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Articles by Anthony Accurso

Colorado Supreme Court Announces Implied Bias the Same as Actual Juror Bias, Requiring Automatic Reversal

by Anthony Accurso 

The Colorado Supreme Court announced a rule, which holds that when a defendant raises a for-cause challenge to an impliedly biased juror under 16-10-103(1), C.R.S., a structural error arises when that juror serves on the jury. The Court instructed that “a juror who is presumed by ...

Racial Disparity at Sentencing on the Rise

by Anthony Accurso 

A new Council on Criminal Justice report shows disturbing trends in worsening sentencing disparities for black and Latinx people, even as the U.S. softens its stance on non-violent and drug crimes, The Appeal reports.

The report aggregated data from the years 2000 and 2016 and compared ...

Louisiana Supreme Court: State Abused Charging Authority by Dismissing and Reinstituting Charges to Circumvent Adverse Court Ruling

by Anthony Accurso 

The Supreme Court of Louisiana held that the district attorney’s office abused its charging authority when it dismissed, then immediately refiled, charges against a defendant to circumvent the trial court’s decision to exclude the State’s expert witness. 

In December 2016, Fred Reimonenq was indicted ...

Jury Nullification as a Cure for Prosecutorial Overreach

by Anthony Accurso

An article published by seeks to educate the public about the history of jury nullification and how reversing statutes and case law that prevent juries from knowing a defendant’s possible sentence could help curb prosecutorial overreach. 

Jury nullification is the term applied when a jury ...

New Lie Detectors Are On the Way, But Are They Better Than the Old One?

by Anthony Accurso 

New “lie detectors” are being marketed as viable replacements for the aging, debunked polygraph and are being tested in environments where the polygraph never penetrated. But questions remain whether such devices are any improvement on the old one. 

Many people are familiar with the classic ...

Reform-Minded Prosecutors Use Charging Discretion to Benefit Communities

by Anthony Accurso 

Now that the nation is evolving from “tough on crime” to “smart on crime” tactics, reform-minded prosecutors are making big changes by exercising their discretion on how and when to prosecute low-level offenders. 

At the highest levels of government, politicians in both parties have been ...

Sex Offender Registries Grounded in False Notions

by Anthony Accurso

Nigeria is implementing a U.S.-style public registry for sex offenders. “Campaigners have hailed the launch of Nigeria’s first sex-offender registry as a vital step toward tackling reported cases of sexual abuse, which are rising across the county,” reports The Guardian. Despite a dearth of statistics, ...

Sixth Circuit: Ohio’s Stringent Post-Conviction Filing Deadline Opens Window for Federal Review Under Trevino

by Anthony Accurso

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held that Ohio’s strict application of its post-conviction challenge deadline deprived a defendant of meaningful review of his ineffective assistance of counsel claim. 

Vincent White was convicted in an Ohio court of several violent crimes, including six ...

Unsurprisingly Lenient Sentence for Rapist Cop

by Anthony Accurso

A now-former Louisville, Kentucky, Metro Police officer was sentenced to just five years for five rapes and possession of child pornography. The rapes were reduced to misdemeanors, while the latter was a felony conviction.

The first victim came forward against Louisville Metro PD officer Pablo Cano in ...

Alabama Sheriff Denied Immunity for False Charges Against Whistleblower

by Anthony Accurso

An Alabama sheriff was denied immunity for acts taken to extort and silence a whistleblower who exposed her corruption.

In Alabama, sheriffs are allowed to receive as personal income any excess funds “left over” after feeding (or rather, starving) jail inmates. Former Sheriff Greg Bartlett was nicknamed ...



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