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Articles by Eike Blohm, MD

How Junk Science Helped Kill Tyre Nichols

By Eike Blohm, MD

The militarization of American police is based on decades-old flawed pseudoscientific studies. The consequences are the deaths of unarmed civilians like Tyre Nichols.

In 1989, a pivotal study entitled “Killed in the Line of Duty” was published and circulated widely among law enforcement professionals. It even ...

An Argument Without Teeth: The Flawed Science of Bite Mark Analysis

by Eike Blohm, MD

A review published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) found that forensic bite mark analysis lacks sufficient scientific foundation.

Adult humans have 32 teeth but only the foremost dozen leave marks when one person bites another. Analyses of the patterns of injury are ...

Survivors of Police Shootings Face Daunting Legal, Emotional, and Physical Challenges

by Eike Blohm, MD

Approximately 1,100 Americans are shot and killed by police every year. In the shadow of this figure is a hidden population of survivors left with permanent disabilities, crippling medical debt, emotional trauma, and legal fallout.

Exactly how many Americans are wounded by police bullets each year ...

Study Finds DNA Similarities Among Look-alikes

by Eike Blohm, MD

A recently published study shows that “doppelgängers” — unrelated strangers who look eerily similar — don’t just share looks; they have similar DNA.

The advent of social media and ubiquitous cellphone cameras has resulted in some people discovering their virtual twin. Two unrelated individuals who look ...

Law Enforcement Accesses Commercial DNA Databases Without Warrant

by Eike Blohm, MD

Joseph James DeAngelo, known as the Golden State Killer who committed heinous crimes in California during the 1970s and 1980s, has been caught. Police were able to match crime scene DNA to DeAngelo’s distant relative in a genealogical genetic database.

As citizens of a country of ...

DNA-Based Computer-Generated Mugshots Put Entire Community on Wanted List

by Eike Blohm, MD

Parabon NanoLabs uses DNA from crime scenes to predict the appearance of suspects. A computer-generated mugshot released by the Edmonton Police Service was so generic that thousands of young Black men fit the profile.

The genetic information in our DNA is our genotype. It is comprised ...

Cruel and Unusual: Residency Restrictions Force Registrant to Die Among Strangers

by Eike Blohm, MD

A Texas woman was prevented from caring for her bedridden dying father in her home because she lived 894 feet from a playground.

Similar to many states, the Lone Star State enforces residency restriction for individuals on its sex offender registry. In the case of the ...



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