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Articles by Benjamin Tschirhart

Pro-Police Propaganda Dominates the Mainstream Media After Police Abuse and Failure

by Benjamin Tschirhart

While the track record of American police has never been stellar, the advent of the internet has made the public aware of their egregious failures and abuses in a way never before possible. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has doggedly persisted in its habit of allowing the police ...

Invasions of Privacy for People on Electronic Monitoring Is a Warning of Worse Things to Come

by Benjamin Tschirhart

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the paradigm has shifted for the millions of Americans on “community supervision” — a category which includes those on probation, parole, and pretrial release. Where probation once involved home visits and in-person appointments with probation officers, monitoring is increasingly carried ...

Police Find It Easier to Influence Public Opinion Than to Protect and Serve

by Benjamin Tschirhart

Ask the average person how the police department of a major city could best use $300,000, and they might suggest investing in de-escalation training, mental health crisis response, or teaching officers how to distinguish cell phones from firearms.

Ask the same question of a high-dollar police department ...

The Twitter Files

The Twitter Files

Internal Communications Reveal Collusion With Outside Parties, Including Government Officials and Political Operatives, to Censor and Deplatform People Based on Their Views – the Most Prominent Being Donald Trump

Despite Being a Story of Historic Importance, Mainstream Media Are Colluding to Censor It Through a Conspiracy of ...

Against the Flow: How the National Registry of Exonerations Is Working to Turn the Tide of Wrongful Convictions Across U.S.

by Benjamin Tschirhart

“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

Known as Blackstone’s ratio, this maxim has been an accepted rule of Western jurisprudence since long before it was uttered in this memorable form by Sir William Blackstone in the 1760s. It explicitly states ...

Location Tracking Devices Can Create the Appearance of Guilt

by Benjamin Tschirhart

In a recent review of new location tracking tech, New York Times writer Kashmir Hill tested several tools with the help of her husband Trevor Timm, who is also executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

They concluded that these tools are easy to use ...



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