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Articles by Matthew Clarke

National Institute of Justice Funds Research to Differentiate Injuries Caused by Child Abuse from Accidental Injuries

Child abuse is the leading cause of trauma-related deaths in children. In 2017, around 3.5 million children were referred to social services due to reports of abuse and neglect; 1,720 of them died. Over 70% of those who died were not yet 3 years old. Yet physicians ...

California Court of Appeal Reverses Felony-Murder Conviction Where Sentencing Occurred After SB 1437 Enacted

The Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District, Division Eight, held that a felony-murder conviction was invalid when guilt was determined prior to the enactment of Senate Bill 1437 (“SB 1437”), which was passed in the 2017-2018 regular session of the Legislature, but sentencing occurred after ...

Reports Show Law Enforcement Groups Are Main Force Pushing New Anti-Protest Laws

Two recent reports by the Proteus Fund and Greenpeace show that organizations associated with law enforcement—mostly police unions—are the main drivers of the unprecedented number of new anti-protest bills introduced in state legislatures in 2021.

When Connor Gibson undertook research for the Proteus Fund to see which ...

Simple Training Can Prevent Police From Mistaking Gun for Taser

New York City Ends Qualified Immunity for Police

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Department of Corrections Database on Sex Offenders Evaluated for Civil Commitment Discoverable in Civil Commitment Proceeding

In 2016, the State petitioned a circuit court to commit Anthony ...

Illinois Supreme Court Announces Person Seeking Certificate of Innocence Need Only Prove Innocence of Originally Prosecuted Theory of Offense, not Every Conceivable Theory

The apartment of William Helmbacher ...

Mississippi Supreme Court Reverses Conviction due to Double Jeopardy Violation Because of Mistrial Without Manifest Necessity in Initial Trial

Potentially Deadly War Gas Deployed Against Black Lives Matter Protesters

Kentucky Supreme Court: Blood Test Refusal Inadmissible as Evidence in DUI Case Even to Explain Why Prosecution Has No Scientific Evidence of Intoxication



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