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Articles by Edward Lyon

Cop Gets Money for Nothing, Awards for Free

by Ed Lyon

In the early 20th century, unions were beneficial in that they pushed for safe working conditions and decent wages for the working class. The way our society has evolved, not all unions are what they seem. This seems to be especially true of police unions.

A prime ...

Current Forensic Sciences Not as Objective as Most Believe

by Ed Lyon

Television may well be the most effective propaganda tool in the world, especially when it comes to portraying forensic scientists and their laboratories as dispassionate and dedicated professionals and their laboratories as pristine and state-of-the-art on shows like CSI and FBI. Long time CLN and PLN ...

One More Reason to Dislike Your State’s DMV

For those who have suffered through seemingly endless, slow-moving lines at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), only to come up against rude, condescending, petty bureaucrats, there is a brand-new reason to dislike and fear that particular agency.  Many DMVs are augmenting their legislative budget allotments ...

Two T-shirts Cost Louisiana Man 20 Years

Guy Frank first became involved with Louisiana’s criminal justice system in 1975 at age 22. Over the next quarter century, Frank would be arrested 36 times and would be convicted several times for theft and possession of cocaine. He served a three-year prison term at one point ...

Unjust Civil Asset Forfeiture in Phenix City, Alabama

Report: U.S. Border Patrol Not Nearly as Nice as It Claims

Prior to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center Towers and damaged ...

Austin, Texas, Diverting Funds From Police to Transform Community

Extreme Prosecutorial Misconduct Results in Wrist Slap

When Police Body Cam Is a ‘Propaganda Tool’

However, “[w]hen the police are given the discretion to publicly release favorable body camera footage but withhold negative footage, police ...

Socially Unacceptable New York Cops

Some officers bring racist or other hateful comments to social media [CLN, October 2019, p. 41]. However, some of ...



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