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Articles by Casey Bastian

Police Funding Reallocated to Community Programs Nationwide

Defunding the police is not a new concept. The idea has just been largely ignored by lawmakers until recently. Advocacy groups have flooded city council meetings for years while making similar demands. Activist have been pushing officials to cease expansion of police and jail budgets and ...

Maryland and Montana: First States to Pass Laws Restricting Access to Consumer Genealogy Databases by Law Enforcement

by Casey J. Bastian

In recent years, law enforcement has realized the enormous potential to solve crimes by using genetic genealogy databases. New laws in Maryland and Montana seek to reconcile the usefulness of genetic genealogy data and consumer privacy. Consumer companies like FamilyTree DNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, ...

It’s No Shock That Tasers Increase Brutality

During the past 20 years, the stun gun has become a popular weapon in the American law enforcement arsenal. First marketed as a “non-lethal” device, the deployment of stun guns has not decreased brutal police violence.

In the U.S., most law enforcement agencies rely on stun ...

Constitutional Protections No Protection for Colorado Man Killed by Police

The death of Elijah McClain after a violent encounter with law enforcement in August, 2019, sparked local protests in Aurora, Colorado. In response to the inadequate departmental oversight, the Aurora City Council appointed an independent panel to investigate what went wrong. The panel issued a 157-page ...

The Louisiana Board of Parole Giveth and Taketh Away: The Troubling Case of Bobby Sneed

In yet another outrageous example of what constitutes “justice” in America, we have the story of 74-year-old Bobby Sneed. He has been imprisoned at one of this nation’s most perilous institutions for 47 years. Earlier this year, a 17-minute hearing before the Louisiana Board of Parole ...

Decades of Data Link Juvenile Lead Exposure and Criminal Behavior

The Art of Defeating Robot Dogs

by Casey J. Bastian

I’ve always known I didn’t trust humans with developing robotic technology. Of all the concerns I have, I now have to add possible mortal combat with robotic dogs to the list. Thanks Boston Dynamics. But thanks to Samantha Cole of, I know how to kick ...

An Ignoble Process How High-Pressure Tactics and Flawed Investigative Techniques Created a Miscarriage of Justice

Reverse Location Warrants Neglect Particularity Requirement

Debunked Bite-Mark Comparison Evidence: Wrongfully Convicted Man Freed After Spending Over 25 Years on Death Row



The Habeas Citebook: Prosecutorial Misconduct Side
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