces" Standard.S" Sections 1 & ULA.
296 iD¢teh~onQpefinioIi$~

MMual. ~tamee Servl¢¢s,. Standard;5 .S.eetionsJrt.Al &2.

m J)eten.fiQ!1Qpcerat~9~ Mii.ii'\1;u. ])~M1!~ $~h'ki<S~

-i:i.. .';'·

start4ard ~, ~ctiort I.

Manuat Detainee SetviCes~S.tandard 5, Sections I & TILe &D .

". '~.




. ..




.require detamee handbooks lopfovideanexplanationof'the grievance procedures, including (1)
'thepfO¢edutesfor appealing decisioTIslO IC~<liid (2) the OPPQ;mmi:ty to file a complaint, about
Qff1cerl;l1isc()"pdlIct directly with the Jll§fice D~attment(iIlc1udingthe phoI)e numberand

))CDF app.eatst~ (Deet subst~fitiaUytltisset:tioi:J. oftbeStahdards, butoil.e
cQfi¢etnreinllifis: tbe IfiQiate H~i:J.dboQk teiJilire$.ifiinate~ to f()Uow tbe infonnal grievance
procedure before tllin~a complaint. Accord~g .to S~perviso . .WM.
ifa detainee has
a grievance. he/she will ask ail officer' for·an "Inmate Grievance F(mn.,,300 Upon.completingand
Signing' the fom; thedetaineewll),pve the: form. back to the Qfficer; who then seals it i:n<lii ..... .
ell;y,~l()p~ in frPl1t of the d~tain~e?O The' o.fficer19gs ,the ,grieyance so that itc;m'\x: track,e4:~02
Ifthe·~ffl()ercalUlo! resolve tbe dei1:dnee~$grieyance,tlJe officer must: go to thesupervisor.30)
The: supendso'! must respond to the· grievance withi'nfive day;s, unless an investigation. is
The PCDF ltUllatea;andbook provl(li.\\s ,fuatinmat(,:s "1!lllst;t1.rstattempt to Settle any
dispute or complaint on an infonnalbasis with iDCDFStaff.,,'3PS· Thus,. according to the
Handbook, only after the dispuiecannof hej:es'61ved6.h ail; infotifuil.basis may a:ninmate request
a grievance form fI'omthe ,sUl'ff,..306.. ROWeVeI'1the Statutari/s $tate lliata ~eUtinee sbould be able
to bypa,ssor tenninate the l'nf(;mnalproce$~al1d; proc~ed :jmmediate1y to the fonna:l grievance,
stage?07The Handhook does
. ' oft'heavailibility assistance in preparing a
;:;grieYance$ a~thQugh .... '. ... . . . .
' . ' . . us that·assistance would be ·provided if
necess~. J08W.Qw¢ver,. detaineeS :ml.l;Y llQt i"elyon theitpeer:s for a,ssistance,as the Handb09k
states that"Jg]roupgrievances Or grievancessul>mhte(i ouihe :behalf ofother inmate~wi~~ not be


a()cepted~"~ 9


~iioN()tesQfdeiega6()nmemheJ• •§!I• • • on.·c.onversati()n'withSuperviSQI.BUI·I!#I'B.


MlJ OCDF Ihmate


Grievance Fonn;:notes'ofdelegation:member~nconvetsati()n with

3()3'lIl'ot~s; M dell:lgaiion: .'

oli, (.:oi1v¢r$<ltiOl1·~il:n~i.ilpe~:i$():

j~ OCDF. Inmate Handbook, p.9c

DeDI' Inmate Hanclbcrok, lL9 (empbasiS addeq).


pePE lIimale ltanclboQ1c;;'P. 9,


Petentiol1 Operfi'up,ris M'iI,riuaJ, Detlme;e,S¢F1t«s" $tlindai:4Sj $¢.<rt'iOiilllA,.l.

~o~ :Notes :ofdelegati<;m m e n i h e _ ,on CQnv~a:fiQn wiih~Uli'>.e:rV:1S'[)r
~w DL"DF Inmate Handhook: . 'p. 9.











':':~~ _







••. =:'. :.









The Handbook explains theproced'ures for resolving a grievance and the levels of
appeaL3 \0 The Handbook statestllat the grievance process is "available to express complaints
withoJit the fear ofteprisalot punitive' disciplinaryactioIi; ,,;m
Th~ 4e@hlees whom we ll'l;teryiewed ba.dnever file4 a grieva,nceor attempted toill e



DiscipUn;tl'y Policy

Tht! $J(tn4arlisstafetl;laffaqility~1,lthoritie~ "wil1iIil,pos~ discip1inllIY sanctions on
any detainee whosehehavior isnotln. compliance withfaciii1;Y rules .anclprocedures;l in order "to
pJ:7ovidea ·safeandorderlyliving envitonmeiit.,,:m Each facilityh01ding ICE detainees must
:haYe;ii ;detainee dis.cjpliriary system,whiChh~~"pro:gtessive levelsofreyiews; ;app~alS1
prQeed:ut:e$',~md!i()cll:Wentatitm Pti)"<;ei;ilJres,n3\4The dls.cipliharyp()hcy rtllist dlearlY define
detainee rhihts andresponsihilltib,andanydisciplinary action taken nlUst not he capricious. or
TheJ;ol1ow:mg,y,poP he' jropQse!l: "'cotpQral p~mishlUeXlt; dey~aJiQns
from nonna'! food 'SerVloes;rlepnvatlon of.cioiliing. 'beddIng,or items ofpersonal hygiene;:
dep~vationofooil'es~~den(je'frivil~ges;or. de~riVation ;Qfp;h~sical exercise unlesSsu~h acti~ity

cJ;¢ates an unsafe condihou:,31 . Officers who 'W1t:n:ess a prohihlted a:ct mUst prepare and ·subul.ll
® :ip.(;idellttepqrl.317!'Th,.e $ia.ndqr(iSpr}:;yi(ie: that all illoidel1t.:r;epo~fjled py OffiCer$lDustbe
fuvestlgated'llVithintwenty-four hours.oftheincident.318

The d~taibee handbook mustnof1fyde:tainees ofthe disciplinaTYjiroeess, the
prQhjbited; actf/>an4!IfY severity "Scale, anq' the:pro:cedw-e for ~ppeals; 19 The handbook
must ·also notiry- detainees ofspecil'i'cnghts, Ihcluciingtherigiit to protection from abuse,
hatassm¢nt~ anddlsctijninati()n;th~,~gpt Joptil'suea ~evaJl6e;. ami thenght to du.e process,
inehHifugp:r;o;U1ptI'e~QlutlQn ofa'(liscipliUlltyma.tter .3_0
;3,Q DCDF lnmate. Handbook,p. 9~

,DCDF Inmate 1ia~(lbook,p.!L

3 [1

Motel> 'q,f d~regiltiQhtnetrilJeI

Oh·c9fiVetsatioI;l. .w,ithget~fie
QI:\coI:\,yei:sationwithaI:\ a,Ilo~yi:iiQJlsdetlihi;!:\~;
3i) Deteution Qperations Manuatsecudty ,and:Conlroi~ Standard 5, Section 1



.. . '."


