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Articles by Edward Lyon

Safe Interactions Between Police and Citizens

by Ed Lyon 

Human nature being what it is, since the need for an organized law enforcement body arose, police have generally been a necessary evil.

Judging from the seemingly countless articles detailing officer misconduct in Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News, police seem to be ...

Study: Brazen Cops Posting Racist, Vitriolic Comments on the Internet

by Ed Lyon

There is a time-worn, yet usually quite-accurate saying that states: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Thanks in great part to Philadelphia attorney Emily Baker-White’s efforts as leader of The Plain View Project (“PVP”), a national study of cops’ social media posts, that old adage has taken on ...

Whether State or Federal, Most Convictions Are Overwhelmingly Based on Guilty Pleas

by Ed Lyon

Readers of Criminal Legal News and Prison Legal News are familiar with the fact that criminal convictions occur mostly as a result of guilty or no-contest pleas.

A recently released report by the Pew Research Center confirms a steady erosion of citizens asserting their right to a ...

Video Bail Hearings Violate Rights in Many Ways

by Ed Lyon

Television crime dramas really do reflect reality when they show that one of the first things that occurs in an arrestee’s life is an arraignment. It is at this proceeding a judge hears whatever evidence the government’s and arrestee’s attorneys present, along with their arguments for a ...

Massive Outing of Nationwide Instances of Police Misconduct Revealed

by Ed Lyon

As reports of police abusing and even murdering citizens continues to rise over the years, databases of their misdeeds are emerging all over the U.S. These databases provide citizens with a great deal of transparency into these crimes that were formerly shrouded in secrecy by police departments, ...

Virtual Imprisonment as Big Brother Interactively Listens From Cradle to School to Prison to Parole to Grave

by Ed Lyon

In today’s world of technological marvels, electronic monitoring has far surpassed being useful merely to virtually imprison pretrial releasees and parolees. Nanotechnology has enabled parents to keep their children on an electronic tether while Big Brother sees a lot more than most people would ever believe — ...

$270,000 Awarded to Grandmother Brutalized by Pennsylvania Cops

by Ed Lyon 

Peacefully sleeping the night away, grandmother Charlene Klein was rudely awakened by Allentown, Pennsylvania, cops beating on her door on May 2, 2016. A law-abiding citizen, she opened her front door in response to the Knights in Blue’s persistent pounding, only to find herself entering one ...

$1 Million Settlement for NYC Crime Lab Tech Who Blew Whistle on Use of Untested DNA Tests for Decades

by Ed Lyon 

Television crime dramas like Bones and CSI that depict sterile, efficient crime labs seem to be little more than good art imitating bad life as instance after instance of shoddy work and poor conditions from Wisconsin [CLN, March 2019, p.30] to Texas [CLN ...

The FBI Polices Itself Like Kids Guarding a Candy Store

by Ed Lyon

In the early 1970s, an armed team entered a Stockholm, Sweden, bank to rescue hostages being held by bank robbers, as well as to, hopefully, arrest the robbers. 

To the rescuers’ shock and surprise, the hostages took up weapons with their captors to fight against ...

Under Marsy’s Law, Police Using Violence Can Claim ‘Victim’ Status

by Ed Lyon

Citizens encounter cops in many ways. Cops respond to emergencies, provide security at some public gatherings and private forums, direct traffic, and address children in schools. Aside from uniform colors and headgear styles, cops look pretty similar with their utility belts, shoulder patches, collar tabs, badges and ...



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