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Summary of Burge Attorneys Fees 2007

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We have just obtained and compilated the latest City payouts to Private lawyers in the Area 2 cases and
the payouts are shocking, even to us. The complete compilations are attached. We have analyzed the
records we have which reflect monies spent by the City and County to defend, fire, or investigate Burge
since 1988. These records are not complete, as they do not reflect the payouts in at least one additional
torture case (Bates), do not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for court costs from May
2005 to the present, and do not reflect the monies paid by the County to private lawyers Patti Bobb and
James Figulio to represent Richard Devine and several other Assistant states Attorneys. So the total
numbers are even higher than those reflected here.
In the last six months, from September 15, 2006 to March 15, 2007, a period almost exclusively
contemporaneous with the period after there was an agreement with the City to settle 3 of the 5 pending
torture cases, over $950,000 was paid to the four law firms defending Burge and the City in those cases.
An additional 1 million was paid out to two law firms defending Burge's Area 2 associates and the City in
the Michael Evans/Paul Terry frame up cases.
The totals for these cases for the 3-4 years they have been pending are equally staggering: nearly $7
million paid to private lawyers by the City to defend Burge and itself in the 5 pending torture cases, none
of which are near trial;
More than $2 million paid to private lawyers to defend Burge and the City in prior torture cases, to fire
him, to defend against torture victims in criminal cases, and to deal with the Cook County Special
Prosecutor, for a total of more than $9 million spent by the City on the torture cases;
Nearly $4 million more to defend Burge associates and the City in the still pending Evans (appeal) and
Terry (early pre-trial) Area two cases for a total of nearly 13 million;
More than seven million spent by the County for the Special Prosecutor s' 4 year "investigation" wherein
they refused to indict Burge and issue a "whitewash" report.
TOTAL: $20,000,000 AND COUNTING - - -and this does not include the $1-2 million in pensions paid
yearly to Burge and the more than thirty other Area 2 detectives and supervisors who are named in
multiple torture cases and refused to cooperate with the Special Prosecutors' investigation.




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