DetenfionOperations Manual; Security and Control,. Standard ~>, Sectit:lnJILAL


:DetentionOperations Milll,tl~lj $eeurityliil4 C~)Il:trO)i$tll!l:cJ<)td $, Se{;:t}QIl!iIll;A.l an4U1.Ao/L


DetentiQi): Qp¢,@:t}~I;l.$ MilnWil,$~~Wityan.:<:t Cong-Q), ~$~d.a:r.<i $, Se¢ti9p.liI.A$,

jft ·:P~ten.tidI:\Op¢riitiQtis Ml\i1\Ial~ Securityaftd:Contrpl,

$Jandat4 $\$(;ctionlnJ~"

.~i~D.etentiQnbp.enitlonsManual~Seclltlty and Conn-ot, standard 5, Sections III-Band lHD.
~:'~'netenfibn OperatlOIiS ManuaI,:Secu!iity andC0I1trol, Standard ;5~, )S'edion m,L.

Detention 'Qpe,rnQoll$ Manual,; Se:yWijy '.,\Il9, :qpIlttol,StaAdat:4 5,St;:g(-io;O tJ1A~.




... ../. ~./

.., •• "


41 .... •

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~.: A


.•. ?






......-" .. ! ...


.". r.



·V>,",·vlF ....


I)CJ)Fsubstantially meets of tbe Stantlar(Js;hoWevet, the Inmate
Hll:n!lbQ()Rd!.H~Snf)t inform (,n¢~s o(th;eit :right if)' Rr~tect;()n from aImse !'l)lQ
harassment; odheir right to freedom from discriminllti()n. Wh~n a ml~ violation occurs,

wtittenteport isfiled.~21 lfthe violation isconsideredminor/ then, an officer will talkw'ith the
detainee and. come .up with a pUrtishment based oii fhemlnor violation . m For minor violations,
$l1¢h :;t.S llse(5f pIofati,ity, fliilure t.QfQllowc:leiming pfO'Cedures, orabQ~~ ofjaiHssueditems; 324
the resulting ipunishment wiil iike1y be a verQalor writtell :reprilllaIl4;32~ twtmty-fou:r pours Or les~
in pUhitive segregatlon,32(J Qr'the loss ofprivileges.327' For tiiajoTvloJatibns, such as
uiiaiithorizedorgaruzed aetivitY;aSsalflt oh stM'fof lITtllllt'e, or failUre to lilkemedicatloh at
.. 'unishinehtwill
likel .• be. "los
of' 000.. ·Hmefor
u:"" t 2 da···
. ,S28the
'.' ._res1iltin
•..... gP
..... ··· .•. .··y·.··
.. ····.······.PO
.ysp'. exviolation," Up' tQ tenc!ays in segrega,tiQnper "iQ)atiop,oYer twe.nty-fo)!r hO!lrSCiQhfip~ll:leI1tintJJ.e
detainee,'s cell, or rest:dctJons on orIossofpri,v.ileges fOT over twenty-tour hours)29
QUtIliieij th·¢.': du,e'p'i:O¢esS: procedure fora major rule
viQl~ti~p.Whep ~. ~~j~r :I1l1~o vi~l?ti?n:QCiCi!.1rs,the~Q)lPl~Qffi(;~ ~rs:t uoti:fi¢$ tb.e Shi:~
:Sup:eTVls0T of the Violation. J3. WIthm twenty-four hours~s~. , the .detameecan have a. heanng,
w.hich. is :conducted hy 'four corteciions9fficers, who are '~program ,specialists, ~,J32 the .decision

1;'¢s1ilti;n;ggiDj::jifheb.¢lil-:tIng·clll'1.1le app'el:l:l¢~t1iteetjmesi333PirS4 the;deta)pee ¢an appeal toa
supervisor.3 3. 4 TheHanqbo.Qks:pecifi.estJJ.~t tQesilp:erv.:~SQrlll!.1srre1j9.eIa decisiQn within five


Notes of delegation membe~oi1.eOi1versatioi1 'WithSupt~i'Vjlsot

321 The-Illinate Handhook
.' ..' ... ,.... , r(il~ viq}ati.ollS,r><:::Pf lnil:!;a~e
f,f'iinQIJ<Xik, 1>.1" 2Q--2.7~. . '., ' .
'. "". .... . violent b~haYiQrwiilalways ilea major
yl<>-lation. Wot,¢si)t'ddegationon .conveJ$atlon withSupervisohM

;323 NoteS Q:r deiega.tiQJl" l]lembe'
~m.coPversation 'with SuperiisorWU§lPilnishments
:tox; n:Unorviolations .include verbal rep.rUnand,written r.eprimand,puniove stfgregation for up totwentyc

four hours, and lossoiprivileg!'ls. :nCDF Inmate: Handbook, p. 24 .
. ..~24' ncDF Inmate Haiidb'()(ik,~p.26-2.7:

325pQ.J)F fnWl!-.~~»ltp,dllook,;t>:~4.
;;:26~ot~S.9f~¢~~gMiQn .

H%iiidbMk;-p; 24:.
iii No.tespf :d:!elegatiPlt: llllemlber
Handbook, p'. 24 .

conversalionwith S· uP'lerviso:


. 348 DODF IIliiIate Handb'opk,}),24.;

,PCPf Xmtta.f¢ }giid)?Qo)(,p.24,

330 NQlesoN(fJ~gati:oiim¢riibe_ 9nco.uvcrsation with $ul?ervlsiorl• • •

period. Notes of delegation tnenibe~

j).jNotes 'Of'delegation m(~mll:Jer




·.e;·~~·· ".~'
:. :,- .


