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Articles by Anthony Accurso

JusticeText Software Helps Defense Attorneys Review Audiovisual Evidence

by Anthony W. Accurso

JusticeText is new software designed specifically for defense attorneys and public defenders who are being overwhelmed by the amount of audio and video evidence they have to review when defending clients.

Devshi Mehrotra was nearing the end of her studies in computer science at the University ...

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Officer’s Retention of Driver’s License Without Reasonable Suspicion to Delay Until Arrival of Drug Dog Constitutes Unlawful Seizure

by Anthony W. Accurso

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin held that an officer who retained a motorist’s driver’s license without any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity—for the purpose of delaying until a drug dog arrived—effectuated an unlawful seizure.

Just after midnight on the evening of November 12, 2017, Sheboygan Police ...

Tenth Circuit: Warrant Authorizing Search for Items ‘Involved in Crime’ Violates Fourth Amendment’s Particularity Requirement, Not Saved by Doctrine of Severability

by Anthony W. Accurso

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that a search warrant authorizing seizure of “any item identified as being involved in crime” lacked sufficient particularity to be valid under the Fourth Amendment.

After a driver fired shots at a pedestrian during a verbal ...

Putting Police Use of Spy Tech Under Community Control

by Anthony W. Accurso

Community control over police departments has become a hot topic since the militaristic response of police departments to protests over the killing of George Floyd and other citizens. Part of that militaristic response has involved new surveillance technologies like drones, facial recognition software, and cell-site simulators. ...

Law Enforcement Underwhelmed by Clearview AI

by Anthony W. Accurso

Clearview AI, controversial facial recognition software being pitched to law enforcement agencies, bills itself as being “the most accurate facial identification software worldwide,” but first-hand reports from police departments reflect the program’s near uselessness.

Clearview has been trying hard to sell law enforcement agencies on using ...

Amazon Ring Service Changes Method for Police Requests

by Anthony W. Accurso

Amazon Ring announced it would change how it allows police departments to request recordings from users' cameras.

Previously, police departments could make a "request for assistance" to all users in a square mile of interest using an automatic bulk email system. This system was complicated for ...

Seventh Circuit: Coworker Cannot Limitlessly Search Defendant’s Office at Direction of FBI

Ethel Shelton worked as the administrative assistant to Mary ...

Should Public Defenders Be Tweeting?

New York’s public defender community is gaining popularity on Twitter by telling stories from their perspective on the criminal justice system, especially when highlighting flaws and injustices. However, there is vocal criticism whether they are crossing a line in telling stories that belong to their clients.

Public ...

Ninth Circuit: Directly Searching Inside Detainee’s Pocket Not a Valid Terry Frisk for Weapons

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that police exceeded their authority to search for weapons under Terry when they directly searched the inside pocket of an otherwise compliant detainee.

Officers Robert Wining and Robert Nasland responded to a call on Nov. 15, ...

Delaware Supreme Court: Substitution Not Allowed for Chain of Custody Witness

by Anthony W. Accurso

The Supreme Court of Delaware vacated a defendant’s convictions for substance possession after the trial court allowed the State to substitute a different officer for testimony instead of the one who conducted the search.

In June 2018, Wilmington Police pulled over a vehicle belonging to Stephen ...



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