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Chicago Cop Lied So Many Times Under Oath That Prosecutors Are Dismissing Cases That Relied on His Testimony

by Jordan Arizmendi

As an old and wise theologian once said, “A half-truth is a whole lie.” If we are to take those words to heart, then what should we call 44 sworn testimonies of a police officer that were all 100% lies? Prosecutors in Chicago have dropped 15 cases already that were decided based on this officer’s word alone. Former Chicago police officer Jeffrey Kriv is learning the hard way that every lie we tell chips away at our credibility, and to prosecutors, he has none.

Jeffrey Kriv has been accused of lying under oath 44 times to get out of various driving tickets in which he was using his personal vehicles. With that being said, in his 26 years as an officer, he was one of the leaders in drunk-driving arrests. As a result, many lawyers are rightfully questioning Kriv’s honesty in connection with those arrests.

Kriv retired in January – conveniently, right before he was criminally charged with lying under oath. But he was no stranger to trouble and corruption. Kriv had about 100 misconduct complaints lodged against him during his tenure.  


Sources: Propublica

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