. ·&WATK INSm
~ys>Qn¢~¢ilving th&appea[335~f!hed¢1;aine~i$ npt '~~tisfied.",::ith the S~etv:iso,r' s de~isiQn,
then he QPshe cl:lnappeal the de<;lStOn tt) tlJ;eDep1,lry Jajl A4miJUstrator.:n
TheDCDFImnilte Handbbo1c.notffiesdetainees oftlte disciplinary process, the
and disciplinary j:;eYerifys¢ale, ~<ind the appealprQced.ure QldiSGiplinary'
fil1dihgs. 337 Inadditi()i1~ the: Handbook ,noi'ifie~<ietam~eS P'fthe fa¢'ilifj'Sii.Iles ofcQIidllctand
thesanctionsilnposed for the violation oftheseniles;33!! Ho:wever. th~ HandboQkdoes not
advise the, detainees oftheir ~"right'wprotection rrompersonala.buse,co:rporalpunlshment;
ubnecesSary oroeX¢esslYe ll~e'offOtce:; }>ersi:tnal fuj1.ity, disease~ property damage, <ind
~arassm®t"Qt tlie,it <'right of ITeedoIit fWm .di$GrimwltiioQ 'biise,d,pn r.lice; nationa1
origin, sex, 'handicap, or politjcalbeii.efs~;j~39



'Special MarragemimtUnit

The. StQ}id/it(/$ 'si,Igg¢srthaJ each. fa;¢i:tity¢s~b1i$ha Sped#l Man4g¢ment-Vnit

fSMV? !hat \\fill iSdi~tec,ertai.rrdetal~e~sc\tI:~setilll~pgse.a t.hrt;l:l~ tq '.lit~; p~9i?~rty,.$elf; s~~,or
other detamees) from the' general populatlOn.' The .standatdsIoriIdmlms.trattve Segregatmn
and the, Statldards. for /JzscipliiJ4iy Se.g;-egatioi[ diffefsomewbat, rrohi,·one another, but both
PXQYiqe for :l~g~lacce~~apd pth.erp-to tl'l@Qtll>, A;~~ta;jn~em:~y '1:replage(l in ~i$cjp]jn.ilty
~segregation only by order ofthe Instiiutiona1:DjsclplinaryCommi~ee, 'after a. hearing in whicb:
,the, detainee. hasbe,en found lohaye ,c,6mmitted a prohibited act?41the disc1plinarycomrriittee
may ofct:er prac'E<:mentind,is:¢'ipl1rt,ary-s.egt¢.gati~'il Q'lilywhen alternatiVe .dispositions'would
inaq.equately' r¢gJilateth,~ :Q¢foa,int::~'$behlfvipr,342

All .celis in the; S:M'.o must be weIIventi1ated, appropriatelyheated,and' sanItary, and
W~$tb¢ {iqJ~ipp¢dwlthbed~~ ~43 .. :~wegat¢a~etaiheesslianha~e: theop;~~rii~t() Waihta~n ii,
~Qrrnalley~l ofller$()naJ h~~ene;' 'R:,~l'e?t1on~hanb,~ pl'QYld~atodemJnee~ m se.gregatIOJlln.
acconiancewiththe"Recreanort' s'tandard.M ? AC.cess tathe Jaw library shall generally be


n.CPF)'iiiiiiit¢ H<I'n.db99~,,:P. 25.



'3 pC:PF
HimdboOR,pjh 24'-'27\
.... ,'
.. ,.,. .
. ..
pcPF~n:ro,at~ BaI1dhook?pp,,2.4~27,

~~?~netenti:on Pp-erationsManual" Security and Contr,{iJ, Standard 5', Sections rItA.5.a and IIl.AS.h,
wDetenfionOpetatiortS Manual, Seeurity <fnd Conti:ol', .Sfiindard '14. $'~cti(J1l. I.

3"'I)¢te1):t19i:iOp¢1;lltip.i).S M:'li:tluaJ" $¢9Mty 'Wi~ :Coi:it:ml;$tal.ldarill4, $¢c:Jt1QP" Xl~.A.q; ,
342'~t~!iti9i1Qp,e);;a,ti9tis MM'Q~li S.e~udtY Md CPiJ.Jfot :S@:idatd, J.4,S,ectl6it UtA.
;143 DetenJion Q,peratlhns Manual, Securi'tyand.:c1ontrol, Standard 13\ Sedion III,D,2~ ,and ;Standard 14,

~ DeterttipD: 'Qj5eratiqns Manu~" S¢c~f;Y ~gC91lft91, .$~3,liga:t4. 'Vh~e¢tiol1; lILDJ ~,

lD¢{¢.n.~p~O~era;tl:Qn:s .ryIMAal,$,¢C.:iiri~ ·iifi.4,:(;.Qnlt,Q);Sfaiidard l~',Section l'IID.ita:M, Sfa.iiQa:'Xd g,

'Section ULDJJ.

• •"












< .- ••"







granted to detainees in segregatidn?'l6 Detainees generally retain visiting priVileges while in
discip1inaI.'Y 'segtegatiQrt,arfdmacYttof be denied lega.lvis'itatiou,347
Detainees in administrative segregation generally have the same telephone
privileges as other detaiIiees,}4~while dewneesindiSciplinaiy segregation shan be restricted to
telt::pnonecalls f()rcalls .relating :to the,detainee's irdm:igr<;ltion case or othe:r legal matters. QanS to
eensulat!¢mbassyofficials, and fainily emergencies.349 Detaineesindisciplinarysegregation
will ordlnliriiyhaveacce~s'to the lawlibr¥Y.alj;hough a fa.diitynuty choose to proVide access
upoiltequestonly,and ;access may be denied temporarily for 'violent .or uncooperative
detairiees.?50 Detamees insegrega.tip)l. s1:iallhavethe samecorre8portdence priv11egesas
deMn¢cs·jn 'QIc,.gerreralp<>pl,llat:ion?51
'DCP:Fdo~s· not fiIlly me.etthi.s s~cti(Jll of 1he Stand}lt4s; ther~ are nobedsiu
s:ome ofthe. SMU; detailie.eSin :pnnltivesegte:gatlC)1l do not nilveaccess to the law library;

and 'det~lnees lnpunltive segtega;tl()u d()nothavea.~c.ess torei:i:'e,ati()n.Thedisciplinffry

pt:oc::es$. l'IlDCDF p:royid~s fo.r mip.Qr(¢hg:. ,profan:ity;tunpj'ng) l'\n:d major (e.g. fighting,
contraband) rule, violations. :l!i2 Minonule vidlattonsmay resuit in up to twenty-four hours of
punitiyesegr:e-ratioti,WblIemajorViPlations may Jesult in uP to teil days of punitive
s~g(egation, 35 . FQr:rnajoImleViolatiQtls,he!l.ting$a'r,econdl1"te(l (,unless .waiveqby the detainee)
ap~ detai.neesare. noti:fied withill twen!y"fQur l1.0UTS of theI! Peatjng.:154Petainees are <\l1owed
wifuessesand may request assistance from staffinunde:rstandlng: the vidla Hons and the hearing
pro.¢ess:J.5S Appealsaie allQ:o/edin Wi'ittenfotin 'Within-tWenty"fQllr'hollfS of receiving the
ltearmgQ:ffj~er'$cle:c1sij)i'i~356 Fllrtl1¢.t: ap~als l:i1ay Qe made with the 111tHna:te' decision coming
fi:omtbe JailA,.d:irlinistrcator.:157

