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Articles by Miles Dyson

Secondary DNA Transfer: Little Known Phenomenon That Puts You at a Crime Scene You’ve Never Visited and Places a Murder Weapon You’ve Never Touched in Your Hand

by Miles Dyson

In 2008, European authorities were hot on the trail of a highly prolific serial killer and burglar. The “Phantom of Heilbronn” robbed jewelers, burglarized caravans, and murdered multiple people, including a law enforcement officer.

The Phantom left forensic evidence all over the continent. His DNA was found ...

Maryland Cops Stop People Based on Smell of Pot Despite Being Legal in State, Lawmakers Pass Bill to End Abusive Practice

by Miles Dyson

Maryland lawmakers have passed a bill that will restrict police officers’ ability to search people based on the smell of marijuana. The bill, which was passed by the state Senate on Tuesday and the House of Delegates on Wednesday, now heads to Governor Larry Hogan's desk for ...

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Police Relocation Program Has Lured Officers With Violent Records, Including Charges of Murder, Kidnapping, and Brutality

by Miles Dyson

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has spent more than $13.5 million to lure police officers from other states to Florida with a recruitment bonus program. But a study of state documents has found that a sizable number of the officers who have taken advantage of the program have ...

Dozens of LA Sheriff’s Deputies Suspected of Gang Membership Ordered to Show Gang Tattoos and Snitch on Fellow Cops

by Miles Dyson

Dozens of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s (“LASD”) deputies have been ordered to show their suspected gang tattoos and reveal the names of other deputies who have them, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

The deputies have been instructed to submit to questioning, reveal ...

After Spending Over 30 Years in Prison for a Murder Maryland Man Didn’t Commit, Judge Grants Petition for Writ of Actual Innocence

by Miles Dyson

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Charles Peters granted a petition for a writ of actual innocence, overturning the conviction of Anthony Hall, who had been serving a 50-year prison sentence for the 1991 murder of Gerard Dorsey. The decision came after new evidence surfaced, revealing significant flaws ...

Bipartisan Call for Postal Service to Overhaul Warrantless Snooping for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

by Miles Dyson

Senators Ron Wyden and Rand Paul are calling for a significant overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service’s surveillance policies, which currently allow warrantless monitoring of individuals’ mail on behalf of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The bipartisan duo is raising concerns about the lack of oversight and ...

Los Angeles Superior Court Issues Historic Preliminary Injunction on Cash Bail Enforcement

by Miles Dyson

LOS ANGELES — In a groundbreaking move, the Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a preliminary injunction that puts an end to the detention of individuals solely due to their inability to pay cash bail. The injunction, issued on May 16, 2023, mandates that the Los Angeles ...

Indiana Passes Law Prohibiting Police From Lying to Juveniles During Interrogation to Help Prevent False Confessions

by Miles Dyson

Indiana lawmakers have passed a new law that prohibits law enforcement from lying to juveniles during interrogations. The law, which was signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb on May 1, is designed to protect juveniles from making false confessions.

Under the new law, any statement made by a ...

Police’s Limited Understanding of AI Tools Raises Concerns, Study Finds

by Miles Dyson

The increasing use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) tools in policing is raising concerns over the limited understanding of these technologies among law enforcement agencies, according to a recent study. As AI continues to play a larger role in criminal justice systems across the United States, the study ...

TSA Tests Facial Recognition Technology at Airports, Lawmakers Criticize Increased Surveillance

by Miles Dyson

The Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) has ignited a fierce debate over privacy and surveillance as it pushes forward with trials of facial recognition technology at airports across the United States. While proponents argue that these measures enhance security and expedite travel processes, lawmakers and privacy advocates are ...



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