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Articles by Matthew Clarke

Simple Training Can Prevent Police From Mistaking Gun for Taser

New York City Ends Qualified Immunity for Police

Illinois Supreme Court Announces Person Seeking Certificate of Innocence Need Only Prove Innocence of Originally Prosecuted Theory of Offense, not Every Conceivable Theory

The apartment of William Helmbacher ...

Mississippi Supreme Court Reverses Conviction due to Double Jeopardy Violation Because of Mistrial Without Manifest Necessity in Initial Trial

Potentially Deadly War Gas Deployed Against Black Lives Matter Protesters

Kentucky Supreme Court: Blood Test Refusal Inadmissible as Evidence in DUI Case Even to Explain Why Prosecution Has No Scientific Evidence of Intoxication

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Invalidates Parole Regulation Prohibiting Aggregation of Life Sentences With Consecutive Sentences

Georgia Supreme Court: Cumulative Effect of Trial Errors Requires Reversal of Murder Conviction

Benjamin Finney, a drug dealer in Macon, Georgia, was the victim of a home invasion during which he and his girlfriend were bound and held ...

Second Circuit: No Qualified Immunity for Police Detaining and Frisking Man Based Solely on Unconfirmed Hunch

North Carolina Supreme Court Reverses Embezzlement Convictions for Failure to Hold Competency Hearing After Mid-Trial Suicide Attempt, Involuntary Commitment



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