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Florida Sheriff Threatens Arrest of Refugees from Hurricane

by David Reutter

A looming disaster from Hurricane Irma, which was the strongest storm on record, would seem a time when everyone would bind together to assure the safety of all. Florida’s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd used the crisis as an opportunity to exhibit the attitude that has led America to become the “incarceration nation.”

As Irma was bearing down on Florida and residents were fleeing, boarding up their homes, or looking for a place of refuge, Judd made shelters in this county unavailable to many. His spokesman said that background checks would be performed on everyone who came to a shelter.

Anyone with an outstanding warrant of any type or from any jurisdiction would be arrested and given shelter at the county jail. Judd also announced that sex offenders were prohibited from using shelters because it put them in close proximity to children. He warned that any sex offender who showed up at a shelter to escape the storm’s destructive force would be arrested.

Judd’s lack of compassion during a state of emergency is part and parcel of the mentality that led to America having the highest incarceration rate in the world

Source: injustice

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