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Articles by Michael Fortino, Ph.D

Digital Dogs, New Technology Designed to Sniff-Out Crime

If you thought criminal investigations have gone to the dogs, you might be right—digital dogs. Forensic science has now perfected an advanced “crime-sniffing” technology that can detect, at the molecular level, deadly viruses, illegal drugs, and even bomb-making chemical compounds. These digital dogs however have such a ...

The People Have Spoken: Clemency Appointments Should Follow the Will of the People

Executive Clemency, the process of granting a modified or revised prison sentence at the behest of the Office of the President of the United States, continues to be a largely overlooked and underutilized path toward reversing punitive mass incarceration despite the fact that there remains bi-partisan ...

Reevaluating Capital Punishment and Psychosis: How Sane Must We Be to Qualify for Execution?

by Michael Fortino, Ph.D.

You have been assigned to be a juror in each of the following cases, and your responsibility is to decide which of these guilty suspects is sane enough to qualify for the death penalty and which may be suffering from a mental health impairment that will ...

Physics Offers New Perspective on Blood Spatter Investigations

Is 743 Years Imprisonment Enough Time to Teach Someone A Lesson?

Law Degree for South Carolina Magistrates Optional

Image of Men Urinating on Grave Protected by First Amendment

Sex Panic: The War on Sex Offenders as Public Enemy Number One

Inadequate and Outdated Training Results in Wild West Policing

But it is possible that much broader and ...

Report: Judicial System Gives Cops a Pass in New Jersey, Elsewhere

Such checks and balances on the judicial front are ...



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