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Wadoc Report Staff Sexual Misconduct Kapsch 2005

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Washington Corrections Center for Women
Intelligence & Investigations
Investigative Case

February 3, 2005

' Belinda,D. Stewart
Snperintendent, WCCW


Steven B. Baxter

Investigator, WCCW


SYNOPSIS: During the week of January 10-14, 2005 CCU was placed on lockdown status due to the
continued disruptive and violent behavior of many of the residents. During this lockdown WCCW 1&1 was
requested to conduct interviews with all possible residents of the unit. One question asked of the CCU
inmates was "Who do you perceive are causing the problems in CCU", this question could be answered by
giving both inmates and staff names. Out of one hundred and eight (108) documented interviews only fifty
seven (57) inmates would give staff names as causing problems in the unit, of those thirty four (34) inmates
named Sgt. Kapsch as a person causing problems in CCU. When interviewed many of the above inmates
gave reasons why they felt Sgt. Kapsch was a problem, in order of frequency they were:






Sgt. Kapsch shows favoritism to certain inmates they included ~ ~16)
Sgt. Kapsch always allows lnmate~ be in his office (8)
Unless you are in a bathrobe he WOD~ you
Sgt. Kapsch allowed Inmate_to make copies of pictures on the unit copier for her
Sgt. Kapsch is disrespectful to in,lnates
Sgt. Kapschtells inmates he is not grievable
Sgt. Kapsch threatens inmates. with Segregation
.Sgt, Kapsch is rude especially to African American inmates

o written statements were received by WCCW 1&1 dealing with
see attaclnnent I) wrote that Sgt. Kapsch had come to
Sgt. Kapsch. lmuate
segregation on 12/23
an toer at e r
for her. The next day she was released and placed by 2'd shift in room 21~on
or. When, third shift
arrived she was moved from that room to another but again on the floor.
stated that she talked to
sit. Kapsch that night and on the 26th or 27~ of December she was moved to e West pod room 325 by
Sgt. Kapsch and told by him that she should be grateful for him moving her. A check of the Segregation
sergeant's logbook showed that Sgt. Kapsch was not the Unit Sgt. and therefore had no known reason to be
in the segregation unit or pod talking to inmates.


Page 2
Case #02-008-0S-FOl
REF: StaffMisconduct RE: Sgt, Kapsch

ate a statement on 1/24/05 (see attachment 2) and made the



Sgt. Kapsch has made inappropriate remarksabout her in from of other inmates - he stated that he
had pu~rd for her to be placed on lMU status
Inma~observed Inma~enter Sgt. Kapsch's office and later come out
with a ~.and carried it to~enlater asked about the item Inma~ told
Inma~at it had been taken as contraband but that she gets what she wan~gt.
Inmat'- also stated that on one day whileworking in the kitchen Inmate Johnson had
appro~'="h: and asked if she had a crusb on Sgt. Kapsch. Inmat~ felt it was a strange
and accusing question.

had previously sent a letter to WCCW 1&1 weeks b~CU lockdown and
any accusations being investigated(see attachment 3). In this letter Inma~lamed the problems
on the inmates and praised the conduct of the new Sergeants. Her last sentence stated that it would be a
loss to the unit if any staff were lost due to alleged inappropriatebehavior.




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