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Georgia Deputy Police Chief Attending Lie Detector Workshop in Orlando Scammed Out of $200 by Prostitute Then Arrested for Soliciting an Undercover Cop During Sting

by Jo Ellen Nott

The Polk County’s Sheriff Office in Central Florida arrested a Georgia deputy police chief on September 1, 2022, during a prostitution sting focusing on human trafficking in the area. Jason DiPrima, 49, of the Cartersville Police Department, was attending a polygraph training workshop in Orlando at the time of his arrest.  

DiPrima could not have had a worse week during the ill-fated business trip. Early in the week, he was scammed by a prostitute whom he did not meet, and two nights later, he was arrested for soliciting an undercover female cop working the sting. DiPrima was driving an unmarked DEA vehicle when he showed up at his second attempt to procure sex with two cans of Bud Light beer for himself and a case of White Claw Hard Seltzer for his “date.” 

DiPrima told the undercover officer that he had been scammed by another woman who said she was a prostitute. The sly woman had asked him to send her a photograph of a cash card he had purchased to buy the sexual favors.  She took the information from the card, got the $200, and apparently ghosted the disappointed DiPrima leaving him to seek out his second encounter.

DiPrima, a 30-year-veteran of the Cartersville Police Department in North Georgia and a graduate of the FBI Academy, was charged and booked into the Polk County Jail.  He bonded out on $500 and is suspended from the CPD as officials investigate the case.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd poked fun at the Georgia cop during a lively media briefing on September 6.  When Judd related that DiPrima had told the undercover female cop before his arrest that he did not want to drive around with the White Claw and feel “girly,” Judd laughed and said, “Well, he got to feel ‘arresty’ when we put him in jail.”

Judd also mocked DiPrima’s lack of judgement by asking, “Have you lost the last three brain cells, or do you just have cabbage for brains?” 

Sources:  The Blaze, WFLA News

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