;>0\6. J)(:teniion

Oper.ati(jns M~nuaI, SecuritY lind Contt<;>l, Slan<;lard 13; S~ctioil IIl.l;),18, andstaiidard 14;

$ec.1:jQ:q nUi>,J ~;e..


~::;~t~~~~~:!ifl:ri:;i~1iJ, S~c~tio/ ;i~~Conttdl.,

8W1clar;d l~;$'t:¢ti;ons m.D.13cirJd InD.i4,

·art.d .

'}4l\nefention Operations Manual, Se:c1.lil1:y';mdCoutrdl, Standard 13', Section JlI.D.I ll.
34~ Detention Oper~tiCins Manual,

Seeurlty·and'Contrdl, standard 14,S'ecfiori lll.D; 19.

3~!l. ~tentioti()Pl)ration~}<fl:lJ)1i~, Security·~iid· G()l).trol, Still1Qard 14;$~tfi9n 1II.D; ~$';

351l5¢t¢pno:i!Operations. Ma:nlXal;$¢¢i.!Iity';i;iij(1 QOng9.t S!4D.d.!lrd t3,.$¢Ctl911, In.p~2(), ;mrl Standard. 14,

'Section tltIHS',

3~l DCDF Inmate Handbook, p. 24.

m DCDF" InmateHancibook,p. 24.
.lS4 .PGPF liil:[)ateJIandbOo,I{,p;p,24-2S;

;PCPfljiftjate-Ba'iidbooK,pp, 24-.25~

~56 ,OCDF 1I1rnate H:andpook,p .. :25~
J~? DCE>FInmatecHandbook,p. 25 .



......., -



. .


Detainees iIi :riuhitlvesegtegatlon are only,allowe<:l: hygiene materials, reading
rti~terials.writin~rnaterials~ Visits with clergy/counselJattomeys,afidja:i1"isstied property (e,g.

1i:nens~un:if9r:tIi).·· ~8'P\lnitiyely~gr~gated de4l.inee?arealsoal1oWedto receiye" and sel,ld m:ail. 359

,Detainees in punitive segregation are denied recreational privileges and petsomil
Visit$.360 Uetaineesmpunitiye segregation are allowed acceSs.tQ their own legal mate.nals, but
are den:led aCcess to the law library ?6J Ifpllllitively segregated detainees wish to have access to
law Iib@ryma!~!:ll&,they m!:lY fill out a reqllesJ fOI"nl which is generally pwc:essed the same day
.it is submltted,3f!2 This fonn, however, wili not ali ow the detainee to have access to the
L.exlsNeXisor 6tl'iet6tilin:e legalmatetliils. 363 Ifdetainees in pilhitivesegtegatioh wi'shto have
a:<;ce$$ to teligjQi.l~Water:ials: (e;g,,;Il:ible, Koran, p@yermat)",they need to .go thrQllgh lin,
itPproY<l;l process,?@ '~re !li:e~ds' 1'9 ~omeofthe SMU rO()1118.;, but. 'aren.ot in, otl1~~,. 3.{)5
8MU rooms .contain Testr(mms~ :)~6



$tat1':'l)etalne~eCj)J'niiiuni¢aiiQn1rCEl'tesen.l.:e 'at the Fadlity

Tll.e $t411:44,{:1)$ 'r~q)!~w (nat prQ¢tftl~l>be inplilce '~tp ;!JIQW tQr fOlJIialanq.info11nlll
'c.ontacthetween key tacility staff·and leE stafiand ICE detainees and to pennl'tdetamees to
make :wott¢.t1t¢.quesf$,tQ ICEstilffi;liiar¢ceive an answer in an ilc;c<;;ptable: tbri;ename.,,367 The
Staju/;qti/§ $ugg¢st tha:t)JQth weeldy vi$its he cQnductedby ICEpersQ:rttlel~d that '<r,egu1ar

unannounce9 (not schedut~) 'v.1sits'; bec<;>nqucted bytl1eICE 01C.• the !\sslstantOIC,and

designated uepartmertt heads.:l~8 Unannounced visits lothe facility> s housing areas mustbe
'conducted on, a.regular: basis;369 Thep\lIJ1Ose Of suchvisitsis to mQID tot housingc.onditions.
jntendewd¢tainee~~ review l'~cOr(ls~ and' answer questions forcletlliilees who· do not c9:lnp:rehend
the ,lmmigration removal process.;'!}O The Standards also require thatddalnees "have the
QPpottUril~tQ Writtenq'iiestiohs,tequests,orconcems to ICE stafft \vhlcb' <'sl1aIlbe
deliV'e:teit to lCEstaft'by:aUthOrl'z¢d' p~:t'So:I1I1el (notdelainee,s) 'Withoufreading~alteri.ngi of

J)CIJf Inm~~HaI!4bQ9l\:,'Pi~5,

359PCPF illJP~t'¢ lI!\:tldh90'!<:/p,:2-5.

360:N'Qt!<$ 'Qfdelegatl<\lU

wtth SuiDervIsijt

5~iN!'It~~o£de.legatl<\ln .

TeIiimee1;;er'vioes,.Stand'frd 15, :Secti<\ln 1.

Deteut:foACWeratiQhs;M~'!iual>¢:S~ices, StandatdtS, Section ill.A.

:Dete'Pti<:>J.1 Qpetl):tiQ»§M~Ma1~ '1:>¢!ame..i; Setvil;~$" Statida(g 15, ,$e¢tlQ'(i; mAl.
370 I)¢~eritiQnOper~trQns' M4nu~qt t)etamee S:erV'rce$, Sl3hdard is',SeefiQi): Ill.A,


-•.:~". ~..
. ..







., ",".:


~ ..' ;




1: ", ..:", .:~
.t·'·;--.c ...••.



