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Articles by Casey Bastian

Interactions Between Diabetics and Law Enforcement Can Become Life-Threatening

The health of diabetics depends on uninterrupted access to insulin, snacks, pumps, glucose testing strips, or syringes on a near constant basis. If a diabetic experiences unbalanced blood sugar levels, he or she may struggle to process commands, possibly becoming erratic or aggressive.

“A decent chunk of ‘use of force’ cases involve people who ... were in some kind of physical or mental health crisis,” said Matthew Segal, legal director of ACLU Massachusetts. He added, “It’s very common for the police to deal very harshly with people who simply need help.” This issue is neither new nor infrequent.

In 1984, Dethorne Graham, a diabetic who is Black, entered a store to get juice to raise his ...



The Habeas Citebook: Prosecutorial Misconduct Side
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