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Articles by Edward Lyon

Ban the Box not Applicable to COVID-19 Stimulus Aid

The Lunacy of Qualified Immunity

FOIA Redaction Limbo: How Low They Will Go

One of the things most free governments around the world have historically admired about the United States is its willingness to open its file cabinets’ many drawers to its citizens upon request. Since the passage of the Patriot Act that followed the Twin Towers’ destruction on 9/11, ...

Big Brother, as Well as Big Business, Are Tracking You: the Snitch in Your Own Pocket, Purse, or Belt Holder

Never Convicted but Never Exonerated, Either

Issues facing exonerees and wrongfully convicted individuals have been recurring topics in CLN and PLN. Still, there’s another category of arguably similarly situated citizens that must also be paid some attention: Those who were wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit.

Even though a great ...

Idaho Exoneree Fights for Wrongful Conviction Compensation

Despite being innocent of the crime, after intensive browbeating by cops, he pleaded guilty. ...

Unrest After Kentucky Cops Shoot Sleeping Black Woman to Death in Her Bed While Serving No-Knock Warrant

Breonna Taylor was a hard-working emergency room technician on the front lines in the nation’s fight ...

Perjurous New York City Cop Sentenced to a Single Day in Jail

Pedro Barbosa lives in New York City. Michael Bergmann is a former New York City cop who was fired from the force for providing false testimony in court that could have sent Barbosa to prison for up to 15 years.

“They [referring to Bergmann and his partner] ...

Report: Cops Ill-Equipped to Handle Mental Illness Crisis in Hospitals

by Ed Lyon 

The U.S. Department of Labor ranks hospitals as one of the most dangerous workplaces for a person to work. It seems that hospitals are even more dangerous a venue for a mentally ill person seeking treatment, particularly when police are involved.

“Cops are not trained in best ...

Plenty of Practice Prevents Poor Police Performance

It is a rare week to pass without a report of an accidental shooting by police.

The reason for better than 99 percent of these accidental weapon discharges is the lack of ongoing firearm training after a law enforcement officer completes initial academy training.

Most firearms training ...



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