~ ~

delay.'>,37t All faciH:ti¢s ,thatltous¢ ICE. detairteesmust have "Written pt<>~edutes tQrotlte~ detainee
. re.q'liests to tlleappropria,elG,E officlll'f' and must assist detainees "who are disabled., illiterate, Or
knowlittle or noEngHshy~7~

l)cnF appears tQ m,eet thls's:e.ctiQ)l; (if'lheSttiiidtift!s.. ThQugh the fa:pni~ does not
have lie pe®li)j'~nl; ·¢OtljjiiubjJS JCE ptellenc.e,lin ICE officer vi'$i1:$' OCPFonce' we¢;tdy. 13 A, sign

'i'll Jio:;;tediJ!.ea:ch Fog '~enera1i¥ announcing that an ICE officer wiUvisit. 374 However, because
the' scbedulecbanges ,and the llP~cifi~ ~ay that the officer will be there is not posted,detailiees do
MtKnoW what: day the.offic.eiwill·v.lSlt;J75

forde~i))¢.Y~ WhQ Wi$;b: t9 cl'mt<lGtICEstaffmerp.pers, PCDf pr9yides Detainee
:Request Porms}J<?: DCDFofficersdo notread maher thefonns when they coUectthem 377 except
that th:e-y ;assigneach 'form acontrdlnumber. 37.8 Fornis 'are .collected dUring theday~ logged ina:
. lit· .. and faxed
a ";"'e
e' dM.the...·Y
.da ". 37911tllS
....... a ·doze:·
.... n a:.'t....
, ' 1. ICE."
. a ~g
r~qt{e§tQritAe§@;le 4~Y tha:t {1.1e4~tfljn~,~ ;filled9u~the foltn.380 When ICEt~spon·d.sto the
detainee~s request;. , acknowled~e:don the log, 38,1



Th~ Sfp,pii/q.r@ reql,lj're:lliatqeta;lnees of different rengious~eliefs;beprovided.wlth
reasonable' and.equ'itahle· opporturlitles to :participate: in the practices. ofthei'r respective faiths.2~2
A:eci):tding to the"oppo.rru:rijties will eXist fof aU e:4ll,aIly"regllrdlessof the
:l1tj:tnberj)fptac~tiQrietS' Qfagiv~ xe}igion, whetber the re1igio'ri, .~§'~itistream;> w'lit?t:lle.,r: tl1~
re)igiop l& '-Westefl1'~or "Ea:;;tem,' or other such factors. Opportunities will' beconstiained only

m Detention operations' Manuat Detainee S'ePiices, Standard 15., SectionID.R
372P.e.fennQll QpetatiQri$ M~ril:l,al; ~lajrtee Serv:ices! St~dard :15; S¢~Qf.i JIL:s,
"373 Notes



1;74'N'Qt~,l'I ;Qfq~f~.$a1:iQ:r) Iii~iIi1Jler:

373 N9t~~QfQ:(!I~~II;ti9A m~W~I~X
i16 NQt~s 'Qtdel~gation mem~!er

c,opY ofthec;Detafu¢.eRe:quest
'?:T1 Notes


N~t¢s ;9.{dele~1iHp.n williS''1,1"1)epi:i!io


¢O):iV¢.t$a1idii With 'S''ijpefVi!~Q

:380'Wgtes Qt'l1el'eg<lttlp,n:I):WI):lI:1~

conversa.tion wiJh · ., ·. ·!IJ."P1'.1~Y
conversation wIth '~U11et\riRn

' :N6t¢s

l8:I N6fes'of deleg<ltioll1lloetobe

i>8z'1¥t~iitib1i qpefl:liiO.i!SN1:¢ual" Ryligious l'taotite's; 'Standard 14, Section 1.


( •. :.-'0



~~ ."

:' ·:;. ...

- ......


"' ..... ' .

.< '


". ~ -.

: •..1:: •••. :.


....~. L_


: .~.

,~~ ::.~..




1;)y ,cdnfremsabo:ut safety:,seClirity, fh~ ,pfd'etly operation oftlle facility ,ot extraordinary costs
ass®iah~'d wifha ;speci.fic.prli:9ti¢e;,,3&3
nCDF appe;lr~t9 m~~t thi~ ~ectio.p. ()rtl1eStflndal'd~; fa~ilitysta:ff ,~tat~cJ th,~y

make religiousac:comttlod'iltlons; aldiQugb tbe variety of availablesetvices is l1riilted~ his
unc1;e'~Wh~ther DCD.~ -is Pfo¥id!n~"t¢as~n~bl:an~ i;~l1itable oppo~nities ~fo: d!::tain~sl to
ParQc:fPa:te In ·tli~ prac:ijqt:;s QOl:reu: r<;s}Je~tlYe faJths, .,.38. DCP:FproVlde~ 'Christ~an.s,e(v;We~as.
well as' access to the 'Bibte;~J{5 Moreover, Muslimgr9ups occasionaliyvisit thefa9iHty to hold
services inDC'OF!s classIcrQmarea. ~,~ :Snpervlsol gi'
indicated that Muslim services
Q,Cc]i(I:¢,laJ'iv ely. itifreijltently di(e tQ: ~a.lackOf a¥ailable.O!sburces in tllesllJ:t:()lltiqjtlg; ilO!.a.sfuld
exp~~e9 fuat PCP;F wisbed! j;c) proV'idea broader. ta.nge of religious ~IVice,S}871'h¢ Christian
'serviCes,prb:vid:edare h:e.ld'it!Jh~ r~~rY:a,t~Qn:IOollll;inq 'a,reQroadcasi toW" Po4~,via()lo~eQ~()ircuit·
, . . 388 :..... "
,.. .
'•. " . , . , '.
.-,. .....'."
, .', ",
teleVISIon., Detame.esare:peInntte:d tomamtam theIr rehgrous obJects and matenals m thClr
PO$~s$-ion, 1ittiiteo.hytne attioui1t6fstomge spaceava:Hable to the@.389 Detainees in punitive.
segt¢."g~tiQ;ti; whQ wi~htQ, ;g;:iin :a¢q~s t~thejr religious. mate.rial~ m.u.s.tfile ··a formal req.u.e$t,~~O


