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Articles by Douglas Ankney

Wrongly Convicted North Carolina Man Released After 44 Years in Prison

Eleventh Circuit Holds RICO Conspiracy Doesn’t Qualify as Crime of Violence for § 924(c) Purposes and Defendant’s 120-Year Sentence Was Procedurally Unreasonable

Ninth Circuit Announces Panels of Court of Appeals May Fashion Remedy When District Court Commits Daubert Error

Hawai’i Supreme Court: Search Unreasonable Where Officers Knocked and Announced Their Presence Four Times Within 25 Seconds, Then Forced Entry

At 6:15 a.m. on September 4, 2015, officers from the Honolulu Police Department (“HPD”) executed a search ...

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Announces Use of Pole Cameras for Extended Surveillance of Residence Constitutes Search Under State Law

Shortly after an undercover officer made a controlled drug purchase from Nelson Mora, investigators installed pole cameras (a ...

Louisiana Supreme Court: Statute Compelling Registered Sex Offenders to Carry ID Emblazoned with ‘SEX OFFENDER’ Unconstitutional

The State charged Tazin Ardell Hill with altering an official identification card to conceal his designation as a ...

Fifth Circuit: Special Conditions of Supervised Release That Barred Use of Internet, Computers, and Electronic Devices for 10 Years Not Substantively Reasonable

Illinois Law Firm Offers Web Application to Help Automate Expungement

The Legal Aid Chicago Criminal Records Relief Petitions App (“App”) was built by Chapman’s practice innovations team ...

Sixth Circuit: Probation Officer’s Warrantless Search of Probationer’s Cellphone Violated Fourth Amendment

Jason Fletcher was sentenced to five years’ probation after being convicted of ...

New York Court of Appeals Clarifies When Police May Conduct Traffic Stops



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