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Articles by Jordan Arizmendi

Minnesota Abolishes Life Without Parole for Juveniles

by Jordan Arizmendi

On May 19, 2023, Minnesota Governor Walz (D) signed omnibus public safety bill – SF 209, which abolishes life imprisonment without parole for minors. Under the bill, juvenile life-without-parole sentences will be retroactively eliminated. In addition, all minors who were sentenced in adult court will be eligible ...

A Lie Is Still a Lie, Even if the Speaker Genuinely Believes It

by Jordan Arizmendi

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Most of us could answer that question – with a good deal of confidence in the accuracy of the answer. But what if, on a particular morning, instead of drinking orange juice like you do every breakfast, you drank ...

by Eike Blohm, MD FATAL ENCOUNTERS WITH POLICE OCCUR in the U.S. with disturbing frequency, setting us apart from other Western industrial nations. A recent study published in the Annual Review of Criminology explores the drivers behind this American exce

by Jordan Arizmendi

In a study by AIP Publishing in Physics of Fluids researchers from the University of Chicago and Iowa State University developed an explanation as to how a short-range shooter may stay completely clean of any drops of blood.

Whenever a forensics team is evaluating a crime scene, ...

Latest Document Leak Already Being Used by Government as Excuse to Tighten Surveillance on All of Us

by Jordan Arizmendi

After the latest confidential document leak, the Biden Administration as well as various security agencies are developing stricter methods to monitor social media sites and chatrooms. According to a senior official as well as a congressional official briefing, a change is coming in the government’s intelligence-gathering process. ...

Georgia National Guard Plans to Geofence Public High Schools to Target Recruits

by Jordan Arizmendi

The Georgia Army National Guard (“GANG”) will geofence 67 different public high schools in the state, with recruiting ads targeting any phones within one mile of each of these schools. The purpose of such a campaign is to persuade our high school aged children to enlist.

The ...

Police Using GPS Sticky Darts to Avoid High-Speed Car Chases

by Jordan Arizmendi

Every day, law enforcement is developing contraptions to make it easier for them to track and ensnare the general public. The latest device is a GPS dart that gets launched onto a suspect’s vehicle and then can track the vehicle without requiring a physical pursuit. No more ...

The 24/7 Police Lineup of Face Recognition Technology

by Jordan Arizmendi

If to err is human, how safe should we feel about an algorithm matching a criminal’s picture up against your charming portrait? Clearview AI is the latest software program that promises a near 100% accuracy in analyzing images of a face and then matching it within a ...

AI Company Scraped 30 Billion Facebook Pictures and Sold Them to the Cops

by Jordan Arizmendi

Clearview AI is a surveillance technology used by at least 2,400 law enforcement agencies. Its CEO Hoan Ton-That recently said, in a BBC interview, that Clearview AI has fed its AI algorithm with 30 billion Facebook photos. Because there are fewer than three billion Facebook users, we ...



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