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Articles by Brooke Kaufman

Texas Police Refuse to Release Bodycam Footage From the Uvalde School Shooting, Claiming It Could Expose Law Enforcement ‘Weakness’

by Brooke Kaufman

According to reporting from VICE News, the Texas Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) is trying to prevent the public from seeing police body cam footage from the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, saying the footage could be used to the advantage of other shooters looking ...

FOIA Request Reveals Cincinnati Cop Had Sex While On-Duty With Sex Workers He Searched in Police Database

by Brooke Kaufman

According to a recent WCPO report, a 29-year-old Cincinnati police officer resigned from his post in 2020 after investigators uncovered he used a law enforcement database to contact and have sex with sex workers while on duty. Alexander Saulsbury pleaded guilty to felony charges of unauthorized ...

Excited Delirium—the Diagnosis That Doesn’t Exist

How a racialized, gendered theory became the go-to defense for police officers who kill people in custody

by Brooke Kaufman

The term “excited delirium,” or agitated delirium, first entered legal discourse in the 1980s. Dr. Charles Wetli and Dr. David Fishbain used the theory to explain the sudden deaths of ...

Dozens of Convictions Related to Corrupt Convicted Former Chicago Cop Vacated

by Brooke Kaufman

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County, Illinois, prosecutors vacated 44 convictions related to convicted ex-Chicago police Sgt. Ronald Watts. In 2013, Watts pleaded guilty to stealing money from an FBI informant posing as a drug dealer in an undercover sting operation. He was sentenced to ...

Bribery and Drug Charges Results in 8 Year Sentence for Former Corrupt NYPD Officer

by Brooke Kaufman

Former NYPD officer Robert Smith, 45, of Plainview, NY, was sentenced to 97 months in prison for accepting bribes and attempting to transport heroin. Smith previously called himself one of the “most corrupt cops” in his Queens precinct. He retired from the NYPD in March 2020.

In ...

Florida Sheriff’s Version of Fiscal Responsibility— ‘We Prefer’ Homeowners Shoot Burglars to ‘Save Taxpayer Money’

by Brooke Kaufman

According to Santa Rosa County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Johnson, homeowners who encounter burglars should stand their ground and, if necessary, use deadly force. During a press conference, Johnson told residents that they’re “more than welcome” to shoot burglars.

“If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than ...

Former Boston police union boss pleads guilty to child rape and abuse charges

by Brooke Kaufman

According to the New York Post, former Police Patrolmen’s Association head Patrick Rose, 67, pleaded guilty to 21 counts of child rape and sexual abuse. The crimes spanned a 27-year period and involved victims between the ages of 7 and 16. On April 25, Rose was ...

Dangerous ‘Dead Crimes’ That Are Still on the Books

by Brooke Kaufman

Criminologists have a term for offenses in the criminal code that are no longer considered criminal — “dead crimes.” In the United States, dead crimes are clogging up the criminal code, threatening to undermine the rule of law, according to a forthcoming Georgetown Law Journal article.

Dead ...

Woman Suing Deputy, Who Has a History of Performing Anal Cavity Searches During Traffic Stops, for Forcibly ‘Baptizing’ Her During Traffic Stop Found Dead

by Brook Kaufman

A bizarre story out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, captured national attention in 2019 when a police officer stripped down to his underwear and forcibly “baptized” a woman during an arrest for marijuana possession. Last year, Hamilton County Deputy Daniel Wilkey was arrested and charged with more than 40 ...

In a First of Its Kind Alert, Your Phone Became a Police Radio in Search for Subway Shooter

by Brooke Kaufman
Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank James was arrested by law enforcement officials on Wednesday after a city-wide manhunt led police to a McDonald’s in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood. That morning, the NYPD sent out a push notification about James, calling on New Yorkers to assist in the ...



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