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Articles by Christopher Zoukis

$12,500 Settlement in Oregon Unlawful Search and Seizure Lawsuit

by Christopher Zoukis

An Oregon man and woman who claimed that Portland police violated their civil rights by unlawfully searching their home have settled a federal lawsuit for $12,500, plus attorney's fees.

Sarah Hill and Brent Lopez had an argument late in the evening on August 17, 2011. Their neighbor ...

$1.65 Million Settlement in Nebraska Wrongful Arrest Case

by Christopher Zoukis

A Cass County, Nebraska man has agreed to settle a federal civil rights case that alleged that he was accused, arrested and jailed for a double murder that he did not commit.

Matthew Livers was arrested on suspicion that he murdered Wayne Stock and Sharmon Stock April ...

$1.75 Million to Settle Case of Police Beating That Led to Brain Damage

by Christopher Zoukis

The guardian of a Seattle man who suffered brain damage as a result of a police beating has settled a federal civil rights claim for $1.75 million.

On May 29, 2010, Seattle police officers Grant Leavit and Katrina Stuckey contacted Brian Scott Torgerson at his Seattle apartment. ...

$82,056 Jury Award in Florida Excessive Force Case

by Christopher Zoukis

A Florida jury has awarded $82,056 to a man who claimed he was beaten by a Hallandale Beach police officer.

Kenneth Salazar, a 37-year-old schoolteacher, was driving in Hallandale Beach October 30, 2009, when he was pulled over by police officer Josue Hernandez for an allegedly improper ...

$77,500 Settles Michigan Woman's Wrongful Arrest Suit

by Christopher Zoukis

A Michigan woman who was jailed for writing a message in chalk on a sidewalk has settled her federal lawsuit for $77,500.

Melissa Marie Jackson visited her boyfriend at the Genesee County Jail on October 18, 2010. As was her custom after a visit, she went across ...

$440,000 Settles Police Officer Harassment, Retaliation Claim

by Christopher Zoukis

A Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania police officer has accepted $440,000 to settle a claim that he was harassed and retaliated against for reporting a sexual assault committed by his partner.

Ritchie Webb had been working for the Bristol Borough police department for almost a decade when he responded ...

$75,000 Settles Baltimore Man's Excessive Force Claim

by Christopher Zoukis

A Baltimore, Maryland man has agreed to a $75,000 settlement of his claim that two Baltimore police officers used excessive force against him.

John Bonkowski was driving drunk May 13, 2012, when he was pulled over by Detective Mike McSpadden and Sergeant Harvey Martini. During the course ...

$80,000 Jury Award in Texas Excessive Force Claim

by Christopher Zoukis

A jury has awarded a Carrolton, Texas man $80,000 for damages sustained when a police officer used excessive force against him.

Jason Dean Geils was arrested for DUI on December 9, 2009. Carrolton police officer Don Patin brought Geils to the jail, and during the booking process, ...

$2,000 Settles Texas False Arrest Claim

by Christopher Zoukis

A Whitehouse, Texas woman and her minor son have settled a claim of false arrest and false imprisonment for $2,000.

Candace Caroline McCarrell was driving with her son, J.M., on June 8, 2012, when she was pulled over by Whitehouse police officer David Earl Allen. Allen claimed ...

$385,000 to Victim of Police Sex Abuse in Penn.

by Christopher Zoukis

A police officer and the city that employed him settled a federal civil rights claim brought by a woman who alleged that the officer sexually abused her. Pursuant to the June 10, 2013 settlement, Bristol Borough agreed to pay the woman $385,000 from a self-insurance pool.

On ...


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