The Str:iiJ:(Jattls suggestthat~all facHities with woikpfOg.t:ainSR'i:bVide aii~pportUjjj'tY
~rt1qm:eP,~lJy ~ap;~Jjle ,det'ain~es to "work anqea.m moneY," ·9lParlidp'itUon mllst
be voluntary, and detainees-may notwoikmore thane'igbthburs per :day,: and fortybQurs per
.. ' 392 '

f01; phy~~pa1.1Y



J;)£;QF m~ets··tlii$se~'ti9)1.Q(tb¢ S~?l~HJgr(ls,Demine.e$ :Pr9vi4ed :1,ll).:OPPQ®m\'y"

to work in the facility <should they iclioose to Up SO.,393. Uhlikethe crii:Plpru inmates;howev~:r.
they nla)j' liotwbtk:outside ufOO.'aF.9;9 4 betainees may work in the laundry room,. kitcllen,or


P09s;or s:~e-as~1j: lnterpt~tei'~b;l.rb~J:, Or tutor; 395 Bligibilitymayd.epend .oil.a detainee'),;

3~Detenfion Uperati'oDS Manual,

ReJJgJous Practices, Standard 14, Sectio:ii T.

j8:4-:.oett;n'tj,on :QperatlQDS c:M~nllal, t>et~me~ :$,ervices, Standard 14, :Section 1.
. ~&;SNotes'of~delegafionmetnhe.1• • • •



Detention; OperatioDS' ManUal; Deiamee' S'ervtees; Standatd 37, Sections laudJltA.

39~ Detenti0ii9p:et1l;ti($l:i~ M@,'iJ~)}; 1)et,aj:ii"ee, S¢tYiI~e$,

$t;md.atdJ7. Secti9jl:$l~tAaild.Jli;H;,

.~39j):)Gp'F' bmiil.t~ ·:ij@.<!t5.Q~k-?,~p<21>~

:Noles of'de.-fegatiQu mCIll.Q,ct

conversation. with 's'U1Derv:is.'Dt

~9~ DODE Inmate HandbO()~,:p'. 20.


'". -:






.. -,:..,',.;:




.. -:



.;.... ,:;.

.; .

'.; ~..


cla:ssification?96 The· Programs bepartmenltilaintains a written record of work assigttri1efits ahd
cla$sifi¢Jl#ohlc::yels?97 Petainees iare!i"Qti):pens4ted fodbeir work at a rate of$1.S0/day ,ahd are
eligible ,foran1ontbl~ bQnus of$S,f},O..$9$' Pe·tainees may work for a m(l41nWmof 8 houn;/dll;)'
and 40 hours/week 3 9


The Dodge County Detentiol1 Fa~ility fails to meet a num~berof sections of the
Standards .


PCDfsl191ildinform Q.(:tait:lees.Q[ tbetr :a:bili:o/ to' make spedal a:trangemt'l:ntsWhefi
DCDF's visitation rnks pose a, hatdshtp fQrfamilYrnembers_

Telephone Access

PCDFshol,ild··ens\l'rethatdetaJ:nees;Q,@ place fi':ee, caUstoprobono legal
. serviceprovj4~'fsand(Jtlwrs.'. Mo;reov~r~DCPfsnoutil enSll.n: an detaj-r~eesare 'able t9 call their
attorneys,should not limit leg~lphone cafIsunless necessary; and, if such calls must be limited,
DCbF s,hol,ildrlot cU:tofflegalphone,¢alls befo:tetWenty minutes have t'lx-pired.

'nc.DF shouJ(llnsta'J1J?:ciYa9yp~elspr '(jfu~rwiseplacy tel~plioIle~soth;~tqetairiees
can make legal telephone. calls wifuoufbeing oyerheardbyothers. Addltiomllly, DCDP should
not reo,ordQtmoniioI::; irt anytilatterwhatSoevet, Iegalte1~phOne, calls (absent a court'order); iT
tegular phon~galls atein,01.1if9red, DClJF should provide detainees with the procedure fot
obtaining an unmonitored'caU forlega.l PllW-9ses.
DCDF sno.uldirrlplemertt a calling system that would assurethatdetamees are able
to speak withirlietnafkmal family members, The Faci11ty should also take and delivet.nont'lme:r-gencytelePhoAe mes,sages lto4e~me~'. FinaJty, jnstrUction~,tegar9ingusagt'lofthe
telepboneBystem need.tQbe,in,different ianguag~s,reflecting the needs ofthe multinational

.A.¢¢~stQl.,~g;'l M~t'¢i:'ii$

DCDF should prpv'ideial1 '<W'tfliIieesVi'iith~ccess to the law library, ev~niftheYare 11)
$eg'tegati6n. 'DCDF;s law library should provide access to all of the legalmaterials listed in the


DcDF.lnmate· Hand'b:ook; pp. 20;.21.

3?1 Netes;ofdde¥afionmembet

; on.cdiiversatio~, with'S'llm'p.TVj'~01I

:t>CPP'Q.9k; p. .2lt~9t~$·Qfdeleg4tiQh:metfibet_on.cQri\re~anop.:Wjth
3}J?;Ndtes e·;n'jeJi:gaitiolJUn'lmlltle
I)nd~ODyeI:sation with SupervlsorrllIllUI$!I'III•


.. ,,"




Standards. The, Facility shoultLassign an employee to organize,update,and request these legal

bcnp should provide detainees with a detainee,.;specific handbook that correctly
deScribes the :policies, rules, sehrices, programs, anctrightSapplicable to immigriition detainees
through the StandardS. The. Handbook Should be tra.nslatedinfo prevalent languages among the
facility'S deminees because it isc'urtently o))lY translared into Spartish.DCDF should assure that
aU sfaffmemberswhohave ~onmct witbdetainees ar!!given :acopy of the specialized detainee
handbook and are familiar with the'polieies.


Th~e is nO flx,ed or movable !!<lUlpm~l1t available to detainees In any of
the re.creationrooms.Fur'iher,outside :Qf ha:ndbal1; there is 'virtUally no opportUnitY for
detainees lo ' ."", largely Qeca.useo;f tM lacko!: any Ii1!isculat of


Medl¢al TreatInl!,nt

The DCDF should ensure thadt physically examines a'll detainees within fourteen
daysoftheiramval althe Fadlity.

OCDFsholild also provide detainees with·a, dental screening exam within fourteen
ciayS.offuedetainee's atrlvaIatihe facility,

DGbFne.eds to-increase the access detainees in 'Special .Management Units have to
the. Jawlibl'aryand telephones'.







