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Articles by Casey Bastian

An Ignoble Process How High-Pressure Tactics and Flawed Investigative Techniques Created a Miscarriage of Justice

Reverse Location Warrants Neglect Particularity Requirement

Debunked Bite-Mark Comparison Evidence: Wrongfully Convicted Man Freed After Spending Over 25 Years on Death Row

Study: Reduced Pretrial Incarceration Doesn’t Diminish Public Safety

All too often, critics of bail reform assert a stale mantra that more pretrial ...

New Jersey Police Union Contracts Laden With Financial Largesse

ProPublica and Asbury Park Press, an affiliate of ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network, recently completed an unprecedented analysis of thousands of ...

Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Prompts Class Action Lawsuit

Orwellian Fusion Centers Are Watching You

Capitol Police Department Repeatedly Sued Over Racial Discrimination

Philadelphia Man Exonerated After Police Cover-Up Exposed

Hicks was in South Philadelphia on the early ...

Mens Rea: Criminal Liability Should Equal Criminal Intent

The principle that, to hold someone liable for committing a criminal act, requires that the person intended ...



The Habeas Citebook: Prosecutorial Misconduct Side
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