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Articles by Jayson Hawkins

Police Legal Defense Funds Have Millions in Reserve

As the calls for greater police accountability have grown louder across the country, one of the most consistent and effective barriers to change is the power of police unions. The power of these unions is usually linked to their potential to sway the local elections that typically ...

Big Brother Is Watching You Through Your Car

by Jayson Hawkins

More people are becoming aware that personal data is the currency of the Information Age in which we are living. Many have grown accustomed to taking steps to protect privacy on their phones and other digital devices, yet few may know about emerging technologies that allow law ...

Warrantless Warrants and Crooked Courts in Chicago

Recent media coverage of police brutality and other flagrant violations of civilians’ rights has offered numerous candidates for the dubious distinction of worst law enforcement agency in the U.S. The competition is stiff, but an investigation by CBS2 in Chicago suggests their police department should be a ...

Debunking the Myth of ‘Dangerous’ Traffic Stops

Daunte Wright. Philando Castile. Walter Scott. Sam DuBose. All too often another name is added to the list of Black men killed by cops at traffic stops. While police training continues to push the narrative that it is law enforcement officers who face extreme danger during these ...

A New Age of Video Analytics

Video footage from security cameras is common fare in a variety of modern movies and television shows, but depictions in popular culture rarely offer an accurate portrayal of the state of surveillance technology or the way police or other security personnel utilize it. Gone are the days ...

The Vallejo Cop Controversy: Whistleblowers Expose a Secret Club of Killers

According to an independent report of an incident ...

Fusion Technology Enables Vast Police Surveillance

Domestic Terrorism Laws and Civil Liberties

Building Data on Police Conduct

Report: Encryption No Barrier to Feds



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