DCDPs IilmaJe fIandbookshouldnofify detainees of Ihe'irright to PTotectionf'rom
personalabuse,:c:otp:otalpunis~ent,. unnecessatyor excessive use offorcie, persomilinjilly,
dis.easeI PtQpeI1ydamag-e.and@tassmexit. 'oCI)F"s Iilfiji;¢e H'andbbokshould :illso notify
il~4tin¢e$, (if their right tOfi:ee.dowft{;)mdisPcriminatiouba'$,e'd 'onttice.! :teIjg~on; natlona]oI'igifl~
sex, 'lra.1191.Cap, or po]it,i~a:J :Qeij'ef~, in: a<icliJiQI),to:fheQth~r nghts enu;1ilerate<:t ipfhe St(prqtJrds to

"be ldentfIled~in theHan~qk


-, ~ ~



_:'~":i .~.:..'~.





. . :~~

- .. ~ '.'. ,..


.:0'" ••



.,. ".

" ;1,.













; \..' .'

Facility'Name: DOD.GE C0UNTYDE'I'ENTlON FAClPTl', Juileau. WI
Date QfT.()lR:· ,;July 12:;2007;
;ri!ciPiititS{ L'atha:m~. WiitkinsL,Lfi ;4ttotileY$·and sum~r)e( aSso«uUes
'~'$Iandaras (Jl:e,i1¢tail1{tl.{ &rvtCiJSeStan(/al'ds

unli!ssorherwl'se' indicated. Slandm'dsexcerpts are. lJIped verbatim. !s.mesm·(j generally listed in· their arderji·om Ihi{ RepoN.

..R¢p:Ctft':"Qrnm~nt$ i'i:l'bolil~reprij)rlty Iss.uesfo.rlCE·ABAdiscussion~






F3.ciliO:¢s~:Qldi"gllc:~1 ;~ehiil1ees slla.n p(lt,mi.tJhem


cidi$!l§iii.g" til¢:t#~iJitt'spb9Iie.$ysfem), blldile.v.ej'
worked. He;tep()rled:tlr~,'pl'()J}JeilJto: fi'idl~

to:hll!Ve:: fea'sol1abl¢~nd ¢qJ:i1t#bl~'lI~i;¢$$;to *~l¢p:i(pi(e~;

UI,F"ThefiUiillty sh~llnotrestrJctfhe(n'umben)tcalIs

:a 4~~\tih~¢plll:¢~$ fO,l,d$lbet I~g#l iept!l~.t!'ilJ.~.'fiy~"nor


limit the dur~tlonof'siil:b c~llsby rul~"or'l!.litoni"tij)
cuf.o.fli unless for secudtyp~rposes,o'rto
m;tjntlliil 'QtdetlyIO'itl ij'j'(ti(cc;e$$IQ·tel¢Pb(me$.~t ti,mti
limits ate necessary'fot such' talis:, theyshalJ be ,IiI)





s.\lQ~te~tb:a:n20:minU'.tes; i,••• ,


n)~F;,Jty,~!i;;.f: t~I¢PJt!l:ne.s¢:wtce kgeli~rl\i)yUmittld to

st3fi',.bu,f, wa$lle.ver:providc~,Wi~h a ne,wl'JN

llild t!ier.!'ifore\lIl(.l;lIeeiIll.niilHe'to c~fr;bi$ family;



MUcct talis, the facility sbalipilriillitlie#etiiljIee t()
.: '.,


make,direct :calls: .... 4",0 lllgaiservi:ce provii:le'ts, [Ot]

.... :.

inpllt~@ ijfl~Wll :i'epi:es'¢II~Mitiil"•.;•.

( 1."'.1

:All pboile"aIisare illltom*ieljlly ,discoIinected
aft~t lS Jtjlnut¢$. (p;8~~;p.~l>'~4)

DCl)f :Inmate

One detainee:said.s!h.e;-was.unab:Ieto~ make :outgoing
il.!lljs,tp,hf:5/l1er,!lttqi'fiey!on6i(:, pro bono legai .
Detiifiiee .
J)ervI¢e,provtders !f~t, 'bec!luse Jh,e,attdfli(ly'~
numherwasblocked, :liut. thafthete Were no :issues
dialing t9 othertel~phonenlim~crs; (p;lJ '13; peW



taken. (p;n


\" ,( '~'~'ir-'.'





shall ensure 'privacy (or detaiilees'
. telepltQne~anS regarding I~g'al matters;Ji'ortbis
l)lIrpo~e, theCliciUtyshalJPr"vide II tellsonable
:n,ujnbex'oflelephon:jlsoll'whichdetainees ·can mll'ke
$ucb eaJlswltlio(tt'be1ngoverheard by Ql'tlcers,other
:staffor qt'li,e~·:(I(!t~ln¢e$.FIil¢li1ty~tattsban ii9t
, ••
,¢lectron'icaUy ilJoni'tar, th~tarn!'i.etel(!pbone 'calls onthei!'


:~: ~"

."Of affordedpriXncy in their
·outgoiilg cails because the phones .used to Jllake
olltgoillgcalls :irll allJoca.tedin thepubJic
d;ayroonis With no safegllards, (p.l O~4)
Detainees may speak::privately with cOllnselonlyif
the!itto~ney initiate.s the calL (p. Ll~2)}o:iie calis ril.4de oil..theilufg'iiiiig
telephones nllilY be monitored or recorded. (p.n












ASA Commisslon·on!'·Detelltion standards: Implementation Initiative








Actess to: t~i.atMat~riiI

6. I $t!l·~:~~~:tf1~~::~;~::ieg~nV{'~terllll

UtG,'fhe racmty,sll~n>•.•p:ei'mrf alldetalneesi
regatdless;·of Jio'l1s:lil~or.cllls'Sificatloil; :to. useili:e :law

7-rr§f~~~,~t!l r".*~t:t$~i~'l!~g~IMi~ti!l1
. ~ UI.KTh:e;facilityshallpel111it d.e.tainees::to.' assistotber
,ddaln;ee$'ii! I'\l;$e;tl);hillg; iii!4. pr¢piltinglegal
(iOC)ljjj)!UJS.' i)'tJ;i1, teu~st:,,,..
I{S•• ' st'aridilrd'$,Cofr~spn'nd~iice :lindOihi\T Mail ,.
• lU..8,:Th:e: (acilitysliall!lPm'y detainees of'itspullcy in
cOi'tesPoi!:deuee ;ti)ij Mliel'I,ll'l!,!1 ,through tli,¢;detaini!e

.', '.

