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Articles by Edward Lyon

Less Lethal Munitions Still Deadly

Incidents like these probably went a long way to inspiring the development of ...

Kettles Are Used for Teas, Kettling is Used for People

Successful Alternatives to Armed Police Response

When Police Caught Lying, the Spin Begins

The Warrior Cop Mindset

Police Body Cams Are not a Cure-All

There is a growing movement to defund ...

Ban the Box not Applicable to COVID-19 Stimulus Aid

The Lunacy of Qualified Immunity

FOIA Redaction Limbo: How Low They Will Go

One of the things most free governments around the world have historically admired about the United States is its willingness to open its file cabinets’ many drawers to its citizens upon request. Since the passage of the Patriot Act that followed the Twin Towers’ destruction on 9/11, ...

Big Brother, as Well as Big Business, Are Tracking You: the Snitch in Your Own Pocket, Purse, or Belt Holder



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