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Articles by Brandon Sample

Q&A: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: Which Errors Are Worth Pursuing?

by Brandon Sample, Esq., and Dale Chappell

Question: I think my lawyer represented me poorly. How do I know if I have a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel?

Perhaps the most common question after a person’s conviction and sentence sinks in is whether their lawyer did all ...

Guilty Plea Does Not Foreclose Challenge To Constitutionality Of Conviction, U.S. Supreme Court Decides

by Brandon Sample, Esq.

Rodney Class pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a firearm on the U.S. Capitol grounds. Notwithstanding his guilty plea, Class appealed his conviction to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Class argued that his conviction was unconstitutional because the statute that criminalized gun possession ...

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Habeas Relief Citing AEDPA Deference

by Brandon Sample, Esq.

If you are a state prisoner hoping to find a sympathetic ear for a federal habeas petition, two recent decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court illustrate the challenges one must overcome.

Kernan v. Cuero

Michael Cuero sought federal habeas release, arguing that the state breached his ...



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