',handb'o:ok or equIValent ;,.lllud) shit)I'spellify: ..• 5.
Tbe de.finitio:no.f spe.ciid :corr.esp:rmd.em::e.i including
iil:st.t~!;ti!)nii'!!n'lh~pr(i,perla'~e:{!ligfiJr ~pi!cli}l. ....
correspondeli.ccj without whiuhitwiUiiofbc,tteatcd:!lS
'sp~da'1 mail. "'. 8; lI'pw to'Obtajn wr.iting'implements,
PtJP~rjtJll~ e:nVe:j(jPlIs;antl9.. 1he prpcc(j-u),¢ (oJ
putchasing postage (if any), alidtiie rules·for
p.tOYj\l.jI)'g lndigenhlJl<J' other del'a'hiees free
jjQsta ~e~."

,.;, ,. "





l'I:hC'. l1J:e;Jl\W'Ubr!lry shllllcontilin (he niateria.l~ l.isted



S6rb~6f the. teq'liir.ed~e~-QiidlitYiegill'iliafetlals
are-notavailableon,the',computer; ;(p;14,a):

j}<fDF~(j.eSilQt'linoWl)n~et~l*eestQ~~ethe .laW'


.tfetlilii~esaT~'nQt',allc)w~~ t(j j)~$:!~t 'oth~t
deflJineenvith research, not· coniM:Uegal









Tbio! :DCDF handbook doeSilOlJl:r6videa]')CDP.Jnrhate

defil1itionohpecial correspondence or .. . ..
li1stttii::UIlDS tor l~beling sp.eCialcoI7ti!s,¢;
Itaiso' doesii6Mescribe thepr.ocedure.,for
obtllining free :ma:i1ing materials, (p.t9 ,3)




l,\BA Cqilllllisiiion onlmmi.g,F!itiqil"Petell~i0.nS.tallclards !rnpJemeritatibn Initiative

bCDF Iilllll¥fc'

libtllry.Library-pr'ivileges depelid
:detaInee.'s ,Classification; .. (p.1J.,3)





:"::;, "


L. Every OlC':wlll.deveJbp'" ~ite;;Specific defaine-e
ba'ti'db:p6k;foys"ervealan9V¢NleW Of;'i;thed¢t~n:tion
.p0'ficies,lViellj ',alidP1QCedut¢S!1l eff¢c:t~tt1fefa'C'ilit)t.
,nr:u, The, harid&od]cwill Jist detainee fights: alld .



$t!m~!ltd .15f,Staft>betillnee,t;QitimunicMl\m
, .iU~B:.3. Det;tillee: li[llOdbJ){>k.' ,'" Thebandbook shall 'state
that ihedetalrt¢e hii$ (he6liP.ortiiiil1.y:to:siif:jll'ii~wrIttel1


"; . ~


Ul'eiIghts~aX'irllable,fo ifjlmjgration. derainees
the Sian~ard~,inulu~iing the:rigilt to: befreerrom
abus'ec:5t' discrimination; :how ~p¢¢i~l'
corr.espbndence should be. handled;; or how to:
communi.cate with IGEstiift: (p,20 ,~).

q!lestion$.,.r~ues.iS.orco~l.:~rn:$toJC:E ,sfaff'al\~ the

p,Tflcedures fordQihg So

,Secli,rity and :Cdil't(QJ:~taiidlltd:~,bISclplil)al)' Pdlfcy
• 11l,A.$, Tl\e 4e,(ijhee,hali41'1,(>okoteq1,l'lvi@l)t., .. shall
advise ,detainee.s ofthefdlldwing: a. therigbt to
pr9te¢tk)l:tfr~m :J!er.lorjaJabtl~e; Corpdrai,PJln:ishment.
,iin.lek~·$sary:or eXce$~iv'e(lsedffot~e, persdhliI injury,
disease~. pro.peri);" damage; and harassment.; b.the right of
fr¢egQm ft{)il:\aiil'Orliriihati.on 'O,i\seq Oil raee•.religion;
n!ltioiliil 'od'gili, sex;,l!andittap, 0tpolitical beliefs; ...



Wffl.offet ayariety6f fixed .antl





The.he.aUhcare provide.rofeachfaciJity·will
\1oJ):(Jj.ct a :he:littil Ilppt~f'iil iijid physical:exami03'ffon
oneallhdeflilrie.e: witbifi ii4day,siofatriva(-al' the



daysO,Hhdrarrival. I~,:2~~)
Tlicr'e' !snohdtlal deiltalsl!reening'q,f deti!!ilf~es.

·.·m,E:.P:e»talttr:tilitment.1\p !l)ltj'''I::.dentals~reeJJ;l!ig
eUm 'shonld'be'.per(Orllledw.ithin 14 days or'i'lie .



classiTtGafion, levels 'and the: conditions and
restriclioJlsassoqiateq with each. (p.2.6 ~3)

fQ bSpitsso,r te@in.a~e!the

'''Y'''''''.<>I''X'\,iC'', and proceed directly to the.

follow lnfotQiaLgtievahce proced\lre.hefQretllinga I Handbb0k
formal grievance. (p.2& ~3)


ABAGon1l11issiononJmmigration - Detention Standards lmpjementation Initiative,

.. , <'





. reSkoom.s. I 's4pervisor


;ilbi'~t:Y~!I!=\!\iSS'·1ii~oit'~,wJli'sllti~~~~~.tQ~~s,l!hiiue j"~)1~

:tht :d:e.t:iillellS! in dikdpJinat)hsllgregation,, ,. The·
'(adli.tyffilij)'.du).(ise'to pr()vide :s~gtegat¢d ddl!il1~$

,Det~in:eesilipunitiYe s~gr~gatij)llar,~ t t.0. thelaWllbra I'y~ TheylJl ay fill out.a
I;.e.qu.(.ls.t {(itm;J)lit ~bJdQrm'w.iR no.t all()w

4et~\iMe.(~, haY,e jjCe¢Ss.; toLll""isN'e~!'$,: pr··(jtMt

materiillSon: the ,computer.


up~n~i't!:q.Iij!$.hi¢*e,~S~(ipJy. Vi:o!elilaMior
uncoopilraJiveddltt'neiis m'ayh.temporarJly denIed



. . , ;Segr~glltlon~;


UtD;J.l. 'Recreati:on shalhhe.provid¢d to detainees in
dl~clpUb:~J'~rs.e~i:¢¥~tjQuj'n'lIqiior¢afic¢ With. t~e

,jRecteafion)·standatd~ 'the ,s1:alidarctptoMislblil snaIl be
car,dea Ql!k.I'IJ)senJ;~Qroperil'ng security orsafel;y reasons




.ABA Ctitifttassibn ;Qn lnirfligTllti(jh~·Detentr()Ji SiandardsJhlplementiltiM InItiative;




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