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Articles by David Reutter

No-Knock Warrants Leave Trail of Terror, Property Damage, and Deaths

A Primer on Overcriminalization

Utah Supreme Court: Appeal of Plea in Justice Court Doesn’t Vacate Judgment

The Court’s January 28, 2021, opinion was issued in an appeal brought by ...

North Carolina Supreme Court: Judge May Not Reject Informed Guilty Plea Because Defendant Refuses to Admit He’s Factually Guilty

The Court’s December 18, 2020, opinion was issued in an appeal brought by Kenneth C. ...

D.C. Circuit: Differing Counsel Effectiveness Findings Create Possible Injustice in Wired Plea Offer

In the case under review, the District ...

Kansas Supreme Court: Wrong Standard Used in Review of Plea Withdrawal Motion Requires Remand

Eleventh Circuit: Private Probation Company With Financial Interest in its Sentencing Decisions Violates Due Process

Law Review Article: Plea Bargains Lack Transparency

Washington Supreme Court: Prosecutor’s War on Drugs Comments Denies Fair Trial

The Court’s opinion was issued in an appeal brought by Gregg A. Loughbom. He was convicted by a jury in October ...

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Vacates Guilty Plea Conditioned on Waiving Right to Pursue Claim Racial Bias Infected Jury Deliberations



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