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Articles by Casey Bastian

Pegasus Software: State-sponsored Spyware Usage Likely Infecting Billions of Phones

by Casey J. Bastian 

Pegasus. Likely the world’s most powerful private spyware ever developed—and almost no one is aware of what it is or how likely it is to have already installed itself on your phone. Billions of people today are virtually inseparable from their phones. These devices are within ...

A Closer Look at Sex Offender Registries

After 25 Years, These Regulatory Regimes Are Proven to Be Misguided, Dysfunctional, and Excessively Punitive. It’s Time to Replace Fear With Function.

by Casey J. Bastian

The term “sex offender registry” (“SOR”) is known to nearly every person in America. It evokes fantastic visions of human monsters, offenders who have committed ...

New Jersey Directive Provides Relief for Certain Drug Offenders

by Casey J. Bastian

In February 2018, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy convoked the Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Committee (“CSDC”) to analyze the state’s sentencing laws. The CSDC was tasked with providing specific recommendations “to ensure a stronger, fairer, and more just state.” The CSDC’s initial annual report was published ...

Why Won’t the State of Missouri Release Innocent Men From Prison?

by Casey J. Bastian

There are not many people who can truly relate to the Kafkaesque experience of the three men currently stuck in the Missouri prisons. All three are factually innocent but have spent decades behind bars. Christopher Dunn, Kevin Strickland, and Lamar Johnson have each spent multiple decades ...

ShotSpotter Acoustic Detection System Another Example of a Forensic Tool Shrouded in Secrecy and Prone to Questionable Results

by Casey J. Bastian

ShotSpotter markets technology that uses microphone sensors to detect the specific acoustic signature of gunshots and then record the time and location of the signature it detects. The technology can also detect firecrackers, car backfire, and other similar sounds—not just gunshots. It is up to a ...

Some Cities Taking Holistic Approach to Public Safety

by Casey J. Bastian

More than a year after the killing of George Floyd, an explosion of protests led to an emphasis being placed on changing the way we police our communities. “The systems we’ve got right now in some ways are fundamentally incapable of delivering safety in the ways ...

New Study Reveals Digital Forensic Examiners Inclined to Biasability

by Casey J. Bastian

In a first-of-its-kind study, renowned cognitive bias expert Itiel Dror and co-author Nina Surnde researched the reliability and biasability (the impact of contextual information) of digital forensics (“DF”) experts’ performance. The study is titled “A hierarchy of expert performance (HEP) applied to digital forensics: Reliability and ...

Who You Gonna Call When You Don’t Want the Cops? There’s a Website for That

by Casey J. Bastian

In any emergency, Americans have been conditioned to call 911. Those three digits are typed into a phone by someone experiencing a critical situation around 240 million times per year. Despite its universal familiarity, the 911 system has existed for only 53 years. While we can ...

Proliferation of Anti-Riot Laws Spurs Nationwide Legal Challenges

by Casey J. Bastian

When a white Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, videos of the callous act went viral. The event prompted a seemingly unprecedented wave of racial justice and anti-police protests that have continued since that day May 2020. Millions of protestors took to the streets. A great ...

Law of Unintended Consequences: How Defunding the Police Leads to Salary Increases

by Casey J. Bastian

The desire to implement significant reforms in American policing, particularly in metropolitan areas, is not new. However, the specific demand to literally defund the police is a nascent concept. Contemporary reform advocates assert that the enormous funding provided to law enforcement agencies should instead be focused ...



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