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Articles by R. Bailey

Eleventh Circuit: Sharing Food with Homeless Expressive Conduct Protected by First Amendment

By R. Bailey

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals made the “first pronouncement” by any federal appeals court by addressing an issue of human compassion: the outdoor sharing of food with others. The court found that the sharing of food with the homeless is not a “charity.” Rather, it found ...

Nearly 43 percent of Spokane police shootings were Native Americans

by R. Bailey

Native Americans in Spokane, Washington, are alarmed at how frequent and inhumane their encounters with the Spokane Police Department ("SPD") have become. Of the seven officer shootings by the SPD in 2017, three were Native Americans, and two of the three were fatal.
Joshua Spotted Horse was ...

Public to pay for retirement of N.J. officer with four excessive uses of force

hy R. Bailey

A Berkeley Township, New Jersey, patrolman was forced into almost a full year of paid leave because of his increased pattern of excessive use of force, and when his attempts to force his way back into active duty were frustrated, he opted to retire.
Officer Patrick ...

911 'swatting' prank excuses officer's fatal shooting

By R. Bailey

A Kansas district attorney ("DA") determined that a Wichita SWAT team acted reasonably when it fatally shot an innocent, unarmed father in his own home while responding to a “swatting” or 911 prank call made from Los Angeles, California.

The FBI reportedly responds to almost 400 swatting ...

Detroit police veteran arrested after obstructing other officers

by R. Bailey

A veteran Detroit police officer who was already on restricted duty and banned from possessing a firearm because of his 2017 fatal shooting of a teen was arrested for illegally carrying three firearms, along with other charges.

Officer Jerold Blanding was arrested in January 2018 for three ...



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