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Articles by Anthony Accurso

Michigan Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment to Protect Electronic Data and Communications

After all the wrangling over the Office of the President and control of Congress ...

Montana Supreme Court: Statistical Evidence on False Accusations of Rape Improperly Bolstered Witness Credibility

Philip Bryson Grimshaw was charged with sexual intercourse without consent, in violation of § 45-5-503, ...

Fourth Circuit: Commercial Vehicle Permit Requirement Insufficient Grounds to Initiate Traffic Stop

California Court of Appeal: Confrontation Clause Violation Where Supervisor, Not Lab Tech Who Performed Drug Tests, Testified at Trial

Fifth Circuit: Conviction Vacated Because No Reasonable Suspicion to Search Person in High-Crime Area

Raymond L. McKinney was standing with friends on a sidewalk near a gas station in San Antonio, Texas. It ...

Nevada Supreme Court: Search Invalid Where Police Failed to Properly Inventory Bag

Kimberly Marie Nye was arrested after refusing to leave a casino in Elko County. She was secured in a ...

Ninth Circuit: District Court Abdicated Daubert Gatekeeping Function by Failing to Make Reliability Findings on Expert Witness’ Testimony

7th Circuit: Ice Methamphetamine Sentence Enhancement Requires Proof of Purity

Scott Carnell pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of meth under 21 U.S.C. ...

New Mexico Supreme Court Clarifies Meaning of Key Terms in Aggravated Fleeing From Law Enforcement Statute

Roy D. Montano and William Daniel Martinez both were charged with ...

They’re Not Secret Police, Just Police



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