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Articles by Christopher Zoukis

$5,485,394 Award in New York Wrongful Conviction Case

Daniel Gristwood was a 29-year-old printer when he was arrested for the attempted murder of his wife on January 12, 1996. He initially confessed to the crime, and was convicted in New York state court based on that confession. Gristwood was sentenced to 12.5 years to 25 years in prison. ...

FBI Ordered to Speed Up FOIA Document Production

A judge in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia has ordered the FBI to greatly increase the speed at which it is producing documents responsive to a professor's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The request was made by Professor Nina Gilden Seavey, a documentary filmmaker ...

Ohio Supreme Court Declares Poor Relative Not Suitable to Adopt Her Nephew

By Christopher Zoukis

The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling that an imprisoned mother's sister was not a suitable placement for the mother's sheltered child because she was poor.

Brittany J. gave birth to A.J. in July 2014 while imprisoned on a five year sentence for robbery. ...



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